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My Orks take on the Trumpter salute annual tournament game 1 {Orks vs. Chaos} (many pics)  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in ca
Flashy Flashgitz

Link to game 2:
Game 3: http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/0/360210.page#2662644

Hello fellow dakkaties, as promised I am turning out battle reports for the 1700pt. Trumpeter Salute 2nd annual 40k tournament.

This tournament was held at the Bonsor recreation complex in Burnaby B.C. (right across the street from my house!) and is a 1700 pt tournament with a couple abnormal rules.
1. You must take a minimum of 500 pts. of troops
2. You cannot take more than 2 similar things in one foc (so no 3x Ravagers) but dedicated transports are exempt from this (so 3x battle wagons are ok)
3. Primary objectives are drawn at random and kept secret from your opponent, these missions can include: Having at least 2 more KP than your opponent, having your most expensive HQ survive the entire game, killing your opponents HQs, controlling the center of the field with a 6" radius, and others.
Primary scoring: w 10pts. d 7pts. l 3pts.
4. Secondary objectives: 4 objective markers with be placed by the players with 1 in each table quarter
Second objective scoring: w 6pts. d 3pts. l 0pts.
5. No units can be kept in reserve with the exception of those with deep strike, outflank and other special rules (so no grots held in for late game objective grabing)
6. There is painting scores but I'm not going to bore you with the details.
7. No sportsmanship scores will be used, doesn't matter the majority of people here already know each other and they are all pretty easy going. Last year everyone had perfect sportsmanship so they dropped it this year.

So after a couple coffees and registering I make my way to my assigned table which is table 2 and "deploy" my force from their cardboard boxes onto the table. I meet my first opponent who is actually the son of the owner of Imperial Hobby's who is sponsoring this event and providing many of the prizes (thanks to them).

My Ork list for this tourney:

Ghazghkull Thraka
Big mek - kustom force field

5x lootas
5x lootas

7x Nobz - 1w/ power klaw, boss pole. 1w/ power klaw, shoota/rokkit combi. 1w/ power klaw. 1w/ big choppa, shoota/ rokkit combi. 1w/ big choppa. 1w/ waaagh banner, Painboy, all with cybork body Dedicated Transport - Battle wagon - Deff rolla, 1x big shoota

16x Shoota boyz - Nob with power klaw and boss pole

16x Slugga boyz - Nob with power klaw and boss pole

12x slugga boyz - Nob with power klaw and boss pole Dedicated Transport - Trukk - Ram, Boarding plank

10x Grotz - 1x Runthearder

Fast attack
3x Warbuggys - TL Rokkits

Heavy support
Battle wagon - Deffrolla, 1x big shoota
Battle wagon - Deffrolla, 1x big shoota

Total - 1699

My opponent's Chaos list:

Kharn the betrayer

Chaos loard - termi armor, 2x lightning claws

9x Chaos terminators - 2x chain fists, 5 power fists, reaper auto cannon, 2x power weapons

6x Plague marines - plasma gun

5x Noise marines - 3 sonic blasters, blast master, champion with power fist

7x Khorne berserkers - champion with power fist, melta bombs

6x Chaos marines

10x Chaos marines - plasma gun, missile launcher

3x Obliterators

His Plague marines are the purple ones, noise marines are blue right behind them, and the rainbow unit there is the termies

* sorry about the blurry pics, all I have at the moment is a camera phone and I just had 2 cups of coffee so I am a bit shaky, it gets better as the day goes on and I am working on getting an actual camera for this stuff.

We draw for primary objectives and I get:

Kill the enemy's HQ, seems like an easy objective to me and as an offensive objective it's right up the Ork's alley.

We also draw for deployment and get Dawn of war. Then we place objectives (they are the little green skulls in future pics) one in each quarter, I place mine in a bit of terrain by some buildings., I don't expect to have a problem with objectives, I am going for primary first, I'll worry about secondary later.

