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Evasive Eshin Assassin

i'm sure theres info out there but i was just looking for a quick how does it work?
do you use map tiles... does it take up a ton of room etc.
1 to X players or only multi?

i want a dungeon crawler but am starting to be less attracted to having minis and tons of map/tiles etc to deal with nowadays.

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Yvan eht nioj

In my Austin Ambassador Y Reg

If you don't like minis and maps/tiles then Gloomhaven isn't for you I would suggest. There is both a map board and tiles to demarcate the various dungeons as well as minis that represent the various heroes that you will play as and discover. It's a very involved and complicated game but it does have the advantage of being able to be played solo if that's your bag. That being said, I have seen reports and reviews of people who have had Gloomhaven set up for months on a tabel - it is a very long game.

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Excited Doom Diver

My fiancé and I played about 15 games of gloomhaven so far. It's a game you need a large space to play on, and it's good to spend time organizing the components before you even play.

I spent a few hours organizing all the tokens into three tackle boxes which made set up a lot easier.The individual missions don't take too long to play, but set up takes a while.

There are only miniatures for the heros, and enemys are an endless stream of tokens.

Pretty fun game. we have not played for a while though, as the set up takes some commitment to really get going.

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Made in us
Evasive Eshin Assassin

Thanks both.
Id really just like a quick setup no fuss crawler
Made in pl
Regular Dakkanaut

It is an excellent and long game (my group played it all year long! I doubt we have another board game with so many hours spent on) but also very upkeep heavy (app helps only a little) with long setup so it certainly doesn't fit your requirements.

If you're looking for a good solo fantasy game without it taking up a lot of spacetime I can't recommend Aeon's End enough.
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Battlefield Tourist

On an Express Elevator to Hell!!

I haven't yet played it, although it's been on my list for a while. It certainly looks very complex and one of those games that you can potentially get a lot out of, but you also have to spend the time putting the effort in.
I'm not really sure if my gaming group is up to it - seems a harsh thing to say but it's a bit too casual and we really struggled with Kingdom Death. I know that game is designed to be tough, but we did the boardgaming equivalent of running directly into the first Goomba in Mario Bros and dying three times in a row. When you're pratting/laughing about all the time its fun but it makes games like that (especially for the person trying to run the evening) difficult.

@usernamesareannoying - if you're after something fun, I would recommend Massive Darkness. It doesn't have a proper campaign mode (at least I have found the game doesn't play as well with that), but it's more of an 'arcade' experience, limited levelling up but quick rules to learn, a lot of fun and we found about the right level of challenge. I've heard Shadows of Brimstone is excellent as well, and has a very good campaign/progression system (another one on the list!)

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Small but perfectly formed! A Great Crusade Epic 6mm project: https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/694411.page
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Been Around the Block

Cork Ireland

I'd recommend Gloomhaven Jaws Of The Lion and use the Gloomhaven helper app.
No tiles just a book you lay flat, still a few cards to manage but nothing too major.

I've been playing 2 player with the girlfriend who never would have played many boardgames and she likes it a lot. I can see it being east enough to solo with 2 characters too.
Made in us
Bounding Ultramarine Assault Trooper

Dawsonville GA

This game is a dungeon crawler with a euro game twist. You actions are limited to a set of cards for each character. When you run out of cards you need to permanently discard a card to redraw your cards. Other things also cause you to permanently discard cards. This creates a time limit on the game as you slowly run out of cards.

I disliked this as it really limited what you could do and it always felt like this crushing vice of slowly limiting what you can do.

The game takes a long time to setup and you will usually have to invest a good amount of money on some sort of organizer to aid in that.

Enemy movement is so confusing that fans recommend using a helper app. I am not a fan of using an app in a boardgame. I find it breaks the flow of the game going from a board to an electronic device.

It takes a huge foot print on the table to setup.

Most missions are the same thing.

This is a campaign game. Which is fun if you want to solo or play with the same group of people. If getting the same people together for a game is a challange then this game loses a lot. It does have a mode to just play a mission but not well suited to dropping it on a table at your local meetup, spending 30 minutes setting it up then another 20-30 explaining it to new people for a one off game.

Goofy rules on how players can communicate with each other. You are not supposed to talk specific numbers, so it ends up being "I am going fast and doing a lot of damage to this guy." "Well I am going really, really fast and doing a little damage this turn." So we just ditched that rule and said "My initiative is 45 and I will be doing 3 damage to this guy."

Last, there is not a good way of marking damage status effects etc. You just have a ton of card board tokens to mark all of this that can be fiddly and easy missed.
Made in pl
Regular Dakkanaut

I loved the decreasing hand of cards mechanics! It incentivises you to optimise, plan for future turns (up to the end of the scenario), carefuly count and re-count your approach to solve the current situation, make interesting and impactful choices all the time, both tactical and strategic (some cards have a simple and a powerful effect, but if you play the second one, the card goes into permanent discard, decreasing your future options and decreasing the turns you have until you're exhausted)

Absolutely delicious and satysfying when you get it right! A mind candy

Dice are also replaced with a much better and less random solution - a modifier deck, which you can improve and adjust when you level up.

Having secret goals and earning XP and gold individually eliminates the problem with alpha player telling everyone what to do. It is an excellent solution, not something I have seeen in other co-op games. It leads to cool moments of surprise and internal conflict in the team ("Why would you do that!?!?!").

Set up is indeed a chore, but the app helps a lot, especially with tracking monster wounds)

All in all a top game. We took it and a dozen other games to a week long holiday and played GH exclusively, a few scenarios every day. Then continued it during the rest of the year to finish it the next holiday. Haven't seen a dungeon crawler that is anywhere close to how smart and satysifying the systems in this game are. Games like Descent feel like mindless dice rolling in comparison.

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