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Here you are! The riders are Guardswomen by Victoria Miniatures. The firearms are from Mad Robot and GW, and I think the melee weapons (not the lances, those are from Victoria) are as well. The mounts are cheap dinosaur toys from Toysmith (had I not found those, I was going to order Cold Ones), and the saddle packs and bases are Crayola Model Magic. I really love them, but I've had no luck with them on the battlefield, but that's been true for my Guard in general.

[Thumb - RRiders1.jpg]

[Thumb - RRiders2.jpg]

[Thumb - Rriders3.jpg]

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My first story, Patricia and the Black Legion:
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Thanks for sharing. A really cool idea, I love them.
While I have a bunch of rough riders and plan on getting more I haven't played so far and don't expect them to peform excellent. Then again they remain ihr of my favourite units in the fluff

~2800 build and painted 
Made in de
Storm Trooper with Maglight

New stuff (yeah!):

First of a nice Tauros Venator proxy from Puppetswar:

I tried a sharded camo this time which looks pretty nice I think. Also a bit of an experiment with the decals on the turret sites.
I did a bit more variation for the armament (twin missile launcher, twin lascannon, twin multimelter, twin heavy bolter) all of which would be pretty nice on such a fast little scout.
The vehicles name is "Osuyiani", which is the Massai word for the african wild dog. I found it fitting since with the missile launchers it looks a bit like the wild dog with its big round ears.

The next one has an own short story snippet:
As she entered the hangar that currently served the regiment as garage and workshop, a N’GoNi mechanic that was just sitting in a corner with a cup of recaff sprang into attention and saluted snappily, announcing unnecessary loud “Good evening my LORD COMMISSAR JACQUARD! Would you like to join me on a nice cup of recaff in our break room? Some biskuits maybe?” In the back of the workshop she could hear a muffled “Dammit…” followed by the characteristic noise of someone trying to pull a tarpaulin over a large object without making a sound – a fruitless effort as always. It was obvious that something dodgy was going on here, yet her intuition told her that it was not rebellion brewing but more likely some of the usual mischief going on with the Askaris and their notorious ways of improving their equipment situation. The usual code of conduct taught at the Schola would have been as swift as it was violent, but out here it was her command and over the last months the Askaris had earned enough of her trust to have the benefit of the doubt. They might be very… unconventional, but their loyalty to the imperium seemed unquestioned. “I’ll take the recaff and a nice little tour to the back of your workshop. It’s always interesting what you pick up along the way…” She answered with a warning undertone that made clear that the uncommissarily patience she had shown with her bolter so far might run out soon if they tried to make a fool out of her. The N’GoNi looked a bit shaken and nodded, as they made their way to the darker corner of the hangar where another two Askaris stood suspiciously disinterested beside a scout car shaped tarpaulin.

The… thing in front of her looked like some madman had wielded, stapled and glued together whatever he had found lying around on a scrapyard, and the bright red color all over it completed her assumption about it’s origin. “Care to explain what you got there?” “It’s… umm… it might be… a militia vehicle? I mean, it certainly looks civilian doesn’t it?” She couldn’t help but smile and shake her head. “OK, I’ll bite. But how on earth did you bring it here? I though those don’t work without… you know…” Her question was answered by a high pitched little shriek from under the engine hood, that was quickly silenced by a healthy slap on the metal plate and a muffled “shut up!”. “We… errr… are trying to find …. a workaround?” The engineers looked to her pleadingly and added “In the end, it will likely explode itself or be blown up within the next 2 days anyway, we might as well use it to draw some fire, don’t you think?”

Meanwhile a couple of miles away an Orkboy was in the process of making a grots life really miserable “Stinky ya stupid snot!!! Some Gitt nikked our buggy! And whe da hell is Squeaky?”

An Ork Buggy from Puppetswar. I really like orky conversions of looted vehicles so I thought "why not looting back?" so here we have an ork vehicle that was "found", with some imperial eagles slapped on and will count as Tauros Assault vehicle. the red, yellow and green are contrast which made it pretty easy to paint. The weapons were kitbashed. Upper left and lower right are intended to be a heavy flamer (from a Chimera turret), the other two are the Tauros Grenade launcher (whose stats look like two infantry grenade launchers slapped together so that's what I did).

~2800 build and painted 
Made in au
Storm Trooper with Maglight

Nice additions, there's a lot of contrast between them! Osuyiani so high tech it'd look great with your stormies. Twin grenade launcher just suits the re-looted orky one so well. And the imperial skull on the front makes a lot of sense becasue it might well stop friendly fire!

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Storm Trooper with Maglight

Nice snippet, very funny.

