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Using Mantic armies: Do you, should we all?  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
Do you have a Mantic army? (90%+ Mantic models)
Yes! I'm selling off models from "that other company" and converting my collection.
Yes,keeping my old stuff though.
Yes, they're cheaper.
Not yet, but I want to get a Mantic army, to support the company at some point.
No, I already have fantasy armies.
No, I want nicer models.

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Infiltrating Naga

South Africa

It's been buzzing around so let's talk about it in this format too. What do you think about using Mantic miniatures (or some high percentage of them) in your armie(s)?

Should it be a requirement? Some incentives? Only if you want to?
Do you think Mantic is going about this the right way or do you have a suggestion?

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Albany, NY

Currently sitting at a dead tie with 1 vote for each

My quick answers:

What do you think about using Mantic miniatures (or some high percentage of them) in your armie(s)?
I always appreciate it, and would like to make a Mantic-centric army some day. Frankly it most depends on Mantic upping the quality of their materials. I've tried several times to build my Mantic stockpiles and it's nearly impossible for me - I have like 4-5 sets of Dreadball Kalyshi but gave up after trying to work with the first chick. I am heartened to see more resin from them, and am pumped to get my hands on the Stuntbot.

Should it be a requirement?
No. Mantic doesn't have the capacity to cover the range of units that make KOW's internal balance so good. Also I'd have to stop playing KOW if this was somehow enacted. As a hobbyist first, having my creative choice of manufacturer valued has been really nice, as opposed to the scorn most GW Lifers toss out at times.

Some incentives?
Sure, I'm always happy to see that. Barring people from winning Best Painted is a thing - but only really tenable if you make Player's Choice still open to all models. The more bonuses or limits you place on Mantic-only, the more you'll see army comp warp to match what's available. There are plenty of factions with limited Mantic support in general or missing key units which would be unavailable in a Mantic-only meta.

Do you think Mantic is going about this the right way or do you have a suggestion?
Mantic has been very smart about it ... and let's face it, couldn't stop us from using non-Mantic models if they wanted to. Just like GeeDub can't stop you from using non-GW models in your games if you don't play in their (tiny and rare!) stores or at their (very few!) events. I think a great many of us want to use Mantic minis, but are hindered by selection or quality. Both of which Mantic is actively working on.

I'll put it out there: I'd most like to make a Mantic army so I can give the company more money! You can only buy so many Mantic books before there just aren't any more books to buy.

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Noble Knight of the Realm


I moved to KOW rules years ago, even before AOS. WHFB rules just became so bloated, extensive, confusing, unbalanced, etc., etc.

I have many full GW and Mantic armies. Sure, some of the Mantic minis suffer a bit in quality, but it is like any design - you have to like the aesthetic nature of the design and some of Mantic's stuff moves away from the norm, so it is not for everyone.

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Infiltrating Naga

South Africa

I have been selling off most of my GW stuff (with a few exceptions that were gifts), but that's because I'm fed up with GW. I would be adding rather than replacing if I only wanted to support Mantic.

I will admit that I feel an urge to scoff at not Mantic KoW armies, which is a bad thing.
The current welcoming attitude is so much better for the game.
Games are better off the more people play them, so even a KoW player who literally hasn't spent a cent on a Mantic product is good for business

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Stoic Grail Knight

drinking tea in the snow

I don't mind mantic miniatures but i don't think it should be a requirement at all. Don't really know about incentives

For one thing for me, part of my interest in KoW comes from the ability in the game to have historical armies, which mantic doesn't make at all. I know the historicals are far from their main focus but i like that i have that option.

I also like seeing the wide variety of creative alternatives and dioramas that people have come up with, whether they're mantic based or not.

I've got a small force of nature/trident realm and i like them (especially for all the otters that come with the set) but I don't want that to be my only option

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Tail-spinning Tomb Blade Pilot

When I started mini gaming [sometime in the late 70s, about the late Mezozoic period ], the practice was you the player decided what company's figures you used in a game. None of this propritary BS that Greed Workshop has successfully imposed on the market. As such, I still use what I please and so my armies are rather mixed since when I started, Citadel was mainly trash or obscure Fiend Folio monsters, so my purchases were from Ral Partha (currently Ironwind under the new owner). Still, there's GW product, and bits and bobs from various defunct companies from the 80s. My most recent purchases were Mantic Mega-armies, Abyssal Dwarfs and regular ones plus assorted characters and boxes for each to fill gaps. So those armies are more uniform, but even they have non-Mantic figures as Mantic does not produce everything in the army lists. (More so the Abyssal Dwarfs than the Dwarfs.)

So I'm for open choice like it used to be. Especially when it encourages creativity. For example, what the various Trident Realms players have come up with is great!

Kings of War: Abyssal Dwarves, Dwarves, Elves, Undead
Kings of War Historical: Macedonian
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Fresh-Faced New User

Yeah, I suppose this is only relevant in organised play, because everyone is free to do what they want everywhere else.

But as others have said, they don't currently offer the full range of what they have rules for. I think they would have to be mad to try to support all units for which the currently have rules, and frankly, I am in a position where I don't really intend to buy much more. I have a lifetime's worth of stuff to paint, and anything I do want to add from now is for the coolness/uniqueness factor. No particular interest in being asked to buy a whole new army especially of generic grunts to play with rules I also pay for.
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Decrepit Dakkanaut


Like Scythe, all my wants for KoW are for uniqueness.

When I first got interested, it was because WHFB was in its death throes, and I liked the idea. Bought a few Elf boxes--because it was just Elves, Dwarves, or Undead back then--and immediately found nobody else played it.

When my interest sat back up again, KoW suddenly had rules for all my old WHFB armies, so no need to buy a second lot of not-Warriors of Chaos or not-Lizardmen. Still nobody around here plays it, but can't win everything.

