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Near Golden Daemon Caliber

Affton, MO. USA

“Who’s idea was it to give a goat a gun?”

“No idea, but it’s Baaaaaaaaa-rilliant!”

Nice work on the conversions. Always liked the beastman militia lore in old rogue trader.

LOL, Theo your mind is an amazing place, never change.-camkierhi 9/19/13
I cant believe theo is right.. damn. -comradepanda 9/26/13
None of the strange ideas we had about you involved your sexual orientation..........-Monkeytroll 12/10/13

I'd put you on ignore for that comment, if I could...Alpharius 2/11/14 
Made in de
Dakka Veteran

I'm not sure if alcohol and power fists work well together Very nice conversions, always good to see some 40k beastmen.
Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Thanks everyone, the beastmen conversions were a lot of fun to do. I need to get them primed...

I painted a CSM I found in my bits box, deciding to revisit the Word Bearers scheme that I attempted with my Chaos Sorcerer last year...

Another angle:

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Been Around the Block

Lovely chaos marine. Nice freehand on the shoulder!
Made in us
Dakka Veteran

 Honingtomaten wrote:
Lovely chaos marine. Nice freehand on the shoulder!
Thanks but that's a decal, my freehand is still a long, long way from looking that good

Hobby supplies, I may have gotten a bit spoiled...

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Made in us
Dakka Veteran

and the last of the haul has arrived...

Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut


That's an impressive mass of minis. What's first?
Made in de
Dakka Veteran

I did not know there were Star Trek minis... now I got to have them too Nice haul and excited to see, what you will paint up first.

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Made in gb
Legendary Master of the Chapter


DC and Trek? Great haul, looking forward to seeing some of it painted up!

@viterbi, the Trek minis are by Modiphius Games, for their ST Adventures RPG. I painted their TNG crew last year, tiny minis but really superb sculpts. Definitely recommend them.

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Paradigm's New Blog- 18/06- Geralt and Kratos

Available for Commission Work. PM me for details. 
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That is a very nice haul. Much of the 2000AD stuff is on my wishlist, but I am managing to resist so far. I reeeeeally wanted the Strontium Dog starter set, but I just know I can't justofy it.

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