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[PICS] FIGHTING WITHDRAWAL - Dark Eldar vs Tau - Panic vs ArbitorIan - 1500pts  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in gb
Dispassionate Imperial Judge

HATE Club, East London

Continuing our saga of EVERYONE VS TAU. Next up were the Dark Eldar, meaning we had a lovely all-clear-bases game. We also played a particularly complex mission from the Tau Altar of War which might need a bit of explaining...

Panic's All-Girl Hellion Display Team - 1500pts

* Haemonculus [Webway portal]
* Baroness Sathonyx
* 9 Hellions plus Helliarch [Agoniser]
* 8 Hellions plus Helliarch [Agoniser & phantasm grenades]
* 7 Wracks
* 4 Trueborn [3 blasters] in a Venom [double splinter cannon]
* 4 Trueborn [3 blasters] in a Venom [double splinter cannon]
* 4 Trueborn [3 blasters] in a Venom [double splinter cannon]
* Talos [TL haywire]
* Talos [TL haywire]
* Cronos [spirit siphon, spirit vortex]

ArbitorIan's Tau Ye'lo Sept - 1500pts

* Ethereal with 2 Shield Drones
* Cadre Fireblade
8 Fire Warriors [Pulse Rifles] including a Shasl’ui [Markerlight, Target Lock] and 1 Gun Drone
8 Fire Warriors [Pulse Rifles] including a Shasl’ui [Markerlight, Target Lock] and 1 Gun Drone
8 Fire Warriors [Pulse Rifles] including a Shasl’ui [Markerlight, Target Lock] and 1 Gun Drone
3 Crisis Suits (TL Missile Pods)
3 Crisis Suits (TL Plasma Rifles, Burst Cannon) with 2 Shield Drones
6 Stealth Suits (Burst Cannon) including a Shas’vre (Markerlight) and 2 Marker Drones
8 Pathfinders (3 Rail Rifles) including a Shas’ui, Grav Inhibitor Drone and 2 Marker Drones
Hammerhead (Railgun, SMS, Disruption Pod, Submunitions)
Hammerhead (Railgun, SMS, Disruption Pod, Submunitions)


We played Fighting Withdrawal from the Tau Altar of War supplement. This is gonna take a bit of explaining....

Deployment zones are diagonal. The Tau deploy half their units on the table at the start of the game, in the Dark Eldar deployment zone. The other half are in reserve, ready to come on from either of their table edges. The three objectives are in the centre, in the Tau corner, and halfway between, meaning that Tau will have to fall back into their own half to capture them.

The Dark Eldar don’t set up at the start - at least half their army will arrive from either of their table edges in Turn One. Dark Eldar always get first turn.

The mission also gives all the Tau units Hit & Run, so they can withdraw more effectively. Because of the weird setup, there is no Linebreaker victory point.

Pre-game & Deployment

Tau set up in a group in the centre, as close to their own deployment zone as possible. All the slower units were kept in reserve - Fire Warriors, HQ choices, etc. The Pathfinders were on the central objective. The mobile suits would be retreating toward the crashed Thunderhawk.

The Dark Eldar weren’t on the board, but held the Wracks, Talos & Chronos in ‘reserve’. The rest of the army would move on, close to the Tau, in Turn One.

Dark Eldar Turn 1

The Dark Eldar sweep in, the two units of Hellions coming in on the flank and heading straight toward the Thunderhawk, while the Venoms disgorge Trueborn into the forests.

The first squad to fire explode a Hammerhead, but suffer a casualty when we realise that all the forests are infested by DEATH BUDGIES!! Massed splinter fire takes out the majority of the Pathfinders and one of the Missile Suits.

The Haemonculus in her Venom opts to go flat out and reaches the objective in the Thunderhawk. This means she won’t be able to drop her portal this turn, though.

Lots of purple, very close to the Tau lines!

Tau Turn 1

Everything moves into position, attempting to get out of the forests. One pathfinder isn’t so lucky, getting eaten by DEATH BUDGIES.

