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Category:Black Templars Army Profile

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Featured Black Templars Army Profiles

DieselJester's Black Templars: The Geotide Crusade

Ever since I first picked up the Warhammer 40K book and saw the pictures of the Black Templars, I was hooked. They were cool looking, and most importantly they were easy for me to paint! Once I got my hands on the Black Templars Codex and read the history behind them, the deal was sealed and the rest is history. I’ve been expanding upon my meager Space Marine army ever since.


Trekboer Crusade- Black Templar's Army

I am very interested in the era of the crusades and the knights templar and seeing as the Black Templars are based on this period they were the perfect choice for an army when I decided to get more involved in the hobby. Being from South Africa I am also interested in the history of my country and my ethnic group (afrikaners) and so instead of going with names fitting the crusade-era the army is designed for, I decided to give them all South African names or squad designations.


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