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GMM's Compiled Completed Commission and Display Showcase (2/6 Iron Hands/Primaris/LotD)  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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perezba7 wrote:AMAZING WORK!!!! Just a delight to look at, really gives me inspiration!!

Thank you very much! I am always glad when people find it fun and enjoyable.

MagickalMemories wrote:Never heard of them.
Looked them up after seeing this post.
Holy ...umm... MOLY! You've got a lot invested in that display!
Great stuff, though. I'm sure it'll turn out AWESOME!


Yes they are pricey but far and away the best terrain in terms of sculpt. You just can't beat it.

I also really like Ziterdes for being foam, it is very carvable and can easily be transformed and worked into pieces. MBA is another good one for realistic and or historical terrain.

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Longtime Dakkanaut


Another year is wrapped!

I would like to invite all of you to hop over and check out a little recap and celebratory post of 2017 and some previous work.

Happy New Year Dakka, and see you again soon!

Facebook Post

Blog Post

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Longtime Dakkanaut


Hello friends. I am back. Only two things in life that do not cease, time and myself. So let's kick off a new year and a new project!

This time around it's a part two for the original Clan Lachesis army, a homebrew chapter of the client's. One part Preheresy reserves, another Primaris, and also a custom Legion of the Damned subsection I am really excited about. All custom, built up from bits and painted with a lava effect that was fun to work up.

Very happy with the black on this one. Black is a color that seems simple, but with practice and awareness of the amount of grey used, as well as shading as one would with any other color, can get a depth and gemlike quality.

Something like half of this year's armies are black as well, which I am looking forward to in order to further refine it army to army. Never really get tired of any color, and to be honest the opportunity of working on one color several armies in a row is a relatively rare and exciting opportunity. I am all about brutal efficiency while increasing quality, so instead of a color once a year it is a melting up of experience and results in a short span.

Anyway. Did the pictures a little different this time. Little more random. There are a few factors to army galleries that are always a struggle. The close and the gestalt. The balance of action and representing the model for the client. The OCD of wanting to show a linear progression as one would click through them. And the absolute worst is being equally excited about every model, so Johnny Marine in picture 47 I want in the front as well as the Dread in picture 12. An hour of shuffling. So lets see how this goes and let me know what you think.

Thanks for looking. Thanks to the client for the opportunity. Have a good day.

P.S. As usual, if you would like to see more images, just check whichever site you prefer in my signature. Thanks!

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Lit By the Flames of Prospero

land of 10k taxes

God Dam that looks nice!
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In a Trayzn pokeball

Do you do smaller commissions than whole armies?

My hobby blog, weekly updates hopefully http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/641714.page#7702117
 JohnHwangDD wrote:
The hobby is actually hating GW.
 Galas wrote:
I can't play with my cards and do "pew pew" noises in the bath like I do with my miniatures. Check mate, atheists.
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FeindusMaximus wrote:God Dam that looks nice!


CREEEEEEEEED wrote:Do you do smaller commissions than whole armies?

I do not. Mostly due to schedule, but I also just enjoy the large projects more than smaller ones. The gestalt of a large batch of figures is an extra layer I would miss with small projects.

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Longtime Dakkanaut


Hello friends. It's that time of the year yet again - Adepticon prep and packing. Only a week to go and ahead of schedule! Not bad. Doing the booth again with some upgrades. More pictures, more Victorian hoardings. Looking forward to seeing you all that are going again this year. Get liquor while it lasts or someone takes it away.

Will post again at the event. Until then, safe trip to the rest of you going!

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