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Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User

Hi all.

Recently got back into this brilliant game after 15 years away and spent a lot of money on Ebay bringing my armies up to speed.

My ambitious goal is to have enough models to bring every company, support and special card into use for every army (including models released in WD), although not necessarily at the same time as each other (so for example I have enough imperial guard beast men now for a full company, but not bothered about having enough to be able to field a support card of beast men at the same time).

So anyway through intense bidding activity on eBay I now have a complete Epic ruleset, both core game box sets, all four boxed expansions, the Space Marine battles book, and all the WD magazines that bpardgamegeek informs me I need to have a complete 2nd edition ruleset.

What I was wondering is does anyone know where there is a complete inventory of the box contents of each of the first three expansion boxes anywhere? (Armies of the Imperium, Renegades, and Ork and Squat Warlords). Due to the lack of a box contents listing anywhere on these sets I have limited confidence for these sets that they are actually complete.... This isn't a problem for Hive War where the rule book includes a decent contents listing (plus a useful picture on the bottom), but for the first three you are at the whim of the honesty of the seller....

Tried googling but can't find anywhere....

I can provide the info for Renegades if this isn't already available (and by provide the info I mean details of each army card included).

Thanks in advance for any help.
Made in gb
Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps


Here you are bud: http://zedmeister.co.uk/zms.php?page=6

This is the best I can do. I haven't got around to finishing it properly but should give you a good start. Also, feel free to share any lists - I also have all expansion and could probably answer specific questions on contents.
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Fresh-Faced New User


Thanks zedmeister - you will be pleased to hear your website was the closest I came during my google search, but as you identify it is incomplete, in that it doesn't give the numbers of cards/templates involved in each case (although it does sometimes!).

I'm on my lunch break at work at the moment but when I'm next able to I will post the Renegades contents with numbers, as I had this set from the 90's, kept it well, and its never been mixed with any other sets so I'm 99.9% sure its 100% complete and representative of what you would have bought from the shop in 199X! My only nagging doubt is the Doomweaver markers which I have 18 of (I think - will need to check).

I have however got a spreadsheet analysis of my copy of Ork and Squat Warlords on my work laptop (sad I know) and it contains the following and I am pretty certain is missing some Mekboy Repair, Bubble Chukka and Ork Support Cards:


Company #
Deathskull Clan 1
Blood Axe Clan 1
Snakebite Clan 1
Evil Sunz Clan 1
Bad Moon Clan 1
Goff Clan 1
Kult of Speed 1
Total 7

Special #
Great Gargant 1
Renegade Mekboyz 1
Ork Gargant Big Mob 1
Ork WL and Stompers 1
Slasher Gargant 1
Mekboy Gargant 1
Ork Warboss 1
Freebooterz 1
Total 8

Support #
War Buggy Squadron 3
Scorcher Squadron 1
Nobz Warbikes 1
Snakebite Boarboyz Mob 1
Bonecruncha Squadron 1
Goff Gutrippa Squadron 1
Mekboy Pulsa Rokkit Battery 2
Hop-Splat Battery 2
Bonebreaka Squadron 1
Wildboyz Mob 2
Mekboy Lifta Droppa Speedsta 1
Ork Dreadnought Mob 3
Evil Sunz Bowelburna Squadron 1
Mekboy Shokk Attack Gun Team 2
Snakebite Squiggoth Mob 1
Traktor Kannon Battery 1
Stormboyz Korps 2
Bikeboyz Mob 3
Evil Sunz Gobsmashe Squadron 1
Braincrusha Squadron 2
Stompers Mob 2
Mekboy Tinbot Mob 2
Evil Sunz Spleenrippa Squadron 1
Madboyz Mob 1
Bad Moon Weirdboy Battle Tower 2
Extra Ork Nobz 3
Mekboy Dragster 1
Blood Axe Land raide Squadron 1
Mekboy Bubble Chukka Speedsta 1
Squig Katapult Battery 2
Extra Ork Boyz 4
Gretchin Mob 2
Blood Axe Rhino Squadron 1
Battlewagon Squadron 3
Gibletgrinda Battle Fortress 2
Skullhamma Battle Fortress 2
Mekboy Speedsta 2
Wartrak Squadron 2
Total 66