Roll off for first turn: It goes too me. I chose to put everything in DOW reserve and come out at the same time. He deploys Kharn with the berserkers in the middle of the field and his noise marines on my far left. He also puts his termies and oblits into reserve to arrive by deep strike.

Ignore the termies that are still sitting on the table, this is our deployment:

Pre game thoughts: With him not knowing my primary mission he did not take any defensive actions against it and has left Kharrn right were I want him. His lord is coming on by deepstrike so I want to have the bulk of my force in the middle of the board to react, with Kharn there I can take him out and wait for the lord and react to his deepstrike. The oblits, well I'll just have to deal with them when they come, not too much else I can do.

Ork turn 1: Simple first turn, I move my whole force 12" up right towards Kharn, the trukk hides behind the wagons to block los and the buggies come up the left to take some shots at the berserkers. The lootas come on with one squad in each corner and make there way to cover. Ghaz and the choppa squad are on the left, mek and shoota squad in the middle and the nobz on the right.

Shooting: The buggies take some shots at the berserkers but do nothing, the lootas run to cover, on the right they don't it in and on the left they can't either but the hill infront of them should provide cover from most long distance shooting.

No assaults.

Chaos turn 1: Every thing but the termies and oblits move on

Shooting: The noise marines try to hit the lootas but the blast master's? small blast can reach, however it scatters way off to the left, other than that everything runs in varying directions.

No assaults.

Ork turn 2: The plan is to move up and take out Kharn with enough stuff to make sure he and the berserkers go down and go down fast. So my mek's wagon goes to move 12" through the ruin right infront of it, but I fail both my dangerous terrain tests and it gets immobilized! Well then... Everything else moves up 12" and stays fairly tight together to keep the kff save, the shoota boyz from the immobilized wagon hop out the front while the kff hops out the back to get into another wagon. Ghaz catches the eye of Kharn and sees a good opponent so he leaves the slugga squad in their wagon to take him out, and the nobz seeing there boss charge headlong in jump out to join him, they just can't resist a promising fight.

Shooting: The lootas on the left hit the noise marines and drop 3 of them, on the right the lootas aim at the plague marines (purple, top right) but do nothing. The buggys miss their shots at that bright blue tac squad. I declare a Waaagh and charge Ghaz and the nobz up to met the berserkers while I spread out a bit with my shoota squad.

Assault: Ghaz and the nobz met Kharn and his goons:

Kharn, being a wuss cant make it into base to base because he is hiding behind with goons and in the resulting phase I lose 1 big choppa nob to the power fist and a couple other wounds while the berserkers are all wiped out, exposing Kharn to the horrors that is Ghaz + nobz on the waaagh charge.

End of turn:

Chaos turn 2: His plague marines move further into cover to camp on that objective, the large tac squad stands in awe of all those berserkers meeting their end and the smaller tac squad nudges closer to the action

Shooting: The noise marines kill off 1 loota on the left and the other squads try to hit my wagons with missiles and plasma but nothing comes of it, the lootas pass leadership.

Assault: Kharn deals one wound to the nobz and Ghaz crushes him. I consolidate Ghaz towards that back 10 strong marine squad but only get a 1 for the nobz, so I nudge them closer to there wagon.

End of turn:

Ork turn 3: Ghaz moves towards the back 10 marines, the nobz' wagon moves up 12" and the nobz move over and hop in. The trukk shots up the right and the shoota boyz move to the right as well, I don't know were the termies and the lord are coming down but if I want to win the secondary I have to have some stuff close to the plague marines to take the objective. The choppa boyz pick up the mek, move up, leave the mek in the wagon and prepare to charge that bright blue marine squad, minus well kill stuff while I wait for the termies. The buggys move up to take some of the 10 marines in the back out before ghaz hits them.

Shooting: The buggys kill 2 of the back marine squad, the lootas on the left fail to do anything to the noise marines and the right ones fail to do anything to the plague marines, it should be noted I can only see them with 2 lootas now, o well.

