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Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

ArbitorIan and I went to the York Garrison Summer Solstice
An 1850pts tournament on the weekend of the 20/21st July.
You can read ArbitorIans Awesome Tournament Report >here< !

I used the Tournament as a Deadline to rush upgrade the paint on my Necrons.
After bit of simple green airbrushing this list was ready;

Overlord [Resurrection Orb, Tesseract Labyrinth, Warscythe]
Necron Lord [Resurrection Orb, Warscythe]
Necron Lord [Resurrection Orb, Warscythe]
* 20 Necron Warriors
* 14 Necron Warriors in a Night Scythe
* 14 Necron Warriors in a Night Scythe
* 10 Scarab Swarms
* 5 Scarab Swarms
* 3 Canoptek Spyders
* Doom Scythe
* Doom Scythe

Total - 1850

I was worried that someone at the tournament might complain that my army didn't meet the 3 colour minimum, but these fears were completely misplaced as I got lots of compliments for painting them in such a simple scheme.
The tournament was extremely well organised and everyone had brought fully painted armies.
I managed to get some photos of the army’s in-between games.

Game One - Dodge's Mech Guard - Crusade (Objectives) - Dawn of War (Normal Deployment)

Dodge started the game with three objectives to my two.
I got first blood.
If I could kill the troops off one of Dodge's objectives I could win.
Sadly the guard stood their ground and the game ended on turn 5.
Dodge 8 - Panic 7
Game 1 - Lose.
Fun factor : a fun game to start the tournament.

Game Two - Ross Gilbert's Eldar - The Relic - Vanguard Strike (Diagonal Deployment)

This was a terrible match up for me, I tried to take the relic and run but was shot to bits and tabled!
(Ross was firing his wave serpent force field every turn as a pintel weapon when the rule says it fires straight ahead only.
I did question him on this during the game and he assured me that it had a 360 field of fire... I should have checked.)

But even with this rules oversight I think I was never winning this game. but I might have had models left on the table!
Game 2 - Lose.
Fun Factor : this game was like pulling teeth and Ross's tanks made every save while I was losing units at a time to waves of strength 6+ shots..

Game Three - Jon Fawcett's Grey Knights / Space Wolfs - Big Guns Never Tire - Dawn of War (Normal Deployment)

We both held two objectives each to start with.
John drop pod'd into action - The space wolfs did a bit of damage but the warriors mostly all got back up
My scarabs ate the pod for first blood and the Necron gun line wiped out the drop pod'd spacewolves.
Terminators arrived and caused more of a problem and the game became very hard fought.
I sent a squad of warriors in a scythe after the objective held by coteaz but the failed to get within contesting range.
I had a doom scythe contesting a objective, but it's tessla destructor arced back to the Doom scythe and removed it's last hull point!
At the end of turn five, John had two objectives - I had two objectives plus line breaker and first blood.
the central objective finally fell to grey knights
At the end of turn Six , John had three objectives - I had two objectives plus line breaker and first blood.
John had stolen the Win!
John 9 - Panic 8
Game 3 - Lose.
Fun factor : My favourite game of the tournament, real edge of the seat stuff.

Game Four - Julian Robert's Tau - The Scouring - Hammer & Anvil

In my deployment I had the four point and one point Objectives.
Julian had a three point and two point Objective.
Playing long ways meant that the only real movement was done by my Scythes.
I concentrated fire on the left wing and wiped out the Tau Troops holding the Tau three point Objective.
Securing first blood, and Julian was reduced to two points.
Julian cleared my warriors off my low point objective. But I still held the four point objective with the squad of 20 warriors.
My Over Lord and Squad are all set to claim the Tau three point objective, but a Farsight bomb drops in unloads a blistering amount of AP3 shots.
Farsight's squad puts 16 wounds on the squad killing every warrior and leaving the Over Lord with one wound remaining.
To make matters worse in the last turn I took my eye off the ball and allowed a squad of fire warriors to claim a central three point objective!
And the game ended...
Julian 5 - Panic 5
Game 4 - Draw.
Fun factor : A great game, If I had of moved the swarm and spyders up in the last turn I could have prevented the fire warriors running up and claiming the central objective... I could have got a Win!...

Game Five - Jonathan Harvey's Dark Angels - Purge the Alien (Kill Points) - Vanguard Strike (Diagonal deployment)

A straight up slug fest!
I pumped as many shots as i could into Johnny's terminators but he managed to make an astonishing number of 2+ saves!
One warrior squad caused 9 wounds and didn't drop a single terminator!
Johnny’s Terminators on the other hand had little trouble killing Necrons!
Johnny 9 - Panic 5
Game 5 - Lose.
Fun factor :

I placed fourth from bottom!

I had fun despite not winning any games at all!
And despite not winning any games at all I somehow didn't win the wooden spoon!
I've not played much with my Necrons, I really need to play more and read a few tacticas.
The warscythes never did much as they lords usually died before striking back, I should change these to staffs of light.
I need to work out how to manage flier movement, I was struggling to create flight paths that maximised targets!
I also need to work out when it's best to retreat.


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Made in us

Fortress of Solitude

Glad you enjoyed the tournament irrespective of the result.

Celesticon 2013 Warhammer 40k Tournament- Best General
Sydney August 2014 Warhammer 40k Tournament-Best General 
Made in no
Regular Dakkanaut

Fun factor is the main thing!
Made in us
Angry Blood Angel Assault marine

Close to Maddness, Far from Safe

Cool stuff, glad you had fun. your army looks really nice, while it is a simple it is also smooth.

Am interested in how many of the lists dealt with your fliers, not many of them have any kind a AA, did they just ignore them?

Check out my little ork story I am working on here!


Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

In the entire tournament only two croissants actually crashed to the ground... and one of those had managed to take it's own last hull point via its tesla destructors arcing back!
The fliers did pick up a fair few glances and penetrations via massed enemy fire snap shooting.

If the Pastry had 2 or 3 hull points left, I didn't evade anything strength 7 or less, taking my chances that they would fail to score a glance/pen or cause damage..

But after needing 6's to hit and then getting the penetration roll, the enemy had to roll high on the table.
In the tournament I managed to ignore all my shaken and stunned results via living metal.
I also suffered;
2 vector locks which allowed them to operate almost normally!
1 weapon destroyed result removing a doom ray...
And only one Explodes.

I could see how annoying it was my opponent to fire everything, score only 2 hits, get 1 penetrate and then roll low and score a stun...then watch me roll for living metal and score a 4 and ignore the result.


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Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

Folkestone, UK

Thanks for the tournament report Panic. I'd been wondering how you'd got on. Good to see so many armies finished to a good standard in one tournament. I'll need to keep an eye out for the next time the York clubs runs a tournament.

Made in gb
Dispassionate Imperial Judge

HATE Club, East London

I'm stealing Fun Factor for my report...

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