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Made in lu
Been Around the Block


It's not a boob window, it is an attach point for an extra "facehugger proof" helmet in case you use the Crusaders in Alien vs Predator
 Zywus wrote:

You'll be needing coherent male sculpts for it fo actually feel like an integrated force. How about something like this:

Too tame, maybe? Guess it needs legs/arms protection, though.

The Zardoz Brutal Exterminators army already exist: its the Necromunda Goliath

 Azazelx wrote:

Honestly, I think that's nitpicking, considering what else we happily accept without an issue.

Nor was there any issue with this:

despite of the fact they had ridiculous cumbersome shoulder pad & shin-guard while their vital organs were fully exposed.
Of course in this time Kjell Nilsson Mad Max II BDSM praphernalia was more fashionable.

Perhaps because it those time there was less Internet access, even less female wargamer and even lesser ready to defend their male counter part.

I wonder if a new Necromunda box featuring Goliath vs Slaanesh cultist would release we would find as many women revealing to be gay & body-builder defender as the Space Crusade(r) project reveals so many (male) gamers as feminist?

Personally I fully support Prodos as myself I already worked on a "Scarlet Blade" (MMORPG) Space Crusade mode that was looking like this:

Many of prodos miniatures are EXACTLY what I was searching to complete my game.
(actually I have allready ordered some and wait for the delivery)

If Prodos needs a non-GW franchise they choose contact Aeria Games that stops the MMORPG.
Scarlet Blade fluff (post-apo) is very coherent:

The girls are called Arkana because they protect the Arks (name of underground cryogenic complex where humanity is surviving).
They are cyborg, this means, Schwarzenegger T-500 they don't need clothes their additional "armor" is just an additional one for articulation (shoulder, knee, elbow) or part subject to worn-out (feets).
Their body parts (belly, head) are ALREADY bullet proof or don't content vital organ (*) by conception so chest/body armor is nothing but useless.
(*) no lungs, no digestive tube as they don't breath (no poison gaz hazard nor drowing) nor eat (except potion but it could be just oil, fuel additive or liquid with nanobots)

This would be a good explanation for the Space Crusader bare skin: they are cyborg not human.
Infinity player may also look at the "Bioroïds" in "Appleseed" manga/anime their game is inspired from.

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Made in lu
Been Around the Block


Well, as I don't see either a lot of Work In Progress on the basic Space Crusade box (event/equipment, card art work, floor-plan,..) I'm staring work on my own (private) Spacequest.

I will be simply using
- Heroquest boardgame
- Space Crusade dice (found some 2nd hand one)
- W40K mini (Orc->Ork, Chaos Warrior=>GW Chaos Marine or Prodos Maras, Skeleton=>Nekron,...)
- Space Hulk doors
- Heroquest missions
They will be relocated in Sci-Fi
For example "The Rescue of Sir Ragnar" will be renamed "The Rescue of Captain Roger" in memory of Space Quest X: Latex Babes of Estros

for the furniture, it will of course be updated
- bookshelves becomes computer terminal

- fireplace an electric panel

- chest

- sarcophagus a cryogenic chamber.

- throne


The heroes:
- Mage: psycher (keeping same HQ spell to start with)
- Elf: Eldar Scout or Banshee
- Barbarian: Catachan Guard, Necromunda Goliath or Prodos Space Crusader (painted "Red Sonja" style)
- Dwarf too bad I have no squat :( but Techmarine or Infinity Hacker would do disarm trap

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Made in fr
Been Around the Block


Dawn of War Blood Ravens

Heavy Metal Taarna


Who do you prefer to follow the red string cheerleader or the egg head supervisor?

Prodos doesn't oppose but completes GW!

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Made in lu
Been Around the Block


 Hybrid Son Of Oxayotl wrote:
but the other choice is… a death wish?

