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Dark Heresy

Agent Malfred
WS 20
BS 20
S 20
T 20
AG 20
INT 20
PER 20
WP 20
FEL 20

Class Levels
Adept 0
Arbitrator 0
Assassin 0
Cleric 0
Guardsmen 0
Imperial Psyker 0
Scum 0
Tech-Priest 0

Talents, Skills and Gear
Talents Description

Skills Description

Gear Description

Dungeons and Dragons

Malfred, Level 0 Poster
STR 10
DEX 10
CON 10
INT 10
WIS 10
CHA 10







Felix Malfred, Lord of the Manbag

Dakka Dakka Warposter

Focus 8 Cmd 7
5 4 4 4 14 14
5 1 3 14
Multi 4


Damage 15
Field Allowance C
Point Cost 70
Base Size Small

Felix Malfred, Lord of the Manbag
Feat: Multi-boxing
When the chips are down, Malfred summons himself from across the multiverse in order to participate in the ongoing battle. These are future, past, alternate, and cloned selves who all act with one will. As his concentration fades, so do the multiple selves.

Place a number of Malfred models equal to Malfred's current focus. Models must be placed completely within his current control area. Continue Malfred's activation as normal, using any one of the other model as the origin of his actions. As Focus is spent, remove Malfred models until the number remaining on the table is equal to Malfred's remaining Focus to a minimum of 1.

While multiple Malfred models remain in play, when a Malfred model takes damage, the controlling player may choose whether to remove it or take damage as normal.

Control Area is still measured from the original model. If the player removes the original model, then he must designate a new model as the center of his Control Area.

At the beginning of the player's next Control Phase, remove all but one Malfred model from the table.

New Year's Gaming Resolutions 2011-2012

I'm going to have to break this down into various types of goals.

Painting and Modeling

  1. Teach my nieces and nephews how to paint using re-based and primered Mage Knight figures.
  2. Learn how to paint a more neutral kind of green.
  3. Create at least three water hazard type of terrain pieces.
  4. Create 10+ trench templates for full thematic trench action.
  5. Take some basic greenstuff sculpting lessons.Time did not work out in my favor for this last year. Maybe sign up for a class at Gencon.
  6. Convert a unit of Burrowers to look like they're emerging from the ground.
  7. Finish my cemetery fences terrain for linear box action!

Dakka Articles

  1. Finish the friggin' Cryx and Mercenary sections already.
  2. Rework the older sections to include all the new stuff.
  3. Edit the current work people have been doing.
  4. Get more Army Profiles onto the site.
  5. Convert some of the Tutorials from the forums into articles.
  6. "Catalogs" article
  7. Battle reports using my new tokens.


  1. Get back to the four to five post a week schedule. End of 2010 has been rough for this, but work past that.
  2. Re-organize the posts (yes, starting from the beginning). Figure out a tagging system that will work for me without too many duplicate tags.
  3. Leviathan and Behemoth write-ups.
  4. More who's that warcaster!
  5. Get that banner done.

Warmachine and Hordes

  1. Attend the Lock and Load and Gencon conventions. If Lock and Load is soawesome perhaps I can get other gaming/workshop time in at Gencon.
  2. Focus on specific armies for three factions rather than trying to collect and play them all.
  3. I lie. Continue collecting everything.
  4. Factions to play: Menoth, Trollbloods, either Khador or Cygnar
  5. Factions to build up: Circle, Minions, Legion of Everblight, Cryx
  6. Take time to visit that Goat game store and Chicagoland Games.

Other miniatures

  1. Soviets: Machine guns, Mobile Assault Guns, Infantry
  2. Reaper Fantasy: 2-3 a month, 20 for the year
  3. Mouse Warrior type models wherever they appear
  4. 5-10 Anima Tactics models
  5. Super Dungeon Explore! All of it!
  6. Dystopian Wars: Paint my Fleet box and maybe acquire a second faction after that.
  7. 40k: Work on one army: Grey Knights, Blood Templars (red black templars), or Eldar
  8. Fantasy: If there's a new army book for 8th edition: Wood, High, Dark Elves. If not, don't bother
  9. War of the Ring: Movement trays, Mumak.

Press Ganging

  1. Run at least 6 events, with one of those events being a team based event.
  2. Run one or two more round robin leagues, try for 8 players, 2 groups of 4 players each.

New Year's Gaming Resolutions 2011-2012

New Year's Resolutions for 2012 So it's finally come to this. I've given it some thought, and I think I've nailed down some concrete goals for 2012.

