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Chapter 7

Gavisus’ Schedule

06:00 - 08:00 - Breakfast

08:00-10:00 - Morning training(Taurus note: Make sure you reduce your reload time by 1.5 seconds.)

10:00-11:00 - Free time (Taurus note: I took away one hour because you attempted to skin Asriel. I might change my mind if you aplogise for your foolish behavior)

Wait why!? I-I couldn’t not help it! : (

Taurus:If you use text to display emotion on your schedule I am taking away all your free time for the week. Type properly.

D :

Taurus: Well it looks like you are going to be training more often.

Wait! I will aplogise to Asriel and work on my blade technique as well!

Taurus:I see, if you aplogise to Asriel and work on your blade technique I may rethink the changes.

11:00-12:00 - Afternoon training (Taurus note: Please continue on your reload times)

12:00 - 14:00 - Lunch

14:00- 18:00 - Free time (Captain, I want to collect skin from those of the upper levels, it’s far more better in quality than the slaves who live on the lower levels of ship.)




I need it for my work!

Taurus: Don’t ask again or I will reduce your free time. Stop being an idiot you know why you can’t touch those of the upper levels.

18:00 - 20:00 - Dinner

20:00 - 00:00 Evening Training

00:00 - 08:00 Rest/Free time

Taurus sat in his chamber, working through the schedules, adding notes to those who are falling behind and reprimanding those who break the rules. All of this is necessary to achieve their goal. All of the company are focused on the objective since Horus’ war upon the imperium, even if they follow chaos, even if they are now traitors their goal has not changed. It will not change until his lord primarch returns his legion insignia. He finished editing the last schedule as he heard his chamber doors opening. It was Gavisus and Tetricus, but he could see his company sorcerer looked concerned and Gavisus was eating a crispy like cake and drinking recaf from a travel mug. As they approached the table he folded his arms. “I assume both of you are here for something important?” Tetricus nodded, “Yes captain, I hold a message from Eidolon.” Soon as he heard his name he frowned slightly. “Hand me the letter.” Tetricus offered him the letter, as he took it he did not even give it a look before tearing it up. His company sorcerer sighed slightly “aren’t you at least curious about what the message contained?” “No.” he said firmly. He disliked Eidolon, he flaunts his rank of “lord commander” an unnecessary title that is more to boost one’s ego than serving any tactical function. His grievances with the rank also played into the reason why his insignia was taken away along with the exile of his company. As he thought of Eidolon his old sword vibrates slightly. He gripped the handle to silence it, as the blade handle sensed his touch it calmed down. “Is there anything else Tetricus?” “Well...Eidolon’s letter said to hand you his first, but the second letter is blank but I can sense sorcery about it.” He offered the letter to him. As he took it from his company sorcerer words that burned with purple fire began to line the letter.

Just looking at the handwriting despite it burning with purple fire he knew who it belonged to. He gripped the message with both hands and began reading carefully.

Dear my Little Soldier

How long has it been? How many centuries have I held your pauldron? Held your pride? Foolishness and arrogance? I wonder? Have you learned anything? Are you ready to embrace my word and will? Are you still stupid enough to think you know better than me?

The letter ended, it seems like there is meant to be more.Taurus narrowed his eyes at it. “I still think you are wrong.” he said out loud. As he spoke the letter continued, the burning lettering trailing across the paper.

How wonderful….so obsessed, so dedicated to your vision. Tell...me how did you survive the virus bombs? How did you get off world?

Taurus recalled that fateful day, he did not feel angry, he just saw that event as another challenge to prove his company. He gave a look to his blade and then to Tetricus. “Thank you.” His brother gave him a confused look. “For what?” “For saving us.” Tetricus stroked his chin “in a manner of speaking you saved us. You gave me the tools to get us off the planet.” Gavisus also spoke up while swallowing his food “Captain you were amazing as well! Smashing in our brothers faces with your scabbard!” He nodded “well...it was through all of our efforts that we survived. We prepared accordingly. The letter continued.

Ah...I see, all of you drank his wine beforehand...without my intervention. Who was it? The dark apostle? How did you give up your soul? How did you debase yourself before the prince?

Taurus chuckled “I am not weak like the others...I just continued to be who I am. I am your soldier not a dog.” Tetricus folded his arms. “Who are you speaking to?” He ignored him, he bought his eyes to the letter.

A soldier is exactly what I need...I need the perfect soldiers. This...is an order. From your lord Primarch. Head to Eidolon’s space station. You should know where it is. Complete the task he gives you, know whatever operation he gives you, he will have no input for he can turn to no one else. This mission is from me...Show me then...show me your “perfect” company.

The letter was then consumed in a purple flame, it burnt away to ashes, the grey matter dissipating in the air. He bought his gaze to Tetricus who looked concerned and Gavisus was stuffing his face full of food. “Brothers...we have orders. All of us have to step up our training.” “Ca-pta-in..wha-” His company sorcerer growled in annoyance. “Stop speaking with your mouth full!” “B-Bu-” Taurus frowned “stop talking Calor.” He swallowed the food and wiped his mouth. He nodded and continued eating in silence. “Now Tetricus and Gavisus, these orders come from our primarch. He desires our skills...our expertise.” His company sorceror smiled “it only took a few centuries.” “Yes and in those centuries we honed ourselves to a razor point. Both of you are dismissed, go and prepare yourselves and spread the word to our brothers.” They both gave a curt nod and left his chambers. Taurus rose from his seat. “It seems I have to prepare him for his role…”

Asriel twisted and turned in his bed, his saw flashes of the past, Adelram’s disappointment, his annoyance and finally the fateful day where he sealed his memories. He felt his heart breaking into a thousand shards, the weight of all his choices came crashing down upon him. “It’s...my fault.” he uttered. Then he felt himself shaking, he opened his eyes to see his captain standing over him. His face was cold. “We are starting training. Ambrosia will be there. Make sure you bring your sniper rifle.” He then walked out of his bedroom. Asriel furrowed his brow. “What? I thought…” he got out of bed he rubbed his eye. “It should be my free time at the moment…” he should feel annoyed but he knows by now that Taurus must of woken him up for a purpose. He got up from bed and grabbed his sniper rifle, he put on his shoes and left his bedroom as he entered the kitchen Taurus was there waiting for him. Asriel frowned “can you tell what this is about?” “We have orders.” Taurus said in a flat tone.

Asriel raised his eyebrow as he heard that, they are a warband, they don’t take orders. Who could spur Taurus of all people into action. “Captain, who are we getting orders from?” “It’s from my primarch.” His eyes went wide as Taurus spoke, Asriel found his lips trembling slightly. “Lord...Fulgrim? What could he want?” “Does it matter Inferus? He gave us orders and so we obey, he also expects a “show” I will show him what my company can do. Now come we must start your training now. We are going to the firing range.” Asriel slowly nodded he left the kitchen with Taurus. As they walked he wondered if he should ask questions, he was about to open his mouth but stopped. At most he won’t answer or he will be vague. So he has to do a different approach. “Captain, as a member of this company I would like to inquire more about our orders.” Taurus gave him a look, he frowned. “Eidolon will be our liaison, he will give us the details.” At the mention of the lord commanders name he began thinking that possibly he might meet Adelram again. “May you tell me where we are meeting him?” His captain nodded. “Yes I can, since the cicatrix Maledictum cut the galaxy in half many members of the third and other legions have made small fiefdoms for themselves. We are going to space station Valira it belongs to Eidolon. He has sent me an invitation in the past but reading his message shows he hasn’t learned a thing.” When he heard the name of the meeting place his heart began beating rapidly. That there is a possibility that he can meet him again. “I see..thank you for the information...captain.” Taurus gave a curt nod.

After a few minutes more of walking they stopped in front of a door. As Asriel stood in front of the door a sense of dread gripped him. His stomach began turning. “So...she is in there.” said Asriel. “Yes she is.” Taurus responded. He pressed the button to open the door, both of them stepped inside. Soon as Asriel entered he felt it, that aura, the feeling of slugs crawling on his skin. His eyes just drifted to the assassin for some reason she had bangy short hair and the grey circles around her eyes. Right away her eyes fell straight upon him. She gave me a predatory grin. She took a simple step and in reaction Asriel could not help but step behind Taurus in fear. “Don’t let her near me…” he blurted out. He found his teeth chittering slightly, Ambrosia kept walking she ignored Taurus and popped her head around him. “New meat.” her voice was cold, so cold. His captain nodded “Yes, you have another training partner. Inferus is going to practice in the range.” “That’s it?” said the assassin. “Yes and you will just watch him. Actually you will stand next to him.” As he heard the exercise Asriel relaxed slightly, it sounded simple. If he could just block her out he should be fine. He found his mouth moving by itself. “I-I can do that.” “Then do it" said Taurus. He nodded and walked over to the firing range. He got his sniper rifle ready, he pushed the button on the iron table to start the range.

All of the targets began moving, He took a deep breath and aimed down the sights, he began slowly firing. Ensuring that he hit as close to the bullseye as possible. With each round the turning in his stomach got worse, he stopped for a moment. “I jus-” “Keep going.” Taurus said firmly, “do you think the enemy will wait for you to be ready? You must focus at all times. If you faced a sister of silence you would be dead.” Asriel gripped his gut, he looked to his right to see Ambrosia smiling at him, just standing there a few paces away from him. Then he realised something, he did not even hear her move. He tried to focus he got into firing position again and continued. His breathing became hoarse, his vision blurred slightly and now his shots were going awry. He stopped again and looked to his right, Ambrosia was now closer. He shook his head “Can...you stand back slightly?” “No.” the answer was quick, he could see Taurus is getting annoyed that he stopped again. Asriel returned to firing it was now far harder, then he felt someone touching him, holding him tightly. He stopped for a third time and bought his eye away from the sights, he was face to face with the assassin. His stomach was now in upheaval, he pushed her back with great force, Asriel then dropped to his knees and vomited. He coughed slightly while shaking his head. “I-I c-can’t….” Taurus came over and knelt. “This will be your basic training everyday save your one session with Tertricus, also you have to clean up whatever comes from your stomach. A servitor will not do it for you, this...is another lesson.” He rose “it’s only been 15 minutes, you have 1 hour and 45 minutes to go Asriel.” As he mentioned the time Asriel felt his stomach turning again but what made it worse is that he called him by his name. That means he is serious. Asriel was not sure if he could endure this. He looked in the direction of Ambrosia, she was just smiling ear to ear in amusement.

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Noise Marine Terminator with Sonic Blaster

So they have received a mission! Wonder what it is?

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Noise Marine Terminator with Sonic Blaster

Chapter 8
Asriel found his fingers trembling in his room as he got his knives ready, it’s been years since he last used such a weapon but Taurus was adamant that he should practice with them. He checked his schedule it should be about the time he should be heading to Tetricus’ abode. Asriel placed the knives into his belt and made his way out of the bedroom, he left the kitchen and began walking to the tunnel entrance. With each step he gripped his stomach slightly, it’s been two days since he started training with Ambrosia and what he found is that she has a sort of sick amusement with watching him void his bowels. He bit his thumb slightly, his mind began swimming with thoughts on possibly killing her or removing her somehow. He shook his head. “No, he would not like that…” if he even dared to do such a thing his head would be joining the others in the freezer. Recently he decided to even check the heads and the cut that severed them from their bodies was clean, far cleaner than whatever Tarkhan can do, after examining each of them despite Taurus’ appearance Asriel could only come to one conclusion. “He is a monster..” he said quietly to himself.

But what he thought was monstrous is that essentially he looks and acts against the grain of what it means to be a follower of slaanesh. Yet he is favoured, staring at him with his witch sight during their talk in his chambers his soul burnt him like a sun. He could also sense the love and approval. That feeling he sensed clinged to him tightly that said lover never wants to let him go and part of him does not want to admit that it’s the dark prince. Asriel shook his head and focused on the journey, he reached the tunnel entrance and walked inside but as he walked he kept thinking about it. His mind still wracking to make sense of the leader of this warband. Again his heart told him to accept it, but his mind still kept asking questions. Those questions kept repeating as he made his way down the tunnel, he asked himself how did he survive all these years? Which daemons has he made pacts with for his warband to endure? But what troubled him so far, from the looks of things Taurus did not have to commit such choices, hard choices both he and Adelram made in order to ensure the warband survives. That is what troubled him, he frowned as he finally reached the door to Tetricus’ abode, he opened the door and walked inside.

Oddly enough since he began his sessions with Tetricus his “sirens” no longer stared at him. They continued singing and what he found is that their voices are quite pleasant. The sound would enter your ears and swim through your entire body, tickling every single part.. He approached the table and bowed, with his first lesson Tetricus demanded that he bow before each in respect. Doing this annoyed him and part of him felt that these lessons are pointless since the sorcerer is going over the basics. “Lord Tetricus.” said Asriel, the sorcerer frowned slightly. “Right today it’s telepathy.” Asriel clenched his hands “with all due respect my lord..but telepathy? I am sure captain has updated you about my situation?” “Yes he has, trust me I would rather spend my time doing anything else. But if Taurus feels this is important I will do it.” He rose from his seat and walked over to him. “Tell me how have you used telepathy?” “Well I have used it to get people to trust me and to hide my presence, to make people think that I am not actually there.” “I see...how about implementing ideas?” “Yes I know of that technique but never used it, from what I understand it’s quite risky.” “Risky?” the sorcerer raised his eyebrow. “It’s quite a basic technique.” At the mention of basic he folded his arms. “It’s not basic my lord I-” “What do you know exactly? To reach into someone's dreams, to manipulate the heart and mind until they are your unwitting slave? Have you ever tried that?” “N-no...my lord.” “Human we go over the basics because that’s where everything we do branches from. You think that you understand sorcery and being a psyker but I let you know now that it is possible to use some measure of your power around a pariah.” That caught his attention, he had no idea that was possible. “How? they block our powers.” “Yes, certain powers. They can block sorcery and many offensive psychic powers but generally powers that affect objects or yourself can still be maintained. Hence why knowing the basics and being good at it is important. We psykers live in age where the sisters of silence are actively fighting us now.” Asriel slowly nodded, then a strange sensation began to build in his chest. It was respect, genuine respect. Again he wondered how the astartes in this warband do it.

