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Made in ca
Longtime Dakkanaut

Surrey, BC - Canada


Painted is always nicer to play with and against than unpainted.



Made in us
Perfect Shot Dark Angels Predator Pilot


Atalan Jackals with Shotguns

I made some Atalan Jackals, four with shotguns, four with grenade launchers, and four with demolition charges. I added an extra arm so each Jackal can carry all their weapons. Originally, I build them with cultist knives but now think that is not the best configuration. Since I took these pictures, I have cut off some of the arms and replaced them so I have only three with grenade launchers and the rest with shotguns. I now have three squads. Two squads have three jackals with demolition charges and shotguns and a single jackal with a grenade launcher. The other is three shotguns and a grenade launcher. Here is a picture of the four Jackals with shotguns and cultist knives.

Atalan Jackals with Three Shotguns and a Single Autogun

Made in us
Perfect Shot Dark Angels Predator Pilot


Atalan Jackal with Double Barrel Shotgun

I like the double barrel shotgun.

Atalan Jackal with Double Barrel Shotgun – Left Side View

Atalan Jackal with Double Barrel Shotgun – Rear View

Since the genestealers are a mass army and have so many models, I got sloppy with my details. The sloppy appearance does work with genestealers better than for Space Marines.

Atalan Jackal with Double Barrel Shotgun – Front Right

Notice the tracks on the bases. I used green stuff to make the tire tracks. I highlighted them by using blue pigment loosely mixed with the brownish orange pigment to make it appear that the top surface of the ground had been chewed up by the tire.

Atalan Jackal with Double Barrel Shotgun – Right Side

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