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Proiteus' Kill Team Thread; Tau Commandos, Ogryn Merc, the undead etc!  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
Which of the future teams are you looking forward to seeing?
Ogryn Mercs
Tyranid Wraiths
Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons
Prospero Spire Guard
The Collector Of The Dead
The Alien World Board

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Made in us
Stealthy Grot Snipa

Lincoln UK

I have fallen in love with Kill Team mainly because I can create all the amazing ideas I've had over the years without fear of a large price tag and it isn't too competitive.
The first of which has been 8 years in the making, no seriously you can find the old abbandoned thread here: https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/349436.page


Originally these Commando Conversions were inspired by the Star Wars game; Republic Commando. So after 3 variants of commando suits I give you the Shas'lu'kar Kill Team.

Here's a close up of my Heavy Specialist unpainted, needless to say the torso was the most difficult part...

Bits used, Because I know the question will be asked...

Head: Breacher Head with crisis suit visor and the round ends off a melta bomb. Smoothed Fire Warrior.
Torso: Old Marine Sergeant Torso, Fire Warrior Shoulder pad, plasticard, wing tip of a primaris interceptor, and 2 energy cells off a breacher backpack.
Backpack: Stealthsuit backpack, drone joins, plasticard, broadside knee armour, crisis suit visor.
Arms: Breacher shoulder pad, assault marine upper arms, stealthsuit lower arms, Wraithguard hands, tip from a pulse carbine clip for the trigger.
Shield was made from a riptide plate and a few extra bits.
Legs: Stealthsuit legs.
Winged Jetpack was made using a Forgeworld XV9 part and 2 support systems for the wings.

You can see more pics here just don't forget to rate your favourites

Hell I love these guys so much they've even got custom Kill Team tokens and Artwork.

Ogryn Mercs - Originally I thought about doing a Dreadnought army but converting mechanicus robots into power armoured Ogryn. But this is way more affordable. Tyranid Warriors as Orgyns and Hormogaunts as hunting dogs. Each will be armed with a massive power sword and the venom cannon will be converted from the Taurox Battlecannon. May include a Battlewagon as a personal transport to be used as terrain.

Tyranid Wraiths - Another take on Tyranids only this time it's Lictors and Genetealers converted to look like the Wraith from "Evolve" with a horror vibe to them. All modeled to look like their swimming through the air!

Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons & Spire Guard -
My favourite legion is back, I may not have time to donate towards a full army but I can have fun converting specialists from each of the temples. Speaking of which I'll be repurposing my old Spire Guard into a Kill Team as well, couldn't bear to part with them.

The Collector Of The Dead - My 2nd fully converted army after the grots was an undead space marine army, Ultrazombies for short. Lead by Necromancers this army was a Death Guard counts as force. I'd love to bring it back at some point with a powerful looking necromancer marine as it's leader and undead servants from a mixture of guard regiments and space marines chapters, for example, my Zealot specialist could be an undead word bearer or black templar.

An Alien World Board - Despite being the 41st millienium we don't see many Alien world so I'm going to create a board featuring one. Maybe a crystal mining station with exotic planets and glowing crystals.

So what do you think?

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Made in gb
Wise Ethereal with Bodyguard

I love the Tau team. The smoothed off golden head is amazing. Regarding next things, if anyone can pull off a decent Titan AE board it's you

Just make sure you don't get in over your head... lying in her beeeed, something she saaiiiid.....

I'll get me coat...

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Please excuse any spelling errors. I use a tablet frequently and software keyboards are a pain!

Terranwing - w3;d1;l1
51st Dunedinw2;d0;l0
Cadre Coronal Afterglow w1;d0;l0 
Made in gb
Fixture of Dakka

6 foot underwater

What do I think? A place to see multiple projects from you, with plenty of great ideas swimming around?

I think it sounds relevant to my interests

cyborks & flyboyz : http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/300067.page
heretical ramblings : http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/302773.page
imperial preachings : http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/0/303365.page
Da Waaagh-ky Races : http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/325045.page
Briancj: You have the Mek Taint, MT, and the only thing we can do is watch in horror/amazement.

Made in gb
Drone without a Controller

Bristol, UK

Proiteus - I spotted your Tau when it went up in the gallery the other week - I've been waiting for the thread so I can comment!

Really inspired and creative work there. The fusion-Shas with the shield and the one replicating the old XV15 'what time is it?' pose in particular.

Great use of parts and it's obvious that each personal kit variation (the helmets for example) is by careful design. I'd be keen to see more WIP pics of this kill team.
Made in gb
Stealthy Grot Snipa

Lincoln UK

Working on a pair of Drone to complete the Tau Kill Team, needless to say not even a simple gun drone can make it on my Kill Team unless it looks like a bad ass lol.

I'll be creating both my Tyranid Kill Team ideas, but will be doing the Ogryn Mercs first due to their parts being easier to obtain. Just done some photoshop concept work using a Blood Bowl Ogre for the team's leader.
What do you think?

Made in ca
Huge Hierodule

Ottawa, ON

Love the idea of all the ogryns having bar codes. A nice bit of dystopia.

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Hive Fleet Manticore 1,750pts-
Eldar 1,500pts-
Tau 1,000-

A Stone Heart http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/504370.page 
Made in ca

Canada,Prince Edward Island

I too have been looking at killteam for a good way to try out concepts for armies that require a lot of converting or bits, seems like you have beaten me to the punch!

Always love seeing what armies you create as they are always so unique and well built. Naturally I am most interested in the TSons/Spireguard killteams. As well as the 5 temples that appear in the books and wikipedia, there are also another 3 temples that I discovered while working on my Tizca city board. There are also a few cults, the Hidden Ones, the Order of the Blind, and the Order of Ruin which sound like they need some models making for them!

Made in us
Enigmatic Exalted Daemon

Albany, NY

Awesome thread is awesome, look forward to more of your good ideas and brilliant minis

Recently finished up a Tau KT, from minis I build ~10 years ago. Felt great to finally have a reason to get them painted and on a (tiny) table. Also have a chaos-y vibe, lots of fire warriors with shaved smooth helmets and a few mutations to boot Nothing approaching the level of kitbash you've done here!

Ogryn concept looks like a good'un, loads of 1980s cyberpunk going on there!

- Salvage

Made in be
Liberated Grot Land Raida


Loving the concepts, delighted you'll be doing both!

A Squeaky Waaagh!!

Camkhieri: "And another very cool thing, my phones predictive text actually gave me chicken as an option after typing robot, how cool is that."'

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