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Made in us
Gargantuan Gargant

New Bedford, MA USA


Season 3 Confirmed/Rumored Info

Rue Morgue and Angry Neighbors (mini expansion)

Rue Morgue has 12 survivors and new zombie types Skinners and Crawlers

Angry Neighbors has 4 survivors and new zombie type seeker zombies

Angry Neighbors has 4 Survivors - the 3 backers that paid for I am Legend and 1 backer they selected themselves (the one in the skull t-shirt). 3 of the zombies in it are the I am Zombie backers.

Beds work like sewers. When bed cards come up you spawn on each bed.

New Zombie Skinners - Skinners become crawlers when you kill them and had roll 1s on your attack rolls.

New Zombie Type Crawlers - Crawlers like walkers, but last on target priority

New Zombie Type Seeker Zombies - Seekers are like walkers, but get extra activations every time seeker zombies spawn

New Zombie Type Abomb - Abomb Abominiation - draws all surivors from surrounding zones into his zone after his activation. The Abomb has a female alternate sculpt that is KS exclusive.

Plastic Doors

Plastic Barricades

New Terrain type - Holes trap zombies, but survivors and dogs can climb out, rules in Angry Neighbors

Human Companions - work like Dog Companions + wargear

iPad App will be updated beyond the usefulness of the original App. There will be cost for content expansion.

Post Season 3 Military Themed Expansion

Official Zombicide FAQ by Guillotine Games
Updated 10/04/2012

Updated Core Rulebook http://guillotinegames.com/dl/zombicide_rulebook_english_V3.pdf
Toxic City Mall http://guillotinegames.com/dl/tcm_rulebook_web.pdf
Prison Outbreak http://guillotinegames.com/dl/po_rulebook_web.pdf

Free Official Zombicide Game Stuff
CHARACTER CARDS - Survivor and Zombivore http://guillotinegames.com/en/survivors
New MIssions http://guillotinegames.com/en/free-missions

ANDROID APP - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.twistedkey.zombicide

Unofficial Zombicide FAQ

FAQ - Updated 9/23/2012

Q: If Survivor A shoots into a zone containing Survivor B, using a 2 damage weapon (i.e. Shotgun), does Survivor B suffer one wound or two?
A: Two.

Q: If all the Survivors in play are, in the noisiest zone, inside a building, that has one open door, and one closed door, and there is a group of Zombies outside the building, which (when ignoring doors), taking a path via the closed door, are closer to the Survivors, than taking a path via the open door, do the Zombies take the path via, and stop at, the closed door, or do they go the long route round, via the open door?
A: Zombies always go to the shortest clear path leading to the Survivors. In this case, they take the long route to reach their meal.

Q: If a survivor carries two flashlights, can they both be used together to draw 3 cards per search?
A: Yes.

Q: Can flashlights be used when searching cars, for example to find both Ma's Shotgun and the Evil Twins in a Pimp Mobile, and if so how does this work with Police cars, do you draw cards two, or three, at a time, and if you draw two, or three, weapons at once can you keep them all?
A: Flashlight: Pick one extra card when searching. Police cars: draw cards until you find a weapon, then discard the others. Pimp mobile: contains either Ma’s shotgun or Evil Twins. These effects don’t really interact with each other.
Police car: keep the first weapon you find.
Pimp mobile: pick a pimp mobile weapon at random.

Q: If you spawn fatties, but are out of walkers, do the walkers get an extra turn?
A: Yes.

Q: Does the +1 die skill provide +1 die per action or +1 die per weapon?
A: +1 die per weapon. This will be corrected soon on the app.

Q:Can your two zones of movement with a car be back and forth?
A: Yes.

Question 3b: If so, how many attacks would you make on the figures in the two zones, 1 each for the movement, or 2 in your starting zone and 1 in the drive-through zone?
A: 2 in your starting Zone and 1 in the drive-through Zone.

Q: If you have a full inventory and draw a scope or rifle, can you combine it with a scope or rifle already in your inventory without having to drop something else first?
A: You have to drop something first.

Q: Similarly, if you have a full inventory and draw a glass bottle or gasoline, can you combine it with a glass bottle or gasoline already in your inventory without having to drop something else first?
A: You have to drop something first.

Q: Can car movement be activated more than once per Survivor, on the same turn?
A: Yes.

