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Hey all

I have the core box set of Warhammer Quest 1995. Thing is, I don't like the adventurer models. They are typical of GW's plastics of the time. The Wizard for example has very oversized hands. Details are a bit, soft, to put it mildly.

So, I've been looking around for some alternatives, one's that look like those in the iOS/Android/PC video game version of Warhammer Quest, first game, not the 2nd.

I have models (or will have when they are delivered) for the basic 4 adventurers, Human Barbarian (this will be a Khorne Bloodreaver/Chaos Marauder kitbash), Dwarf Warrior (this will be a plastic GW Ironbreaker with a minor modification), Elf Ranger and Human Wizard (both will be metal Reaper Miniatures models).

So, with those 4 sorted, I'm now looking at getting models to represent some of the extra adventurers that are in the video game. However I'm a little stuck in finding anything suitable that is readily available and at reasonable prices for some of the adventurers.

The models I would like are a Warrior Priest with two handed great hammer, Dwarf Trollslayer with a two handed axe, and a Human Witch Hunter with a sword and pistol.

The Warrior Priest with two handed great hammer, Trollslayer, and Witch Hunter, all GW models, are quite hard to come by and/or expensive.

None of the normal GW Trollslayer models that I've seen quite fit the bill. Closest I've found to one that looks similar to the video game and the original WHQ model is a Daemonslayer, but like the Trollslayer model, that was at a silly price...

So, I'm looking for good alternatives that look close to the original GW models/the video game depictions.

Anyone here able to offer any ideas on alternatives?

Thanks in advance.

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United Kingdom

That site is definitely dodgy - they're selling resin copies of metal only miniatures.

Are you wanting to stick with GW models, or are other manufactures OK?
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Regular Dakkanaut

Ah OK, I had a feeling that was the case.

I'm happy to buy other manufacturers models. I've bought Reaper Miniatures examples for 2 of the standard 4 adventurers. Can't find anything I like/look the part, in Reaper's catalogue for the other 4 though.
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That site is definitely a recaster and so I have removed their name from your post.

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United Kingdom

Have a look at Hasslefree Miniatures, but be aware they've got a shipping backlog.

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Also, Heresy Lab have started doing some Fantasy models.
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Thanks, I've looked on Hasslefree, and they have one that would look great as the Warrior Priest, it's female instead of male (no big deal), but has a bald head and a 2 handed hammer like the GW one, but it's out of stock!

This one - http://hfminis.co.uk/shop?product=mother-morrigan~hfh126&category=fantasy-%26%0D%0Asteampunk~fantasy-humans

I'll drop them an email to see if/when they will be able to recast it.

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Wicked Warp Spider

Might be worth browsing WMH warcasters and Solos, the Menoth faction is kindy GW churchy, Cygnar has gun mages that might fit the bill Witchfinder wise with the Mercs/Minions are a weird grab bag of all sorts but word of warning only order stuff thats in stock as PP logistics are fup awful

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Ferocious Blood Claw

Could probably get all of these from artel w


One of the dwarves with the two handed hammers could be converted to holding a two handed axe


if you got rid of the back pack this guy could be a fantasy priest with a two handed hammer (edit: i've just realised he has a metal arm too). or this one perhaps (https://artelw.com/Young-Jessica-p136853927)

and one of these for a witch hunter:

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Artel is great +1

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Crooked Dice has other options for the basic adventurers.

Lots of good suggestions for the rest at Avatars of War. No idea about the current state of this vendor though. I know there were some issues awhile back but no idea if any are ongoing.

Simple conversion to remove a pistol and adda sword.

There is a female version with the 2H Hammer you were after.

The Slayer with 2H Axe could be made from this boxed set.

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Regular Dakkanaut

Thanks guys, I'll take a further look at some of those.

The Witch Hunter I feel will be one that I will never find an alternate model that still looks like GW's original and the video game model, or that I like the look of. None I've seen seem to me to have that classic Van Helsing type look.

The Trollslayers from Avatars of War look good, although I do begrudge having to buy a box set just to make one model, but at least I can make it look how I want. So I think that will be the route I will take.

Didn't mention them in the OP as I thought I had them nailed, but I've realised that the High Elf Shadow Warrior and Archmage in the iOS/Android/PC game don't have any official rules in the tabletop game, closest would be the Elf Ranger addon box set, but I like the original GW Elf Ranger model from that box set and I've seen a couple on eBay at reasonable prices. I've also seen a good conversion based on a plastic GW Shadow Warrior (although a couple of crucial bits cannot be obtained from bitz sellers that I've come across, i.e. the High Elf head from the High Elf Lord on Dragon kit), so I'm not sure I'll bother replicating the High Elves from the video game.

Ditto the Bright Wizard. No official rules, the official GW models don't look like the one in the video game, and I haven't come across an alternate model that fits with the video game look of the model.

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I think Twisted Catacombs’ KS was meant as a proxy for WHQ miniatures. They have delivered wave 2 already, and the quality looks pretty good from what I’ve got.

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Thanks again guys.

Was waiting for it to come back in stock, and it has, so I have today ordered a Warrior Priest(ess), so I can cross that one off the list. And I've also received parts from the GW Aelf Shadow Warriors box set for making a High Elf Shadow Warrior, with a nod to the original metal GW WHQ Elf Ranger box set model. Can't get the head I wanted though so I've gone with one from the box set that looks very similar to that of the model in the iOS/Android game.

Wrt the Warrior Priest(ess) I have ordered this one, looks similar (to me at least) to the GW original that the iOS/Android game version is clearly based on -


Just need to get around to actually painting stuff...

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