Tetricus began chuckling, you are making the same face I did. “What?” “Tell me human when do you think I was recruited?” Asriel furrowed his brow, he has known Taurus for centuries he overhead that also if he was his old self he would hate the sorcerer with every fibre of his being. “You must of been recruited after Horus’ war upon the imperium. You ca-” “can’t what? You should know my captain by now. If he thinks something is wrong he will correct it. I was recruited before Horus declared on the imperium.” “W-what? But how?” “Yes how? You see the third “hated” psykers since if you are a psyker you are imperfect. That something is fundamentally wrong with you and there is nothing you can do to change that. Hence none were recruited.” “Taurus thought otherwise?” “Indeed, after his time with the blood angels he began to see their tactical use, the flesh tearer is quite...good at convincing Taurus that his world view on psykers and abhumans was incorrect.” “Then I assume this became a point of contention with the legion?” Tetricus nodded. “Taurus always had his grievances with how the third did things. They became obsessed with art and apperance instead of perfecting themselves as soldiers.” As he mentioned art Asriel scratched his head in confusion, he recalled seeing pieces of art in Taurus’ chambers. “But he has art hanging on his walls of his chambers” The sorcerer raised his finger. “He does not keep them for beauty, but for the techniques the artist employs he wants to see the dedication of their craft that is what he finds beauty in. I personally think the pieces he chooses look terrible.” he shrugged “anyway after meeting a certain dark apostle he finally aired his grievances to our primarch. It did not end well, but after that event I was recruited. Now I am tired of talking of that matter let’s begin our session.” “B-but I wish to kno-” “ask him yourself. The only reason why I am speaking to you in such a fashion because as I said before for some reason Taurus views you to be important considering I am wasting my time with you.” Asriel gave a curt nod, he opened his ears and listened carefully to what the sorcerer has to teach him.

Taurus moved his blade through the heads of the servitors, toppling them one by one like trees. His other arm moved making quick shots with his bolt pistol, he tried not to look at the number ticking on his tactical feed. He focused on what was in front of him, the last servitor ran forward, slashing with multiple blades, he parried each attack opening up the lumbering machine and with a swift slash removed their head. The last servitor tumbled to the ground and the timer on his tactical feed stopped. He eyed it “15 seconds….” he mumbled in annoyance, he aimed to kill all ten servitors in 10 seconds. His mind then began formulating a strategy, overlooking where he went wrong, that perhaps there was a wasted movement in his bladework. His mind kept wracking on how to reduce the time to 10 seconds as he sheathed his weapons. His other blade then began vibrating again breaking his train of thought, he gripped the handle to quieten it or him depending on one’s perspective.

He left the training hall and made his way to the bridge, he desired to check the progress of their journey. As he reached the bridge of the great bull everyone had faces to screens focusing on their respective stations, even his presence was not enough to deter them from their work. He would offer a comment of praise for their diligence but he did not desire to distract them. Taurus looked up to the command throne, the one he put in charge of controlling the bridge. He was a young man from the lower levels, but among the muck a diamond was found. He oddly learned things quickly and was ready to adapt to any situation.

He also learned to pilot and command ships in months, he had no idea if he was blessed by the gods but he had a natural talent. “Sagax.” he said his nickname out loud his eyes did not leave the command throne screen. “Yes my lord?” Taurus could see a flicker of annoyance in his brown eyes, the fact that he is annoyed that he distracted him from his work is something he found to be a good thing. “Do you have an estimate of when we are arriving to the space station?” The commander of the bridge frowned. “Going by the reports of the navigator we should arrive in 3-4 days. Now...” “I know I will let you work.” he turned away and left the bridge, soon as he entered the hallway Ambrosia was there, resting her back on the wall. “What is it?” said Taurus. The assassin gave him a look of annoyance. “Tell me what’s the point of training the new meat?” “Is there a problem?” “yes there is, at least the sorcerer tries. He holds an air of arrogance about everything.” “That is just due to the old warband he was a part of. Do not worry I have everything under control.” She was about to speak but closed her mouth. She walked away without another word.

Taurus watched her leave, he recalled when he found her, the task force that was sent to end his life. To the assassins horror he ended all of them and oddly he kept her alive. He saw a use for her abilities and for several months after he captured her she tried to kill him. Every time she failed again and again, until eventually she broke down and he offered his hand. More than anything he could see she was fascinated with him, someone who does not react in horror or disgust due to her presence. Taurus imagined being a culexus assassin to be a terrible existence, no drives, no goals they are just viewed as an abnormal weapon to be let loose by the imperium. He folded his arms “I wonder what sort of mission we are going on?” He began walking back to the training hall, now lost in thought.

The docking bay doors opened, he stood with his lord as the slaves in leather spiked suits began walking unto the station chanting his lord's name while pink smog trailed out. All of them followed after the slaves as they stepped onto the station everyone was staring at them in awe. A stark contrast to the past. “Look at them Marthas, how they gawk at us...how they admire us…” Marthas sweeped his eyes over the astartes and slaves. All of their eyes were on his lord. The changes wrought upon his flesh even captivated him. Adelram has black horns which are sprouting from his head, his white hair now shimmers and his face causes even mortals to weep in desire. Even his feet were now hooves, fused with his power. But his lord is far more great and graceful in battle. “Their eyes are upon you as it should be.” He said firmly. Marthas lumbered forward in his terminator armour, the censer swaying with each step, bellowing out pink mist. He then bought his eyes to Tarkhan who stood at the ready watching for any threats but he knows there is only one on this station who can threaten his lord, the rest are ants compared to his power and splendor. Izel chuckled “Still I wonder why he has called us?” “I do not know.” said Adelram “But be aware the lord commander does not request a chaos lord’s presence without a reason.” Marthas nodded in agreement “yes, I agree I suspect he has a task for us. It’s a shame Kaiser prefers to stay in the dark. He needs to get out more.” “Indeed but who am I to deny his joy? Now come we should not keep Eidolon waiting.” Adelram said in amusement.

As they walked past their slaves many tried to reach up to touch them, to even get a whiff of their scent. Some even fainted with his lord placing his eyes upon them. They walked through the station everyone’s gazes are still locked upon them. Until they reached the doors of Eidolon’s chambers all of them stepped inside and looked upon the lord commander, sitting on his throne he was in discussion with a sorcerer. Right away Marthas could see his mood is sour. Adelram gave a small bow “Lord commander….” Eidolon stopped his conversation and turned his head to them. “The harbingers of sin.” he grinned “How have your recent conquests been?” His lord returned his smile. “Wonderful, turning a population into performance enhancing drugs? Mutilating and difling priests and shrine worlds? It’s been grand lord commander.” Eidolon nodded. “This is good, but now why I called you here.” He gestured to the sorcerer, he began an incantation and summoned an image of a planet. “This planet is Vikitros. There is nothing upon it save a fortress, but what is within said fortress our father desires it….” Marthas narrowed his eyes, the fact that Fulgrim wanted whatever is inside most mean the planet is incredibly important.

The lord commander continued “I sent host upon host to attack the world but they come back broken...or they don’t return at all.” Adelram stroked his chin with his clawed gauntlet. “So you want my warband to take it?” “Yes, but you will not be doing this by yourself.” His lord raised his eyebrow in confusion. “With all due respect but we are more than capable to do it ourselves.” As Adelram spoke, Marthas could see that his lord did not want to share the glory with another warband. Nor did he. Eidolon then sighed wearily “we don’t have much choice in the matter, our….father said he desires the “captain” of the 4th company to take the fortress and deliver the prize.” Marthas could detect some venom as he mentioned captain it’s clear that he dislikes whoever is charge of the warband. “Hmm, I heard of the 4th company but I am not aware of who leads it.” “It’s no surprise that is the case, he was sent away shortly after we became a proper legion again. But the question is...how he did survive the purge?” All of his brothers began murmuring, Adelram looked concerned. “So...they somehow survived Istvaan III?” “Yes, his foolish ideas and along with his isurbodiantion made our father exile him. Istvaan III was the chance to end him but his company survived.” Eidolon traced his finger along his scar. “Despite all of that...he still lives. I called you because I require...loyal members of the third to ensure our father gets his prize. He will arrive soon so for now enjoy the bounties of my station.” Adelram smiled and gave a small bow. “Thank you lord commander, once the traitor arrives I will ensure he does his task.” Eidolon gave a curt nod “Good, now leave I must discuss further details with my sorcerer.” Adelram turned away from the throne, we all followed him out of Eidolon’s chambers. Marthas smiled “a fortress? Sounds interesting.” His lord nodded in agreement. “Indeed it does Marthas, but I am curious about the captain of the 4th company.” Izel shook his head “who cares about him? Eidolon called us because we are reliable. I imagine if he steps out of line the lord commander wouldn’t mind if we kill him.” Adelram frowned at Izel. “Don’t be too hasty, our father requested his presence so he should have some measure of skill.” His lord began walking, he turned his head back slightly “I can’t wait to meet him…”

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This will be interesting... Haha I hope Taurus is able to survive.


"Some times you feel like a diick, some times you don't.
Slaneesh army's have dicks, Sisters of battle don't,
Because sometimes you want to play the dick,
Sometimes you don't " 
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Chapter 9
Taurus walked to the docking bay with Tetricus and Gavisus, they have now arrived at their destination but there was annoyance. He looked back slightly to see Inferus pleading to let him come, to the point he almost begged. “Captain, I must come with you!” “No.” he said firmly. “Why not!?” He had his reasons, he knows why he is so desperate. “You think he might be here?” Inferus cast his eyes away, that said everything. “I want you to go back to training.” “Bu-” “Now Asriel.” Taurus raised his voice slightly. His company chef shook his head he stopped walking and slowly he vanished as they gained some distance. Gavisus chuckled “that wasn’t nice…” “I can’t have him getting distracted.” “Right, but I wonder captain why bother training him at all? We just need him to make food.” Tetricus nodded in agreement. “I agree, do you have some plan in the works?” “In a manner of speaking I do, considering Inferus’ past he has a history of fighting. I want to make use of that.” His company sorcerer narrowed his eyes at him. “You gave him a nickname?” he completely ignored his reasoning and focused on the fact he gave Asriel a nickname. “Is there a problem brother?” He sighed slightly in return. “No...I won’t doubt, you have a plan.” he then faced forward continued walking in silence. Eventually they reached the docking bay and approached the airlock doors. They slid open and all of them walked through as the doors opened to space station Valira all of the members of the third present stared at him. Their eyes were placed upon his chest, he looked down to the gleaming palatine aquila, he shrugged and made his way to Eidolon’s chambers with his brothers. Tetricus frowned “I remember the last time we came here…” Gavisus smiled “Eidolon tried to order us around...but you refused didn’t you captain?” “I did, he sent two warbands after us when we left due to the insult. We ended them.” “That we did!” said Gavisus. The sorcerer sighed heavily “Taurus our lives will be easier i-” “I won’t deface my armour and my stance with Eidolon won’t change.” he said firmly. His brother shrugged in resignation “very well…” As they got to the doors, Taurus pushed them open and walked inside with his brothers. He could see that Eidolon was in discussion with a leader of another warband and a sorcerer. Taurus approached the throne “Hello Eidolon.” His opaque eyes fell upon him. “Lord commander Eidolon.” he hissed at him. “We are both captains.” “Yes and you serve me as I am your lord commander.” Taurus could see he was on edge, his voice was firm but he did not raise his voice either.

He bought his eyes to the warband leader, he had long white hair, horns and his armour held garish colours. But he wielded a massive mace like weapon. He smiled at him. “So this is the captain of the 4th.” “Yes, this is captain Cornelius of the 4th company. Exiled for thinking he knows better than our father.” “Your father” said Taurus. He could see Eidolon is now grinding his teeth, the warband leader frowned at him in clear annoyance. “So tell me Eidolon who is this?” Eidolon nodded “This is Lieutenant Adelram of the 11th company also known as the lord of sin. Unlike you he respects our father and his wisdom. He has come far unlike you.” The name caused him to raise his eyebrow, he looked Adelram up and down. So this is him. The lord of sin curled his lip in disgust “I can’t believe I was interested in meeting you. It seems you are disrespectful and ugly.” “Well beauty is the eye of the beholder when I look at you? I see a slave.” Adelram took a step forward, eldritch energy began thrumming through his body. “You insult my dedication to the dark prince!?” “Yes I am, for he will twist you inside out and then discard you. Or perhaps my lord primarch will do it.” The lord of sin unsheathed his weapon, Eidolon raised his hand. “Enough.” Adelram gave him a look. “But!” “Enough!” he shouted. The lord of sin returned to his position, he his hand still gripped his weapon. Taurus looked up to Eidolon. “Our lord primarch gave me a mission. I assume you know the parameters?” “Yes I do.” he gestured to the sorcerer. “Show him.” The sorcerer summoned an image of the planet. “This is Vikitros, our father desires a prize that is contained within the fortress, you will retrieve it and bring it here.” Taurus walked up to the image. “I see, can the sorcerer zoom in?” Eidolon gave a curt nod, the image changed and displayed a large fortress. Every inch of the wall is mounted with anti aircraft guns, the walls are manned by imperial fists and a imperial guard regiment by his observation. “I can do it.” Taurus said firmly, he knew that his brothers most likely hurled themselves at the walls without a thought. He can now see why Fulgrim turned to him. “Right we are leaving.” “Wait.” said Eidolon. “Adelram’s warband will go with you.” “I don’t need his help.” “I insist.” the “lord commander” said firmly. “Our general said you have no input in his letter. I do not desire his presence.” at the mention of having no input Eidolon rose from this throne. “He said that!?” “Yes, he did.” “Now how long does it normally take to get to Vikitros?” Eidolon calmed himself and sat on his throne. “About a week.” “Right, we will take the fortress in two days after we arrive.” Everyone gasped in the hall save his brothers, the “lord commander” shook his head in amusement. “Assaulting such a fortress would take weeks...not days.” Taurus bought up two fingers. “I can take the fortress in two days, my company can do it. Now is there anything else?” He could see Adelram body language is stuck in a mix of fury and surprise, Eidolon seemed assured of his death. “Go then, I expect you back in two weeks and two days.” He nodded and began leaving the hall with his brothers but he stopped and turned his head back slightly to the lord of sin. “Asriel gives his regards.” His eyes went wide, it was not shock but he could see a huge range of emotions was playing across his face but it was mainly anger. He left the lord of sin with that emotion as he left Eidolon’s chambers.

Asriel fired at the range, Ambrosia’s presence was a distraction but he got use to it in time. But he was distracted, there might of been a chance that he was there. Why wouldn’t he let me come along? His thoughts trailed across his brain. He then felt someone hitting him across the head causing his shot to veer off. He frowned and lowered the sniper rifle. “Ambrosia what is it?” The assassin shook her head. “You are distracted, distractions can get you killed.” He thought to bark back at her but he took a deep breath. “I am distracted.” she raised her eyebrow at him in surprise. “You admitting a fault? That is surprising.” “Well Taurus must be training me for a reason, he could have me cook all day but he doesn’t. He wants me here so I will wait for him to explain why. No-” The door to the training hall suddenly opened, Taurus was there. “Inferus come and Ambrosia? Tetricus is waiting for you in the usual place.” Asriel furrowed his brow. “What is going on.” “No questions said Taurus, just follow.” He left the room, the assassin gave a small shrug, Asriel strapped the sniper rifle to his back and jogged out of the room. He saw Taurus outside with a chalkboard. “What is this?” said Asriel. “Follow me.” his captain began pushing the chalkboard, he did as he was ordered and followed.