But I was taken by Nightstalkers, which at the time had no models, so I had to improvise a little. If I was to get back into it, would I buy from the current range? Big 'no idea' on that front given my investment in proxies, but it's possible; I didn't buy a 2k army's worth of stand-in models, but it might look odd mixing the two.

That said, if they were to release models for a different force I like? I'd probably be tempted. Sure, GW might already have them, but KoW isn't their game, and given the option I'll support Mantic. The issue really is having that option there before I have to go and invest in various "somethings" to play with in the mean time. "Somethings" which can get expensive and endearingly thematic--enough so I might not want to replace them with the 'proper' ones when they arrive.

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I voted for "I already have fantasy armies", but this answer needs some nuance.

As I think Mantic is doing a great job, I'm firmly in favour of supporting them and buying their minis.

That said, a 90% Mantic army is (IMHO) not realistic. Even if you play an army that Mantic has a full range of; I don't want to limit myself hobby-wise to just Mantic miniatures.
For instance, take my swamp things (rules for Abyssals) army. https://kingsofwarvince.business.blog/2018/12/22/post-cok-19-reconstucting-a-broken-army/ and https://kingsofwarvince.business.blog/2018/12/03/1500-points-of-abyssals-a-2017-project/.

This army has a majority of Mantic models, but not 90%. (The gargoyles, Chroneas and efreet are Citadel and Pathfinder minatures) and I doubt I ever will increase to 90% Mantic. Let's face it, Mantic has some fantastic models (Ghouls, Zombies, Edge of the Abyss resin characters), but also some *meh* models. (The goblin spitter models come to mind).

At some point, I might increase my goblin detachment (https://kingsofwarvince.business.blog/2019/01/15/the-curious-case-of-my-goblin-detachment-2/) to a 1,000 point army. If I do so, I doubt I will buy new Mantic Goblins for my rank and file since I'm sick of the mono-pose goblins of dubious quality that make up the boxed set. The special stuff, (mincer, the Vanguard stuff) is much better in quality and I'd like to have some more of these. That said, these models get expensive quickly, so you get what you pay for.

On top of that, Mantic doesn't make the whole line for all the armies in Mantica and neither should they. There's plenty of room in the Minature market for multiple producers and styles and I think Kings of War is a better game then Age of Sigmar since it actively works together with more than one manufacturer. (The Uncharted empires book shows not only Mantic's own miniatures, but also Fireforge and other manufacturers.) I think Mantic purposely doesn't make human models (excluding their own Basilean line), as there's other minature manufacturers who do and it's much easier to cooperate -and make a better game- than to force the competitors out by some arbitrary rules.

So, kuddo's to Mantic for not enforcing such a rule.

My blog on Kings of War:

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Rhein Main Gebiet

I still feel burnt by the Orc regiment box I bought 5? years ago.

I will stick with buying Mantic by the sprue and not by the box unless I have a reason to do otherwise, so no Mantic KoW armies for me there.

I play KoW in 15mm, so I guess my answer is not entirely fair, I do play Vanguard in 28+mm though, and the only Mantic models I use are the zombies.

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I do use the Warhammer armies I've got, but I have purchased (and started to build) a forces of the abyss army from mantic. Great miniatures. I also intend to flesh out my Northern Alliance vanguard mini's into a full army when they get a full release.

For armies I already have, like goblins, i don't see any reason to replace what I have for something similar. But when mantic bring out unique model ranges then I fully support them.

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I buy mantic models purely based on whether I like them and think they are good value. For some of the models, this is absolutely the case and so I am happy to buy them. Particularly the Undead range, I really like their infantry so I bought a bunch of them. But GW had better skeletal knights, so I picked up their skele-cav instead. Also used GW character models instead of buying Mantic ones generally apart from Morgoth who I liked the look of.

Similarly, I like the look of some of their Forces of Nature stuff, and will likely pick it up, but will use GW or Privateer stuff for the rest.

KoW is attractive to me because I can use pretty much all of my armies in KoW in some form or another, which lets me use the entire collection of fantasy minis I own in one game.

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Fresh-Faced New User


I'm converting my VC into KOW undead at the moment. Even when I played them in WHFB I used Ghouls and Zombies from Mantic. Nowadays Mantic fullfills all my miniature needs (KOW, Vanguard, Deadzone, StarSaga, DungeonSaga) except for Dropzone Commander. The company already cost me a fortune and I will continue buying their stuff. I like the fantasy design by Mantic so much better than the 80s Heavy Metal cover art from GW. I really like their classic approach on fantasy. And their Deadzone/Warpath range is much more original than their grimdark-just-put-more-skulls-on pendants.
But I still own a lot of GW models and I will continue to use them in KOW. Character models, grave guard, etc. and I use other manufacturers too.
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Auburn, Washington state

I got into KOW because of the Orc miniatures. Though I got into KOW before WHFB I collect GW Orcs and want to use them for KOW and WHFB.

Make it Orky!  
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Roscommon, Ireland

I have a Mongolian force from Fireforge which I use the KoM list. I would really like to do a more fantasy army using all Mantic minis, if for no other reason than to show my support for the company. I do like the look of their Element units and Salamanders. If they brought out more Salamander units I would happily build a force of them using all their models.

The objective of the game is to win. The point of the game is to have fun. The two should never be confused. 
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Every mini in my TR army is Mantic except for several units they don't produce: Nokken, Depth Horrors and Knuckers. I have lots of GW Dwarves, Wood Elves and Empire/Brettonians that still need to be multibased.
I bought a bunch of Force of Nature from a good chap who needed cash but I think my next armies will be Abyss and Northern Alliance. I got a good start on both armies from the Vanguard KS>

May the dice be with you!  
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