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Sri Lanka


Go MSB Toys. Always loved their stuff.


Made in us

Amongst the Stars, In the Night

Oh, man oh man am I ever going to have to pick me up a horde of Conquest Mini's Zombie Pygmies! Those are 'effing AWESOME! *wub* to Conquest!

OT Zone: A More Wretched Hive of Scum and Villany
The Loyal Slave learns to Love the Lash! 
Made in de
Rampaging Carnifex


Zombie Pygmies ? Diablo 2`?

I know when it is closing time. - Rascal Mod

"Some people measure common sense with a ruler others with a potato."- Making Money Terry Pratchett
"what's with all the hate go paint something you lazy bastards" - NAVARRO
"You don't need pants for the victory dance." -BAWTRM
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Regular Dakkanaut

Zombie Pygmies have been around for a while in mini form too, he sculpted a shed load of bloob bowl ZPs.
Made in us
Pyromaniac Hellhound Pilot

Maryland, USA

Did Marbles have a site up he was hosting from?

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Another way would be to simply slide the landraider sideways like a big slowed hovercraft full of eels. -pismakron
Sometimes a little murder is necessary in this hobby. -necrontyrOG

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