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Blood Angel Terminator with Lightning Claws

North West Arkansas

To note, Wargames foundry also carries great paint sets!!

Crush your enemies, see them driven before you and to hear the lamentations of the women.

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a little bit of update information about Kromlech.
For those who do not know we have a web store now at http://bitsofwar.com/
and as You can see we have not only bits but models also
for SF and Fantasy alike

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Fixture of Dakka


I didn't see this in the list

They make 15mm and 28mm SF miniatures
Their powered armored marines look similar to the RT Space Marines

"That sound? That's the sound of me drinking all my paint and stabbing myself in the eyes with my brushes. "
My Doombringer Space Marine Army
Hello Kitty Space Marines project
Buddhist Space marine Project
Other Projects
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Hey Guys,

I've just bought out Effigy Miniatures and relaunched it as Black Dragon Miniatures. Please check out this cool line of minis.

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Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

Wargames Exclusive - basically a Chapterhouse type site with 40K themed HQ miniatures. Battle Sisters, Komissars - some death corps of krieg rip offs, space marine stuff. 40K with more cleavage basically. Resin, 28mm, bit pricey.


Edit - also some thousand sons terminators heads - nice!

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Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

Two sites with post apoc stuff - one more fantastical/falloutish
Thunderchild games
http://www.tcminiatures.co.uk (cheap resin)

Across the dead earth - human gangs
Made in us
Been Around the Block

kestral wrote:
Eureka miniatures has Shadowforge plus some other companies, wide range of scale and genres

Really a good site,think you.

Made in gb
Been Around the Block


Wargames Foundry


Rogue Trader

WWII Home Guard

Goblinaid Cash For Kevin!

Street Violence (Great for urban warfare)




Great for steam punk games..

Ex Citadel/


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Fresh-Faced New User

Their Vapor The almighty models help to make good Maritime.

Made in us
Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

Just came across http://www.harwoodhobbies.com They have two lines - a Sinbad line including some interesting Kali Cultists, and some Lovecraft figures - interesting in that you can buy characters in "Normal, Afraid, Armed, and Zombie versions. Very reasonable prices ($4-6 figure), nice sculpting, lists the size of each figure. Mostly 30-35 mm tall, thus decent 28mm I'd say.

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Fresh-Faced New User

Gemini Miniatures! Should I feel embarrassed about shamelessly promoting my own website on here? :-P www.geminiminiatures.co.uk

Made in us
Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

No, but you should add some details about what you have.
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Longtime Dakkanaut

You forgot Thunderbolt Mountain Miniatures, the company of ex Ral Partha and Citadel sculptor Tom Meier.

He produces what are probably the best like of Elves and Orcs/Goblins in existence (in 30mm), and he owns the rights to, and produces, the old King Arthur 25mm line from Ral Partha. The King Arthur line is not a Post-Roman Britain line, but a high-medieval line of Arthurian miniatures, including every knight from Le Morte d'Arthur, and the Grail Quest.

The King Arthur line is going to look tiny compared to what people call "25 mm" these days.

 kestral wrote:
Just found "East Riding Miniatures". ERM. They have a 28mm range, or so they say, though I somewhat suspicious since the range is referred to ERM 25. Anyway, you have some bald guys in space suits (looks good for gene stealer cult), some pulp figures, some colonial marines, aliens and space suit folks.


Automatically Appended Next Post:
Very cheap though - $1.50 a figure roughly.

Not to mention some of the best Saxons currently in existence.

The Saxons mix well with the Eureka Beowulf line, which gives one of the best and most detailed lines of Saxons in existence.

For Fantasy LotR players, they mix well with the Rohirrim, to provide a full Éoherë (The miniatures done by GW for the Rohirrim would represent the standing Éoreds of each March, of which there were three for each Marshall - or a Total of Twelve, including the Guard, or 2,400 men). The ERM mounted Saxons would represent the non-standing Éoreds, which tended to be more poorly equipped - there were around 100 of these more poorly equipped Éoreds.