Q: Can 2 sawed off shotguns be reloaded with 1 reload action?
A: Yes.

Q: When combining a glass bottle and gasoline, can the molotov be put into your hand immediately or is it a seperate action?
A: Answer is P. 12 – it can be equipped.

Q: When using a molotov, do you also get a free reorganization or does it leave you with an empty hand?
A: Molotov is a one-use weapon. It leaves your hand empty.

Q: Do discarded cards get removed from the game or put in a discard pile for reshuffling in the event that the equipment deck is empty?
A: They get in a discard pile. This pile is reshuffled when the draw pile is empty (note: no Wound, Molotov, Ma’s shotgun or Evil Twins cards in the reshuffled pile)

Q: How does this impact non-weapon cards discarded from police car searches?
A: They get reshuffled when the pile is empty.

Q: Are zombie Ahhh cards included or removed from this discard?
A: They are included and reshuffled as well.

Q: How do you handle starting equipment when starting with fewer than three survivors (Might Makes Right with 1 or 2 players)?
A: Normally. The Survivors) get the starting weapons in a random manner. If there’s only one, he get the whole package (and deserve it).

Q: Can a door be opened even if a zombie is already present in the zone?
A: Yes.

Q: If a small group of survivors are all located in one zone in a building and all the entrances have sealed doors (or unopened ones), where do all the zombies go/move towards that have been spawned on the rest of the gameboard not including the building that the survivors populate???
A: They move as if all doors were opened, but stop by closed doors.

Q: Must a crowbar or fireaxe be equipped in hand to use it's ability to open doors or can it be in your three back equipment slots?
A: Pg.8. It must be equipped.

Q: Can you open a door while in a car?
A: Yes.

Q: If a car enters, exits, or passes through another zone with a car with survivors in it, does the first car roll for damage against those survivors in the other car? (Simply put, is it possible to "run over" players in another car?)
A: Yes.
(As a sidenote: the way cars are played rises a lot of questions about intuitiveness and realism. I’ll try to schedule as soon as possible a designer’s note about it. In short: cars were designed as a special movement possibility. Designing a whole bunch of special rules with exceptions would have been too heavy and game-breaking in our point of view).

Q: When all 18 noise tokens are on the board, where does the next one come from?
A: If you can’t use extra tokens from another Zombicide game or extra tiles pack, ignore it.

Q Should the extra small Spawn deck be used for the scenarios?
A: You may be talking about the “Walk of the Dead” kickstarter special Walkers deck. In that case, this deck was designed for two purposes.
1) Walkers only mission (a.k.a. “Romero mode”). Use the WoD deck instead of the regular deck. It’s deadly fun, you’re warned.
2) As an add-on to the regular deck, to get more Walkers on the board.
Eiher way, using this deck is optionnal but strongly recommended to get a fresh experience about the delightful secrets of Zombie deck building. Expect another designer’s note about it soon. I love the Wod. Really, I do.

Q: Should the extra tray of minis be used?
A: Feel free to use it. It’s yours. On the positive side, it will prevent an “instawipe” by zombie-lacking extra activations. On the negative side, there will be more zombies on the board. Oh, wait. Extra zombies? Isn’t it called Zombicide? On a more serious manner, these was added as a stretch goal. Expansions and free stuff we keep in store will put these extra zombies to use if you have them. But in no way these extra zombies shall be mandatory to play. Never.

Q: Regarding the Tough ability, if an extra activation during the 'building population phase' causes a Runner to move one space and attack a Tough survivor, do they shrug off the damage?
A: No. the Tough Skill works on the Zombie phase.

Q: Do they shrug off one damage from cars?
A: No

Q: Also, same game round, during the zombies phase, do they also shrug off the first damage, even if they have previously shrugged off 1 damage that game round?
A: Tough deflects *only* the first Wound inflicted during the Zombie phase.

Q: The Medic skill could be read that they can heal themselves and another survivor in the same turn. Can a Survivor with the Medic Skill heal either (a) one person per turn, or (b) one survivor PLUS themself per turn?
A: One person.

Q: Can a car be searched by the same survivor several times in a turn, or is it several times during a game, but limited to once per survivor per turn as with rooms?
A: One Search Action per Survivor and per turn, wherever the Search is made in (car or room).