They walked in silence, Asriel wondered what was going on, the fact that he is here must mean they are done with their business on space station Valira. “Captain, have you been to the station?” He said nothing, he kept pushing the chalkboard in silence, Asriel looked around and he could see that they are heading in the direction that leads to Tetricus’ abode. As they got to the door leading to the tunnel, Taurus pressed the button to open the door, they continued walking down the tunnel. His captain did not say a word.“Taurus why are we here?” asked Asriel. Again nothing so he decided to keep quiet until Taurus reveals the purpose of coming here. They soon reached the door to the sorcerer's room and both of them walked inside. But what was odd is that the siren’s were not singing, Asriel guessed it’s because Tetricus is not here. Taurus walked to the middle of the chamber pushing aside the table, Asriel followed and stood behind his captain. He then released his grip on the chalkboard and nodded. His eyes scanned each siren and names began spilling from his lips. “Lani’thya, Sithilim, Dol’isha….” as he spoke each name the sirens bought their attention to Taurus. As he finished speaking the last name suddenly their bodies began distorting showing more of their daemonic nature, hands turned into crab claws, black horns grew from metal faceplates and they strained on the chains shrieking, begging to be close to his captain. Asriel raised his eyebrow. “W-what did you do?” “I just got their attention.” “Now silence all of you!” the sirens stopped at his order, just by their mouths movements they were quivering. Taurus nodded “I want all of you to conjure an image of Vikitros, I want to see the fortress, the people and those who lead!” his voice was carried across the room and to his surprise the daemonhosts obeyed. They began singing a high pitched song and the image of a large fortress was conjured. Taurus then bought out a piece of chalk from his belt and began writing on the board looking at the fortress from time to time. “Captain can you please tell me what is going on?” Asriel was still confused. He stopped writing. “Formulating a plan to take this fortress in two days. You and Ambrosia will be important.” He gazed at the fortress in shock, just glancing at it he knows it’s impossible to take such a large fortress in two days. “May I ask how?” Taurus stopped for a moment. “The mistake my “brothers” made is trying to engage in siege warfare hence why they did not get anywhere. Astartes are not siege specialists.” Asriel raised his eyebrow. “What of the iron warriors and imperial fists?” his captain stopped writing again. “They tried to get good at it but do remember the resources that one has available to them now. Back during the great crusade we were legion, we had the numbers and resources but these days?” He wrote a number on the blackboard. “Most warbands have 100 astartes which is about the strength of a company. Now in siege warfare generally the defender has the advantage via supplies and manpower. Think about it as you can see by the conjured image the wall has AA guns, heavy bolters, astartes and the imperial guard manning the walls.” Asriel nodded in understanding “if we assault normally it will be bloody.” Taurus smiled “Exactly, so the first day will be important. That’s where you and Ambrosia will come in.”

Staring at the board Asriel could see he is writing a detailed plan and drawing a layout of the fortress. Taurus began speaking while writing “so Inferus, pay attention to what I will now say. You will update Ambrosia on this information and...I am having a suit of armour prepared for you.” Asriel smiled at the prospect of new gear, but he decided to pay attention to what Taurus has to say to him. “I am all ears captain.” “Good, now listen carefully…”

Tetricus stood in the war room, it was bustling with all of his brothers, they just dropped out of the warp and what has him curious is how they are going to take a fortress in two days. He did not react when he announced such a thing to Eidolon, he knew his captain if he said he is going to do something he will do it. He looked over to Gavisus who is smiling ear to ear in excitement. “Tetricus..aren’t you excited? Taking a fortress in two days? This...will be interesting.” He could not help but nod in agreement. “Taurus always has a plan. I am eager to see what he has in mind for this war.” The war room doors then opened everyone turned to the doors and it was his captain, he was wheeling in the chalkboard, he placed the board in front of the war room screen and then nodded. Tetricus could see some measure of confusion but he was used to this by now. His captain called out. “Everyone’s attention upon me!” everyone glued their eyes to Taurus, he then flipped the board displaying a detailed drawing of the fortress, along with faces and crosses upon them. He then went into his pouch and pulled out a small extendable metal rod. “Right, we are now discussing the plan to take the fortress in two days.” At the announcement of two days some of his brothers began murmuring, he guessed these are the recent recruits. One raised his hand “Captain….why aren’t you using the war room screen I am sure you could produce a far more detailed diagram of the fortress with it.” Taurus looked at the astartes like he said something stupid, he ignored the question. “Now as I said we are discussing the plan to take the fortress.” He placed the rod on the anti air guns. “This is the main problem, these guns on the walls would shoot down any drop pods or thunderhawks that get near the fortress. Also…” he placed the rod on the crossed out faces. “These are the leaders of those who man said fortress. The first is Captain Logithius of the imperial fists, the second? Liberian Javier.” He then placed the rod on a human face. “The leader of the imperial guard regiment is General Carlos.” Gavisus raised his hand. “So I assume we have to take out the leaders and AA guns to have an easier time taking the fortress and I assume we are not handling that part of the plan?” Taurus nodded in agreement. “Yes.” he placed the rod on the fortress. “Inferus and Ambrosia will be spending the first day disabling the defences and assassinating the leaders of the defenders. I spent the last week learning of their movements and Asriel assures me he can destroy the AA guns along with the heavy bolters that man the walls.” As soon as he said that he learned of their movements, Tetricus furrowed his brow. He raised his hand. “Did you use my sirens behind my back again?” His captain looked at him. “Yes.” Tetricus sighed heavily.

He folded his arms. “Can’t you at least tell me?” “Why?” “They are daemonhosts!? Something could go wrong!” Taurus stroked his chin. “They are always quite eager to help me so I use them.” Tetricus sighed again “nevermind…” His captain continued. “Now Sagax will drop them off a few clicks away from the fortress under the cover of night. Then they will scale the wall via a blind spot and infiltrate the fortress and begin the operation. On the second day I will lead an on the assault the fortress using the rain of fire formation with half of the company.” Taurus then pointed the rod at him. “Tetricus you will lead the other half of the warband on the ground with the predators and sirens.” Tetricus nodded, the plan was sound but he had one question. He raised his hand. “So how will the infiltrators notify you that their task is complete?” “They won’t, we will attack the fortress on the second day at 12 am sharp.” Tetricus shook his head. “Bu-” “The plan will succeed.” his captain said firmly. He knew that Taurus could not fathom failure he had absolute faith in both Asriel and Ambrosia. His captain then called out. “All of you are dismissed! ready yourselves for war!” Everyone began leaving the room he did have some small amount of worry but as always Taurus knew what he was doing.

Asriel ran with Ambrosia towards the blind spot in the cover of night, in a few hours it will be 12 am. At the same time he tried not to look at Ambrosia, the strange contraption on her head caused his skin to crawl. So he focused on himself and the task, firstly the armour his wearing is quite light despite it being carapace armour and the task? He could not help think it was pure madness. But oddly it was sound if what they do here goes well. Their part was the most important in a sense they will make the assault possible. Using the hills for cover both of them approached the blind spot. Asriel looked up the wall he noted this is the worst part. Asriel got his knives ready, they began glowing purple with purple energy he stood in front of the wall and focused. He felt Ambrosia wrapping her arms around his neck and holding tightly.

He grit his teeth and began scaling the wall with the knives. The blades easily melted into the wall along with using biomancy to aid in strength and fatigue reduction. As he slowly went up the wall, now it dawned upon him why Taurus had Ambrosia there while he was training in the range. His old self would not be able to even handle the assassin touching him. He found himself smiling as he went up the wall, in a couple of minutes they reached the top. As they flipped over they were near stairs heading down, despite being crouched he could see the fortress building. It was covered in gothic and mechanics sigils, Asriel wondered what is exactly within this fortress. He then turned in Ambrosia’s direction she vanished. He chuckled silently to himself. She has already went to work. He thought to himself.

Asriel took a deep breath, he used telepathy to push people’s notice away from him a common technique he used to move around. He remained crouched and began moving down the wall, he passed imperial soldiers who paid him no mind at most they rub the back of their necks as always. Even the imperial fist astartes did not notice him. He came across the first heavy bolter, in a gap he planted a knife. He then moved to the first AA gun and did the same. So far things are easy, he got to the last AA gun but as he was moving an astartes rubbed his neck and turned in his direction. He pointed his bolter at him. Sweat trailed down his brow, he could see his finger moving to press the trigger. Asriel pushed his thoughts into the astartes head +no one is here, it’s just your imagination. Focus on your duty.+ He could see the astartes is struggling but luckily he turned back to his original position. Asriel gave a small sigh of relief, he placed the last knife and nodded. Now it’s time to infiltrate the fortress and make a kill.

His mind began swimming, but all he sensed is doom and death which was odd and he could see a skull hanging over the fortress. Since in the last few days they threw back a traitor assault, the future should be favourable. Javier tried to focus while meditating to divine the meaning of why this is happening. Despite the victory he can’t see anything favourable in their future. He opened his eyes, sweat lining his brow. “I should inform the captain, we must be alert.” He rose from his cross legged position and turned towards the door. But there was someone there, a woman in a black suit wearing a strange contraption on head that is shaped like a skull. Javier readied his force staff. He tried to summon his psychic powers but nothing would come at most a pabalbe sense of dread gripped him. So he charged, the intruder got into a battle stance and the servos within her helmet began spinning as black energy leaped from her frame and crashed into his body. Javier screamed but then another wave slammed into him, blood began trailing down his nose and eyes. All of this was happening to him and he could do nothing. He could not feel the psychic energy that normally grips his body, he could feel nothing at all.

Carlos went over the reports, the amount of dead from the last attack and their current resources. The attacks have been unrelenting by the heretical traitor forces, it’s clear they want access to the vault, he does not know what’s within it but it’s important enough to require the aid of a company of imperial fists. That aid is something he is thankful for, it’s their presence that ensured many of his men are able to see the next day but they must remain alert an attack could come at any moment. Carlos then rubbed his neck he could feel a slight cold breeze as a hand was suddenly placed on his mouth, he could then feel a stinging sensation gripping his neck. His eyes diverted down to see blood pouring down his armour. He struggled for his life but all he could do is let loose a muffled scream.

Asriel now stood on the roof of the fortress holding his sniper rifle, he could see the soldiers and astartes are running around getting into defensive positions. He guessed that they have now discovered both his and Ambrosia’s work. He killed general Carlos and she took care of liberian Javier. He then began aiming down the sights and scanned the walls of the fortress and then he spotted him the captain of company, captain Logithius. He could clearly see the icy fury on his face, he assumed he was friends with the liberian. In the end it did not matter, he won’t see honorable combat or get to fight for the emperor either. Asriel found his heart beginning to beat faster, he was excited he wondered what expressions his fellow astartes will make, their captain ripped from them and they could do nothing about it.

His lips began quivering, he bought his head back and shook his head. “Focus.” he said quietly to himself the act of killing of will feel far more better. He aimed down the sights again and before shooting he began to chant. A normal sniper round would not kill an astartes, even if it was a headshot. More has to be done, pink wisps started to crawl on the surface of the weapon. He lined up the shot, making sure to take the wind direction, movement and recoil into account. Once he was satisfied he fired, the head of the captain exploded in a brilliant pink light and all he could feel as he watched the captain’s body toppling to the floor is elation, the panic caused a great grin to line his lips. “Time to move.” he turned away his part done in the operation, now he has to remain hidden until the assault is done.

Taurus stood in the thunderhawk with Gavisus and several other astartes, the appointed time has come. At the moment he is blinking running checks through his tactical feed to ensure that the jump pack attached to his armour is ready to be used. He then heard a call from the pilot “Captain, the AA guns are turning in our direction. Should I engage evasive maneuvers?” As the pilot spoke he could see his brothers fidgeting slightly. “No, remain on course.” “Yes...captain.” said the pilot. Gavisus frowned “maybe the human and the abomination failed?” “They won’t fail.” said Taurus. His brother was about to open his mouth to speak again until they heard several muffled explosions, Gavisus closed his mouth and took a step back. Taurus allowed himself to smile. “Open the landing bay doors! Get ready to jump!” At his order the doors slowly began opening, all of them ran forward and jumped. They were right above the walls and he could see the enemy were in disarray, the astartes were trying to control the situation but the mortals were panicking. He could see from the other thunderhawks those in his group have leapt from their respective thunderhawks. Taurus opened his communication line with all of them. “Engage the rain of fire formation!” all of them in a clockwork motion drew bolters and bolt pistols. They unloaded their magazines down towards the imperial forces.

Before they even landed many were cut down by bolt-reactive shells, they did not even get the chance to look up. Half the company landed across the fortress, his squad landed on the walls, Taurus used the jetpack to break his fall. He unclipped the jetpack and drew his sabre he pointed at the remainder that were alive. “Kill them! Show them what it means to stand against the third!” He ran forward with his squad, the first enemy a human scrambled to aim with his plasma gun, Taurus shot the guardsman in the head with his bolt pistol. The second was an imperial fist astartes, he ran towards him wielding a bolt pistol and chainsword. Taurus shook his head, with one hand his threw his blade. The weapon impaled the face the imperial fist who toppled to the ground. He shot another human and as he passed the astartes he killed without barely looking he grabbed his blade and removed the head of another mortal that crossed his path.

As they worked down the wall he sliced and shot anyone that dared to stop him. Gavisus then ran up to him. “Erm...captain?” “Don’t distract me Calor.” said Taurus. “It’s not that...but...we haven’t done anything yet. Can you at least save something for us?” Taurus allowed himself a brief moment to look around they were near the end of the wall. There were no enemies in front of him. He looked back to see the path they ran is drenched in blood and limbs. Body parts are are also scattered everywhere. He stopped running and so did his squad. He wondered if he should apologise, but decided against it. “How come you couldn’t kill anything?” Gavisus shook his head the servo’s of his helmet winding at the motion. “We couldn’t we would aim at someone and you would shoot them before we can do anything. Your..prowess caused the enemy to focus upon you but that did not stop you. At least the blood looks nice on your armour.” Taurus looked down to himself, he was drenched in blood. He did not even notice. “Well the captain must be the pinnacle of the company.” Gavisus nodded “oh yes, we are all actually impressed.” “It’s good that you are for you must try to reach it.” “I see b-” “Don’t say can’t, never say that.”

