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Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

I ran a patrol of Goffs and a outrider of evil suns at 1500 points against another ork goff army the other day and won.

My main takeaways from the game were...

-Dragstas are so much worse now and not really worth taking

-10 goff Boyz on the charge are actually very dangerous especially against low armour units

-red paint evil suns relic is absolutely incredible on a wartrike next to a big squad of bikes. I was charged by Boyz and would have definitely been wiped off it weren't for that relic. As a result my bikes and wartrike killed about 9 Boyz before they even swung and basically turned the tide of the game.

-dakkajet is an absolute bargain. Even hitting on 5s the sheer amount of fire is great, it knocked out 2 mekk guns, a trukk and a deffdred plus for me engage on all fronts and generally was a pain in the ass.

Loving the new codex and currently painting more bikes and squighogs as they seem excellent.
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

I think it’s hard to take most tournament lists as a measure of units in the book when a vast majoorty of our new models aren’t even for sale yet. Killrigs, beastboss on squig limited number of squig riders tend to make list building hard to accomplish.
But ya faqs, fw, and campaign book will add a few quirks to the rules to make orks play different soon.
Made in de
Ork Admiral Kroozin Da Kosmos on Da Hulk

Please use this thread for any further discussion on using the new codex:

Earth is not flat
Vaccines work
We've been to the moon
Climate change is real
Chemtrails aren't a thing
Evolution is a fact
Orks are not a melee army
Stand up for science!
Made in dk
Longtime Dakkanaut


Oh you made an entirely New thread? Cool

Hope, is the first step on the road to disappointment.

- About Dawn of War 3 
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