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Incorporating Wet-Blending

Woo! Finally!

I haven't backed since MB 1.0, so lemme know what sort of problems the company has been having, how many projects they have outstanding, etc. etc.


Friends, it’s been a long time. Too long to be honest. The Beyond the Monolith failure, the Conan the Conqueror success, Covid, unfortunately everything Mythic Battles - Ragnarök moved much slower than we expected.
But now we are ready, ready to start revealing the next instalment in the Mythic Battles series.Mythic Battles: Ragnarök. . Totally standalone, playable in its own right or fully compatible with Mythic Battles: Pantheon OR test your mettle Pantheon to Pantheon, God to God.

Week by week as we march towards the kickstarter we'll show you insight after insight

We've shared some previous insights with you before the slow down, and here's our most recent insight, the first gameboard, Naglfar from the core box if you missed seeing its glory on Facebook,

But this forward movement with MB: Ragnarök, doesn’t sigh MB: Pantheons death warrant, quite the contrary.

Depending on the results of the upcoming online survey, uploaded next month, a reprint of part or the whole of the MB: Pantheon content will be offered as addons in the Pledge Manager, we chose the Pledge Manager so that any new backers wouldn’t be confused by the product selection during the Kickstarter.

The MB: Ragnarök Kickstarter itself WILL contain the MB: Pantheon core box and some amazing bundles.

We’ll talk about MB: Ragnarök and next campaign in the coming weeks, tonight, WE DINE IN HELL

Also, see the link for "MB: Pantheon 1.5 FAQ – Finished and ready to solve your ruling questions:"

Gameboard art:

Everything is easy when you expect someone else to do it. 
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Decrepit Dakkanaut


Conan is on target as far as we know,

Batman Gotham City Chronicles 2 delivered ok to most, but since they don't do their own fulfilment there seems to have been a few that fell through the cracks between monolith and the fulfilment firm

however the rules were still not great (or possibly not well translated) so they're planning another rulebook update for Batman 3 so I imagine there rules for this will need a fair bit of interpretation

(not necessarily a deal breaker, but if you/your group isn't prepared to work around wonky translation and ambiguous rules something to consider)

Shipping on Conan was also painful even though I don't normally moan about that sort of thing (to the point I didn't get stuff I had intended to). My 32 Euro estimate ended up at 55 Euro, yes I was getting more stuff, and I expected to pay a bit more but the size of the increase, and the fact that adding any of the big box expansions would have made it significantly more hurt

now in part that's probably because Monolith was tied to use the companies they had they old stock warehoused with but sadly I expect it might well apply here too

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Courageous Questing Knight

Central Cimmeria

Hmm, I'll see. Shipping for Conan was very expensive and I didn't really feel like I got much for my money.

I hear good things about MB though. I'll be watching to see how many sculpts repeat (Monolith tends to only do a single sculpt per troop type). I do appreciate that Monolith only books the absolute best sculptors, so at least the sculpts you do get are works of art.
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Longtime Dakkanaut

 Gallahad wrote:
Hmm, I'll see. Shipping for Conan was very expensive and I didn't really feel like I got much for my money.

Obviously it's subjective but I felt like Conan The Conqueror was a good deal. A lot of the figures are huge and at retail, looking at similar sized creatures, would run $40-$60 each MSRP. Add that to OG conan being my top used mini set for fantasy RPGS over the past few years and I know I'll get a lot out of the set.

I wouldn't expect MB:R to be a free flowing with minis as OG Conan or MB as those days are long gone on KSer in general but it will most likely have more for your money if that's the biggest concern for reasons below. We know Conan The Conqueror was more reigned in too due to budgetary reasons. Failure of the Beyond the Monolith KSer and Fred's partners walking away and wanting to cash out their shares of Batman which have been discussed to death. But one that really wasn't was Fred not sure there was really any interests in Conan due to retail failure so he didn't want to do a expansion with a lot of cash invested that he wasn't sure he could make back through shear sales numbers. Mythic Battle games have always had a strong demand post KSer and they're looking to do another reprint of MB (might be a partial, they haven't committed to everything yet) so that fear that it's a dead game isn't holding back Fred.
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Rampaging Reaver Titan Princeps

Earlobe deep in doo doo

Pantheon and Joan of Arc produced some excellent models and the Ymir is a thing of beauty I can't wait! Everything I've ordered has been delivered and I received a refund from Time of Legends Destinies without trouble.