Not a problem for her, she's got plenty of spare clones ready & waiting to respawn:

in the worst case she can got "in"to a dreadnought

I'm currently working on

To replace the chaos android dreadnought, I use Omega Tiamat from Rackham AT43 Therian faction

Not less realistic than GW Penitent Engine
or old Eldar War Walker

The "Ta gueule c'est magique" motto of French fantasy RPG DM applied to Sci-Fi as "Shut up, there's a force field" LOL

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Made in lu
Been Around the Block


In Scarlet Blade MMORPG, the heroines (aka Arkanas) were cyborgs and their knowledge works the same way as the Cylons "Skinjobs can download their consciousness into another body when the body they are using dies" or in a "Resurrection Ship" in Battlestar Galactica

Knowing the cost of a full power armor, perhaps using "expendable clones" is a better economic choice when opposed to so many armor-piercing Nekron gun, or Genestealer claws.

Just like in WW2 for the USSR, the death of 100 costless conscripts was more affordable than the lost of a single expensive tank.
or for ISIS today who gets more easily midless fanatics (who join for free) than weapons to equip them.

Expendable (bare skin) elite warrior (Legio Astartes) seems an oxymoron but as soon as the experience is preserve through death, the "body" became just a spare part just like a shoulder pad.
The concept is old in Sci-fi, just look 2000 AD Rogue Trooper GIs (*) bio-engineers "could build a new body anytime" and "their micro-circuits chips" making sure "brain-patterns would be recorded on the moment of death.."
who were just wearing some tank-tops while the other soldiers had chem-suits and sometimes even heavy armored ones
GW Citadel even produced some of the minis!


(*) Genetic Infantry men https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rogue_Trooper & women https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venus_Bluegenes

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Made in lu
Been Around the Block


 Hybrid Son Of Oxayotl wrote:

No, you are right Unless Probos comes in and tell us the marines are using clones.

Just like GW Space Marines are a mix of Frank Herbert's Dune Sardaukars & Lucas' Star Wars Clone/Stormtroopers
(Galactic Empire, Emperor elite, etc.)
Prodos Space Crusader seems to be a mix of GW/MB's 40K/Space Crusade SM & Aeria's Scarlet Blade Arkanas (bikini warrior concept)

Actually if SM are not clones like Clonetroopers or Arkanas, the progenoids glands
- make them being "partially" Primarchs clone
- at least the scouts less valuable than their equipment and the progenoids

Mixing a bare midriff Prodos Space Crusader with (classical) Space Crusade Marines is not very different than mixing scouts with Marines like in the Dark Templars squads...

Back to Prodos universe, look also the Madbs
I think like rather than a woman in a Terminator Armor, It seems to be a machine possessing a woman body or displaying it, just like some Necrons wear human skin

Don't forget that Prodos has also the licence of Warzone / Mutant Chronicles
So we can supposed that some females suffered a transformation process similar to the one creating the Dark Symmetry Legionnaires where the (dead or alive) body is just a material like the others
The only difference with https://youtu.be/5Z8OMrWbKuQ?t=604 & https://youtu.be/5Z8OMrWbKuQ?t=4385 is that there are more mechanical parts

When you look at

You see that the 4 tiles making the (modular?) board will feature a "lost temple" and a "forgotten city" I hope they are set on Nero 10th planet...
At least the Mabs skin color is similar to the Nero's witches

What's the advantage of showing a topless "living female torso"? That the perverted secrets of the pervert designer (I speak about Dark Apostles not Prodos Staff)
Perhaps the body is just used as a pheromone generator (explaining the need of removing the clothes and fully exposing it), the brain as a psy converter to target better the human soldier?
The lack of protection on the body maybe a technical choice for the machine to ease its replacement when capturing a new one when the 1st one starts to root.

 CthuluIsSpy wrote:

Isn't putting the penitent in obvious danger the whole point? Its like what the Soviets did to disgraced soldiers assigned to penal regiments in WW2; if they survived a combat injury or performed admirably in combat, they are forgiven.