He sighed and walked over towards the side of the wall that has the fortress building. He did not want Gavisus to distract him from the battle. Looking down he could see his brothers are sweeping over the enemy, but what annoyed him is that he saw that some of his brothers have been killed. “We must do more.” Gavisus stood at his side. “But we are clearly winning.” “Yes, I only estimated 2% of our forces should of been killed. Scanning below I see 5% to 8% percent.” Taurus then heard the song of the siren greet his ears, the door of the fortress was blown open and their predators along with the rest of their forces came in. “I underestimated the enemy more of the ground forces should of been part of our group.” He eyed the broken doors. Tetricus entered with the vehicles, the song of the chained sirens was causing the reminder of the mortal army to drop their weapons and charge towards the daemonhosts in a mad frenzy of desire. But they never get close, they were gunned down while howling in pleasure or singing the words expressed by the sirens. He faced his brother “essentially the fortress is now ours, come let us collect Lord Fulgrim’s prize.” He began walking to the steps Gavisus nodded and followed “captain do we have time for a victory celebration?” Taurus thought about it for a moment. “Yes, despite my grievances the company did well. We took the fortress far more quicker than expected.” at his confirmation those that followed him began cheering in excitement.

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Chapter 10
Asriel stood with Ambrosia within the fortress, the assassin’s back was to the wall and Asriel stood attention, they were waiting for Taurus. He said he would meet them here. They watched as the astartes were dragging away imperial guardsmen into the darkness, screaming for their lives. Asriel was used to this he could see Ambrosia was not by her body language. She is clearly trying to detach herself. “Is something wrong?” “Yes and no, it’s more confusing.” “What is confusing?” “The torturing and maiming of soldiers so the astartes can engage in hedonism? That is quite confusing.” Asriel furrowed his brow slightly. “It’s not confusing, the warband does not worship the emperor.” “That is evident I am just wondering why Taurus allows it.” A scream of anguish greeted Asriel’s ears, he held his sniper rifle tightly the need to leave this position consumed utterly it’s been a long time since has done anything of that nature. He took a deep breath “Taurus does not worship the emperor either.” “I know, but he is different. Not once have I seen him engage in these...victory celebrations. Taurus is efficient he has focus unlike the rest. All of them should be that way.” “Or perhaps he experiences no joy until he gets what he wants. As you said for many it’s quite base but he desires the best company. Would maiming and defiling people get him that?” “True, but the question is why everyone else follows him.” Asriel could now see that Ambrosia is an outsider, it’s clear she has been with the warband longer but she knows nothing about them.

He nodded “it’s...respect. It’s the simple fact that Taurus is doing all these things and you can only ask yourself is how? How is he doing this? Why is he not like us? All these questions play in your head again and again. But for us it’s clear we can see he is favoured, so how can we exactly judge him for not being a specific way?” The assassin chuckled “those that judged him are now dead.” “Yes, Griffin and his supporters. Do you know what? I think he was jealous I recall he said that he said everything about him is ugly but I disagree I can’t see that. Now-” before he could finish he heard large footsteps, out of the darkness of the hallway he spotted Taurus walking with the warband apothecary. He could see both of them were signing which was strange “What do you think is in the vault Taurus?” “I don’t know, the image did not show that but whatever is in it must be important.” Both astartes approached them, his captain gave both him and Ambrosia a curt nod. “Both of you follow.” said Taurus. So they fell in behind him. He had a good guess where they are going. Silentus and Taurus continued to talk “Are you really going to deliver whatever is in that vault?” “That is what our primarch wants Silentus, he gave us a mission we must complete it.” “I see, but I want to discuss something else.” Asriel can see that Taurus is now concerned. “What is it?” “I wish to speak of the gods again.” “I do not.” “But I do, I wish to ask have any of the others tempted you? I do recall you aren’t marked yet.” Asriel’s eye grew wide with that information. He looked at Taurus waiting for his answer he was silent all the way to the vault, but Silientus was still expecting an answer.

His captain looked up to the giant vault “Inferus open it.” “Errr how?” “With sorcery of course.” Asriel slung his sniper rifle over his shoulder. Such an answer would be obvious, he placed his hand on the vault and began charging it with eldritch energy, slowly the white metal turned purple, almost like glass. He turned his head back slightly to see both of them are still talking signing at each other. “Taurus, you don’t make deals with the gods are you truly devoted to the dark prince?” Asriel could see Taurus is taking time to respond. “I am. I know I am.” “Then why aren’t you like the rest of us?” “I don’t know.” “So you aren’t marked and you don’t understand why you haven’t changed. From the looks of things it seems you haven’t chosen a path yet.” Taurus signed back firmly “I have chosen my path.” “It’s not the path of the dark prince. Not yet.” The apothecary eyed one of Taurus’ swords, the blade he has never seen him use. “You haven’t used that weapon since the scouring. Why?” “Why not? It has sentimental value.” “No...we have been together far too long. I was there before Gavisus or Tetricus, I can see why you don’t want me on the battlefield.” Taurus quickly signed back “You are too important.” “Or you fear to lose what remains of this shattered company, but I am also lost, it just seems you haven’t chosen the pit to jump in yet. So back to my original question has any of the four save the dark prince approached you?” Asriel watched Taurus slowly sign. “The blood god.” If Asriel was not wearing his helmet they would see his mouth has fallen agape.

The thought that the blood god is interested in Taurus is impossible he looked at his soul, he felt the approval, how his soulfire radiated unless….he watched Silentus shake his head. “Essnetially they are competing, the dark prince and the blood god, let me guess it has something to do with your sword?” Taurus slowly nodded. “I see, I just hope you make the right decision when it comes to choose.” “I have chosen.” Taurus signed. “You have chosen not to commit, but I tell you that our brothers would not stand for this if the blood god is sniffing out your soul.” Taurus was about to sign, but the vault began crumbling into purple dust. Asriel nodded “captain it’s open.” Taurus came forward “good, now we can collect what we need and leave.” All of them entered the vault and what they found is that they have walked into a storage room full of strange organs. Asriel looked around, Silentus quickly signed at Taurus “It’s gene-seed!” he quickly grabbed one off the shelf and began scanning it with a strange device. Taurus folded his arms “who does it belong to?” the device chimed and the apothecary lowered it. He then signed firmly “It belongs to the third.” Taurus chuckled “so this is prize our primarch desires…well then time to off load it.” He left the vault with Silentus, but he stood still his mind was far more concerned about Taurus’ spiritual issue.

Ambrosia walked up to him. “I know you understood everything they said, I did too.” “I have no idea what you are talking about.” “Don’t lie, but now we know why Taurus acts the way he does. One of the dark powers could of given him a strong and young body from what I understand both dark gods would do such a thing. But the question is which one did it?” Asriel shook his head “I-it’s obviously the dark prince.” “I doubt it.” “What do you know? I follow the dark gods I-” “I have killed many of the dark gods followers, he has not been beautified I imagine he looks exactly like the day he left terra after the unification wars.” “Think of how he fights and how he acts. I imagine the dark god of blood and war would like a dedicated company. It might not be this one, but if he owns Taurus he would get it.” Now Asriel understood the possibility of that happening and the added fact he won’t be weighed down by the nails that infests the world eater legion which keeps them from getting things done. “Fine, I accept it. But what do you expect me to do?” “Nothing I just find it quite interesting.” She then left him alone in the vault. He looked down towards the ground “what would be the right thing to do?” he said to himself. For now Asriel decided to keep this information to himself, as Silentus said what he now learned is dangerous. There is no way to know how the warband would react to such a revelation.

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A short BUT an important chapter. A very important chapter.
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Hmmm. Foreshadowing much? Haha, I look forward to the rest of it very much.


"Some times you feel like a diick, some times you don't.
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Sometimes you don't " 
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lliu wrote:
Hmmm. Foreshadowing much? Haha, I look forward to the rest of it very much.

Indeed! Can't wait to show you where I am going to take the story. Mwhahahahaha
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Chapter 11
Taurus watched from the bridge as the ship docked with space station Valira, he has arrived back in time. Two weeks and two days. He has proved the worth of his company. He did what the others could not. But then his blade began vibrating violently, he placed his hand upon the handle to calm it. Yet it kept shaking, due to his past experience using it, the only way it could talk is when it is drawn oddly enough. He squeezed the handle tighter, but as he did so a cool and firm voice passed through his mind, it’s been centuries since he last heard it. +They will betray you...kill them...take their skulls.+ “Shut up!” he hissed at the blade. Everyone on the bridge kept to work not caring what he says, something he is thankful for. The blade stopped vibrating and no more words came from it. He released his grip and sighed slightly. At times he wonders why he keeps it. It was a gift from his lord primarch, it holds great sentimental value but the power of blade helped them survive istvaan III and the scouring. Such power might be needed one day, he did not know when but he does not desire to risk it. Sagax looked away from the command throne screen “the ship is docking, I think you should get the shipment ready.” Taurus nodded “Yes, I am eager to see Eidolon’s reaction since I smashed aside his doubt in the ability of my company.” He turned away and sent a message for Gavisus and Tetricus to meet him at the docking bay.
He began the journey to the area, the journey was uneventful until his blade started to vibrate again. He gripped it and the voice passed through his mind again. +Your brothers are not soldiers...there is only one being who can give you what you need.+ Taurus quickly removed his hand, the blade stopped it’s movement yet it continued to talk. +I can make you a great general and warrior, khorne needs warriors not butchers. He needs soldiers not raiders..+ Just for a fraction of a second he thought that offer was enticing but dismissed it. He wondered why is the sword talking in such a fashion now? When he used it in the past he never talked this much. He sent his thoughts to the blade I do business with someone else, in return all he got is a cold chuckle.

A part of him wanted Tetricus to take a look at the blade, but he recalled the conversation with Silentus, his brothers would not like it. They are his brothers but unlike him they are now fanatics, he can see that fanaticism in Gavisus and his skin hobby. He took a deep breath “I can endure this...I am the captain of this company. I can endure anything for them..” “Endure what?” He flicked behind him to see Ambrosia standing there. “It’s nothing.” The assassin frowned “I can read sign language.” Taurus eyes went wide, his hand was going to reach for her throat but held back. “So you know.” “I do, don’t worry I will keep it a secret. You are the only one who has some respect for themselves.” Taurus relaxed slightly. “I thank you for your discretion Ambrosia.” She folded her arms. “But...I somewhat agree with the apothecary you should get rid of the sword if it is causing you problems.” “This blade saved us.” “Do you need saving? Does anyone?” “They might, when it comes to chaos you can’t take chances. Especially with my fellow “brothers” of the third.” The assassin sighed “you are taking a chance now.” “I know what I am doing, I kept this blade on my person for centuries.” “Fine….” She shrugged. “If it blows up in your face don’t blame me…” she turned and walked away. The blade started it’s movement again. +They will all betray you...treachery is the blood of all followers of the hated one…” Taurus tried to ignore it, he continued his journey. As he reached the docking bay he could see all of the gene-seed is being loaded on large carts and being pushed to the space station entrance. Gavisus and Tetricus were there. +Traitors the both of them...degenerates...sybarites..you are better than this. You are a soldier...+ Taurus tried not to let his concern show he approached his brothers. “I assume Eidolon will be impressed.” Gavisus gave a great grin and nodded. “Aye, I bet he will be beside himself! You were great on the walls! I wish I could do that.” Taurus folded his arms “well if you train as much as I do perhaps you could do it. I could always change your free time and give you personal lessons.” His brother frowned slightly “But I need to paint...so..” “As always..” Taurus tried not to roll his eyes. +See? He is weak, he cares more for his perversities than being the soldier you need.+ Tetricus coughed slightly. “We should get going.”

Taurus began walking to the docking bay doors with his brothers. “yes I am eager to see Eidolon.” he tried to force the words of the sword away. He should focus on what is in front of him. As they entered the space station, again people stared at him and his breastplate. Just like before he ignored them and coutined making his way to Eidolon’s chambers. As he got there he saw the lord of sin waiting at the doors. Their eyes met. “I wish to speak with you captain of the 4th.” Taurus frowned and approached the warband leader. “I had a feeling you would succeed.” Gavisus snorted “you thought were were going to die.” Tetricus nodded in agreement. “Yes I do recall you were quite angry….” Adelram gave both his brothers a look of pure contempt. If they were anywhere else he would kill them, but even so he would not allow such a thing. +He would kill them...he could kill you...but if you used me...we could take his skull for khorne…+ Taurus sighed. “Tell me what do you want?” “I wish to speak of the creature on your ship.” “Creature? You mean Asriel?” He nodded. “I tell you this as your brother and a fellow member of the third...get rid of it.” He could not help but fold his arms in annoyance. “He is a member of my company. Just because you gave him up in weakness...” “I was not weak!” he barked back. The lord of sin quickly calmed himself. “Our father was just looking out for my best interests. What that...creature does is make you rely on it. It makes you think that you need him but he will ruin you completely and utterly.” +He speaks the truth...listen to the sybarite. That human can’t be trusted…+ Taurus tried not to react to the words of his blade. “So this is a warning?” “Yes it is, that’s all I will say on the matter. Now good day.” The lord of sin walked away. Gavisus shrugged “I don’t like him.” “Neither do I” said Tetricus.

Taurus gave a small smile to his brothers “at least we all agree.” they entered Eidolon’s chamber he was there sitting on his throne. But there was an object sitting on his lap. It was covered in a piece of white cloth, he wondered what it was. He walked to the middle of the room. “Eidolon the 4th has completed our lord primarch’s mission.” All Eidolon did in response is give a hurt nod, he rose from his throne while holding the covered object. He walked towards him, they were now face to face, the “lord commander” gave a heavy sigh. “You did as ordered, you returned in two weeks and two days. I also have word that the gene-seed is being offloaded. But with all things there has to be a reward for your actions.” I did it only to show the prowess of the 4th company Eidolon.” +Good, you understand you have no need for rewards or prizes. All you need are tools to commit war…+ “Our...father insists despite my reservations. He is allowing you to keep 10% of the gene-seed you retrieved.” He could see Gavisus was about to say something but raised his hand to stop him. “I thank you for this gift, according to my apothecary there is enough gene-seed to make over hundred companies. 10% of that is most welcome.” Eidolon sighed again, he could see he would of rather kept it all for himself. “There is one more thing…” he bought up the object he is holding, he removed the cover displaying a pauldron with the third legion insignia. “This is a bonus from our father. It’s the pauldron he took from you.” Taurus almost reached out he felt his hand moving. +Don’t! It’s a trick!+ he stopped and retreated his hand. “What’s the catch?” The “lord commander” gave a smile. “You admit that Lord Fulgrim is our father. You admit that we are brothers...our father seeks to personally guide you as well.” +If you accept she will infect every fibre of your being...refuse…+ Taurus stared at the pauldron a part of him wanted it badly after seeing it again all these centuries, but he made a commitment. He can’t go back on that. +Good...you are a soldier…+ “I refuse, I am a soldier Eidolon. My grievances with our lord primarch is still sound.” Eidolon covered the pauldron “you had your chance...now get off my station I don’t want to see your boots dirtying my floor.” Taurus turned away with his brothers, he did not care for his insults. He is actually eager to leave as well. +Yes leave this den of depravity…+ Taurus nodded “Let’s leave, I tire of this place.” So he left the sword still whispering at the back of his mind.

