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Made in nl
Reckless Apprentice Bot Handler

So I've been building some terrain for my Maelstrom's Edge forces. After building a temple and outpost in a rocky sandish look, I decided to build an entire 4x6 table to match. I'll be recording the progress, slow as it will inevitably be, in this thread.

Here's the finished temple and outpost:

I've just done some planning so far:

I've set my battle reports on the planet Asper so far, so I'll situate the new terrain on that same planet. I decided there is a "Kakamba peninsula" somewhere on Asper, featuring various points of interest and also a point of not so much interest: the backwoods town of Sirsi. Not very developed, small, on the outskirts of a small pine forest bordering a mountainous region. The people of Sirsi do some farming, some mining and other basic stuff and some illicit trading. They're also near a spot chosen by the Karist Enclave as the site for one of their secret bases. There's a white arrow and circle on the map to point out the not so precise location.

Rough sketch of what I aim to do.

Putting ideas to foam.

Supplies for a fair number of big honking pine trees.

To be continued.

Made in nl
Reckless Apprentice Bot Handler

Basic foam shapes in place:

Made in nl
Reckless Apprentice Bot Handler

After some more foam shaping:

It's time to apply the goop:

which is a mixture of wall filler, wood glue and paint. Of course I ran out of paint, to be continued...

Made in au
Cutting stuff up and bunging it back together in new and interesting ways.

Under the couch

Off to a good start!

Made in ca
Longtime Dakkanaut

Looks good so far Sgt. Oddball.



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Made in nl
Reckless Apprentice Bot Handler

Thanks guys

Obviously a slow-going project, but I got some more paint in and did the rest of the goop. Also started doing another goop-layer to get some texture in. I only half know what I'm doing, not sure at this point where I'll apply additional texturing with sand and stuff and where I'll just leave the filler texture and go from there. Some work needs to be done on the road bits still, and I need to goop up the buildings.

All gooped up

Forest ground texture


Riverbed. Well, streambed.

Overview from village side.

Made in gb
Zealous Shaolin


"Gooped up" looks bloody great!
Made in gb
Boosting Black Templar Biker


Yeah second that.

Can't wait to see it all painted up

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Perhaps it is a lube issue, seems obvious now.
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