Q: The new campaign rules state that a survivor that reaches the red zone and successfully completes a mission may keep one piece of equipment for starting the next mission. Does this include the Pimp-mobile weapons (Ma's Shotgun and Evil Twins)?
A: Yes. Enjoy.

Q: If so, how are Pimp-mobile weapons distributed in future missions if there are more Pimp-mobiles than such weapons remaining?
A: Normally. When there are no more, there are no more.

Q: Can a slippery survivor get into a car with a zombie in the same zone?
A: No. No interaction between effects. anyway, getting into a car isn’t considered a Move Action.

Q: Can a survivor get out of a car if there is a zombie in the car's zone (whether the survivor is slippery or otherwise)?
A: Yes.

Q: In missions where you can gain survivors at random during the mission (e.g. "Might Makes Right" and "The Skyscraper" from the "Switch City" campaign), what do you do if you gain a character with a "Starts with a..." blue-level ability and there are none of that weapon left in the item deck (because some are in the discard pile and/or they are already being used by other survivors)?
A: Whatever the case, you can look for the weapon in the draw pile or discard pile alike (so, go to the discard pile first !) Do whatever it takes to get this poor soul the weapon he deserves.

Q: Is there any chance we could get a couple of "Sniper Rifle" promo cards to use when a scope is combined with a rifle, analogous to the Molotov cards that replace bottle and gasoline? (Perhaps they could be included with the expansion...)
A: We’ve talked about it several times. No promise, but we’ll do our best.

Q: In scenario 8, there is a door lined up with a crosswalk in the lower right corner. should this be on the lower zone?
A: That door should lead to the Zone containing the police car.

Q: Must a molotov be equipped to be used?
A: Yes.

Q: Can you search a car while inside another car?
A: Yes.

Q: Can you find gasoline and the bottle in a cop car?
A: No. They’re not weapons by themselves.

Q: What about the scope?
A: Same answer.

Q: Does the inital card dispersement count as a draw? i.e., does matching set apply if doug draws the pistol?
A: No.

Q: What do Zombies do if they are already on the noisiest zone?
A: Unless there’s someone in sight, they don’t move.

Q: If you start a scenario in a building, when you break the door to get out, do you spawn zombies in the street zones?
A: No.

Q: If Zombies have two equivilent paths to follow to the same group of survivors/sound, but the first move on these paths is the same, do the zombies split? (example: If I have one zombie and I can go left, left,and down, to reach the noisiest group, or left, down, left, do I put two zombies in the left room?)
A: No. Splitting occurs when zombies which step to take next to go to their meal.

Q: If Zombies have two overlapping paths to follow to different groups of survivors/sound, do the zombies split? (example: If I have one zombie and there are two noisiest groups, left and left, as well as left, left and down, do I put two zombies in the left room?)
A: No.

Q: Can the zombie movement in closed rooms detailed in the downloadable scenario be moved to the rulebook as opposed to the scenario map?
A: We’ll discuss about it.

Q: Can scenarios be officially rated for difficulty?
A: We’re planning a new way to rate Missions’ difficulty. You’ll know about it soon, with a free downloadable Mission.

Q: Do cars produce noise tokens?
A: No.

Q: Does it cost an Action to use the Medic?
A: No.

Q: Regarding the Tough skill - the PDF rules state that "The Survivor ignores the first attack he receives every Zombies' turn", does this really mean the first entire attack in the Zombies' turn, or should that say "Zombie's turn"?
A: The first Wound he should receive.

Q: Page 7 of the rules, 'Danger Bar and Experience', states that a Survivor reaches Red Danger Level at 44 XP, but the Survivor ID Cards make it look like 43, which is it?
A: 43.

Q: Must the flashlight be equipped to gain its benefit?
A: No.

Original Write ups for Martin and Eva, before they were rewritten.


"Skill is a matter of life AND death."
Inspired and gifted, Eva was unsatisfied with her humble life as an accountant. Being part of the rank and file was like being a zombie to her. So, in her spare time, Eva danced, drew, sculpted and even took Japanese fencing lessons. Like everyone else, the zombie invasion changed Eva’s life: acting normal is now a nonsense and she feels more alive than ever. Extroverted and hyperactive, Eva is a messenger between survivors groups. No way she’s going to give up on her old activities: her notebook is full of sketches and that sword sure comes in handy.