Eidolon watched the traitor leave, again he spat in the face of the third, again he thinks he knows more than his betters. “What does he see?” he said to himself. He wondered what his father saw, he wondered what exactly is pushing him to return him to the fold? +It’s quite easy..+ the voice was smooth but each word he could hear the slithering of snakes. He shook his head. “He rejected you.” +I know.+ “I should kill him. I can retrieve the gene-seed.” +Calm yourself my commander, my wayward child will destroy himself and everything he has built. This was his opportunity to avoid that fate. In the end he was used to get what I want…+ His primarch knew something he did not, but from experience he knows not to question further. Each time that thought comes to his mind he feels his scar itching slightly. “I see I wish I could see his destruction for myself.” +You will die but when that time comes feel free to retrieve what belongs to me. From that point he will no longer be my son. I will enjoy watching him crash to the ground.+ The sound of snakes drifted away, he looked at the pauldron and smiled. “Oh how I look forward to that day…”

Gavisus painted his latest work, at the moment he is in jovial spirits. It’s been about a week or so since they left the station and everyone now has grins lining their faces. A prospect that is pleasing to him, but as always Tetricus is the mope who can’t be happy unless his sirens are singing but that’s just how he is. He made a stroke of red paint made with the blood of slaves he wanted to recreate the beautiful scene on the walls of the fortress. Taurus slicing away with fluid movements, watching the heads of mortals burst due to bolter rounds. Thinking about it causes him to quiver in pleasure, but as he painted Taurus in that beautiful scene of red. A strange feeling nagged him, he knows he does not fight for joy but he feels he would be far more happy if he does. What is bothering him is that he does not notice how wonderful he is at murder. He added the last finishing touch he stared at his piece of art made on fine human skin. “Something is wrong…” staring at the piece of art all he could feel is dread. He was about to make some changes until he heard a knock on his door. “Come in!” he called out. The door slid open, it was one of the astartes of the warband. An old member from the days of the great crusade. “Libius? What is it?” His green eyes darted around the room. He approached. “We need to talk.” “About what?” “Have you heard the rumours?” “No, I have been focusing on this!” he turned the canvas and showed Fibius his work, instead of admiring it he turned white like a sheet. Gavisus frowned “speak, what is on your mind?” His brother took a deep breath and stepped in closer. “There are rumours...that our captain is being courted by the blood god.” “Impossible!” he barked back.

He ground his teeth in frustration he pointed his paintbrush at Libius “don’t you dare speak such words to me!” “As I said...it’s rumours but…think about it. He isn’t like us. Sll of us look to the dark prince but he hasn’t changed.” “I don’t want to hear rumours or talk of mutiny. Does Tetricus know?” “N-no, we haven’t told him since…” “He is a witch?” Libius slowly nodded. He sighed and looked at his piece of art. “Tell me why are you so troubled looking at this?” “It bothers me because our captain is drenched in blood and gore he does not even notice how he kills. He displays no joy in slaying the followers of the corpse god.” “He has always been this way.” “Yes, but who out of the dark powers likes that form of murder? He engages in none of the activities that interest us and there is the fact…” he whispered “the blade he never uses is a relic of the blood god. A daemon weapon.” Gavisus felt his eyes bulging out of his head with that information. “He would never keep such an artifact! Yes he is strange! But he is dedicated to perfection like all of us! He used that blade to save us! Don’t you remember?” “I do..but perhaps if the rumours are true what if the blade saved us for entirely different reasons? Word is daemon weapons can influence its owner. Just look at the piece of art you painted the dark prince must be warning us! It’s an omen!”

Gavisus could not help but sigh, he felt weary. His jovial mood has turned to dust. “So what do you expect me to do?” “Just...talk to him. You have been with him far longer than I have.” Libius shook his head. “I don’t want it to be true.” Gavisus placed his hand on Libius’ pauldron “I will talk with him. Don’t worry, we don’t keep secrets in this warband. We aren’t like the rest.” Libius grasped his hand and smiled. “Thank you.” he then walked away, leaving his room. As his hand fell to his side he looked at his artwork. The dread he felt before began consuming him utterly.

Taurus sat at his table, going through the reports on the gene-seed they acquired. He wanted to ensure every single one is pure for implementation and luckily they all are. +The creature the sybarite warned you about will betray you…+ Taurus creased his brow in frustration. The voices have been unrelenting this past week. “Why are you speaking now?” he asked. +I speak because you have a far greater destiny. You will be a general that would crush all foes, a general that will have the respect of his men. This is what the lord of skulls desires from you.+ “I have the respect of my men.” +Because you are living a lie. You think that you are favoured by the dark prince but your body is strong and young because of only one patron. There are so many tools the blood god can give you if only you swear to serve. + “I refuse, I am quite happy with what I have here.” He then heard a knock on his door. +The first betrayer comes…+ Taurus tried not to react the door slowly opened to reveal Gavisus. He did not look happy which is odd, he looks concerned and he has not made such a face in centuries.

His brother walked toward the table and sat in front of him. “Captain we need to talk.” “About what?” Gavisus shook his head. “No secrets between us remember? All of us are comrades.” “Yes we are.” “So...tell me why don’t you use your old sword?” Taurus felt both his hearts jump within his chest suddenly. “It has sentimental value, I will use it once Fulgrim accepts that what I said to him was right.” “I see..since everyone is worried that your sword is a blade possessed by a daemon of khorne.” Taurus wanted to look away, he did not want to confirm it. The blade began laughing. “Where did you hear that?” “Libius told me that everyone is speaking about it. He requested that I speak to you on the matter. Proper channels remember?” He needed to find a way to divert the topic without being suspicious. “It’s just rumours.” “Right...so you don’t mind drawing your blade for me here then?” “Why?” “Because if it’s not a daemon weapon of khorne you should be able to draw it without any problems.” +Do it champion, do it so we can kill this one and take his skull for khorne.+ Taurus found sweat trailing down his brow for some reason. “I cannot, not at the moment.” “Why? What are you hiding?” “I am hiding nothing.” “Then draw your blade.” Taurus rose from the table. “They are just rumours! Why are you paying attention to them!?” Gavisus looked at him, his eyes was filled with disappointment. “Know if it is a blade of khorne, it will change you into something horrible captain. I don’t want that. Tell me that you are a servant of the dark prince.” Taurus responded firmly “I am a servant of the dark prince.” +Liar….+ His brother just rubbed his neck. “Very well.” he rose from the table, his jovial smile returned to his face. “You are a servant of the dark prince. I will let everyone know.” +You must kill him, he will turn everyone against us…+ Taurus felt his hand moving to the handle of the blade. He then gripped it tightly as he watched Gavisus leave. “How did my brothers find out?” +The creature told them, he was also there. I told you treachery is in the blood of the followers of the hated one.+

Taurus curled his lips in annoyance he briskly walked out of the room and made his way to the kitchen. Around this time Inferus should be preparing dinner. As he got to the door the blade spoke +This is your chance..he will lie to protect itself. Kill it now.+ Taurus entered the code and walked in he saw Asriel was cooking. He approached the company chef. “We need to talk.” “What is it captain?” “What have you told my brothers?” Inferus frowned “I don’t know what you are talking about.” +See! Look and understand! He knows but he lies!+ Taurus felt his anger building he tried to calm himself. “Back at the fortress when Silentus and I was talking. Did you understand our conversation?” Inferus stopped his work. He slowly shook his head. “No...I did not understand.” The blade hissed in frustration. +Take the skull of the liar, remove his head like the others!+ “Asriel...don’t lie to me.” “I am not lying what are you looking for? Are you okay?” Taurus placed his hand on the handle of the blade, he watched Inferus’ eyes move towards it. So he does know. +Kill him! Kill him now!+ the daemon was roaring in his mind. He turned away from the company chef. “It’s nothing...nothing at all.” He left the kitchen without another word.

He decided to go back to his room to calm down, it is just rumours and even if it’s true they are brothers. They have been through so much, they won’t betray him. They won’t betray everything he has built. As he got back to his chambers he entered them and got a drink ready for himself. He picked up the wine glass and sipped slowly to calm himself. This is not normal, he has never got worked up like this before. +You missed your chance. The traitor's come...ready yourself.+ Taurus heard his doors opening again, he heard several heavy footsteps. He bought his eyes to the door to see Gavisus at the head of a group of Astartes. “This is for your own good captain.” Taurus could not help but chuckle “so do you aim to betray me like Griffin Calor?” he placed the wine on the table he was drinking it at. He faced the group, Gavisus shook his head. “Give us the sword.” “This sword saved us.” “It did not save us!” he shouted. “It wanted to preserve you!” Taurus frowned. “Even so we might need it. Just in case.” His brother began pleading. “Stop being stubborn! Give us the blade! Don’t make use force!” +Look at the ants gathering together… I told you.+ Taurus removed his helmet from his belt and placed it on his head. “I order you to back down Lieutenant.” Gavisus grinned “Sometimes the leader can get it wrong...shoot to disable him!” All of them drew bolters and bolt pistols. Taurus cursed, he drew his weapons. +No! Use me! It’s the only way!+ Gavisus followers opened fire, Taurus dived to the side while firing his bolt pistol. Several shots hit the bodies and legs of the mutineers. He rolled as he landed and stood up right. He charged, Gavisus drew his bolter and fired quick shots into his legs, he barely saw the movement.

Taurus felt himself topping to the ground with a thud. He cursed in frustration, the group approached. Gavisus kicked his bolt pistol and blade out of his hand. “Now the blade…” +This is your final chance! Use me now!” “Calor...I know what I am doing.” “Not in this case.” “So you don’t trust me?” “Not in the instance but we are still brothers.” For some reason all Taurus could feel is rage, anger and frustration. “I am doing this so we can become the best company. All I did was for us to survive. It seems...you don’t understand that.” He drew the sword, as it left the scabbard. He felt it, a pounding heat enveloping his mind, his hearts twisting. All these sensations are different compared to Istvaan and the scouring. Even holding the blade it was like his hand was on fire, he looked up to see Gavisus is now stepping back pointing his bolter at him. Now looking at all of them, all those who are against his dream all he could feel is hatred. Pure and utter hatred. He spat “Traitors!” he quickly got to his feet. Gavisus frowned “so it seems you can’t control it.” “I am in control!” “Prove it.” he dropped his bolter on the ground and spread his arms. “Prove that you can control it.”

He pointed the blade at him, the heat was overwhelming. +It’s all lies...they seek to weaken you. Weaken this company.+ “You seek to weaken this company…” +Weakness needs to be purged.+ “Weakness...needs to be purged.” He charged towards Gavisus none of them could see his movements in a swift motion he planted the blade into the traitors neck. He gagged and gripped the blade while smiling. “Looks like I was right…” +Kill all the traitors…+ “All traitors will die!” +Skulls for khorne…+ He flicked his blade and removed Gavisus head, the sybarite’s head rolled on the ground as he spread his eyes over the traitors. “Skulls...for Khorne.”
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Hope people like the chapter.
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Chapter 12
Asriel finished cooking dinner, his mind raced wondering if something was wrong with captain. He has never seen him worried about something before. He wondered if he should of been truthful? But fear held him back, he did not know what to do. The fear that if he acts he will lose this home. That feeling utterly consumed him.

He frowned “maybe I should of said something?” he began placing the plates on the cart. “You should of said something.” He turned in the direction of the voice it was the same siren from before. Asriel ignored it, he faced the cart. “Not again, I won’t do a thing to ruin what I have here.” “It’s already ruined.” said the siren. He did not respond, he did not want to get dragged in. “The daemon within the sword is worming into his soul, he is butchering his way across the ship.” Asriel finally stopped and turned towards the daemonhost. “What?” She gave a coy smile. “He is purging all weakness from his company, the blade is pushing him to remove all followers of the dark prince. Then he will rebuild the company anew.” Hearing that Asriel cursed. “Where is he now!?” “He is making his way here, the blade views you as a threat. Go to the silent one.” “Wha-” he blinked and the siren vanished. Asriel did not waste any time he rushed to his bedroom and placed his belt of knives around his waist he grabbed his sniper rifle and made his way out of his bedroom. He gripped the weapon “how did this happen?” he walked to the door and inputted the code as he walked forward and entered the hallway he could feel it. The air has changed.

He nodded, “right silent one, she must be talking about Silentus.” he started jogging to his chambers he knew where it was but for some reason in his schedule it told him that delivering food to him won’t be necessary, so he never went there. But as he made the journey he noticed that that the voices of the crew were absent. No screams of pain or pleasure. Just utter silence. After a few minutes he approached the apothecaries door, he knocked hard upon it. He waited for a few seconds there was no response, he was going to knock again but the door suddenly slid open and Silentus stood before him. He signed “what is it?” Asriel darted his eyes slightly he wondered if he should respond. The apothecary shook his head. “I know you understand me. Now what is it?” His mouth felt dry for some reason as he spoke. “I think...the blade has taken Taurus.” Silentus nodded. “That was expected.” “What!?” “Captain can be stubborn, he has to fall first before getting the hint. Come in.” he turned and entered his room, Asriel followed. As he got inside he expected a mad laboratory, but what he found were shelves full of books, some medical supplies and a operating bed. The apothecary then faced him. “What is happening now is necessary.” “How is it necessary!? Captain might be possessed by a blade of khorne!?” Silentus signed firmly “this needs to happen so he can gain faith.” Asriel could not help but shake his head. “So you are doing this in order to get him to follow the dark prince? How can that be if he is now in enthralled by the blood god?” “Easy, we get the blade away from him. But we will need help, come we are going to see the sorcerer.” The apothecary then walked to a locker and removed a two-handed sword. He mag-locked it to his back. “Let’s go.” he signed.

They left the room ande made their way to Tetricus’ abode. Asriel could not help but be a little annoyed at Silentus he wanted this to happen. “You should of done something.” “Why?” he signed. “Captain mocks the gods, faith can’t be forced but you can help one realise it.” Asriel narrowed his eyes at Silentus. “You sound like a word bearer.” “It’s because of the word bearers that this company is still alive. The false-emperor is a poor master, we are machines of war and the gods know how to make far better use of us. The dark prince allows us to enjoy what we do, he allows us to enjoy the road of perfection.” Hearing him speak he sounds like a fanatic. “Right, but my question is why is this happening now? Why is the daemon doing this now of all times?” “He has had the blade for centuries, daemons can wait for a long time to make their move. They wait for just one crack in the armour before striking. Also this whole situation might of been instigated by the assassin.” “She is not loyal?” “Of course not. My guess is she leaked our conversation in order for our brothers to kill Taurus.” Asriel could not help but furrow his brow in confusion. “How come she could not kill him herself?” “Because Taurus is far to alert to be killed by an assassin. He took down the task force sent to kill him. Do you think a single assassin would be able to take him down? But the piriah’s presence is necessary for Taurus to find true faith hence why I did not kill her.” That piece of news surprised him, he looked at the blade on the apothecary's back. “You are that strong?” “Yes, I am the best bladesman in the company the assassin barely sleeps because she fears that she may not wake up again due to me looming over her.”