Your peerfectly right: GW penitence engine could be given same explanation: when, in game term, the unit is destroyed, actually only the penitent is dead, the machine itself is most of the time still operational, just waiting another convicted to be put in place by a techno-priest or confessor.
Living the body exposed has finally (from the Imperium grim & dark priest) several advantages:
- better showing it, much scaring potential traitor/heretic/deserter
- easily removing the dead body after the punishment
- quickly replacing it for next battle during a 40 tournament
- having the victim suffering from heat, cold,...
- showing Dark Eldars that Imperium can do as cruel as the old Talos
- killing the victim if he or she turns again his camp without damaging the engine

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Made in fr
Been Around the Block


for the non-bikini armor Prodos already produced Warzone "Etoiles Mortant"
Yet I prefer the old version.
not the very 1st set
but the 2nd one that are actually wearing bikini armor but other a military suit, just like GW Cadians with their skimpy breastplates that don't go down to the belt

Would be wonderful as scouts for ...Advanced Space Crusade

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Made in lu
Been Around the Block


 highlord tamburlaine wrote:
Has there been any actual discussion of the game?
I mean, we know what the contents will be, but outside of that, have we seen rules? Gameplay?

I'm afraid just like Star Wars cosplayer made for Episode VII the "cosplay accurate character before the movie realease" trope, We have to do a "play the game before the rules release"
Actually the only "Space Crusade" product available from Prodos are the miniatures boxes, if you want to play you have to use GW rules (40K, Space Hulk/Crusade)

I'm wondering if Prodos is not waiting for the sales results of miniatures prior investing in game development.

 highlord tamburlaine wrote:

I'm kind of curious about it. I've picked up a few pieces and I've been pleased with what I've gotten, despite the mutlipiece stuff missing parts.

Same for me, the miniatures are exactly what I expected, compare to Infinity and 40K ones, assembling them was a pleasure as most of them could stay without glue!
(the bolt & hole are very well cast and nearly as large as on MB ones, cyano glue works quite well on the resin once correctly cleaned with water & soap)
However, one of the Amazons came with a missing head but an extra arm :(
Reading how it was cumbersome for AvP player to get back some missing Predator limbs, I simply decided to reduce a GW Space Marine helmet to like a Knight Saber biker girl from Bubblegum Crisis rather than complaining & waiting for the missing head.

The Mabs were not only missing on base but were not identical (some with a slot, some plain).
Not a problem as I have enought extra GW ones but that's a shame such a nice sculpting is spoiled by an awful packaging service.
Normally I will get soon my 2nd hand MB Heroquest (bought 40€ because of several missing miniature but as I have already everything from W40K and Prodos I didn't care)

Because of all these complains about AvP delay and the "Heroquest 25th syndrome" I was not really motivated for pre-ordering the Space Crusade box.
Until June I will therefore play the MB one and gently wait for rules comment and artwork on the cards as for MB, the event cards were a large contribution to the game immersion.
I remember how I was disappointed in Super Dungeon Explore (1st edition) by the use of generic of illustrations on treasure cards i.e. use of same sword picture for all weapons :(

If in June Prodos board game is still in preorder status, I will just by them another Crusaders box (telling them to check twice the content this time) and convert them with GW heavy weapons if the rocket launcher remains the only available one in the box.
My goal is to have a functional game (fully painted + 3D scenery) for a convention demo in summer holidays, not just something to dream about for X-Mas.

Meanwhile I check not only Prodos site
but its
- youtube channel
- Facebook
(I wonder if SC would be shown during 28th-29th May Cologne convention)
- Twitter
- Archon studio site

Automatically Appended Next Post:
After the Blood Raven (played as BLOOD ANGELS)

here are the

in more or less "Codex version" (well more less than more...)

& in " bikini power armour" version

What should be the next gender bender ?
As GW already produce for Eldar: Banshees, female guardians, warlock and prophets I would suggest vs Space (Marines) Crusaders & Valkyries some Tau (Fire Warrior) Mujahiteen & Houris

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Made in fr
Been Around the Block


Which one do you prefer
The Classic "no girl allowed" one

or the "pimp my game"(*) version using Prodos Mabs, Space Crusaders & Arkham AT-43 Tiamat

Full board views:

(*) no allusion to the Space Crusader virtue, only to this concept https://boardgamegeek.com/blog/1527

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Made in fr
Been Around the Block


 highlord tamburlaine wrote:

I like the bodysuit Ultramarine you did Kriegspiel. Makes her look a lot less cheesecake-y, and a bit more like a competent soldier.

So you will probably also like Schwester Brunhild from Black Templar?