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Storm Trooper with Maglight

Aoroatea IV is a rather beautiful planet, in the same subsector as Thoth and covered with a large ocean, shallow corall reefs and countless islands. Unfortunatly it also possesses a rather high gravity and thus is only settled by a comparatively huge Ogryn population decendant from Abhumans left behind after the Maccharian crusade. Often isolated on their separate archipelagos on their world, the Ogryns have devolped a variety of distinct cultures which often include a rich and highly complex ritualistic life. Tattoos and similar markings are widespread and connected to various achievements and innitation rituals, as are rather impressive and intimidating greeting ceremonies that often resemble feinted attacks.
When the imperium first made contact to Aoroatea IV this caused a misunderstanding with the imperial envoy opening fire on the suspected attacking Ogryns which in turn led to the untimely death of said imperial representative. When the Askaris were sent to retaliate for this attack, they instead realized similarities to parts of their own tribal culture and managed to react in a way that ultimately led to the compliance of the Abhuman world. Due to the strategic value of the giants the punitive mission was cancelled and the world instead integrated into the Askaris recruitment folder.

As described in another threat, my take on some Maori styled Bullgryns. The weapons are (from above to below): Nifo'oti (Samoan), Tewhatewha (Maori), Wahaiki (Maori). For the tattoos I looked at various pictures of traditional Maori, Samoan and Polynesian tattoos and tried to combine some of their shapes and patterns.
The feathers were a spontaneous idea by my wife, and I really like the additional flair they give the big boys. The beautiful beach bases are from Microartsstudio.

I tried to print out the "fiery lotos" on their backs and shields on decal paper for printers (first try with those) but my printer was not precise enough, so I did them freehand (the result is not too bad I think). But in general such decal paper seems to have potential, if you have some larger image you want to apply or if you have a really good printer.

I had some more tribal markings on the armor in mind, but I think it would be too much. Maybe on the next Maogryns I do. At most I might still add a little Tiki later on.

~2800 build and painted 
Made in de
Regular Dakkanaut


The Maogryns turned out really good. Weapons, Tats, Haka faces look great.
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Storm Trooper with Maglight

Junior Commissar Butch Baker

Butch was born and raised on Catachan and spend a good amount of his youth training in a local schola progenium facility. The unconventional way of his homeplanets soldiers had an obvious influence on his interpretation of his role as beacon of morale and his view towards the military chain of command and code of conduct, which led to some problems when the freshly graduated junior commissar was first deployed in a regular Astra Militarum regiment. While his exploits led to numerous complaints by the officers of his attached regiment, it also raised the interest of Lord Commissar Jacquard, as she was looking for fitting candidates to support her deployment to the Thoth Askaris. Being transfered to the newfounded regimento, Butch adjusted to his new comrades in no time and showed a talent for striking just the right tone to bring out the best out of his charges. Needless to say that there were multiple ways in which he managed to raise morale...
Butch was a pretty nice model. I tried some new skintone on him and the pose is just funny. The head he is standing on is from Scibor

Sister Leonora

Sister Leonora is a veteran member of the Orders Sabine - dedicated to serve the Missionaria Galaxia and their quest to spread the imperial faith unto new discovered worlds. More of a fighter than a diplomat, she was oftern send to feudal and feral worlds, were the fighting monstrosities and demons surrounded by an angelic halo might serve the faith as well as careful counsel and rhetoric finesse on more developed planets. Her latest - and due to her age starting to show possibly last - mission send her to Thoth alongside Missionary Hakeem and another two lesser members of her order. While both - the Battlesister and the Priest - took a while to warm up to each other, they learned to appreciate and respect the others strengths and together became more than the sum of their parts. Where Hakeem became a spiritual icon and leader, she was soon known and respected as the personification ot the skyfathers vigilance and protection. Seeing Thoth not only return into the imperial fold but also stay loyal when so many worlds of the segmentum pacificus fell into anarchy during the night of the thousand rebellions felt like the greatest accomplishment and a worthy end to a long and fullfilled carrier. Thus Leonora decided to join the Askaris on their mission to redeem their ancestors.


Leonora is the "Demon Huntress" from Anvil, the other two are their "Knights". I'm not completely sure what they will be on the tabletop.
Fluffwise Leonora is intended as Sister of the Order Sabine and the other two dudettes as her bodyguards. So maybe a Canoness with two Crusaders? Or a "counts as Gotfred de Montbard" or maybe a Missionary (but that would be quite a stretch with her equipment). Depending on who I play and how he feels about homebrew rules the best reflection might be a Canoness with two Palatines as in Sister Sidneys SoB rules:
But since souping seems to be really discouraged in 9th edition they all might end up as 08/15 crusaders.
Anyway: beautiful minis and pretty fun to paint them up.

~2800 build and painted 
Made in au
Storm Trooper with Maglight

Commisar is nicely painted, Butch has a real outdoor tan there!

Demon hunter Leonora- beautiful, just beautiful, really really nice job, and such a cool figure.

Knights- they suit with their commander so well. so badass and well what can I say? Love em, very well done, very cool.

I might have to add that Burning Rose attachment afterall...

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