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Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

Arbitor Ian and I went to Nottingham at the end of November to play a week end of games at the UK Freebooterz Tournament at Malestrom games.
This is more of a summary of the week end than a Bat Rep
We got to Nottingham a day early and got a game in on some nice Tau Terrain.

---Friday Night Warhammer World game---
Slaanesh Daemons vs Nurgle CSM 1750pts...

this is my new DP made for the weekends games.

Nurgle CSM form a battleline and await the deamons

At first the big Slaanesh guys land and the DPs get stuck in.

Then the rest of the Daemons arrive and launch into the CSM and wipe them out!

after this we did a bit of last minute painting and got some food.



Saturday. 1750pts tournament.
---Malestrom Games---
Excellent facilities
40 tables!
Bar area.
It's like a mini Warhammer World!

--- vs imperial Guard---
The mission was to kill the enemy HQ.
At first I was doing well.

but these Ogryns are really hard to kill.

Straken (the enemy HQ) stayed in reserve and didn't arrive until turn5! so i had no chance of getting him

and he takes the final wound from my last DP.

the first Nurgle CSM loss...

---Nice daemon Army I liked---
I think they have awesome fiend convertions.

---Game2 vs Prehersy WorldEaters (Bloodangels) ---
Ok this game was fun, but the mission required me go directly at the blood angels to hold the end of the board.
the Nurgle MArines got messed up mostly by mephiston

I was holding the objective. but stood no chance against the final assault

These marines are trying their best not to die to mephiston so that i can get some battle points...
they died.

CSM Lose 2 for 2...

---Game3 vs Imperial Guard---
I stood no chance here.
it was a capture the loot mission. the Loot was quickly put into chimeras and brought back to his side of the table.
I didn't want to play after turn 2 as to get the loot I was sending my marines to their deaths walking straight into the imperial gun line.
I was glad the game ended in turn 5.

My opponent went on to win the Tournment.

3 losses on the trot!

--- Game4 vs Tau ---
This was a weird retrive your spy mission, with two objectives as secondary missions.

My Spy (a blue skinned rouge trooper) dies to FireWarriors RapidFire

His spy (a etheral) is held on the board all game.

I win by holding the two objectives
Woot a Win!

I team up with ArbitorIan and we play as Squats&Grots
---Game5 doubles Squats&Grots Vs Marines&Guard---

The Grots charge at the imperial line and take a hammering only the buggies are bothering the imperials.

The Squats fight a desparate rear guard defense to save some Battle Points

Three Hydra flak Tanks dominate the table...

We loose this game...
after this we went on to loose all our games... sorry no more photos!



The event was run by Uk Freebooterz (not MalestromGames).
So to round up, I had alot of fun.
But I was out of my depth in this tournament. Almost Everyone I played was running a seriously competive list.
The missions were weird and and made for fun but the Lists playing them not so much!
Some of the missions rules seemed to be made up on the spot when you had a problem.
For example in one mission FastAttack and Troops counted as scoring, land speeders were ruled to be scoring, but my DeffDread (counts as troops) was ruled as not scoring!
I had a uphill challenge and I lost.

Win 1 - Lost 6
I would play a Freebooters Tourney again but Next time I'll take a nastier List!


Made in us
Deadshot Weapon Moderati

Nice report with great terrain and some killer models. Bummer about the losses but at least you had a good time and had fun. Always hard to gauge how hard the competition is going to be till you get there. Thanks for the report.

Made in nz
Longtime Dakkanaut

New Zealand

Lists aside it seems like you ran into a few badly designed unbalanced missions there. Killing the HQ is very difficult for armies which don't have dead hard combat characters (what happens if there is more than 1 HQ?) or in your case rely heavily on their HQs for killing power. That Loot style mission has been around tournaments for ages and still isn't remotely close to being balanced. When you can move objectives around anyone with fast vehicles can win incredibly easily by throwing things in the vehicle and boosting back to their board edge while infantry based lists are stuffed.

Losing because of bad decisions or bad dice is one thing, losing because the mission/scenario design shoots you in the foot is another.
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