As Silentus signed, Asriel got the feeling he is holding back. That if he was free with who he is he could commit such great depravity it would put Gavisus to shame. “So your faith in the dark prince is the greatest out of everyone?” “Yes.” “What of your room? It looks…” “I like to keep my room clean for reading, I hold back for the battlefield. Unfortunately captain thinks I am the only “pure” remnant left of the 4th company so I have not seen it lately.” Asriel looked down slightly, a thought hit him that Taurus was trying to attain something that was impossible. From the looks of things the only reason why people followed him and did as he said was from a sense of respect. An old feeling that must of remained through the centuries. But with this if any of the warband survives that would be the end of such a notion. They came upon the tunnel door and there was a group of people there. One radiated annoyance. They approached the door and the young man approached Silentus. “Why is Taurus murdering everyone?” Silentus signed “Sagax, it’s his sword.” “Oh, I see. Well my bridge staff thought to comer here but we felt it would be too dangerous to enter the room of a witch without an astartes escorting us.” Asriel found it strange that Sagax was completely calm about the situation. The apothecary approached the door and opened it. All of them went inside.

Walking down the tunnel, Asriel looked up to Silentus. He signed “how do you hope to solve the situation?” The apothecary signed back. “I will remove the sword from his hand. When he looks upon what he has wrought he will understand the powers he is playing with.” “Astartes have been crushed by chaos and it’s machinations how sure are you that captain will get through this unscathed?” “The point is he won’t get through it unscathed, but he will recover. I know him.” Asriel was going to sign again but they approached the door, he noticed that there were no muffled sounds coming from the door. The apothecary opened it, as Asriel walked inside with the group he could see the sirens are silent. They stood still like a stone, Tetricus was fully geared for war, he held his staff tightly. The door slid close behind them and the sorcerer shook his head as they entered. “I can feel it...everyone is dying. The blood god is screaming in victory. Our captain is shouting in pain...” Asriel thought to say something, he closed his eyes. Try to do the right thing. He approached the sorcerer. “My lord, Taurus has been taken hold by a blade of khorne. Do you have any idea on how to stop him?” His helmet shifted towards him. “The blade held a daemon of khorne? How could I have not detected it I-” “My lord please you need to focus. How can we stop him?” “First you need to understand.” it was the same voice, from the siren who came to see him. She walked forward straining at the chains, eventually it gave way. Tetricus twisted and pointed his staff at the daemonhost. A purple light erupted from his staff. “Back to your spot daemon…” She hissed, her skin changed to a pink like hue, her lips turned purple. “Both of you need to understand his secrets…” “His secrets? Who’s?” She pointed at Silentus. The apothecary drew his blade he began walking towards the siren. Tetricus turned his hand towards Silentus sending him flying across the room. The sorcerer held him place. “What do you mean daemon?” “The light….” The light of his staff died slightly. The daemonhost relaxed. “So many hidden things you are not aware of..do you want to see?” Asriel took a step forward. “Will this help us save Taurus?” She slowly nodded.

She raised her hands and sang a quiet song, all of the other daemonhosts joined in. Slowly a purple energy gathered in the hall it began to form scenes and people. Tetricus eyes went wide. “This is...the past.” Asriel stared at the light, voices and thoughts came from the images. He opened his ears and watched carefully.

Taurus walked through the hallway of the pride of the emperor, his foray with the blood angels has gone well and now he has returned. His lord primarch wanted to see him which would be an opportunity to voice his concerns. “You should change your mind.” Julian was frowning, his ex-lieutenant stepped down a few months ago to train as an apothecary a decision he is still in contention with. “Why should I listen if you won’t be my lieutenant?” “Cornelius, I training because I knew this was going to happen. Trust me airing your thoughts might lead to consequences. Just listen to me just this once.” “No, also it’s Taurus.” “I am not going to call you by your stupid nickname.” Taurus simply shrugged. “The rest of the company is getting into it.” “I have to remain focused for all of us.” He sighed as Julian spoke, he does not realise he is doing it to build camaraderie. He noticed a mark improvement in the company. He moved back to the main topic. “The flesh tearer is correct. Psykers might help us also the rank of lord commander is there to stroke ego’s than to actually help one improve.” “We don’t need psykers. They-” “Saved your life.” Taurus interrupted, “if the blood angel psyker was not there you would of been blasted to smithereens. How can we know whether something is imperfect or not if we have no idea about it?” Taurus nodded “the emperor is the most perfect being in the galaxy and it’s clear he is psyker. He is the ultimate example to us and yet we push psykers away? Why is that?” Julian was silent he shook his head. “I just worry that Lord Fulgrim will kill you.” Taurus can see clear worry in his green eyes. He placed his hand on his pauldron “do not worry our primarch will listen. I am sure of it.” His brother shook his head. “I hope so for your sake.”

After a few minutes they approached the door of the abode of his primarch. Two phoenix terminators stood at the doors at attention. They gave a curt nod to him. One of the terminators said. “He will see you now.” he pushed the door open slightly to let him in. As he walked inside he looked back to see Julian still looked worried. He gave his brother a reassuring smile. He then faced forward, Lord Fulgrim’s room was a wonder to see. Art lined the walls, golden statues in the likeness of his primarch were in the corners of the room and there were bookshelves filled with esoteric books. But the true wonder and general of the legion was sitting in a large sofa reading a book. But what also held his eye is a sabre sitting on the table. He approached and bowed. “Lord Primarch.” Lord Fulgrim closed his book and placed it on the table he rose and stood over him. He gave the softest smile he has ever seen. “Cornelius or is it Taurus?” “Whatever you prefer lord primarch.” He chuckled “We all have our nicknames even I do. Even my brothers, so...Taurus. Like a bull then?” He nodded. “The imperial soldiers I served with during the unification wars gave it to me my lord.” “I see are they still alive?” “No my lord they are dead, but they served the emperor well.” “Just like you serve me well.” Taurus inclined his head. His lord primarch turned to the table and picked up the blade. He held it out to him. “The scabbard is made with the finest metals and jewels, the blade itself will easily be able to cut ceramite and steel. I had this personally made for you.” Taurus gripped the blade, now what he wanted to say was dying within his chest.

As it left the hands of his primarch he clenched it tightly. He took a deep breath the right thing would be to speak. He is dedicated to perfection like all of them. “Lord Fulgrim, I wish to say something.” Fulgrim held his soft smile. “Speak then.” “I….have some concerns.” The smile quickly vanished. “What is it?” “It’s various things...when you introduced the lord commander rank I thought it would aid in helping the soldiers to become better. But from my observations it’s being used to propagate...bad traits.” “You speak of Eidolon, it’s clear to me that you don’t like him.” Taurus shook his head. “No-” “Is it jealousy?” “No my lord! It’s just that people are emulating tactics that increase the death rate in battles! Many of the astartes are becoming more concerned with how they look in battle than how they perform!” Fulgrim folded his arms. “I chose each lord commander because they emulate the traits that I want to display in the legion. They are the guiding flame, you don’t want to follow it?” Taurus could say nothing. His primarch shook his head “is there anything else?” Suddenly Taurus felt weary but he kept speaking. “I wish to speak of psykers. Why don’t we have any in the legion?” “Because they are inherently flawed.” “How can that be? Many of the other legions have psykers, my brothers were saved from a psychic attack due to a blood angel psyker. How can they be imperfect? We barely even understand them.” “What is there to understand? The mutation within their bodies has forever marred them. My brothers may use them but this..legion is perfect.” Taurus looked into his dark eyes, they were pressing upon him. Yet his mouth kept moving. “My lord is the emperor inherently flawed then?” His words caused a flash of anger to spread over his general’s face. His gaze then turned sad. “Who put such ideas in your head? Was it the flesh tearer? That disgusting butcher?” Taurus clenched the blade. “The flesh tearer is honest my lord, if he sees a perceived flaw he voices it.” “I thought you knew better than that. What does he know of flaws? Of perfection?” Fulgrim placed his hand on his pauldron. He felt an incredible weight upon it. “Just because you are part of the 200, do not think that you can make mistakes.” In a swift movement he tore off his pauldron. “You may leave with your company, if you think that my brothers legions know better you can fight with them.” He turned away and gestured him out. “You may keep the blade.”

Taurus left the room his body felt heavy, his heart beats slowed. He could see Julian looked at him with concern. “What happened?” Taurus gripped the blade. “The company has to leave the fleet...for now.” His brother looked confused “Why?” Taurus clutched the sword. “Our primarch wills it. But I won’t give up.”

The scene faded the singing died down, Tetricus shook his head. “I heard it from Taurus’ mouth...but seeing it.” Asriel nodded. “Even to this day he still believes he is right.” “He is right!” Tetricus spat. “If he did not feel that way we would of never survived! I would not be here!” Asriel shook his head and looked over to Silentus. Despite being held down he signed “what happened was the will of the dark prince.” “Will? What’s happening now looks like the will of khorne!” “It was Erebus.” “Erebus?” As he said the name Tetricus strode over to the apothecary. “What do you mean!?” The singing started again, a new scene was conjured. Everyone placed their eyes upon it.

Taurus looked up to the new recruit, he seemed nervous. “Relax.” he shook his head. “Sorry captain.” He smiled but the reason why he was recruited was to prove his reasoning. “So do you know why you were recruited?” He slowly nodded. “Yes.” “Good, now Cristian you are a psyker but you won’t use your powers without my express permission do you understand me?” He nodded. “Yes captain..but.” “My brothers would get use to your presence in time. Our time with the thousands sons and detailing my ideas they were more than happy to lend me some materials to aid you. They are in your room, I recommend you get started. You are dismissed” Cristian saluted and left his chambers. As he exited Calor and Julian walked in. Both of them approached his desk. “What is it?” Calor shook his head he seemed tense. “Supplies captain.” Julian nodded in agreement. “Yes, considering we have essentially been exiled we have to survive on “donations” from those we aid. We are fortunate they are impressed with your prowess captain. But there is the added issue that our numbers are whittling down.” Taurus sighed. This is another test. “We keep to it, that’s all we can do.” Calor mumbled slightly. “Captain I have been in contact with Eidolon. He has said-” “No.” “Bu-” “No, I bet he has said if we apologise to Fulgrim he will welcome us back, but I would have to abandon all my concerns and grievances. So my answer is no.” His new lieutenant relaxed. “Very well.” Julian folded his arms. “I also want to bring up the fact that the word bearers request our aid. I think we should accept.” Taurus grumbled slightly “I have heard they have grown fearsome since they were sanctioned.” “Also I personally believe the reason why Eidolon contacted us is because of the glowing reports sent to the pride of the emperor.” “Makes sense, many captains within the third are concerned with appearances we are ruining that.” He then weighed the information in his mind, he does not exactly like the word bearers but beggars can’t be choosers. “Put us into contact with them. Let’s add another glowing report.

The sorcerer shook his head. “I had no idea about that conversation…the struggle.” Asriel gave a look at the apothecary. “You have been in contact with the word bearers a long time haven’t you?” Silentus said nothing, but saying nothing shows that it is the truth. The question is how long. He looked at the daemonhost. She smiled and the song started again.

Taurus walked with Erebus, the ground crunched under his boots, they walked around the camp. They have been with the word bearers for quite some time, their aid was helpful in bringing the company back to full strength and at the same time he has found they are not as bad as he believed. Erebus smiled, the text inking his skin moving slightly. “Another victory old one.” Taurus had no idea why he called him old one, he knows he is not mocking his age or how he looks. “Yes it was quite sound but I noticed the word bearers are quite…” “fanatical? Or Dedicated? Just like how you are dedicated to your own crusade to prove your primarch wrong? You are going far enough to train a psyker.” Taurus flinched slightly, he wondered how on earth he knew about that. At most majority of the legions think this is some sort of strange challenge. None even know his company has a psyker save the thousand sons. “How do you know?” “I know enough, you spoke the truth even though he did not want to hear it. That quality is something the word bearers appreciate. If our primarch was not busy he would say the same thing.” At the mention of his primarch he looked over to the large tent. He had to admit it was quite morbid, they had skull lanterns mounted on sticks sitting at the sides of the tent entrance. He faced Erebus. “I should thank him before leaving, for having us.” “I am sure he would like that. But..” “But what?” Erebus stepped slightly closer. “Your death is coming.” Taurus furrowed his brows. “What do you mean?” “Our legion has discovered techniques similar to what the psykers employ. I can give you some aid in order to help you survive.” Taurus thought about it for a moment, his time with the thousand sons he knew that some of them can look into the future. He guessed that perhaps the word bearers have their own form of psykers. He nodded “what do you have in mind?” “I just need your sword.” “Why do you need my blade?” Erebus locked his eyes with his. “Trust me.” Taurus slowly gripped his blade and handed it to him. He stopped walking and gazed at it, he mumbled a few words. The blade shimmered with a soft red light just for a moment. He handed his blade back to him. “It’s done.” “What is? What did you do?” Taurus looked down to his weapon. Erebus placed his hand on his pauldron. “Given you the strength needed to survive, come let us talk of far more brighter things.” Taurus slowly nodded.

Tetricus roared in fury. “Damn that dark apostle! It is his fault!” Asriel could not help but sigh heavily. He wondered what the word bearer was hoping to achieve. He looked over to Silentus who signed. “It is necessary, a sad necessity. But everything that did happen and is happening now must happen in order for our captain to find faith in the dark prince.” Tetricus eyes darted from him and to the apothecary. “What did he say!? Tell me!” Asriel frowned. “He said what is happening now is necessary.” The sorcerer's staff thrummed with pink fire he pointed it at Silentus. “How long have you been manipulating us!?” Silentus shook his head. “I did nothing, it is the will of the gods.” “What did he say!?” “He said it’s the will of the gods that this happening.” Tetricus’ staff glew even brighter. Asriel was about to stop him but the singing started again, the sorcerer's attention was taken away from the apothecary.