Blue / Starts with a katana
Yellow / +1 Action
Orange A / Slippery
Orange B / Swordmaster
Red A / +1 free Combat Action
Red B / +1 to dice roll: Melee
Red C / +1 to dice roll: Ranged

• Eva Duran is the dream Survivor for any player looking for a melee character with a fluid, neat and deadly style. The artist starts with a katana, whose two dice allows to quickly get rid of a zombie crowd. The experience points earned this way, along with what the team finds, then allows to specialize Eva at the Orange Level. You’re dreaming of dual-style katanas? Eva has it with the Swordmaster Skill. Any other melee weapon can do the trick but slightly changes her gameplay: used in pair, axes have less dice but more Damage against fatties. A chainsaw pair... and our graceful wardancer becomes a combine harvester. The Slippery Skill comes for an assassin’s gameplay, preferably with distinct weapons in each hand. In this case, the sub-MG suits this. Whatever the choice you make for her, Eva becomes a mass murderer in endgame.
• Eva Duran is definitely a brawler. Melee is her obvious choice: if you take her along the bushido path, Eva will benefit from a quick and harmonious progression, especially with a katana in each hand. Going for a hybrid way or dropping melee for ranged combat is possible: her progression will be a bit slower but the final result will be the same. Anyway, the inventory is vast enough to hold a pair of katanas, two sub-MG’s and Ma’s Shotgun, so why hold back?
• Eva is a great solo warrior but needs a team if she wants to cope with her two weaknesses. First, her playstyle isn’t really fit to 2-Damage rated weapons. So the artist mostly avoids fatties or leaves them to her more macho teammates. On the other hand, she doesn’t have team-oriented Skills like Born leader or Medic. She’s nevertheless a dream bodyguard and perfectly matches any support-oriented Survivor!


"Trust me and you’ll live."
Marvin Redfield’s mother always told her son he was born under a lucky star, that he was promised a great destiny. And she was right: the little boy was gifted with incredible luck. Yet Marvin didn’t ask for anything. Being left in peace was all he wanted. Marvin’s life was turned upside down the day his family was caught in a grisly accident. The boy was extracted from the rubbles without a scratch but was now an orphan.
Years flew by and Marvin became a bodyguard. As if to ward off the past, he used his luck to better protect his fellow Survivors. When the zombie apocalypse came, Marvin was not afraid for himself but for his friends.
Nowadays, Marvin scouts the city trying to save as much people as possible. His legendary luck hasn’t left him and gives him an aura of “redemption angel”: some people pray to him and beg him to find their lost ones amidst the death vortex. Marvin’s still cool: no way he’s going to become some kind of messiah. His dearest wish hasn’t changed since his childhood: all he wants is be left in peace.

Blue / Destiny
Yellow / +1 Action
Orange A / Loud
Orange B / Lucky
Red A / Born leader
Red B / +1 free Combat Action
Red C / +1 to dice roll: Combat

• There’s no bad surprise with Marvin Redfield. Destiny, his starting Skill, allows him to Search without fearing of an unexpected zombie. Equipped with a flashlight, he becomes the one to quickly deliver quality material to the whole team. In this case, everybody wants to keep as close as possible to this bodyguard! At Orange Level, player’s choice of a new Skill is crucial for Marvin’s gameplay: with the Loud Skill, he becomes a great controller and can guide tides of zombies for the greater good. Lucky, he becomes a good fighter able to efficiently use luck-oriented weapons (chainsaw, sawed-off, sub-MG). Red Level’s Skill choice is made according to the needs. In an extended team, Born leader allows a fellow Survivor to get away from a sticky situation with increased chances. The free Combat Action and the bonus to dice rolls really make Marvin a great fighter, according to his endgame arsenal.
• Marvin Redfield’s first game turns are mainly for Searching, so he finds good equipment for his allies and himself. Afterwards, the Destiny Skill is recommended for Search-oriented missions (finding some food, creating a Molotov, etc.) As aforementioned, Orange Level’s Skill choice has a great influence on Marvin’s abilities. Better choose Luck in a tight or veteran team and use the best from tricky weapons. In extended group or rookie team with noise management, the Loud Skill makes a difference. Whatever his Danger Level, Marvin can really act as an altruist Survivor and succeed all along. This last point mainly relies on the weapons he keeps in his inventory.
• Marvin Redfield is a cohesive team’s pillar, where his legendary luck makes him a great ally. Giving him a flashlight is a basic good practice to makes the best of his Destiny Skill. Afterwards, a smart team will leave him have a chainsaw and/or a pair of sub-MG : he’s the best at using them at full potential. Marvin’s only weakness is his slowed experience gain compared to combat specialists. Time spent to search and distribute equipment is not spent to earn some precious XP! In this case, courtesy asks to let him take the objectives and use Molotov cocktails to catch up any delay he could have in experience.

