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Napoleonics Obsesser


Regret what I have bought? Nothing! It has all found a home!

Regret Kits I did not buy? More Aeronautica Imperialis models!

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Regret not buying boxes of Tzeentch horrors before the recent price increase...

...in a small way I regret buying into Adeptus Titanicus, but mostly glad I did.

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Fire Raptor. I was chasing the meta, then then the thing came in. I cursed and swore the whole time i built it. then it got nerfed. And its sitting on the shelf, clad in grey.

Edit: I regret not buying more Dwarf Doomseekers way back during the Storm of Chaos campaign.

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Off the shoulder of Orion

I regret nothing...despite how much the cupboard of grey plastic and resin bulges...

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Storm Trooper with Maglight


I regret not buying Shaeffer's last chancers while they were available.

I don't regret my first imperial guard buy from le bon coin (pretty much french ebay), that provided me not only with a fonctionnal IG army, but also battlefield terrains i still use to this day, old codices (even warhammer fantasy ones!), paints..... That was a great start i say!

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Sneaky Striking Scorpion

Midlands, UK

 Argive wrote:

I think a lesson from me and others echoing the same sentiment has been learned; don't be too eager to sell off collections/painted models. Nobody wants a big pile of shame but at the same time its a hobby that you might take a break from and return to. Its nice to break stuff out to enjoy every now and then.

Yeah, I've never sold any of my stuff. Traded a few new-on-sprue items for other stuff that I wanted more, but never sold or thrown away any minis that I've actually built/painted. They're mine, and I'm not getting rid of them unless faced with no other choice. Though my attitude has always been much more collector/modeller/painter rather than gamer, so I can understand the folks who care more about game rules selling off things that are no longer valid or no longer have good rules. For me, all my old stuff is proudly on show in a display cabinet.

So, unlike some folks I don't have anything I regret selling. Those few new-on-sprue things I traded off, worst case if I suddenly get a desire to do them I can buy a new one.

Regret buying - not much, to be honest. Everything I've bought is because I've thought it's cool or fits the collection. In the last year or so I got a sudden desire to expand my WHFB High Elf army, so I bought some stuff for that (new in box phoenix and shadow warriors, and lots of metal swordmasters from ebay), which has mostly languished untouched while I've worked on 40k. So at some times I've regretted buying those. But given the recent discontinuing of quite a bit of the remaining WHFB High Elf range at other times I've been glad that I bought them when I had the chance - and the phoenix just got me a good finish in the painting challenge! Perhaps at times I also regret buying as much stuff as quickly as I have. The backlog can sometimes be a bit daunting.

Regret not buying - linked to the High Elf stuff above - I regret not buying more of the WHFB stuff when I had the chance, before it was discontinued. Like the bits that I did buy they might have sat on the shelf untouched for ages, but I'd rather have them and not need them than need them and not have them. At least if I fancy expanding my old Lizardmen, a lot of the stuff is still available in the Sigmar range.

I somewhat regret not buying into metal Eldar before finecast came in. My first brief foray into 40k as a kid I fell in love with Biel-Tan, but never built a proper army. Years away from the hobby and I came back at university where I bought into WHFB - when all the cool Eldar metal stuff was around and I didn't buy it. Some more years out, and when I finally get around to doing Biel-Tan properly all the aspect warriors are finecast and I find myself scouring ebay for the metals. I've managed to get a decent amount of them, but it's at the whim of what models people are selling at the time, some have missing parts, the ones with good rules go for a premium, and nearly everything needs paint stripping. So much more hassle than just buying new boxes/blisters.

Maybe regret not buying more BFG when it was around too. I've got a decent sized Chaos fleet, but it could be bigger...

 Ratius wrote:

Still got crossbows and catapults, axis and allies original, risk original, heroquest + expansions, battlemasters and 40k 2nd ed box.

Man I love crossbows and catapults! Still got our old copy in a wardrobe at my parents' house somewhere. May have to rescue it and bring it over to my place at some point.
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Willing Inquisitorial Excruciator


Regretted buying: Robotech Tactics. Sedition Wars. Couldn't give them away.

Regretted not buying: Forgeworld Anphelion Base. I had it in my cart on FW's site, decided not to pull the trigger, and shortly after that it disappeared. Would love to get my hands on it.

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Regret not getting into WH Fantasy after falling out with 40k during the switch to 3rd ed. I wish I never sold my Island of Blood box set to buy into Konflikt 47, the fluff didn't grab me in the way I though it would and I ended up going back to BA and enjoyed it way more.
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