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Fresh-Faced New User

I really need to get a functioning carry case , I really like the design of the GW cases , but are they any good ? Should I be worried about my minis breaking ? I have a Nighthaunts and some other death models such as Arkhan
What alternative cases would you recommend ? Aside from a magnetized tray
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Battlefoam is the best IMO. Most expensive, but best.
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Chicago, Illinois

I am satisfied with my crusade case.

They aren't like the old ones thats for sure!

Battlefoam is great, but costs a bit, there is also magnetized trays, but I don't like em cause i am afraid they will break. (not good for large armies like mine)

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Fresh-Faced New User

So I shouldn't be worried about my models breaking ?
Also about how much fits in a crusade and a battle sized case ?
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Legendary Master of the Chapter

Chicago, Illinois

Dethor wrote:
So I shouldn't be worried about my models breaking ?
Also about how much fits in a crusade and a battle sized case ?

I could fit around 100 space marines into it and still had some space left over for a crusade case.

Battlesized is half that amount.

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Scarred Ultramarine Tyrannic War Veteran

Horst wrote:Battlefoam is the best IMO. Most expensive, but best.

^ Truth. Battle Foam is miles ahead of the competition. The only other company that can even hold a candle to Battle Foam is KR Multicase, but I've seen and handled their product and it's still not as good as Battle Foam.

I like GW's cases and think they're good for the money, but they lack the ability to efficiently and effectively carry large models and the foam trays cannot be replaced.
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Nottingham / Sheffield

Battlefoam is the best quality
KR is the most cost-efficient

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Fresh-Faced New User

Thanks everyone ! I will get a GW case , seems good enough , at least for my 40k army , and hopefully my Nighthaunts won't break in it either . Battlefoam is a little bit too pricey for me
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Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

Dethor wrote:
Thanks everyone ! I will get a GW case , seems good enough , at least for my 40k army , and hopefully my Nighthaunts won't break in it either . Battlefoam is a little bit too pricey for me

Keep in mind you can also get battlefoam trays that fit GW cases, so if you ever find a need for specific laser cut trays to hold larger vehicles or models, you can buy them on an as-needed basis.
Made in ca
Dipping With Wood Stain


Personally, no. I hate the way the dividers shift, and unless you pack it with enough models, the end up shifting under or around and it's a pain.

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the Netherlands

Modern GW kind of needs extra foam to stuff it with if you're carrying it mostly empty which is a bit of a drag. That said, for having a flexible case that you can pack all kinds of different, varying combinations of models in to that zig-zag foam of theirs is awesome. Really want some more of that for my own use, kind of. But yeah, it's kind of situational, needs some additional precautions, and is very much the marmite of foam miniature storage - hate it or love it. (And frankly I wouldn't want to be stuck with it as my only option, no matter how convenient it can be at times)

If you're getting a case for a specific, unchanging combination of models I'll second the recommendation for Battlefoam. Absolutely miles and miles and miles ahead of the competition. I actually cut my own foam to size for larger models but even then I couldn't imagine wanting anything other than one of their cases to pack it in to. Not for stuff I really care about, anyway (otherwise - feldherr )

As for KR - I'm decidedly meh on them. There's a lot of gaps in their repertoire as far as foam size goes, the 120mm ish tall cases are just not quite practical for many larger models, the 'system', whether you go with alu cases or cardboard in bags still ends up pretty expensive when all is said and done and there's some frankly embarrassing gaps in their repertoire re: foam tray height.

No, if BF is too expensive and GW a little too weird, go with Feldherr! Selection of foam works much better IME, selection of bags ditto, the mini bags are downright cute and the prices, at least when you order a completely filled bag (or two, to go over the free shipping limit which you really, *really* need to do) off of their website are very attractive compared to the competition. Also foam is somehow more or less as flexible as KR, but just much more sturdy, and offers more support.

Made in si
Steady Stonecleaver

GW cases are absolutely ridiculous, pants on head slowed, especially the ones where the slits are vertical when the case is upright and the models just slide to the bottom together in a katamari of broken bits.