Actually IRL Teutonic Knights Order (aka Deutschritter) from which BT are based on is composed by both brotherhood (monks& priest) & sisterhood (nons)
http://www.deutschordensschwestern.de/ since originaly it was set to provide medical assistance form pilgrims then prussian colonist and you would expect a monk to be midwife. Of course there is no mixity in monastery covent.

Anyway Schwester Brunhild could perfectly be used as a Callidus ally joining a BT crusade against her chaos psycher target and who agreed that the best way to be accepted on a BT barge would be to wear (a light version) the BT scout equipment showing the black cross.
 highlord tamburlaine wrote:
Curious as to what a Space Crusade style Bloodletter equivalent would look like...

If not daemonettes, maybe like Witches or Sisters of Slaughter painted in red & black
Prodos could also remake the topless dark elf harpies (do not make confusion with Tyranid Harpies) that seems no to exist anymore in Age of Sigmar

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Made in lu
Been Around the Block


Comments seems to be in Russian but video shows very sharp close view.

Made in fr
Been Around the Block


Yes according to July 4th publication on http://prodosgames.com/blog/sneak-peek-at-space-crusade-development
"Space Crusade is one of our new projects that we are working on, and we are getting closer and closer to release. While there is still plenty of new things to add, game itself is at very advanced stage.
Rules are being ironed out, current stage is technical review. So you can expect more information about game's rules soon.

Meanwhile we are happy to share with you some of our Work in Progress pictures. Those are two levels available for Space Crusade - "The Lost Temple" and "Forgotten City".

While you all know well most of the Space Crusade models, we have yet not shared with you "the minions" - the nasty little creatures who are Mamoona's little helpers. Those are known as Lesser Demons and Demonettes.
While minions are core game only, you can always already get minis for game from our online shop as separate add-ons."

This looks quite like AT-43 and its set of gaming tiles.


Despite no grid appears on these board preview, Prodos confirme me it was just a choice to show the artwork and there will be a grid on the final product just like on closer view of the box pre-order

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Made in fr
Been Around the Block


As you can see, Prodos Amazones, despite their smaller bikes mix quite well with Space Marines bikers

to see close view click on these pictures

By the way, if she read this post, I want to give a great thank to my brunette wife who was my muse while painting this Amazone

This is how I feel when painting Prodos minis

Remember that alternative name of MB Space Crusade was Starquest in analogy to Heroquest.
Despite Heroquest was popular because its dungeon furniture (chests, bookshelves, altar, fireplace, throne, tomb,...) in addition to the doors, Space Crusade/Starquest provided only doors.
Therefore, in addition to Prodos minis, you can also make your Starquest epicer by using SF scenery from Spartan Miniatures ( http://www.spartangames.co.uk/products/spartan-scenics/accessories ) as I suggested before.
Here is now the result:

As Prodos SC basic box features a set of "one of each type" héroïnes (*) rather than a squad of the same type of troop, I hope then will find similar approach providing, at least crates or (explosive/toxic) barrels.
(*) 1 Crusader + 1 Inquisitor + 1 Walkyrie for the "good girls" VS 1 Mab + 1 Mara + 1 Syrin for the "bad girls"
According to the 82 cards description:
•30x Adventure Cards
•10x Artefact Cards
•15x Experience Cards
•15x Equipment Cards
•6x Hero Stat Cards
•6x Reinforcement Stat Cards

It look the game would be more a T-RPG with XP + equipment looting than pure tactical wargame.
There are already plenty of SF wargame but very few SF dungeon crawling.
Several people complain that even Star Wars Imperial Assault didn't really feature this.
(Did they expect to cumulate medikits like heal potion and find a light saber or a rocket launcher just by "searching room for treasure" or is the loot so rare?)

One of the reason I didn't by Doom boardgame was because corridors and rooms were empty compared to the ones in the video game.
Note that neither Space Hulk, Deathwatch Overkill nor Assassinorum: Execution Force provide any 3D scenery (except the door) so I opposite to Star Wars miniature, except wall, corner & doors, cover (like crate, table, desk,..) was inexistant.
If doing this (even in card board) Prodos would get advantage VS GW/MB...

