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Keep getting the ad for Codex Commander. New spread sheet program for building armies. Anyone have thoughts? Knowledge? etc? Don't certain nameless companies frown on these things using their IP?

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Never heard of it. Got an example? But as it stands, GW seemed to have lessened their grip on 3rd party army building apps as the continued existence of Army Builder and Battlescribe show so clearly it can be done.

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Yeah, been seeing the ads as well and curious too.

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I tried it. It's an alright app, but the free version of Battlescribe has about the same level of relatively non-intrusive ads and has more lists for more games.

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Id like to see a completed 40k list.

If the formatting's better, sign me up.

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 Flagg07 wrote:
Id like to see a completed 40k list.

If the formatting's better, sign me up.

Downloaded it a few days ago to kick around some list ideas. I've never used Battlescribe, so I can't compare the two. I think the UI works fairly well, it's pretty straightforward and not too complicated. Lists are exported as basic text documents. First pic is a screenshot of the app on my phone, second is how it looks after exporting as an email.
[Thumb - Screenshot_2019-04-10-11-14-37.png]
In-app appearance

[Thumb - CC-sample.PNG]
Exported list

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