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Made in ca
Ferocious Blood Claw

Cold Lake, Alberta

Picked up an army off a guy figuring I'd have the time to strip it all down and fix the messed up pieces before repainting. Turns out this was a much bigger time sink than anticipated.

Looking for an opinion on if the work to repair his stuff is worth it when I could just cut the losses and bin the other stuff. I believe I'll be much more likely to field a painted army if I just start from scratch.

I'm certain people out there have dealt with this kind of thing for many different games. Anyone think it's worth the time? Has anyone regretted wasting the effort instead of going new?
Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

Lincoln, UK

Depends on the army. If it's relatively fragile, with lots of spikes or antennae and the like, there's a good chance you'll wreck the fine details. Tried it on some AdMech figures with distressing results.

Older, more solid models? Go for it.

Metals - definitely keep them and clean them up, even to sell. They will always hold some value.

Isopropyl alcohol and Biostrip do a good job of cleaning up minis these days without too much physical danger :-D

I recently stripped someone's junk pile and rebuilt two Eldar Falcons, about 100 metal LotR figures, a pile of really ancient dwarf metals and about 50 plastics. I stripped them in bulk, it took about an hour a night for a week scrubbing and repairing minis.

There were a few OOP figures in there, apart from those the cost to time ratio was no better than "ok" and I even spent money on missing Falcon parts. Still - they're my recovered armies now, and they'll mean something to me.

Your call on free time vs cash.

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Made in us
Legendary Master of the Chapter

You end up paying one way or another.

Honestly if you start getting overwhelmed by it you could just get a bucket, fill it with the appropriate stripper and just leave it for a while.

iv done that with some models being submerged for over 3 years.

purple power for plastics, acetone for metals.

though for resins i would not do that. i know alcohol and some strippers will mess with it.

 Unit1126PLL wrote:
 Scott-S6 wrote:
And yet another thread is hijacked for Unit to ask for the same advice, receive the same answers and make the same excuses.

Oh my god I'm becoming martel.
Send help!

Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Depends on how much of a drag you feel rehabilitating abused minis is.

Yes, it WILL be faster to just start over from new. Instead of stripping bad paint and disassembling bad assemble jobs, you're diving straight into cleaning mold lines and assembly. (And no, just because it's already assembled doesn't mean you are going to be spared cleaning mold lines. ) So... from that point of view it is almost always more efficient to start from scratch. But if you enjoy the process of salvage, then it becomes part of the hobby.

If you don't enjoy it, well...

My job here is done. 
Made in ca
Grumpy Longbeard


If you're asking the question then probably not.
Assuming you can afford to just bin it and buy new stuff, the main draw on second hand stuff is that it's cheaper.

I would look out for metal models (much easier to strip), OOP models (even if just to resell) and cool conversions.

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Made in gb
Been Around the Block

Its a time/money thing.

What do you have more of to spare?
Made in ca
Longtime Dakkanaut

Surrey, BC - Canada

For me it was a money thing. Other than my Imperial Guard and Elysians most of my armies have been acquired in a painted or partially painted state in small lots over the years. Restoring and repairing is all part of the fun.

My two cents,


Made in us
Awesome Autarch

That would depend 100% on the type of miniatures.

The one thing you can't undo: plastic glue.

If they're metals? They strip down to brand-new. Not an issue. Break off the plastic bits and replace them. A metal miniature more or less never changed shape unless it's been hacked or beat up or crushed. Under every eBay monstrosity of a metal mini...is a brand new miniature.

Plastics? You can strip them down, but you can't fix them. Sure you can awkwardly break off arms, or try sawing stuff, but a gak-assemble model using plastic glue? That's not worth it unless you're desperate. If they're assembled fine, then you can likewise strip them down quite easily and thoroughly.

I've seen people buy plastic vehicles which are garbage assembled and they turn into nightmare projects. Only you know what is worthwhile to you.

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