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Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

I have soooo many incomplete projects...
I thought Assassinorum Execution Force would make a good contained project to 'get done'
It has only 24 miniatures to paint.
4 assassins
1 Lord 1 familiar, 3 CSM and 15 Cultists.

And as a extra short cut I borrowed 8 Cultists from my 'Cult of Dirt' <- click and look
Only 16 guys to paint!! woot!

The game comes with 3 old crappy CSM so I replaced those with CSM from the dark vengence starter set.
The game also comes with lots of cultist duplicates, so Swapped out some of the other Dark vengence models and did couple of head swaps.

Round 1 - Fight.
Going for a super quick project I spray painted the CSM and Lord silver, Cultists green and Assassins Blue

The bases are by forge craft games <- click and look
well mostly they are... I used 15 25mm bases for the cultists and a converted 40mm base for the Lord.
I used a push mold to copy/work their design to the 30mm bases for the CSM and Assassins.

Round 2 - Fight.
inked and block colours

Final Round ... Fight.
Inking and highlights
Assassins Done!

Chaos Done!

I played the game 3 times now, it's pretty good.
I'll get some in game Photos as soon as I play somewhere with decent light


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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Awesome results. That last group shot is fantastic.
Made in gb
Crazed Flagellant

Hertfordshire, England

Awesome stuff dude!

I rember having metal versions of the Vindicare and Eversor and trying so hard to get a cool paint job, the simplicity of yours done to such a standard just wows me

Every day I learn something new! But I forget 2 things I knew yesterday 
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

So the first time I played we didn't use any minis from the box.
I swapped in CSM and cultists from my 40k army and the cult of dirt to make up the bad guys.
ArbitorIan painted up 4 assassins to play as the good guys.
You can see his amazing 1 day paint project here <----

These games were in a pub so the photos are not great....

First Game.

It was a hard battle.
Only two assassins made it to face off against the sorcerer.
It looked like defeat... The Lord was about to kill the last assassin...
But the assassin activated Biomeltdown, his body exploded!
The explosion took the last Wound from the chaos Lord.
All the assassins had died! But the world was saved.
An imperial Win!

Second Game.
With an almost Fully painted set, the assassins being only 80% complete. .

The Assassins romped home.
Quickly finding both teleporter and its controls.
They killed the Lord in turn 9!.
Another Imperial Win.


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