Company #
Squat Grand Battery 1
Squat Iron Breaker Squadron 1
Squat Warrior Brotherhood 3
Squat Guild Biker Force 2
Squat Goliath Spr. Hvy Art. Battery 2
Squat Air Attack Corps 2
Iron Eagle Gyrocopter Wing 2
Total 13

Special #
Squat Leviathan 1
Grand Warlord 1
Squat Colossus 2
Living Ancestor 1
Squat Land Train 2
Total 7

Support #
Squat Rhinos 2
Goliath Mega Cannon 2
Squat Warriors 2
Guild Bikers Squadron 2
Guild Robot Unit 2
Squat Mole Mortar Battery 2
Overlord Armoured Airship 2
Squat Tarantula Battery 2
Squat Mole 1
Squat Termite Unit 2
Squat Berserkers 2
Squat Rapier Battery 2
Squat Thunderers 3
Iron Eagle Gyrocopter Squadron 3
Guild Trike Squadron 2
Squat Thudd Gun Battery 2
Squat Land Train Battle Cars 3
Total 36

Other Contents

Other Content #
Mekboy Gargant Data Card 1
Great Gargant Data Card 1
Slasher Gargant Data Card 1
Pulsa Rocket / Gutbuster Large Template (12cm) 2
Pulsa Rocket Small Template (6cm) 1
Triangle Fire Template 1
Longer Tear Drop Fire Template 1
Cannon Ball 1
Cannon Ball Skid Track 1
Cannon Ball Sized Explosion 1
Mekboy Repair Cards 15
Bubble Chukka Tokens 14
Rulebook 1

Let me know how your set compares.....


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Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User

So no one's helped me with the completeness of my Ork and Squat Warlords set yet..... come on guys. Even if just for the Mekboy Repair Cards and Bubble Chukka tokens - that would be a start......

And just to prove I'm not all take and 50% give, here is my box contents for Renegades, which I believe to be 100% complete:


Host #
Wind Rider Host 2
Spirit Host 2
Defender Warhost 2
Eldar Warhost 3
Eldar Falcon Host 1
Eldar Tempest Host 1
Total 11

Special #
Exarchs 1
Warlock 4
Harlequin Troupe 1
Phantom Titan 2
Warlock Titan 1
Scouts 1
FREE - Alaitoc Scouts 1
FREE - Avatar 1
FREE - Biel-Tan Dire Avengers 1
FREE - Black Guardians of Ulthwe 1
FREE - Saim-Hann Wild Riders 1
FREE - Iyanden Ghost Warriors 1
Total 16

Support #
Fire Dragon Aspect Warriors 2
Dire Avenger Aspect Warriors 2
Dark Reaper Aspect Warriors 2
Howling Banshee Aspect Warriors 2
Swooping Hawk Aspect Warriors 2
Striking Scorpion Aspect Warriors 2
Eldar Dreadnoughts 2
Eldar Wraithguard 2
Vyper Squadron 3
Eldar Jet-Bike Squadron 3
Guardian Defenders 4
Eldar Guardians 4
Wave Serpent Squadron 2
Warp Hunter Squadron 2
Vibro-Cannon Battery 2
Tempest Squadron 2
Eldar Anti-Grav Lascannon 2
Doom Weaver Squadron 2
War Walker Squadron 2
Deathstalker Prism Cannon 4
Total 48


Greater Daemon #
Khorne's Lord of Battles 2
Bloodthirster of Khorne 2
Tzeentch Lord of Change 2
Great Unclean One of Nurgle 2
Slaanesh Keeper of Secrets 2
Angron - Primarch of the World Eaters 1
Mortarion - Primarch of the Death Guards 1
Fulgrim - Primarch of the Emperor's Children 1
Magnus the Red - Primarch of the Thousand Sons 1
Total 14

Chaos Space Marine Legion #
World Eaters 1
Thousand Sons 1
Emperors Children 1
Death Guard 1
Total 4