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Made in fr
Been Around the Block


Many people identified (wrongly) final boss Mamoona as some kind of misogynistic female version of Nurgle Great Unclean One because of its appearence

while her name was looking like the feminine of Hell Prince of Greed https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mammon

Actually Mamoona is just nothing else than Mamoona herself that is also spelled as Mamuna and is a demonic creature from the polish/slavic mythology (remember that Prodos is "an inventive team of enthusiastic hobbyists from the UK, USA and Poland " http://prodosgames.com/about


This idea of exchanging/mixing non-human spawn with human babies is quite common in fantasy mythology
but also in SciFi.
Face Hugger Eggs that Giger Alien insert in both male or female also grown differently depending of species (human of Alien I & II, dog of Alien III)
W40K Genestealer also mix their DNA via a pseudo-kiss with their victim creating hybrids.

Therefore we can easily guess Mamuna could have infected/replace some human colonist baby for this

Moreover in mythology a way to protect children is the give them some red stuff (ribbon or bracelet,..) according to Google translation of this
This may explain with the Crusaders "power bikini armor" is red.

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Made in fr
Been Around the Block


 Kriegspiel wrote:

What should be the next gender bender ?
As GW already produce for Eldar: Banshees, female guardians, warlock and prophets I would suggest vs Space (Marines) Crusaders & Valkyries some Tau (Fire Warrior) Mujahiteen & Houris

Guess what?
The "Tau" female actually exists

despite you shall NOT call her Tau
but "Greater God" Hero
Made in fr
Been Around the Block


Prodos official painter is skillful, but actually you get the mini unpainted.
Moreover, the online shop photos shows only the front side of the minis and not the rocket launcher option that is both in Crusaders & Maras box.
Therefore, here are some high resolution front & back side closer views of undercoated only minis
Fistr the girl I assume to be the leader and the rocket launcher servant

and the whole squad of Crusaders & Maras

As you can see there are 2 "official" maras poses where the "bolter" is hold with 2 hands that are NOT available by default.

To reproduce them, you HAVE TO cut the arms to make the conversions..

Here is how Crusaders look like after only skin & weapon painting over the white undercoat

Note that Prodos minis have such quality that at this point lazy players could just do an ink wash on the crusaders and start to play despite the squad looks much more like "Western Australian Angels" team from the Lingerie Football League rather than an actual female SWAT team (like the chinese ones)

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Made in fr
Been Around the Block


Since the online shop only displays front picture of MABS, here is the other side as somebody requested it by mail to me

However, due to the skull helmet and pauldron the upper view and right side view are more impressive

(click to zoom)
I quite like also how the cabling of the weapon looks like some blood vessel and the Giger like biomechanical aspect of the armor/exoskeleton
I still have some hesitation about the left gauntlet, should I make it look like white bone, black claw or metal pincers ?
same for the eyes:
- deadly white
- normal as if she was still conscious and torture by the mechanicsm
- red has if she was possessed
Just now they are closed like if the girl was comatose and her body used like a puppet by the (darksymetrie) mechanicsm
Waiting for more information about Space Crusade background to decide.

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Made in lu
Been Around the Block


FLF teams like Atlanta Steam have a great camo pattern that should fit well to Prodos girls
Just look at Dakota Hughes outfit!

or the urban camo of Cynthia Schmidt of the Los Angeles Temptation

New England Liberty is also great

For other armor color pattern, look there
Note also that some girls also have the parchment/tabard in their pants!
Just compare
http://www.torquedmag.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/LATemp.jpg & http://i35.servimg.com/u/f35/14/64/60/12/mara_c10.jpg

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Made in lu
Been Around the Block


Meanwhile, Prodos didn't release any information since it was "getting closer and closer to release" on the 4th July. Did the Crusader die during Independance II Day fight against aliens?
For this reason, I'm currently creating my own equipment and event cards for playing it with GW / MB rules
2nd step will be to make for people who don't own these dice

Here are 3 equipments

2 events

and one order card

The picture used are "No known copyright restrictions" (Public Domain) or "Commercial use & mods allowed" (needs to indicate the owner) from https://www.flickr.com/photos/ and http://www.thinkstockphotos.fr/ that have been cropped to make them PGP13 and resized for the cards.
Owners of the original pictures are "wifelee", "140933033@N05", "bootstrutbarbara" and "dreamleague" as the original are "Restricted" I can (and must because of https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/ rules) give you the author ID but can't give direct links because of dakkadakka forum rules (anyway without a 18+ flickr account the links won't work)
The cards border are GW/MB properties (are at least were since "Space Crusade" trademark is now Prodos property.
Therefore you should use them ONLY if you have an MB/GW Space Crusade box.

