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Made in ca

Calgary, Alberta

Currently working on putting together a Rogue Trader campaign to run for some friends. They each get a squad of their chosen RT faction, so 10ish dudes and a transport.

Next to collecting all of the printed RT matieral, the toughest part has been that I decided to write up my own planet for them to squabble over. This hasn't been too challenging, but time consuming. The biggest real challenge has been in avoiding getting sucked in to unnecessary levels of detail regarding background. Having a background in Dungeons and Dragons, it's been difficult at times to remember that RT is a skirmish game first with role-play elements second.

Once I've finished all my prep-work and actually gotten things underway, I'd like to undertake a revision of Rogue Trader, condensing the rules from their various sources and drafting some codex-esque booklets for each of the armies, adding in the new factions that have come since such as Necrons and Tau.

Edit: Feel I should clarify that I'm referring to 40k: Rogue Trader, as in 1st edition, rather than the RT RPG.

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You Sunk My Battleship!

If you ever get around to crunching that, do start a thread here somewhere. I'd love to follow your progress. We did some similar stuff in 4th edition time, having missed the whacky flavor of RT.

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i have idea for those of you who want to do use of old minis

you can omit my comments (they are plain personal toward myself xDDD ;DDD



here is Alternative rules for use
- Assault marines (you are gonna need about 40 or so of these !)
- Marine Scouts (oop metal figures with "gladius" weapon are still cool !)

- a Wraithlord or 2
- Wraithblade in numbers about 10 or 12
- a few Deathmarks or Tomb blades

- as well Eldar Guardians or Black Guardians

the alternative rules let you use "different army units, in one army"

"you can expect new units (i think i would different other units later

Cheers !

"what's bad - i didnt say it , thoo !"

Made in ie
Hoary Long Fang with Lascannon


 Apologist wrote:

So, we've got Thrugg Bullneck's ork raiders:

Superb, I prefer the toned down look of these to the current orks. Padded jackets>T shirts!

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I let the dogs out 
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Fresh-Faced New User

btw "Gladius relic of war" the screenshots in a game review "have burned my brain" really,

i am downloading "Dawn of War 1" , to play some, (now i reminded myself, almost 15 years ago playing Dawn of war, it felt the Defiler is shocking, but it didnt shock in table game

(in dark crusade ch marines screaming "Raid their backs !" it's even funny. i never learned to use "gates" for eldar in dark crusade ))

Gladius is really overloaded, the citadel build and the game screenshots, it's i think "excessive" a bit in some manner

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plastic decoration for wood and jungle, i think it's cheap enough and cool , if you want to build a imperial army Scenery

i think the Tyranids should be able to climb buildings , thats my guess.

a 20 meter Riptide would collapse a building , thats my guess


it's a polish ebay, but i think it's really cheap, even with shipping. I bought almost 100 catachans , in ebay it would cost me around 2000 £.
dont know about registration but the range on this page is great

"good choice"

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Made in au
Anti-Armour Swiss Guard

Newcastle, OZ

Epic is still being played by my club.
As is olderschool Necromunda and we have a yearly 2nd ed tournament, too.

BFG has just had a resurgence, too.

No school like oldschool.

I'm 50.
Old enough to know better, young enough to not give a ****.

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... and yet, with strange aeons, even death may die.
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Dakka Veteran

Charleston, SC, USA

Not sure if this counts, but I'm building an underway board for my Skaven to fight my friend's Night Goblins in the old world.

We're just going to use the newcromunda rules, and shadespire models.

Eventually I will add Dwarfs. 3 way little person fight!
Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Charleston, SC, USA

A WIP shot.

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Warwick Kinrade


Our 2nd Ed Revival Project continues with the arrival of Da Boyz:


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