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Wasaround a mates last night bumming bits from his bitsbox when he pointed out he had some spacehulk termis for his new B.A army
so i foolishly said they were east to paint as there allready red ! so he chalenged me to paint one up but i had to use the red plastic as the finnished armour colour
So i started by chaos blacking all the non armourd bits then black lined the major armour parts when i washed the whole fig with waterd down chaos black and then extream highlighted the armour edges withmacharius solar orange then acoat of humbrol matt cote to seal it all in . so let me know what you think ...
[Thumb - termi1.jpg]

[Thumb - termi2.jpg]

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Noooo... never take picture with window infront...

ATM it looks very orange

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arent you supposed to finish painting the mini BEFORE the seal?

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It's an interesting idea. The results come out a little splotchy because there is no real tooth to speak of on the model because you had to skip using a primer to maintain the red plastic color. A way around this would be to spray him with some matt varnish prior to paint, this would have given you a surface to paint on that is more apt to take paint than bare plastic, and maintained the red coloring. The orange is slightly harsh, but the idea is solid enough for tabletop.

To HamHam, many people use multiple layers of varnishing to maintain the things they've just painted. I'm thinking particularly of military modelers who seal models between base colors, filters and oil washes.

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Ive taken some new pics which show it a bit better .
i realy like the effect the black wash has had on the red its given it alot of texture and a john blanche feel to it .
the whole think only took 90mins start to finnish .

to grey_death .yeah the matt varnish idea would work realy well on the non red areas as the chaos black didnt key to the plastic very well at all.
but i used the old ink and wipe with finger effect on the red so i wanted it to be slippy .

think i mite try it out on some space wolves next lol
[Thumb - TER1.jpg]

[Thumb - TER2.jpg]

[Thumb - TER3.jpg]

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Not a huge fan. The wash seems to have slipped all over the place, since there was no paint for it to grab on to.

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From what I can see, it looks pretty good!

Almost makes me wish I was going to use my SH Termis as Blood Angels - but I'm not!

Well done indeed!
Made in gb
Utilizing Careful Highlighting


Thanks looks like ive shot myself in the foot tho cos he just txt and said hes gona bring 2 sets over for me to do lol
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Monster-Slaying Daemonhunter

Can't really tell from the picture quality but it looks ok.

I remember a fair few people used to use this technique on the skelleton models in the nineties which came cast in a boney white plastic. Was quite effective at times.

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Awesome! The finish on top of the bare plastic is a good idea. I MUST GET A SPACE HULK! Why the hell won't GW put this thing out again?

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Right behind you.

Just as an aside, in regards to the usage of varnish in between layers...

You don't want to use Matte Varnish. Matte Varnishes actually make it harder for follow-up layers to adhere.

You want to use Gloss Varnish. It has far more of a "grab" for washes and the like to hold on.

If you ever want a real interesting effect with washes?
Mix in some heavily watered down Gloss Varnish from a jar. It makes the wash more vibrant, and dulls down the surface tension making it spread far better.
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Fort Benning

obviously it's not perfect, but it looks convincing to me

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