  • 400 miniatures. I know I'm capable of more, but if I see myself on track to painting 400 I won't try much harder or sacrifice time with family and friends to get this done.
  • 50-100 terrain pieces. This also shouldn't be difficult. And the number is meant to cover things such as flags and objective markers as well.
  • Paint or trash the terrain I have in progress. Right now I have several pieces that have been in progress: water features, buildings, huts. If I don't paint them in 2012, I'm going to trash them in favor of projects that do make sense.
  • Buy/figure out more storage. The minis are becoming a bit ridiculous, crawling all over the work room as they are. Time to invest in more storage or cut back!
  • Speaking of cutting back, sell excess terrain. I made a lot of stuff last year. Time to clear some of it out through friends and the Games Plus auction.
  • Buy and paint some of THIS TERRAIN. This stuff is beautiful and reasonably priced.
  • To go with the above, play Infinity. Why are you laughing at me?
  • Paint and play with my Hordes of the Thing army. I planned for Hordes of the Things, I've built for Hordes of the Things, I think it's time I just go ahead and play Hordes of the Things.
  • Play better? Maybe that's asking for a bit too much.
  • Play more consistently. This is the year of pMadrak, pHoarluk, eGrissel, and Borka.
  • Play in the following local scenes at least once in the coming year: Iowa, Madison, Milwaukee, Michigan!

Hopefully I can stick to this plan!

New Year's Gaming Resolutions 2010-2011

  1. Keep up the pace with Warmachine and Hordes- I'm making fine progress on my various armies by sticking to a formula: Character, Warjack/Warbeast, Unit, Solo. Though the formula varies somewhat, I've been able to build up my collections such that I have models that I really enjoy the background and rules for.
  2. Events! I'm a Press Ganger so I have to run events. Events can be leagues, tournaments, demos, and whatever else.
  3. Slow down the GW. Nothing personal, GW, but as much as I'd like three Mumaks, I think I'm going to try a lot of non-GW in 2010. Besides, it's not like I don't have unpainted GW stuff anyway. So no new GW models in 2010.
  4. Space Ships! Talked to my FLGS Wednesday Night. I should know by next week if they can put the order in for Firestorm Armada ships. *pewpewpewpew*
  5. Anima Tactics: The minis are just too pretty. If I buy two or three at a time, there's no question I'll be able to finish them.
  6. Learn Greenstuff. There are things I want to do that require more than just slapping on the paint haphazardly. Hopefully Aaron and I will have time for some tutorials.
  7. SOVIETS: I only have tanks and artillery to go before my regular stuff is done. I'll have to look into expanding the infantry and tank side in 2010.
  8. Play Field of Glory, Flames of War, Firestorm Armada: These are the new games I've set my sights on for learning how to play in 2010.
  9. Reaper Minis. If I paint 3-4 Reaper Minis a month I should have 30-40 Dungeon delvers by the end of the year.
  10. Infinity Miniatures: Haqqislam, Yu-Jing, Ariadna, PanO! It's all good.
  11. More terrain, perhaps: Need to paint some of the generic buildings I made and maybe make more hill/forest templates. I have no budget to make store terrain, so I'm going to make a transport option for these. Maybe a box only for forests, a box only for hills, and a box only for linear obstacles. If I have those things, I'll be able to run whatever terrain I want.
  12. Continue blogging. I have more words than pictures, but that doesn't mean that I'm all talk. Blogging has kept my hobby side sane.
  13. Lucky 13 says: Slow down the painting. According to flickr, the first model I finished in 2009 was model #880. The last one was #1611. 731 completed miniatures, base stands, and terrain pieces all told. I have nothing to prove.
  14. Learn to take better pictures.
  15. At least 1 or 2 terrain centerpieces.

New Year's Gaming Resolutions 2009-2010

  1. Set up my debit paint-to-save-to-buy accounting system to stay to some kind of budget and increase the amount of happiness gained from a completed piece. I plan on writing the rules out for this, but it basically boils down to, paint something, save that much money in a debit account, use the debit account to buy more minis.
  2. Settle on an Eldar Army Harlequin scheme and try to get halfway through it by 2010.
  3. Complete, expand, and game with the tri-elf armies for Fantasy: Wood/High/Dark.
  4. Play my main factions every other time. Protectorate of Menoth for Warmachine and Wood Elves for Warhammer Fantasy.
  5. Increase the number of quality Articles and Army Profiles in the Dakka Articles system. I'm no Taskmaster, unfortunately, as that would make the Articles system feel like my job. I'd like to keep my work and fun separate.
  6. Play outside of my comfort zone or at least try games that I have figs for but never played. Things I'd be interested in include: Infinity, AT-43, Warlord, Uncharted Seas. Games I don't have minis for, but would love to try include: Elfball, Descent, Okko.
  7. Write fanfic that doesn't make me roll my cynical eyes. Yes, even at stuff I write for myself. Start plotting some serialized fiction for the Articles system.
  8. Paint more regularly rather than in fits and spurts. Settle for getting something done rather than pushing my days and nights to get it all done.
  9. Learn more from the battles that I play, have more fun even when I lose, never forget to shake a hand or make the experience more pleasant for all involved.