The Complete Army of the Éotheod, or "Rohirrim" would have been 100 - 120 Éoreds, making up an Éoherë of around 10,000 - 12,000 men. With an Éored being between 80 and 300 Horsemen - depending upon the station and role of the Éored

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Veteran Wolf Guard Squad Leader


Guys, does anyone know of any of the companies on the list that produce space marine legs? I'm specifically looking for kneeling legs, to model the 1st rank of a squad kneeeling and firing. I've sourced some from Kromlech but they're not quite what I'm after. Any pointers appreciated. Thanks

I let the dogs out 
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Shroomin Brain Boy

Berlin Germany

Anvil industry is your solution here...

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Veteran Wolf Guard Squad Leader


 Viktor von Domm wrote:
Anvil industry is your solution here...

Thanks a mill man, they have exactly what I'm looking for! The rest of their stuff has great potential for conversions too.

I let the dogs out 
Made in de
Shroomin Brain Boy

Berlin Germany

My pleasure

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Lurking Gaunt

Thank you!!!


Hive Fleet Pyro: 2150 points  
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Swamp Troll

San Diego

Here's a few more for the list.. I only checked them against the OP so if someone else mentioned them, sorry..

Spellcrow - http://www.spellcrow.com/ Fantasy and Gothic Sci-Fi/40k (note, I've had shipping problems with them in the past)

Titan-Forge - http://titan-forge.com/index.php steampunk and alternative fantasy plus some 40kish sci-fi

Blightwheel - Some pretty cool futuristic sci-fi with slightly different takes on 40k tropes http://www.blightwheelminiatures.com/

Blackball Games - Weird War 2, Cthullu, other cool stuff http://blackballgames.bigcartel.com/

Blackcat Bases - All kinds of sci-fi miniatures, interior detailing terrain for modern, bases, and more http://blackcatbases.com/

Crooked Dice - http://www.crooked-dice.co.uk/wp/products-page/ Pulp, sci-fi, and superheroish type stuff

Black Hat - http://www.blackhat.co.uk/online_shop/index.php?cPath=121_182&osCsid=a54fbcc5147d184710366205dbf3d27a
They carry Cobalt sci-fi.. some pretty impressive indie models with some interesting aliens

Zombiesmith - cool sci-fi .. they have quar and in the sci-fi section A7D12 has a lot of interesting aliens and robots and whatnot http://www.zombiesmith.com/

Secret Weapon - They have a cool sci-fi tank/vehicle and conversion parts http://www.secretweaponminiatures.com/index.php?main_page=products_new

Reaper should really have something in Sci-Fi because they have a ton of Sci-Fi models..

Empress - Modern, non-sci-fi but 28mm scale vehicles etc that make for some great near-future scenarios http://www.empressminiatures.com/userimages/procart42.htm

Scotia Grendel - Void and Kryomek sci-fi plus a bunch of terrain. They also have new fantasy stuff being produced

Daemonscape - Sci-Fi 6,15,20,28mm scenery and vehicles. I think this is all the old GZG 28mm

Clear Horizon - Primarily 15mm with a 28mm vehicle on pre-order http://clearhorizonminiatures.com/shop/product-category/28mm/

Old Glory - Lots of variety.. sci-fi superhero to pulp etc http://www.oldgloryminiatures.com/categories.asp?cat=47

Warchimera - Alternative model for the chimera and hydra http://www.warchimera.com/

Onslaught Minis http://www.onslaughtmini.com/# 6mm 40k epic compatible

Omni-Miniatures - They've got the old Hydrissians.. interesting aliens etc http://www.angelfire.com/omniminiatures/items-for-sale.html

Gangfight Game Studios - Mechadrome.. big robots.. http://store.gangfightgames.com/mechadrome/?price_min=0&price_max=42&sort=featured

Thon - Hard Sci-Fi .. as far as I know they are actually open for business, though their full range isn't quite up yet http://www.thonthegame.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html

