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Made in us
Frightening Flamer of Tzeentch

New York

+++Since no one on the P&M forums wanted anything to do with Mantic I'll re-post this here!+++

Hey guys and gals!

Back in March I picked up the Warpath starter kit Fate of the Forge Star. Its a simple game that focus' more on the units themselves and doesn't have all the normal wound allocation shenanigans associated with 40k these days (which I just don't like and think it kills the fun of the game).
Lately I've been feeling somewhat "blah" about 40k and so in between working on commissions I snuck in some progress on a ForgeFather (basically their version of Squats). It was actually quite liberating to work on a much smaller miniature then I'm used to. I also tried out GW's new texture paint Armageddon Dust instead of doing my same old glue and sand routine with this guy. I like the effect a lot more as it looks less like the model is stuck in the mud and more like he is actually on top of the ground. Although I slapped it on the base before I primed, I had tried applying it after I primed on another model and wasn't very pleased with the result. Onto the pics......

First a few front pics

From the back

A close up of the helmet (which I absolutely love)

And a size comparison

Yeah, I think he can take him...

I have about 14 more ForgeFathers to paint, including a squad of Stormrage Veterans and 1 Jotunn Heavy Hailstorm Cannon. Then I have 40 Marauders and a Raptor . My only gripe is with the ForgeFathers (even though they are my favorite), they have pretty static poses. But then again they are Space Dwarves so you don't have much wiggle room for action poses anyways. However the Marauders came with a ton of extra gubbins and bits and bobs for lots of customization. Once I get started on painting them I'll post asap.
Hope you guys like him.


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Malevolent Miniatures 
Made in us
Tail Gunner

Kelso Washington USA

A very nice paint up. Actually makes me want to look closer at the Warpath line.
Made in gb
Battlefield Tourist

On an Express Elevator to Hell!!

Really nice paintjob and colour scheme! I like the level of highlighting and texture you have put into it as well.

Looking forward to more!

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Excellent discussion forum & information collection for Epic and other small scale miniatures: http://www.tacticalwargames.net/taccmd/index.php
Made in gb
Battlefield Tourist


Nice job, on the helmet especially.

Made in us
Frightening Flamer of Tzeentch

New York

Thanks everyone for the encouraging comments!
A bit of an update, I'm working on a Heat Hammer "Sergeant" for my Steel Warriors and started on my Heat Hammer "Sergeant" for my Stormrage Veterans.
While on the topic of Stormrage Vets, that Heat Hammer dude is ridiculously detailed. If you didn't know any better you could assume he was a Hero but alas he is not. Should have him at about 75% done later today along with finishing that other "Sergeant".

Check out my commission painting service at
Malevolent Miniatures 
Made in au
Terrifying Doombull

Melbourne .au

Not too bad at all! The figure, that is - your paint is very nice. I might look into the redone versions once they sort them out.

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