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Can someone tell me what happened to WarmaHordes?  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Probably someone on Privateer's end screwed up on ordering a restock. Not uncommon.
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meatybtz wrote:
Seriqolm wrote:
 Phobos wrote:
I've seriously been wondering about the status of the P3 paint. Out of stock everyplace I haven't even seen it in a store in ages. I've actually packed up my unopened bottles and I think I'm going to sell them off.

Coat 'd Arms is the current (previous? last? whatever) manufacturer. It's pretty obvious, the bottles are exactly the same, made in UK, etc. I've not found it explicitly stated anywhere, but it doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to connect the dots.

Vallejo is interesting. According to a conversation I had with Anne Foerster of Reaper, they used to primarily make paint used by artists doing cel shading for cartoons; when that industry went mostly digital, Vallejo turned to model paints to keep in business.

Coat D'arms is owned by Black Hat Miniatures who purchased the line off of another company that took over the same paints GW used to source from HMG when they changed manufacturers, so its basically GW's old line of paints. The paint is made by HMG in Manchester, England. It says so on the pots. HMG also make Foundry and P3 paints, they are all very similar in formula just different colours.

So why the many month lead time? Inquiring minds are curious. This is unusual in the modern world, esp if Coat D'arms and Foundry are NOT showing the lead.

Revamping an entire paint line takes a long time, just in terms of getting enough paint produced to get out to stores. A paint line will have lots of different SKUs, all needing to be produced in slightly different quantities but all needing to be available at the same time. There's quite a lot of logistics involved in the process, especially when the company you use isn't just producing paint for you. Keeping up with demand for a current line is much easier than creating a whole new one. In fact, keeping up with existing demand is why the new line will take so long.
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