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Crafty Bray Shaman

Anor Londo

Thanks Stahly, I had wrongly assumed that the new Avatar would be bigger than the Forge World version, instead there is not much difference when you take their stances into account.

Think I'll be sticking with my FW version, I may even paint it one day!
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Tunneling Trygon

Happy to see the scale is so close. Definitely going to get some use from my FW Avatar now, it hasn't seen the table since before 8E.
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Decrepit Dakkanaut


The new Greater Demons in plastic were pretty close to the FW designs as well.

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Longtime Dakkanaut

 Geifer wrote:
That certainly explains the moderate (for GW) price. Thanks for the picture, I was interested in that.

Also it looks like the base topper might be similar to the Incarne's in that it was sculpted to neatly fit onto a 60mm base and they ultimately decided to stick the model on an 80mm base instead.

It's a bit too big for a 60, it is more likely that they scaled it to fit on the sprue without eating too much space. It does work out to have a plain border to let you base it to match the rest of your army.

I do like how simple the weapon arm joint is. Very easy to put in a couple small magnets to swap all 3 arms, just need to be careful with the wrist armor plate when magnetizing it.
Made in us
Dakka Veteran

new faq out
Made in gb
Furious Raptor

EightFoldPath wrote:
Predictions game for fun for anyone that wants to play along with me (I use the reddit meta mondays over a couple of weeks to see if I got close or was way off):

Craftworlds - Will put up win % results in tournaments close to Tau/Custodes. I think it will be close to 55%. Why so low?

Harlequins - Will put up the best win % results in tournaments, above Tau/Custodes. Around 60%. They push Tau/Custodes/Craftworlds down.

Eldar soup - Will be one of 8 or so options (Tau/Cust/CW/Harlie + 4) that get above 50% win %.

I keep seeing people saying that Eldar units are expensive, but wow their rules are good. The Phoenix Lords are amazing just based on defences. With 1 unit of 5 Aspect Warriors and 1 Phoenix Lord you need to kill the Aspect Warriors in shooting, then take off 3W in shooting from the Lord. Then you have to charge and take the last 3W to kill them. 3 unit activations total, 1 in melee. All targets have invulnerables so you have to overcommit or risk under damaging. If you don't kill them they will hold a point using their ObSec. And holding points wins the game.

The secondaries look solid too. The Eldar Mutated Landscape knock off with their cheap and very fast Warlocks is very doable (and they can switch to other warpcraft secondaries on the maps it doesn't work on).

By god I'm good... Harlies with the well publicised 72% 4WWR on reddit Meta Monday so I was right they would be the top codex just not by how much, CWE at 54% and Aeldari soup at 54% almost spot on. The top 8 were Harlie/Tau//Cust/CWE/Eldar/Tyranids/Daemons/GSC (ignored a couple of underplayed making the top 8 a top 10 which were Ynnari (wut?) and Chaos soup). Turns out Phoenix Lords (ok just one of them) were amazing. If anyone needs some horses picked out for the weekend just tell me how many points each of their legs costs and what their armour save is and I'll calculate it for you.
Made in us
Shadowy Grot Kommittee Memba

The Great State of New Jersey

74% WR for Harlies is a massive decline from the roughly 98% win rate they had at adepticon, lol.

This ain't no pansy GW Armor, son - Digital Sculpting Plog, Now with Heavy Weapon Platforms!
Sympathy for the Devil, or: The Project Log from Hell

Ma55ter_fett wrote:It reads like the ramblings of a Nigerian lobotomized Shakespeare typed into a cellphone with a very aggressive autocomplete function.
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Terrifying Doombull

Wait. That first one... did they just uncripple Ynnari with basically no fanfare?
I have no idea what order their bullet points are in, but it sounds like taking Dark and Clown elfs no longer disables Strands of Fate.

Efficiency is the highest virtue. 
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