Minions #
Chaos Warlord Titan 2
Chaos Cultists 2
Chaos Space Marines 2
Chaos Space Marine Rhino Squadron 2
Chaos Space Marine Land Raider Squadron 2
Chaos Terminator Detachment 2
Chaos Dreadnoughts 2
Chaos Space Marine Land Speeders 2
Chaos Space Marine Bike Squad 2
Chaos Squat Warband 2
Slaanesh Beast Riders 2
Slaanesh Daemonettes 2
Slaanesh Fiends 2
Beasts of Nurgle 2
Nurgle Plague Bearers 2
Daemon Engines of Khorne 2
Khorne Jugger 2
The Cannon of Khorne 2
Khorne Bloodletters 2
Khorne Fleshhounds 2
Tzeentch Flamers 2
Tzeentch Horrors 2
Tzeentch Disc Riders 2
Beastman Warband 2
Troll Warband 2
Minotaur Warband 2
Chaos Androids 2
Total 54

Chaos Reward Cards
Blood Rage of Khorne 1
Lure of Slaanesh 1
Magic of Tzeentch 1
Nurgle's Rot 1
Total 4

Chaos Cards
Beaked 1
Beweaponed Extremities 1
Blood Rage 1
Breathes Fire 1
Brightly Patterned Skin 1
Burning Body 1
Cloven Hooves 1
Crystalline Body 1
Duplication 1
Enormously Fat 1
Eyestalks 1
Fangs 1
Flaming Skull Face 1
Growth 1
Horns 1
Horrible Stench 1
Hypnotic Gaze 1
Invisibility 1
Iron Hard Skin 1
Levitation 1
Long Legs 1
Long Spines 1
Mace Tail 1
Multiple Arms 1
Plague Bearer 1
Poisonous Bite 1
Razor-Sharp Claws 1
Regeneration 1
Resilient 1
Rotting Flesh 1
Scaly Skin 1
Scorpion Tail 1
Skull Face 1
Spits Acid 1
Telekinesis 1
Tentacles 2
Transparent Skin 1
Uncontrollable Flatulence 1
Warp Frenzy 1
Warty Skin 1
Wings 1
Total 42

Other Contents #
Cauldron of Blood Teardrop Template 2
Great Unclean One Stream of Corruption 2
Warp Hunter / Aura of Slaanesh 2
Bolt of Change 2
Wave Serpent Shield 2
Doomweaver Webs - Plain 9
Doomweaver Webs - Numbered 9
Rulebook 1

Hope that helps people and please reply if you believe any of the numbers are wrong/my set isn't 100% complete.


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Made in gb
Happy Little Trees

Beneath, Between and Behind

The very best you are going to get is to look at the back of the supplement boxes. The Ork and Squat Warlords box, for example, doesn't
list the full contents of the box but it does appear to at least have a picture of the contents as well as a list of the force cards it contains so you can try and marry them up that way.

Unfortunately, most of the sets bought from Ebay are either not complete or cobbled together from several sets. For example, the set i bought was more like a set and a half in that it had loads more cards than you would normally get. I may well hate less or more Mekboy cards or whatnot but in reality, it doesn't make much difference to a game.

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Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User

Thanks for the input and I agree looking at the bottom of the box is a good place to start, but I'm not sure I agree its 'the best I'm going to get'.

For example there will be people who have owned the sets since it was originally released and kept them in good order. Further some one like Primarch would appear to have unpunched versions of the sets, which should be a very good source of info on the contents?

I'm sure with input from enough people we could pull together an inventory for each of the box sets which we have a high degree of confidence in....


Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User

Ok, final one for now, Armies of the Imperium:

Imperial Guard

Company #
Imperial Guard Beastman Company 1
Imperial Guard Tactical Company 2
Imperial Guard Assault Company 2
Imperial Guard Mole Company 1
Imperial Guard Rough Rider Company 1
Gorgon Company 1
Imperial Guard Rocket Company 1
Imperial Guard Vindicator Company 1
Imperial Guard Bike Company 1
Predator Tank Company 2
Imperial Guard Heavy Company 2
Imperial Guard Artillery Company 2
Leman Russ Tank Company 2
Imperial Guard Hellbore Company 1
Imperial Guard Baneblade Company 1
Imperial Guard Stormhammer Company 1
Imperial Guard Shadowsword Company 1
Total 23