Information from Kickstarter (which is over)

Zombicide is a collaborative game for 1 to 6 players developed by Guillotine Games and published by CoolMiniOrNot. A game lasts for 20min (beginner board) to 3 hours (expert board).

Each player controls from one (for 6 players) to four (solo game) "survivors", human beings in a zombie-infested town. In fact, "survivors" hastily change to "hunters" to smash zombies through and through. However, the team must constantly keep the balance between survival and slaughter: as the zombicide's going on, the "Danger level" is going up and infected are growing in numbers. Any misstep can turn to disaster.

Zombicide is a fun and easy game with cool minis in an archetypical, popular and comics-inspired environment. Ambiance is constantly kept between "beat'em up" and "survival horror" as characters keep on turning from preys to predators. Humor and gloom happily marry in a zombie-fest.

They started a Kickstarter for it to drive down production cost and increase the first print run size. They were pleasantly suprised to get eh game 900+% funded and they have throwing in all kinds of Exclusive game extras every 100% of the funding

If you go in at Abomination $100 + $20 for extras (Marvin,Eva). It's like buying the game, it's $30 design your adventure supplement, and getting both shipped for free.

Zombicide is a $89 game
71 miniatures (28mm "Heroic" scale): 6 Survivors, 40 Walkers, 16 Runners, 8 Fatties and 1 Abomination
110 mini-cards (42 Zombie cards, 62 Equipment cards, 6 Wounded cards)
9 gaming tiles
6 dice
6 Survivor Identity Cards
24 advancement counters
4 Cars tokens (police car and pimp mobile)
18 Noise tokens
10 Objective tokens
12 Door tokens
6 Zombie spawn tokens
1 "First player" token
1 Exit point token

The Exrtas are big enough to be a supplement on their own
+ 6 Additional Exclusive Survivors with their own rules
(Marvin,Eagle,Nick, El Cholo, Dave, Eva)
+5 Additional Exclusive Zombie versions of Survivors
(Marvin,,Nick, El Cholo, Dave, Eva)
+ 4 Extra Fatties
+ 1 Extra Abomination
+ 6 Extra Runners
+ 20 Extra Walker
+12 additional Alert Cards
+ 6 Zombicide Black Dice (Zombie Head, Molitov Cocktail, bullet holes instead of pips) not included in the main game
+ 6 Zombicide Glow in the Dark Dice (Zombie Head, Molitov Cocktail, bullet holes instead of pips) not included in the main game
+ 1 Zombicide T- Shirt (Zombie Head, Molitov Cocktail, bullet holes instead of pips) not included in the main game
+ 1 Downloadable Scenario
+ 1 Downloadable Map & Scenario Editor

Broce Willis, er,, umm, I mean NIck, the Bad Cop

Machete !, No No I meant El Cholo, Zombie Hunter

Sheldon, so sorry, I meant Dave, the Geek

The Chick from Kill Bill, or is it Eva Duran ?

CHUCK F'N NORRIS !!! - Eagle Chaz

Marvin Redfield - Tired of these Muda F'n Zombies on his Plane

Zombie Nick

Zombie El Cholo

Zombie Dave

Zombie Eva

Zombie Marvin

Zombie Eagle - When we reach 340K

Oh, yeah, I guess I should include a link if you are interested. CLICK HERE

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Made in ca
Judgemental Grey Knight Justicar

Ontario, Canada

wow, looks amazing

sucks no one around me likes board games

I have half a mind to kill you, and the other half agrees 
Made in us
Gargantuan Gargant

New Bedford, MA USA

Get them to watch Walking Dead and they'll be itching to kill some Zombies

I'll admit that I initially was interested in Zombicide solely for the miniatures for use in other games. After getting more into it, I'm convinced it the second coming of HeroQuestlike goodness.

Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Los Angeles

This game is responsible for me joining Kickstarter. I just contributed last night and really hope they make the $200K mark because I want a zombie Eva figure.

September's release date feels so far away.
Made in au
Aspirant Tech-Adept


I am in for two reasons. One - I love anything to do with Zombies (except for the Walking Dead, it's a terrible show). Two - I can easily use the zombies and mod them to become Bioshock splicers for my 40k Nurgle Bioshock themed force. Between this and Deep Wars, I am pretty much set for miniatures.

Also, for those interested, the miniatures will be in a hard plastic like the Privateer Press plastic kits, not the crappy soft plastic like other board game miniatures.
Made in us
Gargantuan Gargant

New Bedford, MA USA

This was the first Kickstarter project I've backed as well.

Could even use this guy as an Ork

Made in gb
Wrathful Warlord Titan Commander

Ramsden Heath, Essex

I would back it but can't see if it covers the UK?

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Cancell that, outside of US is an extra 25$ per game.

Still considering this, could be a good birthday present for myself.

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How do you promote your Hobby? - Legoburner "I run some crappy wargaming website " 
Made in us
The Last Chancer Who Survived

Norristown, PA

I've been watching this one closely. Really like the idea and the models, just hesitating because I know I'll never have time to paint them all and at best I'd probably just play it a couple of times.. hardly any time for gaming lately and when I do get the chance it's usually a game of 40k once every few months

Made in au
Aspirant Tech-Adept


$125US for over 100 models, plus a game, lithograph and a bunch of other extras is a pretty damn good price to pay for a kickstarter to be honest. They're looking at retailing the game for $89US, so even if you were to buy it later it won't be much cheaper.

Wonder if they'll kick the goals up even more now they're getting close to 200k. Every time I look the amount they are raising is shooting upwards.
Made in gb
Back in the dark

Suffolk, where the Aliens roam.

Really have a strong temptation for this one, just for the bonuses, but I am really trying to figure out if it would ever be played, or just sitting in the corner.

Much for the same reason I never got dreadfleet or the Horus Heresy remake.

"That's not an Ork, its a girl.." - Last words of High General Daran Ul'tharem, battle of Ursha VII.

Two White Horses (Ipswich Town and Denver Broncos Supporter)
Made in us
Gargantuan Gargant

New Bedford, MA USA

Even if you never play the game you can probably recoup your investment parting out the miniatures on trade sites/Ebay.

60 Walkers, 22 Runners, 12 Fatties and 2 Abomination, 8 Survivors = 110 Figures you can probably get at least a $1 each for.

Made in gb
Wrathful Warlord Titan Commander

Ramsden Heath, Essex

When does everything ship?

How do you promote your Hobby? - Legoburner "I run some crappy wargaming website " 
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Los Angeles

notprop wrote:When does everything ship?

According to the Kickstarter page the approximate ship date is September 2012.

Just checked the total and it is at $190,306!

Come on folks! $10k more and we can have undead Beatrix Kiddo miniatures!!!
Made in gb
Rampaging Reaver Titan Princeps


This looks awesome, sooo tempted.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Feth it, pledged 135. Rather have this than sde anyway.

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Made in us
Gargantuan Gargant

New Bedford, MA USA

notprop wrote:When does everything ship?

Officially, September is the listed date, but they also stated that the timeline was to give some some breathing space for delays. Supporters will get thier games before they start shiping out to retailers, as early as August.

I believe the sentiment was that they would rather have people pleasantly suprised that they got thier game early, instead of an angry mob emailing them if there was an unforseen delay.

Made in us

I wish I would have talked to these guys at Adepticon...

I'm tempted by the game, and I have a group of Board Game Players nearby, but at that price point, I don't want this to be a swing and a miss!
Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Sold. Thank you the post. This game seems to be perfect for curing 40k burnout. Backed for $120.
Made in gb
Dakka Veteran


LOL Sheldon
Made in gb
Back in the dark

Suffolk, where the Aliens roam.