Assault: Ghaz hits the back squad and the choppas hit the blue one

Ghaz crushes 5 of the marines who fail to do anything in return, and the choppa boyz lose 1 and kill 5 of 6. Both Chaos units fail leadership and fall back, I consolidate to chase them off the table.

End of turn:

Chaos turn 3: His termies arrive by deepstrike and land right in the middle of all my stuff, could I ask for a better situation?

His 2 falling back squads fall off the board, everything else stays still.

Shooting: His plague marines hit the nob wagon with a plasma gun and it is way out of kff range and this results in a immobilized wagon.

His noise marines and termies manage to kill 6 choppa boyz who fail their leadership and start falling back:

No assaults

End of turn:

Orks turn 4: Well with that Lord being the second part of my primary mission and having him right in the middle of my stuff is there any question what I do? Ghaz, Shoota boyz and nobz getting out of their immobilized wagon make there way towards the termies. The buggys have no real reason to move so they stay put, in the kff bubble. The choppa boy squad regroups and hugs the wagon ready to hop in. The trukk, well I didn't want to send it into the plague marines by it's self and end up losing them so I tucked them into that middle ruin for cover untill I decide what to do with it. Now I wasn't supposed to put my grotz into reserve but that is what I normally do so I didn't move them on on turn 1 out of habbit, I finally realize this and my opponent lets me roll to get them on anyways, like I said before sportsmanship was dropped here for a reason, nobody is being a dick. So I move my grotz on the left to get to the left quarter objective.

Shooting: Both loota units fail to do anything, the buggys fail to do anything to the termies, infact I shot them with quite a bit (shootas) but they made all there saves with the exception of 1 falling to ghazy's big shoota.

Assault: A huge assault ensues with Ghaz, Nobz, shoota boyz and the termies:

Whats with these Chaos HQ? hiding behind their cronies instead of leading at the front. The termies kill 4 boys, 1 nob with a powerfist and cause a wound on Ghaz, in return the nobz kill 6 and Ghaz drops the rest. Now it is just the lord vs. my orks.

End of turn:

Chaos turn 4: His oblits arrive by deep strike, how ever they scatter onto a building we defined as impassable terrain at the start of our game and mishap, the roll on the mishap table? Destroyed. Crappy deal for him. This is a pic of were he wanted to land, he scattered to the bottom right building, there is an objective right outside it, I think he planned to make that one hard for me to get:

Everything else stays still to shoot.

Shooting: The noise marines continue to fire on the slugga boyz who lose 2 and the plague marines fire on the immobilized wagon and weapon destroy the big shoota.

Assault: The Chaos lord causes enough wounds to the nobz to lose 1 model while ghaz crushes him. sense his second HQ is now dead and my primary mission is complete I have to focus on the secondary so the shoota boyz consolidate towards the plague marines to try and get that objective. The nobz hide behind the immobilized/weapon destroyed wagon and ghaz gets a 1 so steps forward.

End of turn:

Orks turn 5: With objectives in mind I move my trukk to the objective infront of the building his oblits misshaped on. The choppa boyz hop in their wagon and move to the objective the 2 noise marines are on and the buggys go to back them up, The shoota boyz, nobz and ghaz move towards the plague marines. And the grotz continue to move towards the bottom left objective.

Shooting: Only the lootas on the left manage to do anything and kill the blast master carrying noise marine.

Nothing is in assault range

End of turn:

Chaos turn 5: Well he doesn't have much left, 1 noise marine with a power fist and a unit a plague marines so he doesn't move.

Shooting: His last noise marine manages to weapon destroy one of my buggys, while his plague marines kill 5 boyz who fail leadership and start falling back, unable to regroup.

No assaults, we roll for game ending but we continue.

Orks turn 6: Not much to do, the slugga boyz wagon moves up to the noise marine's objective and hop out ready to assault incase shooting doesn't do it. The nobz and ghaz continue their march towards the plague marines and the grotz move up to their objective.

Shooting: My left side lootas end up finishing off the last noise marine, after 6 turns of shooting! Nobz run

No assaults.