Special #
Capitol Imperialis 1
Leviathan 1
Total 2

Support #
Imperial Guard Tactical Platoon 3
Imperial Guard Assault Platoon 3
Imperial Guard Support Platoon 3
Imperial Guard Termite Unit 3
Imperial Guard Gorgon Platoon 2
Imperial Guard Mole 2
Beastman Platoon 2
Imperial Guard Ogryn Platoon 5
Ratling Sniper Platoon 3
Imperial Guard Rough Rider Squadron 3
Imperial Guard Bike Squad 2
Imperial Guard Sentinel Squadron 3
Imperial Guard Landspeeder Squadron 1
Imperial Guard Mole Mortar Battery 2
Tarantula Support Unit 2
Rapier Laser Destroyer Battery 2
Imperial Guard Thudd Gun Battery 2
Imperial Guard Bombard Battery 2
Imperial Guard Basilisk Battery 3
Vindicator Squadron 1
Hellhound Firethrower Squadron 1
Imperial Guard Manticore Battery 2
Whirlwind Squadron 1
Deathstrike Missile Battery 1
Predator Squadron 2
Leman Russ Squadron 2
Baneblade 2
Stormhammer 2
Shadowsword 2
Imperial Guard Commissar 5
Total 69

Space Marines

Company #
Space Marine Tactical Company 1
Space Marine Assault Company 1
Space Marine Scout Company 1
Space Marine Veteran Company 1
Space Marine Terminator Company 1
Space Marine Devastator Company 1
Space Marine Battle Company 3
Space Marine Land Raider Company 1
Space Wolf Great Company 4
Dark Angel Deathwing Company 1
Dark Angel Ravenwing 1
Total 16

Special #
Drop Pods 1
Space Marine Commander 1
Inquisitor 1
Space Marine Chaplain 1
Tech-Marine 1
Space Marine Medic 1
Librarian 1
Total 7

Support #
MIXED - Imperial Robot Detachment 2
MIXED - Grey Knight Detachment 2
Dark Angel Deathwing Detachment 2
Space Wolf Long Fang Pack 2
Space Wolf Blood Claw Bike Squad 3
Space Wolf Blood Claw Land Speeder Squadron 2
Space Wolf Blood Claws Pack 2
Space Wolf Grey Hunters Pack 4
Space Marine Terminator Detachment 3
Space Marine Veteran Detachment 3
Thunderhawk Gunship 3
Space Marine Dreadnought Squad 3
Tarantula Support Unit 3
Space Marine Mole Mortar Battery 2
Space Marine Land Speeder Squadron 3
Space Marine Whirlwind Squadron 2
Space Marine Predator Squadron 3
Space Marine Scout Detachment 3
Space Marine Thudd Gun Battery 1
Rapier Laser Destroyer Battery 2
Space Marine Assault Detachment 3
Space Marine Devastator Detachment 3
Space Marine Tactical Detachment 3
Space Marine Vindicator Squadron 2
Space Marine Bike Squad 3
Space Marine Land Raider Squadron 3
Total 67

Other Contents

Hellhound Teardrop Template 2
Drop Pod Counters (numbered 1-40) 40
Rulebook 1

Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User

Wow still no replies. Come on guys - it only takes 15 minutes to tally the contents of a set!

Bought a much better condition copy of Ork and Squat Warlords off Ebay and reconciled to the previous version I purchased. Analysis is as follows:

The Good

All Squat cards reconcile 100% with the exception of there being 2 Iron Eagle Gyrocopter support cards instead of 3 as in the previous set, so I'm very confident now that side of the set is as per my previous post (and indeed that is what you get with a set), with the exception of the Gyrocopters.

Ork company and special cards also match up. Ork Support cards also reconcile with the exception there are 9 additional ones giving a total of 75. Looking at the number of each card in the new set, the total number (75 - nice round number) and also accounting for the fact there are no cards where I had more in the old set than the new set, I'm pretty confident this is a complete set as well. A search of past ebay listings also seems to indicate that ~75 Ork cards is a common number. Feels right.

