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Stoic Grail Knight

drinking tea in the snow

 Kanluwen wrote:
 amazingturtles wrote:

Maybe the squirrel was putting together a thunderbolt of their own, and they only needed that one last piece!

Then they should have frickin' asked, we could have made a sweet diorama!

Sadly squirrels are notoriously bad at cooperating. They just think it's nuts.

realism is a lie
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Dipping With Wood Stain

Sheep Loveland

I've only really lost one part of a model, but damn was it annoying and frustrating. A week before a tournament, got one last model to build and paint. Parts all ordered from a bits store, all correct, let's glue.

Somehow, in less than 5 mins, I had lost the incinerator tip to the hellblasters I was building. Looked for 30 mins before admitting defeat, ordering another and carrying on with building painting until it arrived.

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Junior Officer with Laspistol

I've lost a handful of finished models, which sucks, especially for models I spent a lot of time converting. Losing components and subassemblies is somehow even worse, since often the entire project needs to grind into a halt while I search for a replacement. I've models on my to-do queue that have been there for years because I'm still looking for something to fix them up with.

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Wing Commander

Dallas, TX

I’ve lost 2 dark elf dark shards way back when I was playing competitively at a store an hr away from me at that time; it was assembled and unpainted, in the process of being painted, just got swept away while putting away the terrain after a game. Didn’t notice it till I got home, oh well, stuff happens.

Lost new VC codex at the time and metal crazy vampire because I quickly clicked the pay now button and didn’t realize the eBay account still had my previous address as default, so it got shipped there. When I realize and contacted the seller couple days later it was too late.

Lost a Tau Vespid head while stripping, so now I’m left with a headless body. Overall I’ve lost very little because I’m pretty good at storing and organizing.
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Longtime Dakkanaut

No, I have never lost any models. I have a good system to store stuff that's still unpainted and the same goes for bits boxes.

When I go to the local youth Centre a couple of times in the year, I treat 99% of the people present as potential thiefs. This may sound paranoid to naive people but I can proudly attest that I have never been robbed.
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Heroic Senior Officer

Gone-to-ground in the craters of Coventry

The shoulder axle of an Eldar Wraithlord.
I'd stuck magnets on the ends of it to fix arms to, and left it on a tray of parts I was priming in the garage.
When I went to collect them after they'd dried, it wasn't there, but the rest of the parts were.

I have since leaned to pay more attention to magnetised parts when assembling models. They can end up in places normal parts cannot reach.
I managed with a length of sprue instead, but I'm reminded whenever I use that model, and attach the arms.

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Ancient Venerable Black Templar Dreadnought


A bit of a happy ending:

Ever had that time you are happily cutting off parts on a sprue and due to being inattentive a part goes flying into the dark corners of the room never to be found?

I think I had to put 4 models on "hold" due to a rather critical, hard to scratch build part is lost.

I moved some 4 years back and was able to find those errant pieces as I was packing up my hobby room: every last one of them!!!.

I am extra careful now, I do not want to move any time soon.

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Napoleon Bonaparte 
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Bonkers Buggy Driver with Rockets

Not a member of the Get Along Gang

The one that comes to mind is an original model Rhino( for my Sisters army) that I'm fairly certain I left in a storage unit years ago. The thought of that still annoys me to this day.
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Wicked Warp Spider

 Talizvar wrote:
A bit of a happy ending:

Ever had that time you are happily cutting off parts on a sprue and due to being inattentive a part goes flying into the dark corners of the room never to be found?

I think I had to put 4 models on "hold" due to a rather critical, hard to scratch build part is lost.

I moved some 4 years back and was able to find those errant pieces as I was packing up my hobby room: every last one of them!!!.

I am extra careful now, I do not want to move any time soon.

I have no idea how certain things can seemingly teleport into the most unlikely places!!
When you think about it the odds of that one bit fitting in certain places are astronomical and make me want to buy lottery tickets.

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AngryAngel80 wrote:
I don't know, when I see awesome rules, I'm like " Baby, your rules looking so fine. Maybe I gotta add you to my first strike battalion eh ? "
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Norn Queen

Dublin, Ireland

Cannot for the life of me find my old metal Eldrad and Jain Zar models.
Very frustrating.

Dman137 wrote:
goobs is all you guys will ever be

By 1-irt: Still as long as Hissy keeps showing up this is one of the most entertaining threads ever.

"Feelin' goods, good enough". 
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Wrathful Warlord Titan Commander


Decided to completely strip down and repaint my Reaver last year.

Disassembled it as much as possible, removed the crew from the cockpit and lost one of the Moderati. Turned my workshop upside down trying to find it, to no avail.

Phoned FW who said they can send a replacement part if I send proof of purchase. Considering I bought it over 10 years ago I had no chance.

I remembered I had the FW Titan Crewman on foot, decided to cut one in half at the waist and greenstuff him into the cockpit.

I take a hacksaw to the crewman, as soon as I finish cutting him in half, who do I find on the table, right in front of me?
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Fresh-Faced New User

Westbury, Wiltshire, UK

My desk has a dedicated corner where the miniatures go that people have forgotten when packing armies away after games. These normally go home the following week but there is a small collection of dice that have been there for a while now. Not just standard dice, there are a few from various limited releases like the Nurgle and Ork dice.

Personally I normally know I have a miniature but no matter where I search I just can't find it. Then a week later when looking for something else I find it and no longer need it so it stays there. Yep the next time I need it I know I have it but can't remember where I put it.