A colossal amount of firepower is directed at the large squad of Hellions from the Plasma Suits who, with the help of the two remaining Pathfinders, manage to wipe the whole squad out. The Stealth Team concentrate on the Trueborn on the right, killing all of them, and the Hammerhead fires a submunition at the Trueborn in the centre, killing all but one!

Before their bounce moves, the Missile Suits also manage to score a glance on the Venom on the right.

Dark Eldar Turn 2

The Hellions with the Baroness continue to zoom down the flank. Unfortunately, both Talos and the Chronos turn up before the Haemonculus has had a chance to open the warp portal, so they have to walk on from the table edge!

The lone Trueborn gets back in his Venom, and the skimmer kills the last of the Pathfinders, while the Venom on the right takes out one Stealth suit.

And, after placing the portal, the Venom and Trueborn squad with the Haemonculus fire at the Plasma Suits, killing two suits and one of the drones!

Tau Turn 2

The Tau gunline forms as two Fire Warrior squads and the Ethereal arrive on the top edge.

The rest of the army target the Venoms - the Missile Suits remove the last point from the one on the right, the Hammerhead explodes the one in the centre, and the lone Plasma Suit wrecks the one by the Thunderhawk.

The Stealth team forms up with the gunline to target the remaining Trueborn, but cover from the Thunderhawk wreck means they only kill one.

The game is now completely centred on the Thunderhawk.

Dark Eldar Turn 3

The Hellions move into cover as the Wracks arrive through the portal, claiming the Thunderhawk objective.

Fire from the remaining Trueborn kills the last Plasma Suit.

Tau Turn 3

The final Fire Warrior squad arrives with the Fireblade, as the Ethereal’s section attempts to wheel around the wreck. Everything aims at the wracks, but they pass all their saves and only three die.

The Fireblade’s unit run toward the wreck.

Dark Eldar Turn 4

The Helllions take the plunge, advancing over the Thunderhawk to charge the Fireblade’s squad. Massed supporting fire takes it’s toll, though, killing half the squad including the Baroness! In combat, half the Fire Warriors die and the Fireblade suffers a wound but, using their mission special rule, the Fire Warriors disengage at the end of the round.

Meanwhile, the Talos & Chronos advance, and the last Trueborn move into the open to get a shot at the Hammerhead, but miss.

Tau Turn 4

The gunline advances a little, the Fireblade’s squad firing four shots each at the remaning Hellions, killing them, and another squad taking out the two remaining Trueborn. The Hammerhead knocks a wound off the Chronos.

And then the Ethereal’s squad and Missile Suits take the final two wounds from it, killing it.

Dark Eldar Turn 5

The two Talos charge, but only one makes it into combat, munching through Fire Warriors and forcing the Ethereal’s squad to fall back. The Wracks move further into cover around the objective.

The Talos consolidates toward the Stealth Team.

Tau Turn 5

Realising that they’ve been moving backwards all game, the Fireblade’s squad run forward, just nudging close enough to contest the Thunderhawk objective. Nobody else is in range, so the entire line shoots at the Talos or the Wracks, but only kill two of the Wracks.

And END OF GAME! The main objective is contested, and the other two aren’t held, so it’s a draw!

Tau - 1VP (Slay The Warlord)
Dark Eldar - 1VP (First Blood)

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Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

Folkestone, UK

Another very fine report. Two so close together? You gentlemen are spoiling us. Spoiling us.

I suspect that things would have gone very differently had that webway portal been deployed in turn one.

Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

In hindsight your right if i just deployed the portal 12" up the table the pain engines would have been much more problematic to the Tau!

The 6th edition reserves arriving on a 3+ makes holding off portal deployment a real risk, I took the risk and it didn't pay off!
I was hoping that at least 1 of the Talos or Cronos would arrive via the portal on turn three...

It was a fun game though, and we got to fight it out over my new dead thunderhawk ! yay!


Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

Folkestone, UK

Hindsight's a wonderful thing. But about as useful as a drinking nozzle on a fuel cannister. Besides, if it had worked, it would also have made a significant difference to the game. Win some. Lose some.