A lot of the templates are unpunched. This suggests 99.9% for certain that the hit template content of O&SW is:

- 1 Squig Catapult Template
- 1 Gargant Snapper Template
- 1 Small Pulsa Rokkit Template
- 2 Large Pulsa Rokkit Template / Gutbuster High Explosive Round Template
- 1 Ball Round Line of Fire Template
- 1 Dragon Template
- 1 Gutbuster Ballround Template

The Bad

There are only 12 Mekboy cards. However all 12 are ones I had in the 15 in my original set. Implies 15 might be the right number but doesn't really make that strong an argument....

There are also only 8 Bubblechukka templates. Again doesn't really help, although they are unpunched on the card implying that there must be at least 8 such tokens in a complete set

Have provided updated inventory in previous post, marking confirmed where both sets match,

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Easier just to post anew:

Ork And Squat Warlords


Company #
Deathskull Clan 1 - CONFIRMED
Blood Axe Clan 1 - CONFIRMED
Snakebite Clan 1 - CONFIRMED
Evil Sunz Clan 1 - CONFIRMED
Bad Moon Clan 1 - CONFIRMED
Goff Clan 1 - CONFIRMED
Kult of Speed 1 - CONFIRMED
Total 7

Special #
Great Gargant 1 - CONFIRMED
Renegade Mekboyz 1 - CONFIRMED
Ork Gargant Big Mob 1 - CONFIRMED
Ork Warlord and Stompers 1 - CONFIRMED
Slasher Gargant 1 - CONFIRMED
Mekboy Gargant 1 - CONFIRMED
Ork Warboss 1 - CONFIRMED
Freebooterz 1 - CONFIRMED
Total 8

Support #
Bad Moon Weirdboy Battle Tower 2 - CONFIRMED
Battlewagon Squadron 4
Bikeboyz Mob 4
Blood Axe Land raider Squadron 1 - CONFIRMED
Blood Axe Rhino Squadron 1 - CONFIRMED
Bonebreaka Squadron 2
Bonecruncha Squadron 2
Braincrusha Squadron 2 - CONFIRMED
Evil Sunz Bowelburna Squadron 1 - CONFIRMED
Evil Sunz Gobsmasha Squadron 1 - CONFIRMED
Evil Sunz Spleenrippa Squadron 1 - CONFIRMED
Extra Ork Boyz 4 - CONFIRMED
Extra Ork Nobz 4
Gibletgrinda Battle Fortress 2 - CONFIRMED
Goff Gutrippa Squadron 1 - CONFIRMED
Goff Lungbursta Squadron 1
Gretchin Mob 2 - CONFIRMED
Hop-Splat Battery 2 - CONFIRMED
Madboyz Mob 2
Mekboy Bubble Chukka Speedsta 1 - CONFIRMED
Mekboy Dragster 1 - CONFIRMED
Mekboy Lifta Droppa Speedsta 1 - CONFIRMED
Mekboy Pulsa Rokkit Battery 2 - CONFIRMED
Mekboy Shokk Attack Gun Team 2 - CONFIRMED
Mekboy Speedsta 2 - CONFIRMED
Mekboy Tinbot Mob 2 - CONFIRMED
Nobz Warbikes 2
Ork Dreadnought Mob 3 - CONFIRMED
Scorcher Squadron 1 - CONFIRMED
Skullhamma Battle Fortress 2 - CONFIRMED
Snakebite Boarboyz Mob 1 - CONFIRMED
Snakebite Squiggoth Mob 2
Squig Katapult Battery 2 - CONFIRMED
Stompers Mob 2 - CONFIRMED
Stormboyz Korps 2 - CONFIRMED
Traktor Kannon Battery 1 - CONFIRMED
War Buggy Squadron 3 - CONFIRMED
Wartrak Squadron 2 - CONFIRMED
Wildboyz Mob 2 - CONFIRMED
Total 75