Going to wait if anything appears when they hit $200K if it doesn't there is still a good chance I'll get this anyways. Love the modular board, and how that could be enhanced with more tiles in future expansions.

If they do offer a extra goal after $200K it will be the tipping point for me to go and find my card details.

"That's not an Ork, its a girl.." - Last words of High General Daran Ul'tharem, battle of Ursha VII.

Two White Horses (Ipswich Town and Denver Broncos Supporter)
Made in ph
Utilizing Careful Highlighting

Manila, Philippines

I'd love to see some close-ups of the characters! And do the walkers come in different poses?

Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

Burtucky, Michigan

So September then? The wife and I are definitely going to buying this one when it comes out. Looks very very cool
Made in au
Aspirant Tech-Adept


They are aiming for August, but have put September in case of any problems in releasing the game.

They've now hit 200k+ for the kickstarter, and I've upped my pledge to two copies now. For the price I am definitely getting my money's worth. And now a zombie Eva, which is even nicer.

Looking forward to see what their stretch goals past 200k+ is. I'd love some different sculpts for the zombies. More variety is always good to find.
Made in us
The Last Chancer Who Survived

Norristown, PA

There was another zombie game like this that also did really well, Zpocalypse. So, I've been trying to decide which one I really want. Zpocalypse is already done so I'd have to wait till it's released, but both look real fun. Tough to decide which one I want...

Made in us
Gargantuan Gargant

New Bedford, MA USA

There are 2 sculpts for the runners, 4 sculpts for the walkers, 1 sculpt for the fatties, and 1 sculpt for the Abomination.

Zombicide will be out August/September while Zpocalypse will be out, hopefully, for a Halloween release in Ocotober.

New Add ons to drive up the pledges

Marvin is a bodyguard, shuttling the rich and famous around. Always a professional, he's used to gently deflecting the advances of neglected wives or wealthy widows.... until one of his clients got a little too aggressive and had to be put down! Now he's up to his eyeballs in mother-f***** Zombies!

The game comes with 9 Double sided tiles, with the extra tiles pack you can layout all 18 sides at once

When the pledges reach 240,000 anyone who ordered a Marvin, gets a Zombie Marvin as well

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Oh no, i really dont need any more extras to blow cash on! New survivor looks great!
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Upped my pledge... Again.

Glad I am getting 2 boxes though. 18 tile massive games should be so damn good.

Now CMON have reached 200k, some more freebies would be nice. New survivors are good and all, but some bonus goodies to show their appreciation would go a long way as well.
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I'm still on the fence about the game. I'd definitely go in @ Abomination level, if I did, just to be sure I get all the free stuff. With the huge profits they'll be making, though, I think it's crappy that the 2 promo minis have to be purchased, and even worse that they're $10 a piece. Those cheapo plastic models aren't worth $10 each... I think it's crappy, too, that the $200K and $240K freebies are ONLY for people who shelled out the overpriced amount for the 2 latest promo minis.

I was leaning towards dropping the money on this game but, with this newest shenaniganery, I'm actually sliding back towards undecided.


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Not bothered about the game.
But would like the Sheldon alive and undead figures.

I can't just buy those... too bad...


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MagickalMemories wrote:I'm still on the fence about the game. I'd definitely go in @ Abomination level, if I did, just to be sure I get all the free stuff. With the huge profits they'll be making, though, I think it's crappy that the 2 promo minis have to be purchased, and even worse that they're $10 a piece. Those cheapo plastic models aren't worth $10 each... I think it's crappy, too, that the $200K and $240K freebies are ONLY for people who shelled out the overpriced amount for the 2 latest promo minis.

I was leaning towards dropping the money on this game but, with this newest shenaniganery, I'm actually sliding back towards undecided.


I would like to see the figures/data that shows the 'huge profits' you assume they will make. I would be willing to bet the profits from this are right along the lines that any game of this type makes, and not huge.

As for 10 bucks a figure, you need to consider you are going to get 2 for that (so 5 each) if you only purchase the ones that come with the zombie figure as well as the character. Add shipping is included (in the US) and the price per becomes more reasonable. Once you factor in payment to the sculptor, mold costs and so forth I think you will find (if you do any research) that 5-10 for a limited edition figure is actually low.

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In terms of the extras, do you buy those after the initial pledge? as i can't see a way to add prior to checking out on amazon?
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