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Back then. Studios now want everything to be the next MCU or Fast and the Furious. There are almost no mid-budget movies being made now compared to back then. I agree it’s a shame. It makes the movie scene feel stale.

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There are still a fair number of mid-budget films. That market has simply shifted into the indie and small studio scene, so the films get a lot less publicity and aren't backed by mass marketing. Many don't even get reviewed by critics until weeks or months after their release.

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Netflix, hulu, hbo max, amazon prime, etc etc... They are making all those mid level movies. A lot of which are good. (Also a lot of which are bad. But that has always been true of everything).

These are my opinions. This is how I feel. Others may feel differently. This needs to be stated for some reason.
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Given the large differences between the various actors and styles of the Bond films I see no reason at all why a black, gay, female (or combination of these) would not work.

Apart from the theme tune there is no longer anything that really stands out about the series for me.


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 Dysartes wrote:
Does the stealth ship from Tomorrow Never Dies not qualify for that, FrozenDwarf?

In prinsiple, yes, but i personly do not like it, i would have liked it if it was a submarine.

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 Lance845 wrote:
QOS was made during the middle of the writers strike with Craig and the director coming up with shots, dialog, and plot each day on the set doing the shooting.

QOS is frankly amazing considering how it was made.

That stuff improves my trivia game, but still doesn't make me like the movie any more.

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