Julian began extracting the gene-seed from his dead brother. He became an apothecary under his advice. He endured all of this under his advice. At first he was skeptical but when a primarch privately contacts you it’s hard to say no to such a thing. He heard the tent doors opening. “I am busy.” “Are you?” he stopped his work and turned to see the large form of Lorgar Aurelian he could see he was holding something. Julian clenched his hands. “Greetings Lord Lorgar.” The golden primarch chuckled “let’s drop the pleasantries, just call me Lorgar. I have come to see how you are doing.” Julian felt his arms sagging slightly. “It’s been hard.” “When it comes to all tests of faith it is hard.” “I assure you the dark prince is eager to see you succeed. But you will have to endure centuries of hardship.” The primarch walked around the tent. “But you believe that your company won’t take to the truth faith.” He nodded. “All of them are stubborn, but the most stubborn of all is…” “Your captain.” “You ask me to do nothing, but at times I just wish..” “To speak? To spread the truth? The truth must be told at the right moment, sometimes some people must realise it for themselves.” Julian is used to hearing this in his private conversations. Ever since he accepted the truth he had vivid dreams of a beautiful palace, his hearts swells whenever he looks upon it. But that image shifts and changes, to display a great war between the legions. Seeing that he knew Lorgar was speaking the truth and he will do whatever it takes to ensure his company survives and embraces slaanesh. As he mentioned that name within his mind, he feels a strange tickle down his spine. He shook his head. “I understand, I am patient Lorgar.” He smiled and nodded. “Good, I have come to give you this.” he set the object down on the table next to him. It was a book. “In here contains the keys to your salvation. When the time comes you must go to Istvaan III.” Julian looked at the book. “What is it?” “What is it? This book contains various techniques to manipulate the power of the warp. Ensure it lands in the hands of your psyker.” The primarch began walking towards the exit, he turned his head back slightly. “Also, your captain must hold onto his blade for that is the key to ensure his faith blossoms.” The golden primarch left, Julian had no idea what he meant. He looked at the book. “Keys to our salvation? I wonder…”

Tetricus shook his head in disbelief “I remember captain handing me that book…” “Silentus must of simply handed it off to him.” said Asriel. He looked over to the apothecary. He signed slowly. “I was truthful, I told him the book is from Lorgar Aurelian, it had techniques that could help Cristian. He could not say no to that, hearing that a primarch wishes to aid us Captain felt more assured that he was on the right path.” Asriel looked over to the sorcerer. “I have a feeling I know what is coming next.” as he finished speaking the song peaked again.

Taurus ran to the bunker with his whole company, the sword quietly whispering in his head. +Move...quickly...death is coming…+ So he kept running. At first everyone was unsure why he wanted to head over there save Julian. It was his added voice that convinced everyone. All of them made a corner they looked upon the entrance of the underground bunker. “Quickly! Everyone inside!” They raced inside and locked the door. Taurus could see some of his brothers were pacing, others were shaking their heads. Cristian approached him. “Captain.” “What is it?” His company psyker shook his head. “I feel...dread. I can hear thousands screaming in my mind…” He suddenly gripped his head as the bunker began shaking heavily. “So many...are dying.” As he spoke Taurus heard banging on the door and muffled shouts. He moved towards it. “Don’t open it!” Julian called out. Taurus flicked to the apothecary. “They need our aid!” “The whole bunker is shaking! It’s too late!” Calor nodded in agreement. “Captain, it’s too late.” Hearing both of them speak he clenched his hands and walked back. The banging soon stopped. His lieutenant tutted. “We should of ignored the call…” “But this could of been an opportunity, this was a call for aid not to apologise Calor.” said Julian. Taurus could see that Julian seemed calm about the situation just for a moment he wondered if he knew this would happen? He was the one that pushed him to answer the call. He shook his head. It’s impossible. He folded his arms and waited for the shelling to stop.

It lasted for what seemed like an age. “What is Horus thinking?” said Taurus. Calor spoke almost in a hushed tone. “He is bombing the planet while so many of us are on world...you don’t think?” “He is not a traitor.” Julian said firmly. At the mention of traitor everyone looked at him. He shook his head. “No Julian, Calor is right. This whole situation is clear that he aimed to kill us.” The shelling stopped one of his brothers walked to the door. “Wait for the dust to settle. We have no idea what form of bombardment Horus used against us.” His brother walked away from the door. All of them waited in foreboding silence, Cristian still clutching his head. “Captain...she laughs at us...she wants us…” Taurus walked over and placed his hand on his pauldron. “Calm yourself Cristian, deep breaths.” he did as ordered. He took deep breathes slowly he calmed himself down. Now Taurus looked up towards the door. “Right let’s move.” He moved towards the door and opened it, a gust of dust crashed into his body. He gestured to his company “all clear!” His whole company left the bunker.

They looked around there were corpses everywhere, armour and bone was melted terribly. “Virus bombs…” Taurus voiced out loud. “Watch for hostiles! Weapons free!” he called out, everyone followed his order. They drew weapons, as he placed his hand on his blade another cold whisper passed through his mind. +The minions of the hated one comes...enjoy the slaughter…+ Taurus clenched his teeth and began walking. Soon as they made a corner he saw fellow emperor’s children. A whole host of them. One pointed “There they are! Quickly let’s take his head for the lord commander!” They all charged weapons drawn. “Captain what do we do they are our brothers!” Calor called out. “We ca-” “We can” he said firmly. “Open fire!” His company leveled bolters and fired into the charging emperor’s children. A swathe was cut down due to the enemy not wearing helmets, many did not wield bolters either. A mistake that is costing them.

But there were too many, far too many. “Blades forward!” Taurus called out. Those who wielded power swords came forward. They met the traitor charge. He speared one of his ex-brothers in the throat. As he died a strange vigour gripped his old body. He flicked his blade removing his head. +Kill more…+ Taurus slashed another but what was now puzzling as they died they were not screaming in pain but pleasure. What was even worse is that some of them their armour was now painted in garish colours. Julian impaled another traitor. “There are too many!” Cristian came forward from the bolter line. “Captain...I…” “Speak!” “I-I can get us off world!” That piece of news caused his eyes to widen. “Then do it!” “But I need time!” “I will give you the time!” Taurus heard a gurgled scream, he looked to his left to see Julian has been stabbed in the throat, Calor is pulling him back to the bolter line. He took a deep breath and gripped his weapons tightly. I need more strength. +I will give you more strength...keep killing…+ he could see Cristian is beginning his chant no one is giving him looks. Taurus stepped forward and slashed another traitor. I need to give him the time he needs. +I will give you power…+ Taurus looked upon his ex-brothers, the depravity they committed upon themselves, how they scream in pleasure at this slaughter. Watching his brothers die to the blades of these degenerates. He roared in pure fury and anger, he threw aside his bolt pistol and pulled his scabbard from his waist.

He dove into the group, his blade sliced through necks, arms and legs. His scabbard smashed heads and caved in helmets. He became a whirlwind of pure slaughter. After just a few seconds, he slashed air. He panted and looked around, the traitors are stepping back, even retreating in fear. Seeing them take a step back he ground his teeth he was about to charge but he felt someone pulling him back. “Captain we must leave now!” Calor barked “No!” he shouted. “The traitors are right in front me! I-I must take their heads! They are cowards. The-” Several his brothers began dragging him away from the fleeing traitors. He looked back to see a glowing portal, Cristian is panting. For some reason he struggled, he needed to defeat them. To end their lives. To- +collect their skulls…+

The conjured images vanished, Asriel now understood what was going through Taurus mind at the time. He faced Tetricus. “What happened after?” “Well, the portal took us to a world that has been brought into compliance they gave us a ship without much issue. We tried to avoid the heresy but then...came the scouring.” Asriel nodded. “Considering most of your legion went traitor I imagine many were not in the mood to ask questions.” “You are correct, so like everyone else we had to retreat to the eye. Slowly all of us took to the dark prince. I suspect this was his plan all along.” He looked over to the apothecary. Silentus signed “I did nothing, your faith in the dark prince is natural. Captain is the stubborn one.” “How can you say it’s natural? You manipulated everything!” said Asriel. Tetricus said nothing to his words, he gestured with his hand to release the apothecary. “Enough, we have to deal with what is happening now. The sword has taken hold of our dear captain. So we must prepare, that’s all we can do.” Asriel then heard the twisting of metal and several locks, he looked over to the door to see Sagax is sealing the door. “What are you doing!?” “This room is the most defensible position” he said calmly. “He is right.” Silentus signed. “We will wait for him to come to us. Now we formulate a plan and prepare as Tetricus said.” Asriel felt apprehensive but if everyone feels this is the best course who is he to say otherwise?

Taurus impaled another traitor, he screamed in agony. He needed to purge all weakness from this company then he can rebuild it. He has the resources. +An army dedicated to the blood god…+ “A true army. An army that focuses on war, an army of true soldiers.” Another traitor charged him blade in hand, he easily parried his attack and stabbed him in the throat. He kicked him off his blade. He walked the now silent halls, instead of the sounds of pervisty greeting his ears it was pure silence. A sort of silence he has not heard in centuries. +Our work can begin soon. There are a few left.+ Taurus narrowed his eyes he began thinking. “The sorcerer...Asriel and Silentus…” +Yes….kill them. Butcher them. They hide in the sorcerer's den.+ Taurus charged onwards, blood splashing at his boots. “They are all that is left…”

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Soo...a little history. Hmm can't wait to do the next chapter!
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Chapter 13
Asriel waited near the middle of the room aiming at the door, the bridge crew stood behind him. Despite all of them being reserved they did not want to go near any of the sirens. Honestly he could not blame them, the one he now assumed to be the leader stood next to him in silence, the rest are still chained to the walls. “He is coming...I can feel him.” said Tetricus. Asriel’s placed his eye on the door, the sorcerer and Silentus stood at the ready, waiting for their captain to come. He found his breathing oddly slowing until a blade pierced the door. It was cutting it like butter, watching the blade movement it’s clear that a makeshift door is being made. “Get ready human!” shouted Tetricus. The door makeshift door fell forwards and what he saw is Taurus covered head to toe in blood. He stepped into the room and looked around. “So this is where the traitors were hiding…the last ones...” Tetricus gripped his staff in both hands. “What do you mean the last ones!?” His captain chuckled “I have removed the tumour from my company. The ones in this room are all that is left. Your skulls will be offered up to his throne.” Asriel narrowed his eye, he looked at the blade he could sense the malicious presence from it. He aimed and fired but in a swift movement the blade cut the bullet he barely saw it. Taurus eyes were placed upon him, the green eye lenses of his helmet shifted to red. He charged, but Silentus stood in his path, as their blades clashed sparks were flying.

Tetricus summoned a great pink fireball and launched it at Taurus, he took a quick step back and slashed the ball of fire causing it to dissipate into nothing. The apothecary charged forward and upped his assault. Again Asriel tried to aim for Taurus’ blade wielding hand he fired another round, but while parrying he deflected the bullet again. Taurus roared in pure fury. “Cowards all of you! I wish for us to be the best! But you all whine and complain at simple demands!” He kicked Silentus back. He went for Tetricus who raised his guard with his staff, despite Silentus charging and attacking him from behind he was easily assaulting the sorcerer and deflecting Silentus’ attacks. While all of this was going on he looked at his sniper rifle. “This isn’t working…” he placed his sniper rifle down and drew a knife. He ran towards the astartes. Soon as he got close Taurus’ red eyes fell upon him, in that moment time slowed. Asriel watched his captain draw his blade back and in a quick motion he impaled him in the chest. He roared in agony, but this is his chance. He pushed himself on the blade and stabbed his knife into his wrist. Taurus drew the blade back, he fell to his knees as the blade left his body. He grinned as the knife exploded. He gasped as the wound began knitting itself back together. He staggered up to his feet to see Taurus looking at the stump that was his hand and the blade was now at the other side of the room.

Both Tetricus and Silentus took a step back from their captain. Asriel also stood still waiting, his red eye lenses turned back to green. Taurus began trembling he then cried out in pure anguish, it was so raw. Asriel could see the daemonhosts were grinning, drinking in his pain and misery. Silentus walked over and tried to touch his pauldron but he slapped his hand back. “D-don’t touch me!” “Captain, it’s alright. W-” Taurus waved the silent apothecary back. He got to his feet and walked out of the room in silence. The sorcerer approached Silentus and stabbed his breastplate with his finger. “This is your fault.” he said firmly. He pushed his finger aside and pointed at the blade. Tetricus scowled “Don’t worry I will get rid of it.” Asriel watched the sorcerer walk over to the sword, Sagax then approached him with his sniper rifle. “I think you should go after the captain.” “Why me?” “Well for one, I think Silentus would be a poor choice and two? I don’t think he will be able to look Tetricus in the face.” He could not fault Sagax’s thinking he looked at the entrance and began walking. Strangely Silentus did not even stop him, he gave him a reassuring nod.

Taurus walked through the carnage, corpses are everywhere. The corpses of the crew and his brothers. He tried to tell himself that maybe some of them might be alive. But he knows better, deep down he knows that save the ones who hid in Tetricus’ room everyone on the upper levels are dead. Tears trailed down his face, his body felt weak, heavy even. But he had to confirm one thing, he had to see it. He staggered back to his room as he got there he pushed the door open and walked in. He looked around and he saw it, Gavisus headless body his hearts twisted. Even in this moment vigour was seeping away from his body, he slowly walked over and knelt he lifted his body slightly. “I...couldn’t control it.” he whispered. He lay his body back down and rose. He walked over to the table and sat, facing the door, looking at the brothers he murdered. He removed his helmet and breathed in the rancid air, the smell of blood was strong in the air. If he closes his eyes he sees flashes of that moment when he severed his head. He then heard his door opening and closing again. He opened his eyes to see it’s Ambrosia, she is wearing her helmet.

She stepped over the corpses and stood in front of the table. “You know why I am here?” Taurus chuckled, he should have known. “So you spread the rumours?” She nodded “I was hoping your brothers would kill you. But this works in my favour as well. You are weak, vulnerable. Are you ready to die traitor?” Taurus thought on the past, that all he did was for nothing. That maybe Fulgrim was right. In his arrogance and foolishness he led his company to destruction. He nodded slowly. “Do it.”

Asriel raced to the door, he saw the assassin enter he has to hurry. As he got to the door he opened it, he saw the servo’s in the assassins helmet winding up. He aimed and fired. Shooting her arm. She hissed in pain as her arm fell to the floor. She rolled to the side and faced him. “Do you think a missing arm will stop me meat!?” Asriel fired again but somehow she dodged the gunshot. Asriel took a step forward, Ambrosia released a wave of black energy. Asriel rolled to the side and fired again, chipping away her helmet. She staggered back cursing, He quickly reloaded and fired again before she could recover. A bullet hit her chest, he fired again the second now hit her square in the forehead. She fell back to the ground. Asriel rose and walked towards her body and fired another shot in her head to ensure that she is dead. He breathed out a sigh of relief.

