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Mantic Games and Dakka have teamed up again to help them name one of their upcoming releases and get you some awesome Mantic prizes in return:

Mantic's Name A Khaos Dwarf to Win 'em Contest!

Last year we asked the Dakka community for their suggestions in naming our Dwarf Ranged attack regiment. Some entries still make us smile – we remember Los Poquitos Banditos fondly – but eventually the Ironwatch won out. We even used some of the runners-up suggestions as detachment names!

So it should come as no surprise now that we're releasing our fourth range of fantasy battle miniatures; the Khaos Dwarfs, we need your help once more. The Khaos Dwarf unit in question is the dark mirror image of the Ironwatch...cruel Khaos Dwarfs armed with long-ranged blunderbusses.

These models are built from the plastic Ironwatch sprue mixed with a new metal Khaos Dwarf conversion pack: blunderbusses, Khaos Dwarf heads and a metal Khaos Dwarf champion torso. They are unique in the Kings of War game as they fight with Blunderbusses which are treated as short-ranged breath weapons, creating a wall of fire for enemy troops to battle on through should they get to attack. So far the blunderbuss armed troopers have proven to be a very popular unit in the Khaos Dwarf army beta testing as they are very powerful, so it's a chance for the Dakka community to name something that will be appearing in nearly every Khaos Dwarf army.

So far the best name we've come up with is Thunder Rippers, but we think you can do better!

To get your creative juices flowing here is a picture of one of our Khaos Dwarf models and a bit of Khaos Dwarf concept art. Remember, the unit you're naming actually carries big nasty blunderbusses and specializes at shooting long range (i.e. the arms in the 3rd picture):

Not only will the winner be getting the massive respect of having a unit of miniatures forever carrying their name, but we'll also send the winner an army made up of these deadly warriors. 20 Black Soul Warriors, 10 of the to be named shooting unit, 10 Immortal Guard and 1 Rocket Launcher...all free of charge, and perhaps even before they're released to the public!

The Mantic Blog is holding a Khaos Dwarf week starting Monday 17th January and this naming competition closes at the end of the Khaos Dwarf week on the 25th January so that doesn’t give you very long to get your submissions in, so get to it already! And be on the lookout for the rest of Mantic's Khaos Dwarfs on their way soon!

Find out more at:



1) To make your entry, just post it right into this very thread. Its just that easy! You can even make as many entries as you'd like. Not a current member of Dakka? No problem, just click on the Join Us! link at the top of the page and you can become a member in just a couple easy steps.

2) You can keep posting as many submissions as you'd like in this thread until 11:59pm (GMT) on January 25th.

WARNING: If you edit one of your entry posts in this thread, all entries in that post will count as having been submitted at the date/time of your most recent edit (meaning if someone posted the same thing as you 3 pages later but you edit your post after that, they'll count as having submitted the entry before you). So the moral of the story is: Don't edit your posts in this thread, just add another post later in the thread if you think of another entry!

3) The winner will be picked by Mantic Games and will be announced here on Dakka* shortly after the contest ends on January 25th (it may take a day or two to sort through all the last entires).

*If you don't check Dakka on a regular basis, please take a moment to make sure that the email address in your dakka account is current as we will be contacting the winners via email and Dakka private message and if you don't get the email you may miss your chance to collect your prize!

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I can't wait to buy one of these, open the box, peek at the sprues, and then put it back in the box and store it unpainted for years.
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Khaos Dwarf detonatetors

Khaos Dwarf persuaders

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Death Forge
War Fire


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