End of turn:

Chaos turn 6: Plague marines hit the nobz with bolters and kill a power claw nob.

We roll for turn 7: game ends.

End of game pics:

This is when I find out his secret primary mission:

He had to hold 2 objectives which he failed to do. I win on primary and secondary giving me a full 16 point win.

And the end of game hand shake:

After game thoughts: These secret missions make things interesting, he didn't know I had to kill his HQ choices and so put them into the meat grinder, I didn't know he had to hold 2 objectives and so I didn't put too much into grabbing them very fast, infact if the game ended turn 5 I wouldn't have got a full 16 points.

So I've set myself up pretty well here in the first round but their are about 5 people with full 16 point wins so far (at least that I heard, there could have been more) so the win has not made winning the whole thing much easier. And we break for lunch.

And I break from writing these for a couple days, I should have the next one up on Wednesday. Thanks for reading .

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Made in ca
Fresh-Faced New User

I linked to this, from here.


You might want to proof read this some more and some of the pictures are just too blurry...

Made in ca
Flashy Flashgitz

I hear ya on the blurry pics, this was actually my first "real" tournament experience (my other 3 were just small no fee things held by local GW shops with whoever was there that day, not really competitive) so I had to balance meeting experienced tournament player's expectations, playing quickly and properly, and catching all the shots I needed, and taking notes, plus I'm pretty new to writing reports. It was tough for sure and for all this balancing my picture quality suffered. Then when I wrote the thing it was a choice of showing the pics because it showed something important or not showing it because it was blurry. I chose to show them as many of them show something important going on and I write for tactics purposes as bat reps are the best place for tactics but many bat reps don't have the pictures needed to show everything. There is enough guys with pretty pics you know? I'm looking for a newer better non phone camera right now though, and I'll continue working on it, like I said I'm new to this.

As for proof reading I just re-read and found 1 or 2 things that should be changed however my grasp of language is very poor, I use the spell check dakka has as I can't spell worth a damn. But as for grammar and what not, well anybody that has read previous reports and/or previous posts by me knows its bad. If I could communicate an visual idea with numbers I would but I can't, at least not in a way anybody else will understand.

Anyways, hope you keep posting on dakka, another reason I do these bat reps is to bring some life into the Vancouver 40k scene, you guys out in Richmond at Imperial might have a good one going but it's far from Burnaby and after the GW closure 3 months ago the scene here just feels dead. So I want to cover as many events in the area that I can and get some stuff going.

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Made in us
Stalwart Space Marine

Wichita, KS

Where did you get those awesome Objective cards?

"Bothers! War calls you! Will you answer!?"
6000+Pts SM
3000 Pts Tau
1000 Pts Orks  
Made in ca
Been Around the Block

I put up my battle reports on the vabhammer40k site - www.vanhammer40k.com.

It's great to see other players post up batreps for te vanouver scene.
Made in us
Land Raider Pilot on Cruise Control

Nice report, but this was over as soon as I say the army lists. A footslogging list with no long range shooting just has no shot against mechanized Orks with Ghaz.
Made in ca
Flashy Flashgitz

The Thunder Child wrote:Where did you get those awesome Objective cards?

They were provided by Lee, the TO. I thought they were neat so I had to get some picks of them.

Anybody from the Vancouver area check out the vanhammer40k site, its a working site so breath some life into it. We don't have a lot of places to met new players at these days.

Griever: I felt at least my primary would be easy but I didn't expect the win that I got. Sense his primary was to control 2 objectives, and that in it's self is tied to the secondary he could have deep struck his termies by the noise marines objective. That would almost certainly made the game much harder, if he also didn't go so bad with the oblit's deep strike he could have perhaps won, but maybe I'm what if'ing.

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Made in ca
Possessed Khorne Marine Covered in Spikes

Kelowna BC

good batrep. your opponent had horrific luck and not a very competitive list.

as far as the blurry pictures go, it's because of the lighting. use your flash, man =)

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