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Dangerous Outrider

Montreal, QC Canada

Not a whole model, but I had a Borgio the Besieger mini out on my work station that I kinda, sorta, was going to paint. (Insert joke about pile of shame here)

One morning I woke up and my then roomates cat was batting around one of my white Bones minis I also had on the desk. When i went to see the damage, he had knocked a few minis around including Borgio. He was fine but he had an add-on shield/lance that went with the mini that I could not find.

I can only guess the cat knocked it under...something, and I couldn't find it. I still have the rest of the mini so it wasn't a total loss. I was annoyed however as I had the whole thing, and now I'm missing a piece.

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Longtime Dakkanaut

One day I was painting a bunch of Harlequin Ver-men (not-Skaven) and knocked one off the side of my desk into a 'miscellaneous storage area'. There must have been a warp-void, or underwear gnome, or some other sort of thing in there because I tore that area apart looking for that mini several times and never found it. Pulled everything out, dug through everything, checked all the dark corners, nothing. Our apartment was in the basement with concrete floors, no way it could have fallen through a hole in the carpet, and holes in the wall would have been visible. Heating vents where a) near the ceiling, and b) across the room. Even when we moved years later, still no sign of it.

To this day I have no idea where it wound up.

My job here is done. 
Made in gb
Wicked Warp Spider

I can rejoice for he has been found!!!!

I just sat down to start building my FW shadow specter exarch and irylith models and magun ra was sat in their box for some bizare reasons!

So no minature lost yet for me lol.
Makes the OP seem foolish and feel kinda silly now.. came very close on dishing out ££ for a replacement. Glad I held off looking for a good deal.

At least i know I'm not the only one that seems to misplace stuff lol.

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https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/772746.page#10378083 - My progress/failblog painting blog thingy

Eldar- 4436 pts

AngryAngel80 wrote:
I don't know, when I see awesome rules, I'm like " Baby, your rules looking so fine. Maybe I gotta add you to my first strike battalion eh ? "
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

That's good news, Argive.

For me it has become a problem with not remembering when something has been traded/given away. I have spent time looking and looking for a model only to then have a vague recollection of it being a part of one purge or another. Like the old Dredd model I wanted to paint after seeing what Graven was working on.
Made in us
Courageous Questing Knight


GW Closed down and someone cleared the shelves out of all the well-painted community minis. RIP my metal Calgar

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Fireknife Shas'el

Currently can't find my painted nephilim jetfighter

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Imperial Recruit in Training

Well, recently, I've lost a single Imperial Guardsmen with a Vox-Caster. Un-even number pisses me off, and now I'm down a Vox Caster.

As Imperial Guard, one of those 20 dice you roll; one is probably a 6.  
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Los Angeles

Coming up on 16 years in 40k, and just one model gone.

A Warlock, with the pointy spear on his right. I have a twin of it, but different paint. For the life of me, I couldn't recall if it was lost at a tourney or just after some garage games.

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Aspirant Tech-Adept

Not exactly a lost model, but t'was effectively the same.

Once upon a time I did build a batch of Sicarian Infiltrators and Cawl.
Being very wary of Vallejo primer chipping off, I placed the assembled Infiltrators together with Cawl, which I wanted to paint in subassembly, in an ultra sonic cleaner.
After cleaning and letting them dry, I went to work... only to discover that the tiny bit that forms Cawl's hood/cowl was missing. Didn't glue that in place because I wanted to get to his face easier.
After searching the cleaner, the sink, the surroundings and my work area, I just had figured that I dumped it out of the cleaner and it went down the drain... It annoyed me to no end since that basically meant for me that the Cawl model was ruined, so I had to get another one JUST for he cowl bit! And Cawl ain't cheap.
Several weeks later I went to work on the Infiltrators... when I noticed something. The cowl bit was hanging on one of the spiky feet of one of the Infiltrators............
I to this day do not know which emotion was stronger: rage, relief or disbelief.
I then sold a complete Cawl-kit for a markdown, but the anger still bubbles to this day when thinking about it, 3-4 years later.

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Courageous Space Marine Captain

Glasgow, Scotland

I lost one cultist from the Dark Vengeance set a few months after having completed the whole squad. Was very proud of them and must have left him on a table when packing up. Unfortunately it was the age of 6th Ed so someone must have assumed he was part of the store display or their kit.

Fortunately he is one of the duplicates and comes in the cheap standalone box that can be bought, but for a long time it meant I couldn't field my Chaos army as I had less than 2 full troop squads. Really put a damper on my Chaos enthusiasm to this day.

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Fresh-Faced New User

I stopped playing/painting for a good 15 years. In the last 2 years really got back in to. Unfortantly had a few house moves etc in those 15 years and half my BFG Imperial Navy fleet appears to be currently lost in the warp. Grrrrr..
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Decrepit Dakkanaut


I'm able to keep decent track of my 28mm, it's my 15mm Flames of War models that give me the run-around. Trying to find the last tank for various platoons has caused me no end of headaches, especially when I'm looking for entire platoons by themselves and, for reasons I don't know, they've managed to get themselves spread over completely unrelated locations and boxes.

The irritation caused by finding 3 tanks in 3 separate parts of my room, while the 4th is yet undiscovered, can be... substantial.

Then once they're grouped together again, a different army scatters and takes the hiding places. Keeping my FoW together is like trying to fight a guerrilla war.

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