Long Term Goal

Spray Paint 3 color standard by Frazz

  1. spray paint marine sprues black except backpacks and weapons.
  2. spray paint weapons grey.
  3. spray paint back packs bolt gun or different shade of grey.
  4. assemble. Templars! Forward!

Where I Play

  1. Games Plus for Warmachine and Hordes.
  2. Games Workshop Oak Park for Warhammer Fantasy Battles
  3. Elsewhere for other games, usually the kindness of strange basements.
  4. Black Sun Games on Wednesdays for Warmachine and Hordes

What I Play

  1. Hordes
  2. Warhammer Fantasy Battles
  3. Warmachine

What I'd Like to Play

  1. AT-43
  2. Confrontation
  3. Dungeons and Dragons or other dungeon crawl
  4. Elfball
  5. Infinity
  6. Uncharted Seas

Fully Painted

  1. Cryx: 2,232 points
  2. Khador: 685 points
  3. Protectorate of Menoth: 3,583 points
  4. Wood Elves: 3,956 points (assuming lots of options)

Armies Collected

  1. Alaitoc Eldar
  2. Delaques, the Postmen
  3. Protectorate of Menoth
  1. Wood Elves

Tabletop Gaming History

Online Communities

  1. borsboards
  2. Dakka Dakka
  3. OT Zone
  4. Privateer Press
  5. Hobbytown Refugees
  6. Adeptus Windy City

My Battle Reports

Warmachine Battle Report

Powderkeg: Siege vs. Broadsides Bart - 500pts

When Broadsides Bart tried to make land off the Cygnaran coast, "Siege" Brisbane's force avoided the long view of the lookout on Bartolo's ship and surprised the pirates with a well trained and well armed force of knights and soldiers. Bartolo put his warjacks and borrowed crew to the task. Nothing would stop him from fulfilling his contract.1


Warmachine Battle Report

Blundering Broadsides: Bart vs. Darius

After taking the shore from Siege Brisbane, Captain Bartolo Montador had his warjacks repaired and gathered the Dogs with their recovered First Mate Hawk.

"You're owin' me double pay for that action, Captain," she said to Bart.

"Oh, there'll certainly be more pay if we can get to our target," Captain Montador promised.

"Captain Montador! Message from the Crow's Nest! Smokestacks!"

"Damn!" Captain Montador took his spyglass. "Call the Dogs. We're going to have to pull back a little. Let them push to us."

"And then?" asked the Hawk.

"We push back."


Top Secret List

Nemo 2010 Caine 2010 eStryker
Cyclone Hammersmith Stormclad
Precursor Knights and Unit Attachment Black 13th, Arcane Tempest Gun Mages Stormguard
Stormsmiths GMCA Journeyman Warcaster
Feora 2010 High Reclaimer 2010 Vindictus
Templar Vanquisher Reckoner
Daughters of the Flame Exemplar Bastions Knights Exemplar
Reclaimer Mechanic Cinerators

Irusk 2010 Butcher 2010 eIrusk
Decimator Devastator Drago
Berserker Drakhun and Dismount Demo Corps
Winterguard Riflemen War Dog Mortar

Skarre 2010 2010 Venom guy
Corruptor Seether Reaper
Mechanithralls + Brute Thralls

Fiona the Black
Basher Buccaneer
Highshields and Forgeguard Sea Dogs + Riflemen
Deck Guns, Beer Bottle Guy

Gorgon Hydra
Houseguard and Unit Attachments, Strike Forces and Unit attachments Dawnguard and Unit Attachments
Soulless Escorts Destors

epic Madrak Grissel Bloodsong eDoomshaper
Pyre Troll, Bouncer Earthborn Mulg the Ancient
Scattergunners Dygmies and Pygmies Krielstone and UA
Chronicler Fell Caller

Mohsar eKaya
Megalith, Pureblood Shadowhorn Satyr, Argus
Wolves War Wolf x2
Morraig White Mane

eThagrosh eLylyth
Typhon Seraph Raek
Striders and UA, Legionnaires Warspears Archers and UA
Hellion Raptors Incubi

eMakeda eMorghul Mordikaar
Swordsmen Catapult


Master Tormentor


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