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Faithful Squig Companion


I've returned to WFB from AoS, having regretfully not gotten to play any 8th edition before. I was active in the hobby during the 8th edition period but due to a severe case of life getting in the way, I never really got to enjoy the hobby in what would otherwise had been my favourite period of warhammer! With more space & time in my life now I intend to correct this!

I'm in charge of painting up all the armies in our house, so as too not overload myself (as has often happened before) I'm going to paint them up in small 400-500pt forces and try and get some games in with them before moving on with the next unit. As the only painter in the house it can be a bit daunting- we have a huge collection of unpainted minis (I've been in the hobby since 1989 now and yet to still finish painting a full army for myself! ) and have been eyeballing several other projects we have always wanted to do, but until now not had the time or space for! Being a bit of a hobby butterfly doesn't help either.

The first army I'll be painting for myself will be Gobbos! Goblins have always been my favourite army and to not refresh them first would be criminal! I'll finalise my list of the first 500pts or so in the next few days and add it in as a checklist for getting it painted! It will be a slow process as I love converting and intend to go to town on my goblins!
The first army my misses is having redone will be her High elves. She's been undecided between wood elves and high elves for days and has finally made her decision this evening! High elves being the most awkward as she's missing some key models, as well as not having any of it already painted or built (unlike the wood elves which we had already started on for AoS! ) I've no idea what she intends to take right now, but more than likely it will be the lions of Chrace first!

Sorry for the wordy post, on to the more interesting stuff from here on out:

First off, here is a couple of the pictures I saved from my old Warseer goblin project log. I was gifted a huge night goblin army back in the late days of 4th edition and while it was passible back then, it's taken a few too many knocks since and the painting quality is far below what I do now. It will be sad to see it stripped down, as it is an irreplaceable gift, but it's in a real sorry state (having survived something like 20+ moves including relocating overseas) and I'd like to see it back on the table, looking as menacing as it did so many years ago!

Goblin Big boss on Wolf:

This was the model I was most pleased off back in the day. Painted around 1999. A super simple conversion and the only time during the 90s I was happy with a paint job! I'm going to be very sad to have to repaint it, but it got badly dinged in the last move. His shield seems to vanish at some point as well!


Part of the huge night goblin army I was gifted was a huge mass of snotlings (still one of the best sets of models GW ever did!) I had hundreds of them and all the swarm bases had slight conversions and other oddities and squigly beasts going on! It was one of the most special parts of the gift and so when it comes to repainting them all, I am going to try and recreate them exactly as they were!

And on to (brand) new stuff:

Gütz, The green swordsgrot:

My snotling warboss! This is the second attempt at this conversion, I started making him probably back in 1999(ish) but he's been in and out of storage since then and the original body got too smashed up! I'm not much of a fan of sculpting, but I think I did a passable job, hopefully a careful paint job will sort out the issues with my poor sculpting! I've loved the idea of this conversion since I've started him and I'm really pleased to finally have him done and ready for painting!

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Decrepit Dakkanaut

Fargo, ND USA

Always good to see some proper square base action. Looking forward to seeing the rest of this develop!

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 Platuan4th wrote:
Always good to see some proper square base action. Looking forward to seeing the rest of this develop!

Thanks! While I'm not dead against round based games, I'm not enjoying the direction AoS is taking right now and rather than spend time getting dragged down arguing the issue, I might as well be cracking on with painting some projects that I've been wanting to do for ages but been too engrossed in the AoS community to want to spend time working on them! Plus there is still something so satisfying about getting a unit all nicely ranked up on squares! (Squares work for both games anyway, while rounds do not!)

Progress from today:

Got stuck into the basing for my first unit of wolf riders. The painted goblin was borrowed from one of my AoS warbands, he might stay or I might replace him outright as I don't want to repaint him, but I'm likely to go with the classic red goblin scheme for my old world gobbos, where my AoS ones have been blue.
I'm missing a couple of wolves, but they are in a box somewhere, but it's gotten too late to dig them out, that's a tomorrow job now. I have a pile of goblin parts all cleaned up and ready to go, but I do already have a bunch of built riders, but I think they are in the same box as the missing wolves, so left the rest of the goblins for now, in case I don't need to build them.
I've added a couple more skulls and mushrooms since taking the photos as well, I'll be adding more as painting is done where ever they look a bit sparse or need some more colour.

I hadn't been sure that I could build the movement tray decently out of the plasticard I had but I really didn't want to use wood, but it worked better than I had hoped and they fit snuggly. So I'll be sticking with plasticard for the rest. Not sure if I'll sand it all down and keep them plain, but I was thinking of extending the basing all around the edge of the movement trays this time round. Mostly as an excuse to use even more skulls and mushrooms!

I also painted this chap up a little while ago. He's meant to be a mushroom and squig leg seller from the outskirts of Mordheim. He was about to join my AoS warband, but having not gotten around to it yet I had yet to replace his base. Though his original square base still needs painting, I was always quite pleased the how the base turned out, being one of my very early attempts at green stuff, so he will likely be used in a unit in this old world project now, as I didn't want to see him torn apart anyway!

And as one last bonus, this is a bunch of close ups I took of my AoS Grot warband for the miniature close up challenge ( #miniaturecloseup2019 ) earlier this year. There were far too many serious conversations going on about it and far too many people getting very worked up over it, so I injected a bit of snotling humour into the mix!

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Faithful Squig Companion


A couple of snotling bases done. I still have to paint the snail squig (As the Irish summer is here, which has meant it has rained non stop the whole time I've been waiting to prime stuff!)

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Renegade Kan Killin Orks

Northern Ireland

Really nice selection of minis in show already. Loving the snotlings and your conversions too. It's making me want to dig out my own heritage goblins and give them some love. I havnt been at any of them in well over a year now maybe two. I just lost the will after about the eightieth goblin. (It's those big blocks of spears and archers that grind you down.)

I've got a bunch of those same snotlings but your bases are just super with all those squigs and mushrooms and bits.

Nice to think another great goblin collection is nearby too. Irish goblins are the greenest!

All power to you for keeping at it. Small blocks at a time sounds like a good plan for keeping it fresh and fun.

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