That Thunderhawk on the other hand, is both wonderful and very, very useful

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Made in gb
Dipping With Wood Stain

York, UK

I think we can all agree the Death Budgies are the true victors of this game.

"Do you think it is an easy task to inflate a dog?" - Cervantes

"Do you have a map of the cat?" - Richard Feynman

How to paint Skeletons the way I do if that's something you'd fancy trying. 
Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

Folkestone, UK


*NOMNOmnonononomnow Tweet! *

Made in ie
Norn Queen

Dublin, Ireland

Wonderful stuff as always, the crashed TH terrain board. Just wow.

Dman137 wrote:
goobs is all you guys will ever be

By 1-irt: Still as long as Hissy keeps showing up this is one of the most entertaining threads ever.

"Feelin' goods, good enough". 
Made in us
Focused Fire Warrior

Rockwood, TN

Amazing batrep. Have you guys thought about applying to WD to do their batreps for them? God knows the old WD style you use is far superior to their new style and it brings back great memories.

Made in gb
Long-Range Land Speeder Pilot

A small, damp hole somewhere in England

Another great report, and that crashed TH is beautiful!

Follow the White Scars Fifth Brotherhood as they fight in the Yarov sector - battle report #7 against Eldar here
Made in us
Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

You are still setting the standard in 40K gaming!
Made in us
Three Color Minimum

Panama City, fl

Excellent battle report, I've been enjoying them. I just have to know, where did you get those bases from? What are they made of?

Dark angels 70/100 of deathwing, 50/100 ravenwing, 80-100 3rd company
IG +6k pts
and a sampling of different armies
warmachine, 40-50 points of:
protectorate, legion, and convergence armies 
Made in gb
Dispassionate Imperial Judge

HATE Club, East London

Fenris Games sell them - they're just 2mm clear acrylic. I think you can get them from Litko in the US, too.

Made in us
Been Around the Block

NW Suburban Chicago

Nice report. How did you get the texture of the rock on the board?
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

The rocks were painted with a very basic dry brush technique.
I made a article on how I painted this realm of battle board check it out.


Made in kw
Ferocious Blood Claw

Outstanding battle! I agree that if Panic dropped his portal before the Talos and Chronos showed up it would have been a completely different game.

I have no idea what I'm doing...

Raginmund, Jarl of Sepp 
Made in nz
Judgemental Grey Knight Justicar

New Zealand

I'm going to be honest and say this is the first one of your bat reps that I have read, but wow, this was one of the best. Particularly the way you format and lay it out with all the markers and things make it real enjoyable to read, look forward to more.

Also that crashed thunderhawk tile is really amazing, in fact, both armies are painted superbly and having a great standard of scenery makes it look overall really good.
Made in au
Terrifying Doombull

Melbourne .au

Outstanding battle report, gentlemen. Two excellent looking forces on a board that's almost as impressive.

Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

Folkestone, UK

YES!!! I've missed these. Great to have another battle report from you two. Still the best bat-reps on Dakka.

Made in gb
Dispassionate Imperial Judge

HATE Club, East London

 LeadLegion wrote:
YES!!! I've missed these. Great to have another battle report from you two. Still the best bat-reps on Dakka.

Actually, we're still crap. This one was from July!! We've been a bit busy for Battle Reporting recently - promise we'll try harder in the new year when our new fancy armies are done. If you've missed any, there's an archive thread here... http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/488180.page

Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

Folkestone, UK

You know..... I thought it read a bit familiar.

I solemnly and politely request that you both uncrap at once!

Looking forward to seeing those new armies though.

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Made in ca
Rampaging Carnifex

West Coast, Canada

Great armies, great board, fantastic report. Thanks for sharing!

Made in us
Agile Revenant Titan

Fayetteville NC

Fantastic battle report! Top notch quality and IMO, the best ones on dakka! Thanks for sharing.

Have I really been playing 40K for nearly 30 years? 
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