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[KS] Launched - Slumbering Oblivion: Futuristic Miniatures Combat Against the Forces of Cthulhu  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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The project is now live on Kickstarter!!



Hey all!

Just a quick heads up to let you know that I’ll be launching my next Kickstarter in a few days. Here is a link to the pre-launch page: https://www.backerkit.com/call_to_action/1466/landing

I didn’t want to necro the old thread so started this new one. If you want to see the old one you can find it here: https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/757126.page

I wanted to give everyone on Dakka advanced notice before I publish the announcement publicly. I let previous backers know yesterday and I wanted to let everyone here know as well. You all have been an invaluable resource over the 18 months since my first Kickstarter. Your comments and responses to my previous Kickstarters, comments on the poll on resin vs plastic, and even input on other threads that have nothing to do with my stuff have all been very helpful and provided some great insight. So I wanted to give you all an early heads up. Here’s a bit of what I sent to my previous backers that gives a little more info:

We are now ready to release the game complete with rules and miniatures. The rules have been professionally designed by designers with over 20 years experience and involved with games such as Warhammer, 40k, Bolt Action and many more.

The miniatures will be injection molded plastic by folks experienced with companies such as Dreamforge Games, Kingdom Death and Games Workshop. So you know the quality will be high. And rest assured, for those of you that have picked up miniatures either through our previous Kickstarter or from our online store, they will be fully compatible with the game.

With this KS I’ve taken into account the feedback on the poll on plastic vs resin that I ran here as well as in other places. It was very apparent that plastic was the preferred medium for miniatures. So I’m going to take that and try to go the plastic route with the minis in this KS while also giving a resin option. But the goal is to see if we can get over that initial start-up cost for plastic production. That means needing a lot of backers so feel free to spread the word And if we can get past the initial funding there are lots of other models and items to unlock. We're starting off with the core game which is the rulebook and a dozen miniatures but with additional funding beyond the initial goal there are many many other miniatures we can produce.

If you’re interested in backing, or just kept informed on the launch, you can go here: https://www.backerkit.com/call_to_action/1466/landing

Thanks again to everyone who gave input on the forums here and I hope to see you on Tuesday when the KS starts up!

A couple pics from gameplay testing...


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Central Cimmeria

This is a tough month to run a KS. You will be competing against Zombicide and Reaper Bones who have jointly just vacuumed up $5 million+ dollars of hobbyist money.

While most hobbyists prefer plastic, it really only makes sense for a game with high model counts since your variable costs are so low.
Resin would absolutely be the right choice for a small model count skirmish game. Some small indie producers are also having success selling high quality 3d prints from SLA printers which is very attractive for the small production runs you will need for your game.
I don't want to rain on your parade, and wish you all the luck in the world, just handing out some advice in the hopes it helps you make good choices for your business.
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Thanks for the feedback and those are all points I've considered. Fair point on timing but it seems any time you try to run a KS there will be competition, particularly with companies who run multiple KS' a year. And waiting longer means competing with the holidays, then the post-holiday slump when everyone gets there CC statements showing how much they spent over the holidays, etc etc. So I'm not sure there is a perfect time to run a KS. And that aside, business needs often dictate when something needs to be done.

As for material choice, we'll see what happens. If the plastic doesn't do the trick I can always go the resin route. Certainly nothing is precluding that from being an alternate route if needed. It is tricky though. Yes, it makes sense for smaller runs to use resin but you also lose out on a large population of gamers who want plastic and won't even consider resin. But like I said, we'll see how the KS fares and adjust as needed. It doesn't hurt to swing for the fences

Thanks again for the input!
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Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

I do like fish people - interesting concept. I look forward to seeing it in miniature form.
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I certainly liked the cthuloid creatures & deep ones I got from your first KS so i'm interested in what comes up here

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Thanks Kestral and Orlando!

There will be a mix of previously seen models and new ones for the core game/starter set. Though any previously seen models will be retooled in plastic so will vary slightly from the original resin versions. Once we get through the initial funding there are many other new models to unlock. They will be unveiled over the course of the KS.

The pre-launch page is now live: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/reclusivephoenix/slumbering-oblivion-cthulhu-themed-miniatures-war-game
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Project is now live on Kickstarter
Hope to see you there!!


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I've backed one of your previous campaigns, and enjoy your sculpts a lot, but $45 for a sprue of 6 minis is too much or me. How much do the individual sprues cost once the molds are made? Will there be stretch goals to turn those forces into 12 or 18 minis for the same or only a slightly higher price?

From my understanding, the strength of HIPS is that, once the tooling is paid for, the cost for each sprue is minuscule. HIPS is the ideal medium for building an affordable army of repeats via piles of identical sprues.

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I do like a Cthulhu game - dipped my toe in here

"Unimaginably ancient xenos artefact somewhere on the planet, hive fleet poised above our heads, hidden 'stealer broods making an early start....and now a bloody Chaos cult crawling out of the woodwork just in case we were bored. Welcome to my world, Ciaphas."
Inquisitor Amberley Vail, Ordo Xenos

"I will admit that some Primachs like Russ or Horus could have a chance against an unarmed 12 year old novice but, a full Battle Sister??!! One to one? In close combat? Perhaps three Primarchs fighting together... but just one Primarch?" da001


A Bloody Road - my Warhammer Fantasy Fiction 
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Hey Bob, yes the sprue cost is less than say a resin cast but the tooling is really expensive. You are looking at around 10k per tool which is why plastic is hard to break into for a smaller company with small runs. For an established game with a large existing base of players then those start up costs can get absorbed by large numbers of runs. Here I have to account for those in the funding.

And yes, additional value will be built into the pledges if we can get through the initial funding.
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