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Unbalanced Fanatic

Atlanta, Ga

This is something that I've always been somewhat interested on hearing for some time. It happens that I was going through some of my older books, codices, imperil amour.. etc etc.
I managed to go down a rather interesting rabbit hold of rules, abilities, and just a few other interesting tidbits that made those armies so fun back in the day.

The one that really got a laugh out of me, and to that point made me wonder just what GW was thinking at the time. Was the *infinite range* rule for some wargear/weapons.

Now this may not seem like much to some of you, but some of the older players like myself. May have memories of using this rule to play some rather funny shenanigans against the enemy. One of my favorites being the fact that most shops that ran organized play, would allow you to use this rule on another table's army. FULL STOP.
In you could see another game going on at another table, then there was very little stopping you from launching your vortex missiles onto their board, and into their troop formations.

It may seem weird, or outlandish, but the premise also held true with GW shops as well. And if you so happened to call them up from several states away, they would most likely honor the rule.

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One has to wonder. Do the Tyranids consider drop-assault troops... fast food? 
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Fixture of Dakka

Shuriken Catapults went 24" with a -2 save mod.

"'players must agree how they are going to select their armies, and if any restrictions apply to the number and type of models they can use."

This is an actual rule in the actual rulebook. Quit whining about how you can imagine someone's army touching you in a bad place and play by the actual rules.

Freelance Ontologist

When people ask, "What's the point in understanding everything?" they've just disqualified themselves from using questions and should disappear in a puff of paradox. But they don't understand and just continue existing, which are also their only two strategies for life. 
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Heroic Senior Officer

Krieg! What a hole...

Instant death from attacks whose strength is twice as much as the target toughness

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Primarchs are a mistake
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Savageconvoy wrote:
Snookie gives birth to Heavy Gun drone squad. Someone says they are overpowered. World ends.

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Owns Whole Set of Skullz Techpriests

Versteckt in den Schatten deines Geistes.

The vehicle damage charts from 2nd Edition, especially the '6' result on the tracks damage table for most tanks - lurch forward and flip over!

Industrial Insanity - My Terrain Blog
"GW really needs to understand 'Less is more' when it comes to AoS." - Wha-Mu-077

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Bryan Ansell

Birmingham, UK

Always played against them...Shokk Attack Gun.
Snotlings maybe teleported inside body parts at various points.
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Ultramarine Librarian with Freaky Familiar

Ld test required to shoot at not-the-closest units.

Army Strategy Ratings

Jones is acting strangely.

And They Shall Not Fit Through Doors!!!

Tyranid Army Progress -- With Classic Warriors!:
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Mighty Chosen Warrior of Chaos

Watch Fortress Excalibris

The gloriously random Ork Madboyz rules from the RT era. I'm not normally a fan of rolling on random charts, but for Madboyz it just felt right.

A Madmob could, for example, suddenly develop a violent hatred of the colour purple and attack the nearest unit featuring that colour in their banners or uniforms. Or start copying the behaviour of a randomly chosen enemy unit, moving to mirror their moves, shooting when they shoot, and so on. They might even split up into two separate units due to irreconcilable philosophical disagreements.

"[Games Workshop] are ripping everyone off at every opportunity, it appears. This is an example of Pratchett's Law where people are taking everything out of the big pot and apparently putting absolutely nothing back in. Stew thieves. Nothing worse in this neck of the woods." - Michael Moorcock 
Made in gb
Twisted Trueborn with Blaster

Tyranids biomorphs: felt very flavourful
Made in de
Contagious Dreadnought of Nurgle

Although overall I'm a fan of 8th and 9th edition I really liked the flamer template.
Made in au
Longtime Dakkanaut

Being able to shoot into close combat or shoot your own units.

Considering how callous or mindless many factions in 40K are, this should be far more common and not be a problem for most of them. I understand it was removed for balancing reasons but it was thematically appropriate.

I still remember in 2nd edition deliberately shooting a Termgant tarpit with a barbed strangler in close combat against Terminators, successfully tearing them apart with the blast for the price of just 1 Termagant (the blast was deadlier than the actual hit).

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Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut


 Duskweaver wrote:
The gloriously random Ork Madboyz rules from the RT era.

Hell, I'll extend that to all of 'Ere We Go!. Lock, stock, da zoggin' lot. The Boyz have never been as fun since.
Made in gb
Bryan Ansell

Birmingham, UK

Pilum wrote:
 Duskweaver wrote:
The gloriously random Ork Madboyz rules from the RT era.

Hell, I'll extend that to all of 'Ere We Go!. Lock, stock, da zoggin' lot. The Boyz have never been as fun since.