Company #
Squat Grand Battery 1 - CONFIRMED
Squat Iron Breaker Squadron 1 - CONFIRMED
Squat Warrior Brotherhood 3 - CONFIRMED
Squat Guild Biker Force 2 - CONFIRMED
Squat Goliath Super Heavy Artillery Battery 2 - CONFIRMED
Squat Air Attack Corps 2 - CONFIRMED
Iron Eagle Gyrocopter Wing 2 - CONFIRMED
Total 13

Special #
Squat Leviathan 1 - CONFIRMED
Grand Warlord 1 - CONFIRMED
Squat Colossus 2 - CONFIRMED
Living Ancestor 1 - CONFIRMED
Squat Land Train 2 - CONFIRMED
Total 7

Support #
Squat Rhinos 2 - CONFIRMED
Goliath Mega Cannon 2 - CONFIRMED
Squat Warriors 2 - CONFIRMED
Guild Bikers Squadron 2 - CONFIRMED
Guild Robot Unit 2 - CONFIRMED
Squat Mole Mortar Battery 2 - CONFIRMED
Overlord Armoured Airship 2 - CONFIRMED
Squat Tarantula Battery 2 - CONFIRMED
Squat Mole 1 - CONFIRMED
Squat Termite Unit 2 - CONFIRMED
Squat Berserkers 2 - CONFIRMED
Squat Rapier Battery 2 - CONFIRMED
Squat Thunderers 3 - CONFIRMED
Iron Eagle Gyrocopter Squadron 3
Guild Trike Squadron 2 - CONFIRMED
Squat Thudd Gun Battery 2 - CONFIRMED
Squat Land Train Battle Cars 3 - CONFIRMED
Total 36

Other Contents
Mekboy Gargant Data Card 1 - CONFIRMED
Great Gargant Data Card 1 - CONFIRMED
Slasher Gargant Data Card 1 - CONFIRMED
Pulsa Rocket / Gutbuster Large Template (12cm) 2 - CONFIRMED
Pulsa Rocket Small Template (6cm) 1 - CONFIRMED
Triangle Fire Template (snapper) 1 - CONFIRMED
Longer Tear Drop Fire Template (dragon) 1 - CONFIRMED
Cannon Ball 1 - CONFIRMED
Cannon Ball Skid Track 1 - CONFIRMED
Cannon Ball Sized Explosion (Squig Katapult) 1 - CONFIRMED
Mekboy Repair Cards 15
Bubble Chukka Tokens 14

Automatically Appended Next Post:
As a final update there is currently a mint unpunched copy of both Armies of the Imperium and Renegades up for grabs on ebay. I have neither the money or inclination to purchase them (that is unless Renegades continues to go for a UK penny!), but if anyone from this site does, please share breakdowns and photos before punching them!!!




The Renegades photo is interesting as it provides strong evidence that 18 Doomweaver tokens is the correct amount (9 on the visible unpunched card, and there will be two of this card sprue in the set, giving a total of 18).

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Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User

An update on what appears to be my solo project (!) to determine the box contents of the 2nd edition Epic Boxed Sets....

Found this listing on ebay:


Now I'm already pretty convinced that I have got the correct contents for Renegades from an army cards perspective, but looking at the photos on this listing helps with two more things:

i) It highlights that there are two sheets of Chaos cards and whilst you can only see one in its entirety it has 21 chaos cards on it. Double this up and you have 42 chaos cards, which I'm now fairly convinced is the total in the set. It also allows you to see in total 24 of the 42 cards in the set.
ii) It also shows there are definitely 18 Doomweaver web templates (although unlike my set all 18 have numbers on both sides).

Now the only thing that is slightly 'odd' about my set is that I have 2 'Tentacles' chaos cards, but I have a recollection that this was correct and the renegades set came with 2 'tentacles' cards for some reason.

I also have a second low quality set that I bought off ebay a few months back and this ALSO has 2 'tentacles' cards. Therefore I am fairly confident this is correct. However can anyone with the renegades set take a look at their chaos card set and see if they also have 2 tentacles cards? I think once this is confirmed I will be able to finalise my projected content list for Renegades.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Found another listing on ebay with 2 tentacles cards:


Therefore I think its probably safe to say there are two, although still interested to hear from other people....

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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Edmond Oklahoma


At Credulous request I have made a photo archive of the contents seen here:




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