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Land Raider Pilot on Cruise Control


Benamint +1

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Dakka Veteran

North East (Erie), PA, USA

madman12367 +1

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Madman12367 +1
Pretty simple and easy trade.

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The Purge
Vracksian Renegades
WAAAAAGH Scrappa Death Skullz  
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Death-Dealing Devastator

Wichita Falls, TX

+1 to Head_Hunter7025

great trader, definitely would trade again ^_^

Capellanus Lemartes Speramus  
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Bounding Black Templar Assault Marine


Viagrus +1

Wonderful person to deal with.

made one of my first trades here a great experience.


Successful Trades: 10+
With: Iboshi2, TheMostWize, djphranq, Sekai(more then one), Viagrus(2), Jackswift, LordofRust, UltramarineFTW (said I was an 'Awesome trader and awesome painter '), DeJolly, NightReaver, necrotes
Thanks for helping make my son have a wonderful birthday: TheMostWize, djphranq, Pnyxpresss

Goremaul wrote:I... I think you are my hero.
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Been Around the Block

+1 to NeonHate

With blood and rage of crimson red,
Ripped from a corpse so freshly dead,
Together with our hellish hate,
We'll burn you all--That is your fate!

I am Red/Black
Made in au
Been Around the Block

+1 ancientsociety

Re Dirz Warstaff. Many thanks.
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Imperial Recruit in Training

Mortarion's Herald, 1 trade, flawless!!!
Made in us
Troubled By Non-Compliant Worlds

Mattoon, Illinois

Envy89 : A great dakka user, had 1 wonderful trade!

GW 2016 is like meeting your old frigid girlfriend in a bar, and she's drunk, had a makeover, and is telling you dirty jokes. Suddenly you remember why you loved her. - Tamereth 
Made in ca
Longtime Dakkanaut

Calgary, AB

Transaction report:
with natefoo:
type: purchase
rate: awesome deal
shipping: bit pricey
shipping speed: near immediate, aprox one-week turn-around (from states to canada)
comments: Shipping was near immediate after payment and arrived fairly quickly. Shipping was more expensive than i might have liked, but I could have thrown the box down a flight of stairs a few times and the goods would have been fine.

Reccomend Natefoo for future trades. Natefoo is also on bartertown.

15 successful trades as a buyer;
16 successful trades as a seller;

To glimpse the future, you must look to the past and understand it. Names may change, but human behavior repeats itself. Prophetic insight is nothing more than profound hindsight.

It doesn't matter how bloody far the apple falls from the tree. If the apple fell off of a Granny Smith, that apple is going to grow into a Granny bloody Smith. The only difference is whether that apple grows in the shade of the tree it fell from. 
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Trigger-Happy Baal Predator Pilot

Ft Bragg

Redfinger : 1 Trade

I purchased two transports and a bunch of foam, the items arrived quickly and were well packed, good communication as well. I wouid definitely buy from him again.

Made in us
Androgynous Daemon Prince of Slaanesh

Norwalk, Connecticut

+1 for HappyGrunt, good trader and quite willing to wait for all the time I was out on the road for work. Very easy to communicate with.

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Reality is a nice place to visit, but I'd hate to live there.

Manchu wrote:I'm a Catholic. We eat our God.

Due to work, I can usually only ship any sales or trades out on Saturday morning. Please trade/purchase with this in mind.  
Made in us
Calculating Commissar

+1 to Timetowaste85. Very experienced and great communication. Would gladly trade with him again.

40k: IG "The Poli-Aima 1st" ~3500pts (and various allies)
X-Wing (Empire Strong)
 Ouze wrote:
I can't wait to buy one of these, open the box, peek at the sprues, and then put it back in the box and store it unpainted for years.
Made in gb
Boosting Space Marine Biker


Panic +1

Chrisharris +1

ANYONE FROM NORTH WALES, PM FOR GAMING GROUP INVITE http://rhyl40k.aforumfree.com/forum.htm COME JOIN US!  
Made in us
Flashy Flashgitz


lance002 +1 trade

Got a couple of iron warriors off of him.

7 Armies 30,000+

, , , , , , ,  
Made in us
Pragmatic Collabirator

Dayton Ohio

Nuul Nalio +1

Great Communication and Great trade! Thanks!
Made in us
Death-Dealing Dark Angels Devastator

San Jose, CA

CageUF +1 for a great sale
Made in us
Hungry Little Ripper


blood angel +1

My first trade went exceptionally well thanks to Blood Angel!

2000pt Tyranid Swarm
2500pt Salamanders *For Sale*
Made in us
Devastating Dark Reaper


+1 Truffle, bought some Kasrkin, arrived as expected. Pleasant to work with.

Night Lords Renegades 2.5k
Ulthwe Craftworld 10k
Kabal of the Shattered Star 5k
Grey Knights 5k
Order of Our Martyred Lady 5k

Swap Shop Trades 
Made in us
Stealthy Space Wolves Scout

Lincolnton, NC

+1 Kingman Highborn

120 Successful trades on Dakka Dakka ........and looking forward to more

Space Wolves - Ragnar's Great Company - 25,010 Points 
Made in us

Springfield, IL

+1 ClintonG

Pleasure doing business with him!

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Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

I've been trading here on dakka for a while and didn't know about this list...
So I've gone through my PMs and made a list of people I've traded with and everythings been great!

* cptcortez128
* Etharin
* Fra3ture
* endtransmission
* scott-S6
* Moonshine
* GoreChild
* notprop
* Arakasi
* wiper
* perkustin
* Lilloser


Made in us
Death-Dealing Devastator


Porkuslime +1 great seller and great communication

Made in us
Missionary On A Mission

Greensburg, PA

+1 CalamityCal.
Everything shipped when promised and packaged well. Good communication.

Made in us
Raging-on-the-Inside Blood Angel Sergeant

+1 enduro
Made in gb
Rough Rider with Boomstick


+1 Angel_of_Rust sold unused guard models to. Great communication no problems.

Made in us
Bounding Assault Marine

Redlands, California

hawkeye 1 trade- Our trade went very well. I would trade with again.

Beakie Space Marine P&M Blog
Made in us

East Lansing, Michigan

+1 for Homenutt: very quick and highly negotiable!
Made in us
Tough-as-Nails Ork Boy

Miami Beach, Fl

+1 to warriorpriest a great trader and an exceptionally nice person. Was in contact with me throughout the transaction asking for my input for terrain he built me. I will be deling with him in future.

You could strap a pantsless ork on something and make it look Imperial with enough Aquillas and Purity Seals. -Da Butcher

Apple: There's an app for that? Orkz: There'z a squig fer that. -Croaker 
Made in us
Tough Tyrant Guard


Fizzics 1 trade. Great guy.

Made in ca
Flashy Flashgitz

BuFFo : 1 great trade!
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