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Made in us
Been Around the Block

Acolytes really should have Scion stats, to be double priced guardsmen.

They also need to add back crusaders & deathcult assassins at minimum.

Acolytes and the strict wargear and relics are quite garbage
Made in de
Poisonous Tomb Scorpion

Well, since we all seem to be posting our old Inquisitors...

I have to wonder, though, whether I'll ever get to use him without resorting to Malleus rules. That kind of started as a stopgap with Daemonhunters and the Inquisition armory only got poorer since.

I'm not expecting that to get fixed in a White Dwarf index, and realistically I don't expect it to get fixed at all. Honestly I'm surprised GW remembered to put in rules to use Inquisitors without breaking the parent army's rules.

But it sure would be nice to see abase profile with a silly big wargear list to choose from. This should really be a thing.

 H.B.M.C. wrote:
That leaked list of releases really was correct.

One of the things I thought dubious was the Made-To-Order Assassins. I mean, why bother re-releasing the ancient Assassin minis when they have plastic ones out?

And yet, there they are. Dunno why, but they're there.

I would assume GW doesn't want to spin up the metal casting machine just for them, nor are Ministorum and Inquisition (the ones we do get anyway) big enough by their lonesome for GW to bother with, so they all get their made to order run now?

Seems to me like GW just threw a couple of things together that are vaguely related to get to a large enough number of items for this run.

Nehekhara lives! Sort of! 
Made in nl
Veteran Inquisitorial Tyranid Xenokiller

your mind

I love this thread!

Just pulled this dude out of a box and going to have to finish him as soon as I pick up the WD and my new Zone Mortalis bases!

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Made in ca
Missionary On A Mission

My very first kitbash was an inquisitor in power armour (or was it a canoness that I eventually started using as an inquisitor?) made from a warmachine model.

I'll see if I can find it.

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Found it!


Man oh man, but that takes me back.

... I should paint her.

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Made in us
Hellacious Havoc

Looks like all the old Inquisitor models are up for made to order

Made in gb
Stubborn Dark Angels Veteran Sergeant


Finally picked this up and was not horribly disappointed.

Acolytes are definitely overpriced for their raw stats, BUT consider them as 8-point, 1-wound upgrades to keep your Inquisitor alive a bit longer, and give them bolters and bolt pistols (both free) and they start to become marginally less trashy.

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