Ere We Go! was a beautiful book in its day. Always fun stuff to win or loose with.
Made in gb
Fixture of Dakka

I like to reminisce about the 'Ere We Go/Freebooterz Orks rules, but they look like a nightmare to actually use; special rules for madboyz, for mekboyz (including a malfunction / repair card system that involved the other player), for the Shokk Attack Gun, for field artillery, for Weirdboys for Warbikes for crying out loud. Then the rules for creating bioniks and kustom weapons. All of those different subsystems, all working differently, all with charts (and in the case of Madboyz, rolling on a chart to see which chart to roll on, three levels deep!)

Something to remember fondly, but not something I'd ever want to use.

I like the Difficult Terrain rules for 3rd through 7th editions. It took advantage of the fact that everyone moved 6" and was more unpredictable than simply moving at half speed. You could adapt it to a version with different move values, as long as you restricted the allowed moves to 2", 3", 4", 5", 6", 8", 10", 12" or 20"; just use the appropriate kind of die.
Made in us
Guardsman with Flashlight


I loved the old indirect fire rules from 3rd edition, where you had to declare the distance and direction you were firing.

Being able to drop artillery into units locked in close combat was the best. (with that big-ole pie-plate of a blast template)
Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

Vanished Completely

Mine comes from Game Workshop being terrible rule writers:
When they choose the least rational way to measure movement from all the possible selections....
Oh The Laughing God took a part of me that day, and I never was the same since.

Long story, won't get into it here as I don't think people liked that thread much.

8th made it so I can no longer sway Tau onto the side of Chaos, but they will eventually turn aside from their idea of the Greater Good to embrace the Greatest of pleasures.  
Made in us
Shadowy Grot Kommittee Memba

The one I miss most is provably old zogwart, the weirdboy special character. He had a power that let you turn an opponents character into a squig, and have a basic little statlime for it.

It was short range and ultimately unlikely to happen AND you didnt count as having actually killed them if they were the warlord, but god it was so great.

"I can't believe all these tryhard WAACs out there just care about winning all the time when it's supposed to be a game for fun!!!!!!! Also here's my 27 page essay on why marines are OP and Orkz should get a bunch of OP rules so I can win more games


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Khorne Veteran Marine with Chain-Axe

Blood Tithe from KDK 7th codex, never have i had so much joy loseing games.

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6000 World Eaters/Khorne  
Made in us
Sister Vastly Superior

Ordinance weapons against transport vehicles being able to instantly kill all transported models on a pen with a result of 6 on the table (I once wiped out an entire rhino rush army in 1 turn with a series of lucky rolls lol)

Zzap guns used to auto hit

Hellhounds used to explode easier with the exposed fuel tanks

Initiative being a stat and speedy bois could actually fight first when charged by slower troops

Clone fields for archons

Calidus assassin being able to pop up inside an enemy squad

Avatar being immune to melta and flame weapons

Necron Phase out, and actually being interesting before they became tomb kings in space

(for a not so fond memory, great unclean one being T5 and getting insta gibbed by dreadnoughts in close combat and demolisher cannons)

Old greater demon possession having to possess a champion or squad leader and getting benefits while possessed

Khorne before the giant nerf bat to stripping their 3+ armor and mostly psychic immunity

Minor psychic powers

SoB immunity to minor psychic powers

Old wych weapons

Ork looted vehicles

Characters actually having wargear options...

Abadons/fabius biles / insesrt characters insta kill anyone on a hit

Guard platoons....

"If you are forced to use your trump card, then the battle is already lost" 
Made in cz
Regular Dakkanaut

I miss the Tyranid thorax swarm templates on some of our monsters. Electroshock grubs, Sheddershard beetles, Desiccator larvae...

An entire class of weapons erased from existence in the 8th because it wasn't visually represented by the model kits.

In fact, the entirety of living ammunition was completely abandoned as a concept :(
Made in gb
Hurr! Ogryn Bone 'Ead!

 Mr. Burning wrote:
Always played against them...Shokk Attack Gun.
Snotlings maybe teleported inside body parts at various points.

Yes! I was going to post this. It was a permanent fixture for my orks and firing it always felt like an event. Getting snots to materialise inside Terminator armour = winning.

I have a blog on the Warhammer Tournaments website:

There Will Always be Chainswords

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PaddyMick's Chopshop: Converted 40K Vehicles 
Made in gb
Twisted Trueborn with Blaster


Red wunz go fasta

Original (suicide bomb) Scarab rules

Vortex grenade

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Made in ie
Regular Dakkanaut


Scatter and sustained fire dice (uh-oh, there goes the assault cannon!)

