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Hence why I struggle to imagine a proper purpose for this vehicle. Phobos can infiltrate to get near. Intercessors can simply take boltrifles and pop heads from range. Character spam can't assault out of it. Even some of the shorter range weapons they've given us on the numarines simply have better long range options or require larger unit sizes to really shine. (like the auto bolt rifles and the auto hit at half range strat (which I feel is a bit meh considering a most -1 modifiers don't work at less than 12 inchs))

From a design and purpose point of view it's a weird duck until GW gives us some melta gun equivalents on primaris marines. Kinda wish it was like the mechanicus tank, with a cheap dedicated tank build option.
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Courageous Space Marine Captain

It is good for Hellblasters and veteran Intercessors with their support characters.

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Shall we open a new thread for the codex ? Or keep this one ?

 casvalremdeikun wrote:
 godardc wrote:
Can marines go into the transport or only primaris ?
Just Primaris. No Gravis armor either.

Thanks ! It's segregation time then

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Ship's Officer


I tend to agree the impulsor is lacking a ver obvious purpose. There are definitely some uses for it though.

Hellblasters clearly benefit a lot. The problem they’ve always had is being shot off the board, or tied up in combat. These things protect them and let you get them where they’re needed. The greatly extended range you get means they might be able to occupy something like a midfield ruin, where otherwise they often have to sacrifice cover to get to good firing positions - or vice versa.

All the new vanguard stuff changes the context for hellblasters quite a bit. Now, your opponent might be tied up with all kinds of sneaky guys and warsuits, leaving the hellblasters under less of a threat.

Also, missions. The ability to chuck five index intercessors a really long way is great. You could even have some of these guys get into the impulsor after the hellblasters got out, ready to be catapulted somewhere o. Turn 2 - or even just to get out normally and charge something.

White scars have a 1cp strat that lets you do this with any transport that doesn’t have the flyer battlefield role (so not storm ravens). So they could spit five assault centurions out the front of a land raider crusader, for example. Still no charging, but removing those guys from terrain could be a challenge.

For the impulsor, the capacity remains a bit of an issue. Carrying the same number of people in a repulsor is about 50% more expensive, but you get a ton of guns. The impulsor are cheaper though and tougher, point for point. They allow you to treat them as somewhat disposable - charging knights to soak overwatch and so on - which you would t want to do with a repulsor.
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Regular Dakkanaut

It seems to me that the Invictor Warsuit is really really good. Lots of shots (18'ish per model), decent melee, just about guaranteed first-turn charge if you want it, and fairly cheap to boot. A group of three of these would be an impressive tip to the space marine spear.

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Courageous Space Marine Captain

For the sake of clarity I started a new thread for the new codex. Please, let's take further discussion there.

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Locked per request OP.

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