He faced Taurus who now looked utterly defeated and old, in the short few moments he guessed that he aged rapidly displaying his true age. Such is the whims of chaos, he slung the rifle over his shoulder and sat in front of him. Staring at his face covered in wrinkles, even his blue eyes lost its luster and the skin covering his bald head seemed to be sagging slightly. Asriel had no idea what to say or where to start. If he had to be honest, Taurus barely knew him, what hope is there that he will listen to him? He shook his head. I have to try. “What you want is not wrong.” His captain ground his teeth. “What I want...is wrong.” “You desired perfection all of the third does. You perceived something to be flawed so you wanted to correct it.” Taurus roared at him. “Look around you! What do you see!” he narrowed his eye at him. “A mistake.” “Yes! A mistake!” “But mistakes can be corrected, it’s how you deal with the aftermath that matters.” Asriel got up and touched his stump, Taurus grunted as the meat began knitting together. “You know...you can sometimes overthink things. Sometimes to grasp perfection you need to keep things simple instead of forcing things onto others.” Taurus looked up to him. “What do you mean?” Asriel recalled his past. “I did so many things to please Adelram, to attain my perfect family. When I should of kept it simple. I also had my own means of fighting, instead of improving it I just kept adding and changing never stepping closer to the thing I wanted.” He looked upon all the corpses. “You vulnerable and without direction. What is before you is sad but at the same time you have a fresh start, a new canvas. You see you tried to micromanage or force people to be one way. Instead of pushing the traits they were good at.” Taurus frowned. “Griffin was actually quite good with the blade...I could of found a place where all the bladesmen could work…where they could...” Asriel nodded. “See you are getting it, compared to everyone else you push yourself the hardest. Everyone admired you, naturally they would want to reach you with or without your intervention.” He watched the luster return to his eyes, just slightly. “But I don’t want to be like them...I don’t want to turn into a slave of pleasure.” “Who says you have to be that way? Yes the dark prince has use for them but he also needs people who are dedicated to their craft. People forget that the dark prince is the god of excess whatever is your truest desire or goal he will support you.” Asriel looked at his hand it has now fully regenerated. Taurus clenched it. “I never knew you were that good at biomancy.” Asriel chuckled “it took a long time to get this good. Just like your dream it will take a long time to achieve it but you have to work at it. I feel that at times bad things happen because it’s a test, the dark prince was to see our dedication. Are you going to give up?” Taurus shook his head. “No, this is not the end.” He nodded. “Good...but first you need to bathe.”

Asriel could see the blood drying on his armour, he is essentially awash with gore. Taurus slowly nodded. “Yes...that would be good.” Taurus rose, he walked out of the room. Asriel followed as they got to a bathing chamber they walked inside. He prepared the bath and then got to work helping Taurus remove his armour. Once all of it is gone he finally saw the scars that cover his entire body, the centuries of warfare. Even the wrinkles and the odd blemishes added to that. Staring at it he could not help but think how wonderful he looked compared to Adelram. He could sense the raw dedication to his path, he could not allow someone like him to stop here. Taurus sat in the bath, his eyes met his. “Is something wrong?” “N-nothing captain.” Asriel opened his witch eye he saw his soulfire blazing, but now a pink flame was being added to it steadily. He close his third eye. “So...what now?” Taurus closed his eyes for a moment then opened them. “All of us are going to the lower levels. I have a plan.” Despite his voice sounding aged he believed him. He could sense the strength behind his words.
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Noise Marine Terminator with Sonic Blaster

Part 1 Epilogue
His mother dressed him in the finest clothes they had on hand, everyone wanted their child to be taken by the radiant one, the silver ox. His mother has been preparing him for this day through rigorous training and daily lessons from the priests.

Word is among the boys that those chosen by the radiant one are taken away to be demi-gods. His mother tells him in the past they never cared for them save for hunting them as sport. But in the last few years the lower levels have turned into almost a bustling city. Gangs fight, priests preach the word of the serpent while the fanatical flagellate themselves in rapturous prayer. His mother grabbed his hand. “Mum! I am not a child! I am sixteen!” “Quiet Dominic! We have to look our best!” She pulled him out of their room, the hallway was full of families waiting for him to come. Then they heard the footsteps, the screams. Out of the darkness, he saw him, his eyes were dilating. His armour was black, purple and pink. Jewels was also placed in various sections of his armour and helmet. His fine pin cape bellowed, but what held his eye is a dark iron halo hovering over his head that thrummed with a strange energy.

But there was a group of people following behind him, the priests that preach to them along with soldiers who wear studded leather. One by one, the radiant stopped before a family, they bowed as they offered their child. The Silver ox would then pull out a strange needle gun and inject it into the child’s arm. If it chimed green, the radiant one would then offer his hand. None hesitated, said child would then join the group of priests and soldiers. The serpent priests would then mark his head with a snake. Watching this, Domonic could see the chosen’s parents crying in pure joy and offering prayers up to the serpent.

But Domonic noticed that if the gun chimed red, the silver ox would shake his head. Then the family heads head fall in shame, some even cried out in despair for him to try again. Then it came to his turn, his mother pushed him forward. The sliver ox took his arm and injected the needle, Dominic winced the gun chimed green. The radiant one offered his hand, but he hesitated for some reason. He wondered who would look after his mother? Would she be alright by herself? But with one reassuring the nod from the silver ox he took it, all thoughts of his mother vanishing in the wind.

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Noise Marine Terminator with Sonic Blaster

Chapter 14
Asriel watched the boys go through their drills on the balcony, a part of him thought these tests aren’t hard enough. More needs to be done. He then heard footsteps, he looked back to see Taurus approaching. “Inferus are you still thinking that I should murder the boys?” “No...I am just saying that the tests need to be harder.” Taurus walked up to the balcony railing and looked down. “What would that serve?” “To ensure you get the best recruits.” “I can understand your thinking, but what would be the point when those who survive don’t even remember the trials they faced?” Asriel could not help but agree. “True, so what are you looking for?” “Dedication and commitment. My presence here is another test.” Hearing him say that confusion began to set in. “How so?” “Look at them.” Asriel stared at the boys he could see some of their eyes are being diverted away from the training and they have begun looking at Taurus. “Traits are forever imprinted in one’s DNA, that is what will remain once they become astartes.” said Taurus. “I see so who passed and who failed?” His captain chuckled. “Inferus, all those who looked at me will be placed with the cult soldiers. They have failed.” he then walked away.

As he left he barked at one of the cultists of the serpent. He pointed at each of the boys who were not focused on training. “They will be put through cult training!” The soldiers began dragging the boys away confusion lining their faces. Asriel folded his arms understanding began setting in.

Domonic watched the boys being dragged away, the man who wore a cloak with a one-eyed helmet called to have them taken away. But for what reason? He noticed that some boys who were looking up are the ones being taken away. They were taking their focus away from training, but he was different, he wanted to be a demi-god, he wanted to be a space marine. He can’t let anything distract him. His training partner let loose a flurry of blows with his training staff, Domonic block all of them. Just by his face he could see he was gang member, his features looked ruddy, his olive skin was covered in spots. He wondered why trash like them were allowed to become demi-gods, they don’t read the scriptures or listen to the priests. He pushed back his strike and smacked him in the side of the body, he staggered back. “Dammit!” he coughed while gripping his side. “Y-you got lucky.” Domonic got into battle stance, he moved to attack again. He focused on the words the priests tell him, the serpent only loves those who grasp at perfection, everyone who gets in the way of that are distractions. He attacked his training partner who blocked his blow and then smacked him across the face with his staff.

Domonic held his face and staggered back slightly. It stang but it felt good, as the priest say pain is a joyous thing. He moved to attack again but one-eye clapped to stop them. “That’s enough!” He leapt from the balcony and landed softly. “Drop your weapons! All of you into single file!” They all got into a single file, his training partner stood in front of him. One-eye then gestured “we are going for a run!” he started running, Domonic looked back to see some of the serpent soldiers are at the back of the line. The line began moving and everyone started to run.

They left the training hall and entered the hallways of the ship, the upper levels to his surprise are incredibly quiet they are very few people walking around. It’s something he has still not gotten used to. As they jogged his training partner looked back slightly. “Call me Noel.” Domonic frowned “I don’t care for your name.” Noel grinned. “You got me good during training.” “Sorry I don’t talk with gang members.” The boy frowned “just because you lived closer to the upper levels does not mean we are all that different…” “You ignore the priests for one.” “Well I am not exactly sure whether I should be following people who say we should enjoy whipping ourselves.” “Pain allows one to focus, in pain we are closer to our god. Pain is a gift, the training is painful but we are becoming better...more perfect.” Noel shrugged. “Whatever you say...but I have an idea.” “I am not interested.” “Just listen! Let’s catch up to one-eye show him how good we are!” Domonic shook his head, it’s clear it’s a long distance run. He knew it would be better to pace yourself. “You are going to tire yourself out.” “But, it will show everyone that we are the best if we can keep up to his pace!” he said nothing, he let the gang member do what he wants. Noel snorted “fine...I will do it myself.” He left the line and jogged to the front, one-eye looked at him for a moment but then faced forward.

Domonic frowned, he felt a strange wound in his heart. He ran to the front next to Noel. He grinned as he caught up. Soon other boys got the same idea they all ran up to one-eye jogging next to him. Domonic looked back to see some of the boys laughing “they are going to burn out…” some whispered. “Idiots…” Domonic shook his head. They are happy with being mediocre. He kept running, soon as they turned a corner one-eye broke into a sprint, getting a large lead over them. Noel barked at him. “We have to catch up!” He sprinted down the hallway, Domonic did the same he won’t allow a gang member to outshine him.

Soon enough they caught up to one-eye, Domonic looked around to see that out of the group from before there was only 6 of them in total. One-eye then slowed down into a jog. Then he felt it, the acid building in his legs but he had to keep going. His lungs burned, he grit his teeth. Pain is joyous. He told himself, he smiled and reveled in it. In this pain he is now at the front of the group. The pain is letting him know he is trying as hard as possible.

All six of them kept running for an age until they stopped in front of a door. One-eye nodded. Domonic dropped to his knees panting. Noel grinned “see!? We are the best!” Eventually the rest of the group caught up. He rose with Noel, while he wiped the sweat from his brow. Once everyone arrived one-eye knocked on the door. It slid open to reveal the radiant one and one of the demi-gods in white armour. They stepped out into the hallway, Domonic stood upright while making the sign of the serpent. Noel folded his arms but he could see he was impressed with the silver ox. The radiant one looked at all of them and then at one-eye. “How many?” he said. “Six this time.” “Only six?” “I decided to do something a little different due to our previous conversation.” He pointed at all those who kept up with him. “Those six.” The silver ox nodded “I see please come in.” Domonic followed the demi-gods into the room, he could see Noel was clearly excited.

Before fully entering the room he could see all the other boys are confused. A part of him did wonder what exactly did they do wrong? He then dismissed them from his thoughts, they no longer mattered he has been chosen. As they got inside it was a large white room full of strange organs. Both of the demi-gods stopped and faced them. The radiant one then nodded to each of them. “Soon we will be brothers, you six have been chosen to become machines of war. Praise your luck or the dark prince but all of you will be astartes.” he inclined his head to the white demi-god. First he walked towards him, he removed a strange needle from his pouch and injected it into his arm. As the pink contents entered his system he felt drowsy. His vision became awash with multicoloured lights and after a brief moment he felt pain.

He felt patches of his memory vanishing, fluttering away in the wind those patches were replaced with battle plans, formations, edicts and the words of...slaanesh. His mind thrummed with all this information the pain vanished and he felt something joyous that he was joining something bigger and better than himself. His eyes then flicked open he was alone on a bloodied bed and strapped down. He was alone in this white room. He turned his head to see the radiant one standing before his bed. “You are awake.” “W-what?” “What is your name?” “D-Domonic. Where am I?” The sliver ox undid the straps, releasing him from the bed.

Domonic looked at his hands they were huge. The radiant one placed his hand on his shoulder. “We are brothers now, call me Taurus.” He slowly nodded. “So...I am a demi-god?” “Of war? Yes. But your training does not end here. Silentus..his robes.” The astartes in white armour came over with a black robe. Domonic hopped off the bed and took it, he placed it on his body. “Now follow me.” said Taurus. He left the white room with his new brother. As the word brother crossed his mind, saying it was so natural.

Now within the hallway, he towered over humans it was somewhat exhilarating. But he was plagued by one question. “Tell me...when will get armour like yours?” “Soon, but first you need to do this phase of training. A most important one.” Domonic scratched his head, Taurus bought him to door and there were five others waiting there. They were also in black robes, right away one approached him. “You are awake!” Domonic furrowed his brows “Excuse me?” He pointed at himself. “It’s me Noel!” He thought about it for a moment he then nodded. “We...trained together right?” “Yes! Look my hair is white now!” He pulled his short hair to express the point. Taurus shook his head, Domonic barked Noel. “We are astartes! Stop acting like a child!” His brother rubbed his neck. “Sorry…” Taurus clapped to get their attention. “Now if you please enter the room, your trainer is there waiting.” All of them walked in, right away he could tell it’s an armoury full of weapons. He scanned the room until he placed his eyes on someone he recognised them. The helmet stirred his memory but this time he was wearing his hood. Noel pointed “it’s one-eye!” One-eye coughed slightly. “It’s Asriel or Inferus if you prefer. I will be your trainer for the first phase.” Domonic frowned, he could see his other brothers are not pleased either. “Why is a human training us? We are demi-gods.” save Noel everyone nodded in agreement.

The human folded his arms “hence why this is the first phase. Yes you are astartes, yes you are demi-gods of war. But you can still die, I am here to curb expectations.” He pulled a two handed sword from his back. “All of you pick a weapon, you will train and use that from now on.” Domonic curled his lips in disgust who is this human to order us around? Even so he walked around and eyed each of the weapons. He stopped in front of a spear, it looked dignified, clean even. He picked it from the stand. He looked over to his brothers, all of them choose clean weapons like him. Blades and a bolt-pistol. He scanned the room for Noel and to his dismay he picked out a eviscerator. He walked towards him. “Why don’t you pick something else?” he asked. His brother frowned “but...I like this one. Can’t wait to cut a man in half with it.” “The weapon...it’s ugly.” Noel shook his head “I think this weapon is beautiful.” The human then clapped “right has everyone chosen?” “I don’t like him.” Dominic whispered. Noel looked at him in confusion “why? He is our trainer.” “Just watch brother..” He eyed the human and he charged with his spear, his body felt wonderful, the speed and control. He thrusted with his spear, he blinked and the human was now gone. He then felt a sharp pain at the side of his body, he looked down to see a blade impaled in his body. The human was now to his side. He tore the blade through his body, Domonic fell to the ground. Blood gushing from the wound. The human raised his finger “first lesson never underestimate an enemy.” He knelt and touched his wound, the pain vanished. He gasped as the human rose.

He got up using his spear to support himself. “Y-you are..” “Yes, I am human but don’t forget I have a few centuries over you. All of you are still sixteen, you have been given a great body but you don’t know how to use it. As I said I am here to curb expectations.” Noel walked over while grinning. “I think I like him.” Domonic scowled in annoyance.

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