Proxie Models - Interesting range of affordable bases, terrain, and even figures. http://www.proxiemodels.com/store2/index.php?route=product/category&path=18_45

Pardulon - Neat 28mm sci-fi vehicles and various terrain http://pardulon-models.com/en/

Blue Moon Manufacturing - Huuuuuge selection Sci-Fi and a lot more https://www.bluemoonmanufacturing.com/index.php?cat_id=24&catname=28mm+Aliens+and+Spacemen

Zealot - Miniatures from sci-fi and fantasy and bits and terrain. Lots of variety and they distribute for some obscure companies as well. http://www.zealotminiatures.co.uk/shop.php

aberrant games - Home of Rezolution sci-fi http://store.aberrantgames.com/

I have quite a bit more but I think that's probably enough for now

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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

No one has mentioned Essex, or Museum miniatures for Historicals.

Made in us
Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

Not a company per se, but a way to get some hard to find ranges: http://www.fighting15sshop.co.uk Carries Eureka and Laughing Monk

Made in ie
Veteran Wolf Guard Squad Leader


I'm looking to get some alternatives to GW jet /jump packs for my Skyclaws. Looking for something much more slim and compact. I'm searching around the various sites, but if anyone knows of anyhing that fits the bill, be much appreciated if you can let me know. Thanks

Not particular on whether it has jets or fans.I deally looking for something about this size of a Seraphim Jump pack. These ones from Haslefree Miniatures are the most suitable I've found so far, except as they're designed to fit Squat equivalents I figured they'd look a bit too small on a marine...
[Thumb - Capture.JPG]

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I let the dogs out 
Made in de
Shroomin Brain Boy

Berlin Germany

maxmini has some...but mostly just for marines...

and i always think lego could be a good alternative...

and crooked dice has this one...

Made in ie
Veteran Wolf Guard Squad Leader


Shieldwolf miniatures -Complete Fantasy miniature regiments, monsters and characters. Ranges include undead, chaos, orcs and goblins, lizardmen, humans including barbarians, Arabic warriors, ogres, and a decent range of monsters for these various armies. Their heavy skeleton infantry and great wolf pack are especially good. http://www.shieldwolfminiatures.com/index.php

I let the dogs out 
Made in ie
Veteran Wolf Guard Squad Leader


TableTopWorld -Fantasy Scenery. Range includes complete buildings, interior decor and exterior objects like tombstones and goods piles. And having scoured through every link on this thread, I'll just add the TapbleTopWorld stuff is simply the best scenery I've seen -a notch better than anything else out there, imo. The buildings have removable roofs for interior modelling...and fighting inside them of course. http://www.tabletop-world.com/index.php

I let the dogs out 
Made in us
Violent Space Marine Dedicated to Khorne


Another to add to the list.
Made in ie
Fickle Fury of Chaos

The Unliveable Zone

A very useful reference, thanks for putting it up.

Made in us
Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

http://moonrakerminiatures.com/ Some of the Eu4 line has migrated here, but they have more figures than they used to - excellent ones for those who love old style 40K/rogue trader stuff - civilians, lots of beast men with guns for 1.5 pounds each - nice!

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Not sure if they are mentioned earlier, but I feel I would be remiss not to mention that I have discovered that Rafm (rafm.com) has such gems as "Cyber Ork Command"! Not sure about scale but they have what looks like a clear cyclone terminator rip off, and that implies something like 28mm

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Longtime Dakkanaut


Need some help finding a set of models I saw a couple of years back. They were these super grimdark looking not-mechanicus models that looked like terminators (at least scalewise, possibly bigger), full plate armor, robes and I want to say cog axes.

I looked through the links in this thread and can't find them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Made in de
Shroomin Brain Boy

Berlin Germany

you probably don´t have a pic for guidance at hand, don´t you?

but from that
super grimdark looking not-mechanicus models that looked like terminators
i think anthing from



could be the stuff you´re after...

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