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Made in us
Been Around the Block

Franklin, Pa

I have the following items for sale or trade. Sell prices are liasted with each group or item. Buyer pays shipping. Trade list included at the end. Cash is prefered. Please e-mail me at ohiowargamer@aol.com with any offers.

ELDAR Retail for $1178.00 will sell for 50% off at $589.00
-eldar codex
-craft world eldar codex
-6 wraith guard
-11 scorpions with exarch
-11 banshees with exarch
-14 dark reapers with 2 exarches
-2 vipers
-7 jet bikes
-9 fire dragons with exarch
-10 warp spiders with exarch
-2 wraith lord
-3 war walker
-3 farseers
-9 warlocks
-5 swooping hawks with exarch
-Jain Zar
-4 heavy weapon platforms
-54 Guardians

Chaos Marines Retails for $191.00 sell at 50% off for $96.00
-2 Iron Warriors Warsmiths
-1 Chaos Lord
-6 raptors
-13 marines with bolters
-2 marines with plasma guns
-2 marines with heavy bolters
-5 marines with close combat weapons

Demon Army Retails for $270 will sell for 45% off at $149.00
-32 blood letters (standard and musician)
-demon prince
-1 juggernaught

MISC. GW ITEMS. Sell price listed next to each item
$30 -4 minotaur with 2 hand weapons(standard) (3 are older edition minotaur)
$10 -4 death cultists
$8 -brother captain stern
$25 -3 yeti
$25 -dark elf war hydra
$22 -1 immolator 
$55 -14 seraphim (2 veterans, 3 flamers)

MISC. WARMACHINE sell price listed next to each item
$10 -witch coven of garlast
$17 each-2 guardian
$5 -denegra (from starter)
$3 -defiler
$5 -kreoss (from starter)
$5 -Severious
$16 - choir with 1 leader (1 staff tip missing)
$15 -vanquisher
$9 -1 redeemer
$14 -crusader (has vanquisher body)

Cadian Imperial Guard retails at $452 sell at 50% off for $226
-creed and kell
-6 heavy weapon teams (3 on sprue, 3 assembled with heavy bolter)
-5 lieutenants
-3 cadian sentinels
-3 psychers
-4 cadian sni[ers
-7 ratlings
-Colonel Schaefers Last Chancers (12 models)
-4 cadian meltaguns
-1 cadian plasma gun
-1 old cadian sarg with shotgun
-2 leman russ (1 partially assembled, 1 on sprue)
-1 chimera (partially assembled)

$80 -ruined tank factory (retails for $120)
40K Codex (50% off, all are most current)
-Dark Eldar ---$10
-Blood Angels ---$5
-Imperial Guard----$10
-Craftworld Eldar---$5
Fantasy Army Books (50% off of the $20 price, will sell for $10)
-Storm of Chaos
-Beasts of Chaos
-Hordes of Chaos
-Ogre Kingdoms
-Vampire Counts
-High Elves
-Dark Elves
-Orcs and Goblins
-Chaos Liber Chaotica Nurgle ----$30
Also check out these great auctions for a Nrgle 40K chaos deathguard army. Win the main army and three of the addtional auctions and get 10% off the total cost!!!!!!!!!!

Trade Interests

-epic kreoss
-epic testament
-sunburst crews
-bane knights
-hordes trolls
-hordes everblight
-skorne units
-epic haley
-vanguard warjack
-highshield gunners
-hirst art molds
-new bloodletter standardbearers, musicians, and champions
Made in us
Pyromaniac Hellhound Pilot

Maryland, USA

Ugh I hate it when people claim pro-painted...

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Made in us
Been Around the Block

Franklin, Pa

And I hate when Ignorant juveniles post there stupid comments to other peoples posts.
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