If you find other picture/description idea fitting with "Prodos style" please publish them.
Just imagine a dozen of you make their own 5 or 6 card we will get a 60 a common card deck that could be independant from GW/MB one.
By the way has anybody ideas for the cards borders and back-side?
I would propose something like this for equipment set (mixing bootstrutbarbara glove (cropped, rotated and mirror) for item & wifelee body (just resized and cropped) for the background.

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Made in lu
Been Around the Block


It you start like that...perhaps:
they think that as long as they release it at least 1 month before Gamezone Heroquest 25 it's still enought to get the market
they made a partnership want to release it as a package with Gamezone's Heroquest 25

Meanwhile somebody is "Adapting Space Crusade(rs) into 40k"

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Made in lu
Been Around the Block


As Prodos doesn't offer anything, here is a board you can print (on 2x2 A3 format pages) to use your miniatures

and the mission mini map

If you have MB Space Crusade, just consider that
- 5 minis & 10 hit points have to be splitted between the crusader/space marines players
- only one mini by player may get more than 1 hit point
- 1 mini can still have a Sgt weapon or an heavy weapon
(for example if you have one crusader/space marines player, his Sgt will have 6HP and the other 1 only like basic SC, if there are 2, P1 can have a 3 HP Sgt + 2 Marines, P2 can have a 4 HP "corporal" + 1 Marine)
- after wiping a room from aliens, the 1st player who pass 1 turn gets an equipment card by spending an action opening the box but pick-up one extra event card that will apply on him/her only!

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Made in lu
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If you want some background to give to your wargaming session using SC, just go to Prodos forum.
I try to build something like the "power armor bikini" version of John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars...
with some bit of Hellraiser youtu.be/AmWuwqR5qjA?t=111 and Mutant Chronicles www.youtube.com/watch?v=xE-CQ_N_wE8 explaining the origin of Mabs

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 JoeRugby wrote:
Kriegspiel as this is becoming a thread more about your hobby than news about "Space Crusade" It might be better if you started a thread in dakka discussions or misc sci fi games.

Well actually since I am nearly the only one posting something about SC on Prodos own forum, since 4th July, you won't get explanation about SC except what I post...
I'm wondering if it could be some kind of marketing strategy: leaving the fanboys giving their own speculation about the production, seeing what is the most approved or shared rumors then building the production so that it reflects exactly the market expectation...
Anyway, I cleaned my precedent post since Prodos forum is most suitable.
This remember me how "Dark Age" rules & universe was built in 2002 out of Gerald Brom's painting sometimes made more than 10 years before..
Usually you decide universe/rule core then you make concept art then miniature + final illustration then you extend universe & rules...
Here just as with dark age, heroes final look is defined but neither universe nor rule core exists.
Same for "Malefic Time: Plenilunio" RPG & "MT: Apocalypse" novel released in 2015, recycling several Royo's painting from 1998 artbook Malefic to build an universe from.

My theory is if:
- enought mini are bought (what is needed to finance AvP backers LOL)
- people play with them using existing or home made rules and build some background
then final game will release
if not, Prodos will just focus on AvP & Warzone (and may just link the SC to Warzone in a kind of Blood Beret remake)

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Made in lu
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I simply use MB/GW Space Crusade board dice mission & rules with
- Crusaders instead of Blood Angels
- Maras instead Chaos Space Marine
- Mabs intead of Necron/Androïd
fr a sexy/girly ambiance, I changed the BA equipment & orders card + few event cards by these (*)

and it was GREAT!
When fighting Genestealer the Crusaders I had the feeling of watching the "Dirty Pair" at the ending of "Project Eden" when they fight the aliens with their "bikini combat suit"

So just forget to think or dream of Prodos Space Crusade as a game.
Just consider them as a miniature range to play a sexy version of GW games and play NOW.