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 Horst wrote:
Battlefoam is the best IMO. Most expensive, but best.

GW cases are junk, over priced and cheaply made.
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Is the case itself good, but the foam is bad?

Would clipping the foam strips together help at all?

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Rampton, UK

 Skinnereal wrote:
Is the case itself good, but the foam is bad?

Would clipping the foam strips together help at all?

It just needs a bit of extra padding sometimes as the vertical foam strips dont always hold the models tight enough and they can drop down, apart from that its good and quite versatile.
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Bonkers Buggy Driver with Rockets


GW cases are perfectly fine. Unless you drop the case vertically from a significant height your models are not going to budge. Especially Nighthaunt models with so many spikes and other sharp pieces that snag on the foam.

The shifting foam dividers are not always ideal but the modularity they provide is excellent. No complaints about the build quality either.

Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut


Foam will rub on your models. Not great for paint jobs!

If this is an issue, many people fix their models into a storage box. A good way to keep them secure is a steel tray of plate in the base of the box and magnetic bases on the models.

Some people even use steel cases so they can load the side walls and lids with models!

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Longtime Dakkanaut

I started doubting the efficiency of new GW carry cases.

What I don't like is that:

A) The models are no way separated from each other when placed in the same row. They are prone to grinding with each other.
B) If there's not enough pressure and the models are tiny, they will slip under the sorting lines.

What I do like is that they are good for models like a banner bearer or something with more odd details sticking out. But there's nothing a good old pluck out can't fit.

I might just end up sticking GW cases with Feldher trays.

Made in gb
Princeps of the Emperor's Titan!

They do the job for the main part. I personally like the casing itself, but I get why peeps are dubious about the foam.

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Dakka Veteran

I've been pretty happy with my Sabol army transport cases.
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Germany, Frankfurt area

I have switched from foam to magnetic trays and I'm loving it. Check out www.army-box.de

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Calculating Commissar


For stuff I can move carefully (in the car, etc), I've been using 4/9L really useful boxes with magnetic sheets on the underside.

Most stuff that I can't be as delicate with I've gone battlefoam. The GW cases have always annoyed me because the outer shape sucks, and the embossed logo means nothing sits flat.
Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

I now use 4 litre "really useful boxes" with foam inside that I've either salvaged or bought from a foam specialist shop.
Otherwise, I've put a metal tray on the bottom (a flat baking tray) and put magnets on the bases to stop them moving around too much.

A 4litre box is around £4. It'll fit nearly everything standard troops and a bit taller. IT will fit banners, but struggled with my Daemon Price with wings and my Khorne Bloodletter with a big banner. Rhinos, Tanks etc are fine in them.

For my armiger Knights I've used the 8litre boxes.

All these boxes are really sturdy and are stackable so they don't slide around. They also do inserts for them if you look hard enough.

Made in gb
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Desperado Corp.

I recently picked up a Feldherr case from Amazon for a little over £50 and I'm really impressed so far. Holds 150 infantry, two Baneblades and is barely any larger than the current £50 GW case. Oh, and the models are actually separate from each other in the case, meaning they don't rub the paint off each other. It's lighter too due to being a fabric bag rather than a piece of bulletproof plastic.

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My GW tank carrying case from 11 years ago is still doing well... but it's terrible when you compare it to Battlefoam. I'd rather take battlefoam to the store

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Pittsburgh, PA

I had a GW skirmish size case: I liked it. I was able to fit a 1000 pt Dark Angels army in one, including razorbacks. That said, I’ve switched to battlefoam. They’re definitely kinda pricy, but the quality is top notch.

I’ve got multiple cases from them, and I’ve never felt less than 100% secure with it. I feel like I could toss it one of the cases out of a moving vehicle and it would be ok.

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Horrific Howling Banshee

whats the best case for a seriously meaty Nidzilla army? I'm talking old one eye, hive tyrant, 9 carnifexs and toxicrene/tyrannofex
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Not sure about them. But they are definitely overpriced.
I'd go to a hardware store for an appropriate trunk and get the foam inserts for the figures from the internet.

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