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"Da Flying Megabeast": Mosby's scratchbuilt Ork Heavy Blasta Bommer  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in nl
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The size of the games at my local gaming club is shifting from regular games of 1200 pts to Escalation games of 2500 or more and the occasional Apocalypse game of 10K+. My DKoK is suited for this as it has enough super-heavies, but my orks are somewhat lacking in this area, with only a Killa-Blasta-tank. I am in the planning face of my Skullhamma fortress and couldn't help to see some of the bits I had lying around which were more suitable to build a big flyer.
Leaving through IA:8 I stumbled on the Heavy Blasta bommer. What's not to love about these rules and the possible model you can make for it. Well of course there is no model on the market and apart from converting a Marauder destroyer there's not much you can do then building it yourself. The Marauder has always been one of my favorite flyers and so I chose to let its design influence mine. Albeit, more bulky, fat and more dakka. And of course it should be orky!

Gathering my bits and un-build models I laid them out on the table and something resembling a bomber was there before me.

Apart from a pletoria of bits & pieces I will use a complete set of a Dakkajet as well as the leftovers from a second. Furtheremore there are the engines of a Valkyrie and parts from a Thunderbolt which I once bought on a boot-sale. There will be loads of armament in the nose with bombs under the wings and some turrets on the back. Unfortunately I won't be able to fit the 8 pods with shootas which are in the rules but I hope my opponents will forgive me for that .

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Here's the progress so far.

First I set out building the general layout for the hull. Cutting apart the Dakkajet and placing it around the thunderbolt. Enlarging the wings by joining the Thunderbolt's with those of the Dakkajet and putting the engines in between. The same was done for the tailefin which turned out to be suitably big. I like it!

This is how it turned out, and a second picture with a Dakkajet for scale.

The general layout of the bommer in place it was time to fill in the gaps. And there are many gaps which require a load of plasticard and bits...and time, much time. So far I have managed to close most of the belly of the beast. But before doing that I created the most fun part of the model, the Death Arsenal (3d6's worth of S9 AP3 shooting). Which means loads and loads of guns. And here's where the Blasta bommer resembles the Marauder destroyer. I placed the big autoguns from the Dakkajet and those from a Flakkagun at the side with rockets and smaller guns in the center. This sort of looks like a menacing jaw, which is just what I like

What do you guys think about it so far?

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Made in nl
Dakka Veteran


A little update. The plane now has an underside:

And is starting to look like a proper plane. First I installed a frame.

Next came a lot of carefully cut plasticard:

And the first load of bits to create the exhausts.

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Haha, this is awesome! Subbed

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Yellin' Yoof

Bexhill East Sussex

Looking awesome so far can't wait to see more

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Made in nl
Dakka Veteran


Thanks lads, I can't wait to put it on the table for the first time. The model is completely build at the moment (apart then from a few bits I was missing for the rear-gunner turrets). I added loads of rivets and the payload consisting of 4 bombs, 2 grot-bombs and 6 more rokkits. The flying base is currently being built as well with two more bombs on the stem

Here she's, let me present you "Da Flying Megabeast".

Next step will be putting on loads of greenstuff to fill all the gaps and cracks. Then it is on to a primer and a nice red base-color.

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Made in nl
Dakka Veteran


A little update. I've given the model its basecoat (red on top, black underneath). Then a heavy drybrush for the engines, painted the exhausts in their basecolors and given the red a wash.....which was not such a wise idea as now the red has to be re-painted again. A well, the Megabeast looks very different with some colors on it. As you can see one turret is missing and the rear turret has no grot gunner manning it. I hope to receive the parts to complete these tomorrow so I can complete it. Then it is only painting

And a picture with the Dakkajet in the background for scale purposes. It shows the Bommer is almost twice as long and more then twice as wide.
Below a picture of the gun loadout in the nose

Made in us
Robot Cat


Yeah, that is pretty sweet!
Made in us
Waaagh! Warbiker

Maryland, US

Love it!

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Made in nl
Dakka Veteran


Having returned from a short holiday I've started painting again on 'The Flying Megabeast'. The basecolors are on and I'm working on the first layer of highlights (one wing done). Next to that I've done the first couple of layers on the exhausts. They still need a metal highlight, layer of rust and last layer of smoke. I've also started on the obligatory checkers. Lot of work to get them right with this amount, but the first ones are in place and await tiding up before I can start the highlighting on them.
I've also gotten hold of the parts needed to complete the second and third turret thus allowing me to finish those. The canopies have their base color and highlight, now for some weathering and damage.

It's a lot of work, all in all, but a blast to paint. And tonight it is getting its debute on the table

What do you guys think? Is it too red, should I add more subdued colors?

Made in lv
Regular Dakkanaut

Made in nl
Dakka Veteran


Played my first game with the Blasta bomber yesterday. Since it was a small game I decided not to use any bombs and only add a Fighter ace.

The Bomber's "Death Arsenal" sounds gruesome, but since it is only at BS2 and the bomber doesn't get strafing run only 1/3 of the 3D6 shots will hit. The first run allowed me to get three wounds off of an Avatar, the second only two. The big shootas will make for a load of dice (12 for each side) but likewise only marginal results. So all in all this monster is certainly not worth its points, but it is a lot of fun nevertheless, and that (+ the cool factor) is what counts

Made in us
Bonkers Buggy Driver with Rockets

Houston, TX

Wow! Excellent work. This thread needs some respect and some serious love for this epic conversion.

I think it turned out great. A nice idea, well executed. Job's a good 'un!

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Made in nl
Dakka Veteran


Thanks a lot Riddle.

I've continued on the paintjob and will post some more pictures soon.

Made in us
Krazed Killa Kan

What's a "subdued color"? Are you sure you're an ork?

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Very nice! Now I want to build one.
Made in us
Dakka Veteran


 Warboss_Waaazag wrote:
What's a "subdued color"? Are you sure you're an ork?

Of course I am. I like to tinker with bit 'n pieces (currently building a Battlefortress with loads of firepower).

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