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The Last Chancer Who Survived

On moon miranda.

Might just be the mobile browser with the pics. Interesting choice of ruleset, neat stuff, even if the subject matter is controversial. The Ukraine scenario looked well presented.

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Heavy Gear Painting Log, Northern Guard, Southern Republican Army, and Terrain
The correct pronunciation is Imperial Guard and Stormtroopers, "Astra Militarum" and "Tempestus Scions" are something you'll find at Hogwarts.  
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Fixture of Dakka

Glasgow, Scotland

Till a bit more work's done on painting and finishing a few more builds, I thought I'd post up another WIP to tide things over. 

Something which I haven't seen to such an extent in other conflicts is the practice of not only using pickup trucks as a platform for weapons, but also to use them purely as APCs. Sure a bunch of guys can pile into the back of a truck, however as with armoured SVBIEDs its not something that I've seen quite at the same scale before the war in Syria.

I've been looking for something like this for a while, but hadn't found a suitable model on which to base one on. Failing to find an old Airfix Snatch Land Rover I have, I instead settled for a 1/43rd scale Diecast Land Rover.

The main thing being that it would have to have an interior, as in most cases of these conversions the driver is in the same compartment as the passengers. At first I tore off most of the diecast's roof and rear cab, leaving a bit at the front to work from as a frame. Once this was done I could then start working on building up the armour.

As for the little bits and pieces. The driver's out of one of Rubicon Model's American trucks (which I also stole the benches from - which are beneath some cushions) with a head by West Wind (not that you can see him much). One of the passenger's is a Russian and the other a Taliban biker, both by Empress Miniatures. The front spotlight was stolen from a BMP-1 by Spectre Miniatures. And the rucksack's by Footsore Miniatures - I may add in some more items later, though paint them separately. 

These things come in all shapes and sizes, with a few distinct styles out there - presumably related to the location they're built in along with materials and time constraints at the time. I went for a fairly simple design, so it looks craft made, but not a complete cobbled together mess like some you see. Though didn't bother with the same amount of cleanup I may have done with another build, as these things are still piles of junk.

Something like this is really simple to throw together, which may mean I make another few in future. I'm into this style of APC for irregular forces, ah, in part as they're cheaper to make than buying a resin kit. Depending on how these Middle Eastern games play there may be call to make a few more, though that's still in the planning stages. 

Elsewhere my focus at the moment has been more infantry. I'm pivoting that slightly as Kurdish figures are brought in, with some of what I had been painting for the Jihadists looking like it may be more suitable for that other faction - and so needing a slightly different paint job. Those will be worked on through the week, though with the Jihadists at this stage its filling a few gaps in their units ((in particular they're short on RPG-7s) before moving onto the Kurds properly.

Anyhow, tell me what you think. I left the images at their default this time (ah, even if they appear titchy on my own monitor), so tell me if that's better. ...Ah, and if I should be making more of these things and just giving into playing the Jihadists like Orks from Warhammer 40K?  


Made in gb
Fixture of Dakka

Glasgow, Scotland

Not strictly related to this topic, but another modern project of mine. Since last year I've had a trio of Empress Miniatures BTR-80s being worked on. Turning two of them into derivatives, and giving another some field modifications. They've now largely been built, and are due some paint. Ah, but as I've no idea when that's going to eventually actually happen - here's a post over on my other blog discussing the models.

I suspect that at least one of these will turn up here some day. Likely as part of either a Russian element or in the hands of a group loyal to the Regime. For now I'm erring towards painting them up to be a generic green tone so they'll be suitable for both my Syrian and Ukrainian miniatures collections. ...Though who knows what I'll be working on in the decade it takes me to paint these things?

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Keeper of the Adeptus Arbites Flame

Cairo, Egypt

Loving this blog, not just the modeling but the research too.

Made in gb
Fixture of Dakka

Glasgow, Scotland

Its just a pity that I work on so many different projects at once my updates are a bit sporadic. :(

...Which is to say more posts incoming. Ah, whenever I finish enough stuff to actually write about. I do dislike posting things in a half finished state. Though well, I'll have some new Alternative History WWII things to show off at some point this week ideally for the other thread I keep (...or at least when I remember which thread on which forum/ Social Media platform I actually updated that week).

Heh, I'll warn others against trying to put together model collections which are large enough to run multiple exhibition tables with by yourself. At least it all makes for nice tables ...whenever its actually used that is.

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