So does anybody volunteer to create a "CODEX CRUSADER"?

(*) Note that I don't own the picture copyright
Most of them are screenshots of 2nd Life from
So print them for your personal use only.

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Made in lu
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 rayphoton wrote:
Prodoss should hire you as their pr person. They need one.

I know....

 Brother SRM wrote:
Prodos' own tendency not to deliver.

Well I did 2 orders of miniatures last year and both came within a week.
S to play SC just order 2nd hand MB version
If full box is out of price ($100 to $200), a bx without mini (because owner recycled them for W40K) is quite affordable ($40-$60)
using Star Wars Miniature maps is also pleasant.
Prodos Crusaders may also be nice Assault on Empire Stormtroopers & Doom Marines.
I'm only disappointed never to see the full version of Prodoss city board that was quite cool

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ced1106 wrote:

Hope that wasn't the same guy who "wrote" the LOAD rulebook before CMON took notice...!

Do you think also "LOAD is a shallow, untested and unimaginative dice chucker" ?
Well according to the francophone hobby & wargaming magazine "Ravage", LOAD rules are fantasy adapted rules of Pirate MOBA "Rum & Bones"
https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/168788/rum-bones and so as good as it (both have more than 7/10 rating on BGG)
Actually I'm always doubful about "professional" article writers since they have (natural) tendencies to:
- note a better way the game they had received a free copy (and sometimes uncomplete) before release date
- flame down good games they just have the opportunity to see being played during a convention and had to buy at full price
I prefer comment of people who had to wait (long) and buy (expensive), they are more trustful to tell you if a game is worthwhile.

What I hope is Prodoss will either use easy rules (like MB/GW Space Crusade or old Blood Beret boardgame) or good & fast pace tactical (Space Hulk) or simulation (Legions of Steel) instead of doing awful useless complexity like Heroquest 25th with its awful move rules
that just look to be a way to prove the judge that they don't just copy the old one by adding useless stuff that beginner will not use and therefore play with old rules.

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Hey guys,

I've just found the movie that inspired Space Crusade
since, according to
"This movie has to hold the all-time nudity record for something that's not actually a porno. Twenty solid minutes of the female lead wandering the ship completely naked, for no reason."
Actually, she/it is just a droïd fleshing reset, just like Barbie doll stored naked until the most convenient clothing is decided. Some fan service/scenario parallel development used for Quiet Character in Metal Gear Solid.
By the way note how Metal Gears look like GW/MB Dreadnoughts
"Its photosynthesis, she breaths through her skin, clothings would suffocate her" even Anita Sarkeesian (who share except for silence some physical similarity with Quiet) would understand this, wouldn't she?

So perhaps the Space Crusaders are good renegade Mazones from Captain Harlock manga/anime ?
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Except for the PVC acronym (*), I see what you mean
Prodoss should give us at least basic core, and one of the board as well as few unit card to print to get our opinion about the rules by doing a firefight between Crusaders & Maras.
Even Gamezone did this for Heroquest 25th.

(*) do you refer to the polyvinyl chloride used for the miniature to designate any boardgame using minis rather than wood token (german games), card board unit on hexes (Advanced Squad Leader, or abstract shapes (1st versions of Risk, Cluedo,...)
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Hey guys there is still somebody alive in Prodos Space Crusade team, look, they just updated their cover photo today 7 February 2017 14:23 of their Facebook https://www.facebook.com/prodosgamesltd for a new Space Crusade illustration

it will be also the new box cover picture ( http://prodosgames.com/blog/space-crusade-major-update )
Their previous FB was from 20 September 2016!
They got 2 likes in less than 10 min so I'm not the only one peeping, I mean lurking at them
Glory to the Space Crusaders!

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WoW like World of Warcraft?
Look at their blog http://prodosgames.com/blog/space-crusade-major-update for
"Items graphics
In "Space Crusade" you will be able to pick up various items and artifacts and obvously - each one will be hand drawn picture. Preview of few is below."

Don't you thnik its a WoW graphic style?

Meanwhile, I have finished my own version of 3D board
using MB/GW rules with a more cyberpunk style cards

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