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Made in us
Dangerous Skeleton Champion

Chicago Suburbs

Hey All!

Wanted to take a moment and document a recent bat-rep I had. Maybe it will help me with some things that will come up as I have it fresh in memory. Well... Saturday so not so fresh. I will preface this with while I don't consider myself a professional, nor a competitive player. I've tried to be better and give it efforts. Summarizing things in this narrative might help, but it might not. Lastly, I hope you as the reader can get a chuckle out of it.

We decided to pick War Cards at random of course. Mission Type The Prize (easy enough) and Dead of Night (detrimental to some, shooting, casting, whathaveyou), lucky for my opponent he had 2k pts of Beastclaw Raiders 8)

I brought Nagash, (obviously), Nefferata for her ignore rend SPELL. 40 Skeletons, 20 Grave Guard, that's as much as I was able to fit. My grave Guard and Neffarata pick might have been detrimental but I knew some stuff was coming and figured she could at least provide some help. My opponent brought Hero Tusk on most right, Two Vulture 6 Mortal Wounds on a 2+ 'shooty' Tusks, Extra Tusk non-Hero, and 3 units of Mournfang. Beefy!

I believe he won the roll-off to go 1st and allowed me to go 1st. Sort of odd that this WAR CARD says 12" apart, sooooo you practically start 12" away ?! I knew it was going to be a bloodbath. Because its' been about two months since I played, I think I may have gotten flustered and placed Nagash (HERE), as I aimlessly took a drink of my delicious alcoholic beverage not realizing the dead of night and forgot about his 18" spell cast range.... ridiculous...

As such, 1st turn I wasn't able to cast much, and I almost definitely needed to run forward with 4" skeletons to place them on top of the crate. Everything else sort of moved up... trying to protect Neffarata.

The next photo is unfortunately at round 2 or 3. Bottom of 1st, my opponent demolished the 40 skeletons, with ease, issued some mortal wounds to Neffarata who was now down to 5 or 6 and proceeded to move forward, pretty much untouched. As a response I used the lousy (1 CP) I get being Death to bing all of them back to hold the line. They ended up doing good because on the resurrection, I got to swing max with 40 Skeletons, hero close by +1. It was not a shabby round. Still... moving 40 of those guys is just a pain in the behind.

Not sure what drove me to move Nagash left, I think it was the bare openness of 3 Tusks coming right at me and attempting to flank left, of course once again forgot that buffs work if Death units are close by and you know the rest...

I managed to do some casting with minor mortals with Nagash, but by Turn 3 my opponent won to go 1st and once again Tusks issuing 2 x 6 Mortal Wounds put Neffarata to her grave. I now know if you put at least 1 wound on them, they go down to D6. Arcane BOLT ! to the rescue! Will definitely remember that one next time!

Closer to 4th and 5th Phase, you can see my meager attempts at once again paying 1 CP for an entire unit. I took a few Mournfang with me, but the Hero remained! and although as my opponent put it, I made him a potato with the numerous detrimental buffs I cast. He managed to snag the case and run off on top of Turn 5 with the Prize!

This was yet again a learning lesson for me as a Death player. I suppose if I brought more bodies to block, or some Endless Spells to block movement it would have given me more time/space. I also could have used better deployment techniques but I somehow manage to always mess myself up during this critical step, maybe its I get overzealous due to not playing for a long time? and then I just PLOP miniatures on the table .... maybe I just don't see the strategic advantage yet from playing so few games (clearly)... maybe it's just not for me? , this wouldn't be the 1st time I pretty much got my behind handed to me. I love Age of Sigmar, and my love for the hobby and painting won't go away. Maybe one day I will make all the right choices in the right order for once !

Thanks for taking the time to read my reflections.

Squirrel Out!

 Udo wrote:
Get it painted up though. It's a scientific fact that unpainted models die quicker than painted one's.
Made in us
Insect-Infested Nurgle Chaos Lord

Running Nagash and Neffy in the same list leaves you extremely short on points to bring big blobs of infantry, which are the staple of the army. You also won't have the cp to benefit from both of their command abilities, something that accounts for a good chunk of their value. Dropping one in favor of a necromancer or two and more skeletons will do wonders.

"Putting a statement in quotations makes it seem more legitimate."
--Bette R. Withname

Imagine three people with the same set of values but radically different emotional states, each of them believes their position is more valid than the other two, they all post using the same account, and your job is to make it coherent. 
Made in us
Dangerous Skeleton Champion

Chicago Suburbs

Thanks for taking a moment and giving some advise @NinthMusketeer! I will give more bodies a shot next time!

 Udo wrote:
Get it painted up though. It's a scientific fact that unpainted models die quicker than painted one's.
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