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Made in us
Courageous Space Marine Captain


Flying Frog Productions is having a memorial sale with a lot of decent discounts for their games, especially the Memorial Day Bundles. I highly recommend Shadows of Brimstone and Forbidden Fortress. FFG also sell blank cards and enemy sheets so you can use miniatures you already own to add some variety.

But the real reason I’m posting this is for the crazy deals on minis. They are selling the entire miniature contents of their starter boxes for $15 each. That’s a lot of zombies, tentacles and monsters for not much cash. They also have a Trederra set of minis for $30 that would go well with a chaos army or a Wargames Atlantic Grognard IG army (they are slightly taller than the Grognard and take Grognard bits well with some cutting at the joints). Their Trederra set are mostly monopose minis, but with better quality than the starter minis.

Made in si
Steady Stonecleaver

$24 EU shipping for a set tho, ouch.

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40k Potica Edition - 40k patch with reactions, suppression and all that good stuff. Feedback thread here.

Gangs of Nu Ork - Necromunda / Gorkamorka expansion supporting all faction. Feedback thread here
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Also, beware their early minis. Crap plastic, super soft details, and generally ugly. The game however is amazing, and a massive love-letter to OG Warhammer Quest.

11527pts Total (7400pts painted)

4980pts Total (4980pts painted)

3730 Total (210pts painted) 
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West Sussex, UK

They are meant to be releasing new versions of a lot of the earlier models this year because of the soft details so I am eagerly awaiting them (a lot of the early resin was also appalling but they are much better now). The new models are much better, looking forward to receiving the Shadows of Brimstone Adventures kickstarter.
Made in us

Thanks for the heads up BobtheInquisitor!

I've been after those Giant Scorpions for some time now...
Made in us
Been Around the Block


So as someone with a bunch of resin heroes from the original kickstarter and was never particularly impressed with the frankly lousy quality, is it worth picking up some of these on-sale resin heroes I already have? Is better quality likely?
Made in ca
Decrepit Dakkanaut


I have a ton of their tentacles, lovely things.

Maybe the Squats were all the Space Marines we made along the way.  
Made in us
Primered White

Pittsburgh, PA

Can’t say much about the resins, but the quality of the Forbidden Fortresses plastics are leaps and bounds better than the old plastics.

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