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Like many I imagine, I am trying to pull double duty on my models. I have the old WHFB square bases ( which I may rebase on circles) for AoS, but I also want them to be able to go movement trays for KoW.

I have looked into this a lot. It will be quite a project and it seems like I am trying to get a round peg in a square hole.

I have some KoW Movement trays which rank up nicely for my square bases, but of course wont work with AoS rounds. Given AoS hasn't officially embraced round bases (though I imagine it will at some point) i have yet to covert over.

I have found circle movement trays, but they seem to be too large for the Footprint for KoW, though the meet the MMC.


These look good, but are too large for the KoW. The 5x2 25mm round tray is actually 133x62, which is larger than both the 100x40mm proper and 125x50mm slightly larger acceptable footprints for KoW infantry.

For example: Greatswords from old WHFB Empire are on 20mm squares Equivalent to AoS Free People 25mm rounds Equivalent to Kingdoms of man Berserkers on 100x80mm. I need to put them on 25mm round bases for AoS which would be equivalent to something like the old Chaos Warrior Base size. 10 of these guys go in a troop, which is 5x2, so that would be 125x50 if they were bumped up next to each other in a perfect world. The issue is that is TOO Large per KoW basing guide, as they are supposed to be on the 100x80mm. Is there a specific requirement on what Infantry go on tehe 100x40 vs the 125x50? If so where can it be found? if not, are there standard guidelines per Tourney rules?

If I went by Minimum Model Count I might be able to squeeze 8 on movement tray if the circles overlapped enough. 4 bumped up next to each other is 100m wide exactly, but it needs to be 40mm deep, instead of 50, so i have to overlap a bit. You can see the delimma.

My other thought is just to base the AoS rounds, and then just put magnets in the models and cut out rectangle metal sheets for the appropriate foot print. Won't look cool in KoW, but might work.

Does anyone have success with this? How did you do it?

What do people use for this?

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Most pre made unit trays for round bases to not fit the AoS to KoW conversion.

general speaking the different base size is not a problem as you can fit the 50%+1 model of 25mm round bases on a 100*40/100*80 unit base

Easiest way to do it is to put magnets under the models base and a magnetic foil on a normal unit tray.

but for everything else it is best to make them on your own out of mdf or similar

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Plenty of places do KoW trays with round slots specifically. But note that even on 25mm rounds you will be far under normal model count and on 32mm rounds it gets ridiculously sparse.

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If you are doing minis with 25mm squares, then 25mm circles obviously fit exactly the same on the movement tray, just with little gaps.

If you are doing minis that were on 20mm square and are now on 25mm rounds, you can fit 12 of them in 3 ranks of 4 on the same footprint as 20 20mm ones. This just about hits the requirements in the KoW rules. Similarly, Cavalry will fit 3 40mm on a tray made for 5, and 6 on a tray made for 10, which just about fits the requirements.

This is what I will be doing when I use my LOTR models in KoW. An opponent could complain I suppose, but since all my models are nicely painted I expect they will not.

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 kodos wrote:
Easiest way to do it is to put magnets under the models base and a magnetic foil on a normal unit tray.
This is probably my vote. IMO the base dimension in KOW matters more than the model count, as the game is very abstract (i.e. not TLOS so modeling is pure aesthetics), and trying to reach MMC with models on 32mm round bases inevitably involves upbasing, which while legal isn't preferred since it impacts game play.

As for AOS using rounds, I'd say the new edition signals that it's time to rebase your Warham bros over if you want to keep playing. Official support for measuring from the base combined with the base guide make it pretty clear that proper round bases are the way forward. And I say this as I power through rebasing a daemon army and am looking at spending a chunk of the fall doing the same with my ogres

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What about fitting magnets into the model's feet so that you can swap out the base (with some metal in it) as required? Your models could change bases the way you change your shoes. It would solve some ranking up issues too.
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The problem people trying to do this run into is that they try to base for AoS and try to fit those bases into moving trays. This works poorly since GW's models come with 25mm round bases at the minimum (often 32mm). Couple this with some spacing needed between the holes in regiment conversion bases and you can't fit enough models on a base to satisfy minimal model count and having it look far too sparse.

The solution I see, if you want your models to pull double duty: is to base them on smaller bases. 20mm or 15mm round. And have those bases inserted into KoW regiment bases (and into bigger AoS bases for aestetical and/or gameplay reason).

I recently did this with some Gripping Beast historical viking Hirdmen. I've based them on 20mm round bases with a magnet in the bottom. This allows me to comfortably fit 8 of them on a slightly too large KoW troop base (50mm x 100mm). On a regiment sized (80x100) I can probably get 13-14, passing the MMC. If I want to put them on larger bases for a skirmish game like SAGA or AoS I can, if needed, potentially make 25mm or larger bases with a 20mm hole, or simply place them on top of a base of that size.

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