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Raging Rat Ogre

The Wastes of Krieg

So in the games I’ve played with him, Archaon has died both times and as a result I have had to concede since the army falls apart without him in it. Any ideas as to how I can keep him alive for longer?
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Anointed Dark Priest of Chaos

British Columbia

Oracular Visions. Screens. Harbinger if playing Nurgle

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Brutal Butcher

How exactly is he dying? What's killing him?

That will inform what you may be able to do differently.
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Androgynous Daemon Prince of Slaanesh

Norwalk, Connecticut

You need an alpha strike. Make another target hit the opponent first. A unit of Varanguard crashing into his biggest scary unit and crushing it will do that (start far back, Mark Khorne, whip with Bloodstoker, teleport, charge). Then send in the next wave same style. Then send Archaon and the last wave. You’ll either win or be dead by then. He isn’t gonna win every game, but you can still have fun with him.

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Regular Dakkanaut

Generally it depends on what’s killing him.
He’s a solid hero but not the biggest beat stick out there, so charging him into some hero’s or horde units is going to end badly.

As a blanket coverage though:

Screens - a block or 2 of marauders to pad around him tends to work but slows him down.
May work to start with to avoid alpha strike armies or he can retreat into them if needed.

Threat overload - knights and Varanguard are fast enough and hit hard enough to pose a threat.
Run these down the flanks to force them into dealing with those first and splitting up their army.
Armies like bonereapers tend to castle together to eat their buffs, this will force them to move out of that.

Mobile chaff - ideally a flying unit here like furies or raptors work fine for this.
Hang them back and if you need a get out of jail card they can use their flying movement to get in the way and act as a speed bump.
Just be careful doing this as some units and characters can destroy a target then immediately charge again (Gordrakk for example)
This will essentially just cost you a unit for no benefit.

Know his limits - charging or being in charge range of certain hero’s or units is suicide.
If you have a hero like Gordrakk, Gotrek or a heavily buffed dedicated combat unit, keep the hell away from them.
They will generally just cut straight through him and keep moving.
While he’s a solid fighter, he’s expensive (maybe 50-100 points too much) and not the best out there.
Playing smart with him is essential.

If you use him for hunting weaker hero’s and units then he won’t earn his points back, but he will live and it will help your army a lot.
Just avoid stuff that can go first in combat like certain equipped bloodthirsters, tree men etc.

The main issue I’ve seen is people running him in a foot slogging army.
This means he’s generally out on his own, which you do not want at all.
He needs bodies near him at all times.
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Insect-Infested Nurgle Chaos Lord

Sorcerer Lord for Oracular Visions and ally in a Harbinger of Decay for it's command ability. Like every monster, he should generally avoid charging in on his own.

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Consider; Games Workshop rules not so much games but as toolboxes for players to craft an experience from, and open/narrative/matched play just examples of how things can be put together. 
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Raging Rat Ogre

The Wastes of Krieg

So would it be more ideal to keep my Varanguard around his flank as opposed to hitting the opponent elsewhere?
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Insect-Infested Nurgle Chaos Lord

Keep something on his flank, it doesn't have to be Varanguard.

The reality is the Archaeon + 3 units of Varanguard is not completely viable as a 2k list because those four units eat up so many points for so few models. It is more of a fluff/theme list that won't hold up if the opponent is running something reasonably well optimized.

Consider; Games Workshop rules not so much games but as toolboxes for players to craft an experience from, and open/narrative/matched play just examples of how things can be put together. 
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