Made in ca
Yellin' Yoof on a Scooter

 Mr. Burning wrote:
Pilum wrote:
 Duskweaver wrote:
The gloriously random Ork Madboyz rules from the RT era.

Hell, I'll extend that to all of 'Ere We Go!. Lock, stock, da zoggin' lot. The Boyz have never been as fun since.

Ere We Go! was a beautiful book in its day. Always fun stuff to win or loose with.

With tears in my eyes I make a nostalgic fourth motion for Madboyz!

Da Groxx

Da Groxx, WarBoss of the Da Aff-Kicka Korps (DAKK) 
Made in de
Ladies Love the Vibro-Cannon Operator


Minor psychic powers for Chaos in the 3.5th ed.
Six powers. You could buy powers for 10 pts each.
Number 2 was ''Siren''. A model with this couldn't be shot or charged.
Took two Lieutenants on bikes, with 9 powers each.
In each game of the tourney I rolled Siren for each Biker.
Each Lieutenant had an icon to summon Daemons.
Played 5x6 Daemonettes and 6 Daemonettes on Steeds.
Daemons were able to charge after summoning.
Dominated all games and won. What a fun! My friend Eric wanted to kill me.

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Former moderator 40kOnline

Lanchester's square law - please obey in list building!

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Secretive Dark Angels Veteran

Crossfire, and I think it should be re-introduced. If you fall back in the direction of an enemy unit you get wiped out. In the current game it could be D3 mortal wounds to fall back in the direction of the enemy... Clue is in the name, falling back, you shouldn't be going towards the enemy, just your own lines really.

My hobby instagram account: @the_shroud_of_vigilance
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Krazed Killa Kan

Blast weapons. It made proximity matter a lot more and it's a weapon design that's effectiveness often scales down as fewer models remain on the board. It punished blobbing and make target selection a lot more skillful instead of just looking at the mathammered optimal target. The scatter aspect was something that really made it hard to evaluate a weapons performance on paper as it was very dependent on the battlefield conditions. Often times using a killkannon to fire into the middle of the enemy formations would be incredibly effective as even "missing" would still be effective as it scattered to hit something else. It also required care as to not hit your own stuff once your units got in close.

It made the battlefield feel like it mattered a lot more instead of each unit being in its own isolated bubble. That said it wasn't perfect with some rather annoying situations (looking at you wyverns and thud guns) but for the most part it was a very immersive and compelling aspect of the game which the newer rule sets have never been able to come up with a decent substitute.

"Hold my shoota, I'm goin in"
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Hardened Veteran Guardsman

Seconding IG Platoons, something about having a FOC in my FOC so I can listbuild while building my list just felt great. Honorable mention for Al'Rahem, a special platoon leader who forced his entire platoon to outflank for maximum shenaniganery.

Also, I kind of miss old-school demo charges - a grenade with a 6" range and a Large Blast template, which meant that you'd regularly throw the charge at some juicy clump of infantry or vehicles...only to scatter back onto your squad.
<Sergeant Bixton, pointing at a nearby Chaos Land Raider> "Weatherby! Use the demo charge or we're all dead!"
<Weatherby, arming the charge and dropping it at his feet> "Charge deployed, sir!"
<Fortuna, thoroughly amused> "I think you meant 'and', Sergeant."

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Fixture of Dakka

The platoons rule was just there so that Imperial Guard could be fitted into the Battle Company structure of the Force Organisation chart. If 4th edition hadn't got rid of all the other interesting ones, then it would probably have made more sense to give each faction its own standard FOC (and perhaps have different categories - like splitting Eldar into HQ, Guardians, Ghosts, Aspect Warriors, etc).

With 8th and 9th being more flexible on the matter, it's just easier to field each platoon as its own detachment.
Made in us
Hardened Veteran Guardsman

To an extent. You run out of Elite slots basically the moment you start listbuilding, and Emperor help you if you try to follow Rule of 3 above 1k points.
Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Put me in for IG Platoons. Mostly because I never got a chance to use them (sold a SW army after 5th, and got back in as IG in 8th).

After watching some HH batreps lately:

-Initiative, and specifically unwieldy weapons. Large risk of dying before hitting in exchange for a large potential reward of completely splatting something.

-Weaponskill; thematically, I like the idea of combat being affected by the skill level of each opponent. Higher skill won more than not, but there was still a chance of an underdog taking out the better foe.

-Morale: ish? I find it odd to lose models due to morale, and units running when they lose morale seems more accurate, but, at the same time, I imagine it's not fun as a player watching one of your units running off the board and not being able to do anything about it.

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