"But me no buts! Our comrades get hurt. Our friends die. Falkenburg is a knight who swore an oath to serve the church and to defend the weak. He'd be the first to tell you to stop puling and start planning. Because what we are doing-at risk to ourselves-is what we have sworn to do. The West relies on us. It is a risk we take with pride. It is an oath we honour. Even when some soft southern burgher mutters about us, we know the reason he sleeps soft and comfortable, why his wife is able to complain about the price of cabbages as her most serious problem and why his children dare to throw dung and yell "Knot" when we pass. It's because we are what we are. For all our faults we stand for law and light.
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Affton, MO. USA

Depending on price and models, I could possibly use them for Osprey Games: Ragnarok. I'll keep my eye out.

LOL, Theo your mind is an amazing place, never change.-camkierhi 9/19/13
I cant believe theo is right.. damn. -comradepanda 9/26/13
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I'd put you on ignore for that comment, if I could...Alpharius 2/11/14 
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Longtime Dakkanaut

 Llamahead wrote:
Pantheon and Joan of Arc produced some excellent models and the Ymir is a thing of beauty I can't wait! Everything I've ordered has been delivered and I received a refund from Time of Legends Destinies without trouble.

Mythic Games sold their part of Mythic Battles to Monolith and aren't involved with the game anymore (haven't for years).
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Wight Lord with the Sword of Kings


Looking forward to seeing what happens - Love my Pantheon models and quite enjoying the rpg setting etc


"Unimaginably ancient xenos artefact somewhere on the planet, hive fleet poised above our heads, hidden 'stealer broods making an early start....and now a bloody Chaos cult crawling out of the woodwork just in case we were bored. Welcome to my world, Ciaphas."
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Longtime Dakkanaut

Several previews and updates recently

First form a post today
We've never been so close! We are aiming for a launch in the second half of this quarter and will be able to publish the exact date in the next two weeks.
We are still waiting for some information from our partner factories before we publish the survey from which we will gauge demand for what Mythic Battles: Pantheon products we would include in the upcoming Mythic Battles: Ragnarök campaign.
This survey will allow backers to indicate their choice of Mythic Battles: Pantheon products from the entire MB-P product range and not just those products that have already been reprinted. If there is sufficient demand, those products will be added to the range of available products in the Mythic Battles: Ragnarök Kickstarter campaign or Pledge manager.
The only MB-P product we will offer during the Mythic Battles Ragnarök Kickstarter campaign will be the Mythic Battles Pantheon 1.5 core box (and its Stretch Goals).
All other Mythic Battles Pantheon products we elect to add (including the MB-P1.5 core box) will be available in the Mythic Battles Ragnarök pledge manager.
It’s our attempt not to overwhelm or complicate choices for new players of the game.
The next few weeks will see a series of news on MBR, revealing to you before the launch all

also news on a webstore
It is time! By mid-year, once all Conan: the Conqueror pledges are delivered, we will be opening the online store we've been working on for some time. It will offer products from several ranges, in limited quantities, as well as new products. We're not planning to make it just a clearance or pre-order space but give it a life of its own. It is also part of a more comprehensive restructuring project for our pledge manager and our after-sales service, which will be overhauled this year. We point out in advance that there are no plans, with very specific exceptions, to make the products available on our store at a price lower than that which was theirs during our campaigns. We want our early supporters to be most rewarded. Likewise, pre-orders will not offer a lower price than campaigns.

Now for some previews (I've hidden the larger images that are just alternative views). I'm not sure how I feel about the giants so far. I didn't like their Yimir at all and I'm on the fence here. I guess they need to do something different then just traditional stuff but it's not working for me.



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