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Public Vote: The -=]_=- Terrain Competition Thread -=]_=- LoER Terrain Contest #26 "Hold the line!"  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
Your Favorite Piece
Cleatus 6% [ 2 ]
DrH 34% [ 11 ]
KernelTerror 3% [ 1 ]
Meer_Cat 22% [ 7 ]
Monkeytroll 6% [ 2 ]
OneManNoodle 13% [ 4 ]
Syro 3% [ 1 ]
Tek Thornison 13% [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 32
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Made in gb
Gargantuan Great Squiggoth

Not where I should be

Time to vote:

You are voting for your favorite, not necessarily the best piece, but rather the one you like the most.

Theme: Hold the line!
By this I mean, make terrain to represent a defensible position. A bunker, a trench, a wall, a circle of wagons! Anywhere the few can hold the many at bay. as simple as a doorway, or as complicated as a maze. Up to you.

Final Entries for the League of Extraordinary Riveters Terrain Competition Round #26.

Theme: Hold the Line!

With the aim of producing a usable piece of terrain, but mainly pushing yourself, trying and learning new techniques. And above all have fun.

Here, in no particular order, are the finished entries for the competition.


Dr H



Right side (sorry, couldn't figure out how to rotate it):


Left side:




Tek Thornison

Please vote. Thank you for looking, and good luck all.

Made in de
Shroomin Brain Boy

Berlin Germany


so much awesomeness!

Made in gb
Storm Trooper with Maglight

Bath uk

Dr H thats awesome! really characterful

RIP Colour Sgt Kell. Forever in our hearts.
Click below for plenty guardsmen

Cadian 404th "The Lost Boys" P&M blog

Tutorial:How to make IG packs
Made in gb
Mastering Non-Metallic Metal

Thanks STG. I wanted to cram in as much "story" as I could in the limited space I gave myself.


The army- ~2295 points (built).

* -=]_,=-eague Spruemeister General. * A (sprue) Hut tutorial *
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Made in us
Lone Wolf Sentinel Pilot

Commenting to keep this thread towards the top of the page. Good work, everyone!

"He fears his fate too much, or his desserts are small, who will not put it to a single touch; to win- or lose- it all."

Montrose Toast

Made in gb
Omnious Orc Shaman

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away...



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